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Found 564 results

  1. Stuart Edwards

    Student Visa / Defacto Visa Confusion!

    Hi all! I'd been tearing my hair out trying to find answers to my conundrum! I hope there's someone out there that can help! Right - My girlfriend and I are both Brits on 417 WHV. We're both working full-time and would love to carry on our lives here in this beautiful country! Our visas expire in August and we're heading back to the UK for a visit. I'd like to come back on a student visa, preferably part-time and carry on working where I am now for 20hrs per week. - Are international student courses/visas hard to to land and set up? Are there reputable courses that don't cost the earth?! - If I was on a student visa, could my girlfriend apply for partner defacto visa? - Could she study full-time if she was on a defacto visa? But not pay international student fees? It would be great to hear some stories of people who have had similar experiences! We're both skilled and committed, but our background/experience is lacking so skilled migrant/sponsorship visas opportunities are limited... Cheers everyone! Stu & Eloise x
  2. David Todd

    820 vs. 309 Defacto

    My partner (Australian) and I (English) will be eligible for the 12 month defacto requirement in July of this year. My current status: I will be on a student visa (subclass 573) until March 2016 with no travel restrictions. I am wondering first of all what affect the defacto application will have on my student visa (RE work limitations, travel limitations) This is assuming I apply onshore. I am also wondering (As I am trying to save as much money as I can for student fees) whether I could go overseas to apply for our visa and return.before it is granted saving about $2000, I just don't know the logistics, whether it would be impossible, what would happen if I came back....what would happen when/if it is granted and I am still in the country....I have read that people have spoken to their CO about coming to aus after applying with a 309.... I have a while to figure this out but I would like to get this confirmed and discussed! Any thoughts would be appreciated, if anything is uncertain please let me know. Thank you. David
  3. seanm87

    DeFacto Help!

    After reading the DeFacto information on the immi website my understanding is that it is a 12 month relationship and you must be living together but there is no specification on how long you have to be living together. I've heard different things from different people a few saying you have to be living together and have joint bank account and bills for at least 6 months. Can anybody shed some light on this please? thanks, sean
  4. englishlad

    820 to 801

    Hey all, Hope everyone is well and having a good start to 2015! In a couple of months I should be getting approached to start finalizing and sending back evidence to move from the 820 temp to 801 PR and have a couple of questions as below if anyone can help? 1) Can anyone confirm what documents you are asked for/send in for this part? I've heard its generally not as much as your initial application for 820, but I can’t really find a straight list anywhere. Has anyone done this recently? 2) As it was an application onshore, for the 820 part I had to remain in the country whilst processing and until it was granted – is that the same when the 801 stage is going through? Or would I be able to leave the country as I have 820? Thanks everyone, any help much appreciated!
  5. My timeline below - very short at the moment! Please join in with where you've got to so far
  6. shambles

    HELP: De facto to a 457 Visa

    Hi I have been looking through all of these threads and was wondering if anyone could help. My partner has been offered sponsorship in Sydney on a 457 visa, and I am looking to go as his de facto. I am aware there is a lot of evidence you need to give regarding this but I need to know how long we need to be together to class as de facto for this visa- 6 or 12 months? I looked a couple months back and it said you only had to show 6 months, however I can not find this any more the immi websites just says "For a de facto partner, the relationship needs to have existed for six or 12 months before you lodge the application. The length of the de facto relationship depends on the visa you are applying for.For a de facto partner, the relationship needs to have existed for six or 12 months before you lodge the application. The length of the de facto relationship depends on the visa you are applying for." But it will not tell me what visas are for what length of time... We have only been together for 7 months (so you can understand my concern) Also would any one know if it would be accepted if I went out on a tourist visa and lived there with him for an extended period of time to rack our months up? He has a well paying job and I have savings, and therefore we have the potential to do this. Would this be ok in the eyes of the Australian government? Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated!
  7. Hello, I am British and my girlfriend Australian. We applied online for the 309/100 visa on 7th February. All police checks, medicals etc completed. Was just wondering what timeframe people had been given if applying for similar visa? We got told 8 to 9 months when we first got our caseworker, but looking at the automated reply when emailing the case worker it says 10 to 14 months? Rather than bother the caseworker I thought I would ask the question here. I did search around, but couldn't find anyone in a similar application time as us. Thanks
  8. Confuddled

    457 - > Defacto. UK Caution Worry

    Hi Everyone, I have for quite some time been reading posts on here and am eternally grateful to all those who have shared their experiences of applying for visa's. I have searched quite a few forums to try and find out other peoples experiences when going for the defacto whilst having cautions and although the question is asked and everyone says it should be fine....I have never seen a follow-up regarding what the outcome was. Which has brought me here to ask if anyone does have advice or can explain what the ramifications were? To give you an overview of my situation, I am currently on a 457 and going to apply for the defacto visa shortly (just starting the process) the UK police check takes the longest so want to get that sent off asap. I know it is going to come back for two cautions, one was relating to an incident where I was physically attacked, retaliated and due to this both of us got cautioned. The second was for a tiny piece of weed which was in my pocket which a dog sniffed out on the tube one day. These events occurred nearly 4 years ago, I have never has anything else happen (i realise some people get through life with zero cautions) and don't actually smoke weed. However I can kind of appreciate why these two cautions would be massive red flags. I'm going to send for the checks anyhow but just wanted to find out if anyone has gotten through the process successfully despite some unsavoury incidents in their past? Any information would be greatly appreciated!!
  9. Hi forum members, this is an invaluable source for perspective whilst pursuing PR visa to Oz', so wondering if I can leverage site expertise with a 'migration agent challenge!' Me and my partner have a 189 in situ, (started in March this year) pending skills assessment outcome (skilled list Dentist route) that will allow us to move to next stage APHRA registration and then, fingers crossed Visa/EOI and approvals. Cognisant of time frames (November/December at the earliest, if extremely lucky), I'm looking to proactively seek employment via a working holiday visa (I'm 25) and utilising networking contacts and friends within the industry with a view to obtaining a dentist role (Melbourne ideally to start), and thus running this in parallel with the PR, rationale being I finish my UK dental post in August leaving me a finite window of time to get my dream role in Australia before things wind down, which I believe is normally Oct/Nov period. Here's the the quandary - our migration agent (we've had a lot of issues with these guys, glaciers have been known to move at a quicker rate), believes this tact will impact outcome of the PR visa on the basis that our defactor status (we have been in relationship 2yrs & living together for 1yr, with the documentation to validate) would prove an issue as I (the main applicant) will actually be in Oz seeking work (shocking conduct eh!) during the evaluation stage of PR application. I'm at odds with this 'intel', by the point of PR EOI, we will have all of the qualifying content in place to proceed with PR, surely the fact I'm going to seek work can't be viewed negatively? I'm looking to fly out in September, with my partner coming out a month later... Anyone encountered this issue at all, and if so, how did you deal with it? I believe it's stalling tact from the MA's, but would love any advice & counsel from fellow forum members - however trivial, it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! :err:
  10. goni

    De facto BEFORE 12 months

    Hi everyone. my partner and I want to register our relayionship as de facto so that we can apply for a partner visa even though we havent been together for 12 months. we have been together for 6 months, and my current visa ends in 6 months, so we want to register now and then apply for a partner visa at the end of the year. by that time, we would have been together 11 months, PLUS registered as de facto. im wondering if thats enough? of course we have plenty of proof to our relationship. im just worried about applying before 12 months. is registering our relationship enough?
  11. dingdong

    457 De-facto Visa Application

    I am just about ready to submit my application to be added to my partners visa. I just have a few questions: 1. Is it necessary to send personal statements from both of us and what should they say / where should I start? 2. Do I need to arrange a Police check? 3. Do I need to arrange a medical? Thanks in advance for your assistance.
  12. Hi I'm defacto on my partner's 457 visa. Can anyone pls advise if I can continue working during the 90 day period if my partner lost his job? Whilst he is looking for someone to take over the 457 nomination can I simply continue working as normal? would appreciate any advice! Thanks
  13. Hey All, Wondering if anyone can help/shed any light here! Background: English guy applying for Defacto 820 with Aussie partner. Applied last June, and just got the awesome message that we have a case officer who is reviewing all the docs (very happy!). They've asked for one final doc. Criminal check from Canada (I've lived there for just under a year, then went back on a holiday a couple of years later and therefore have stayed there longer than 12 months cumulatively) Any how trouble is this: RCMP (royal Canadian Mounted Police ) clearance can take up to 4months due to the way it has to be scanned in and checked out there. I'm going to use a third party affiliate in Canada, that can get the process down to a few weeks max (web here for those interested http://www.fingerscan.ca/ - check out the clients living abroad part) Now, going into local police stations is proving to be a pain in the #$% as they're saying they can only send my prints DIRECT to RCMP, not third party? Or even give me a copy of MY fingerprints to send myself! To be honest, no one there seems to give a straight answer - I went in 2 days ago, they were adamant you can't get Ink prints any more, all digitally scanned. Today I go back, and they say ok we can give Ink prints, but only send to RCMP. Getting very frustrated now.....! So has anyone here had any luck getting fingerprints done at any Sydney Police stations at all? And where if so/ how was your process? Any advice? Thanks All.
  14. smadamas

    Defacto to own sponsorship

    Hi, I'm currently on my partners 457 sponsorship as a defacto but things aren't working out and she wants to move back home to the UK. I want to stay here but as I'm not the sponsored one and my job isn't on the 'list' is there anything I need to know or can do to get sponsored? My work said that they would sponsor me but what is the process and who do I need to talk to? thanks in advance!
  15. Hi guys, Any help would be amazing. I'm currently on a 457 visa as a defacto, my partner is returning to the UK soon and I am going to stay here and study and go onto a student visa. My course starts in February, however as I'm currently on the 457 I don't have working restrictions, once I am on a student visa I can only work 40 hours a week and can't start working until my course commences. I've been with my company for a year and they have said they will keep me on part time while I study, however, once I apply for the student visa I won't be allowed to work until the course starts. It's a bit tricky, I don't know when I should apply, I don't want to apply too early incase the visa is granted too soon and I'm not able to work until February. I also don't want to apply too late incase the visa isn't granted in time. Why is everything so complicated
  16. Hi guys, I am in the process of collecting my documentation for my de facto application. It is very stressful and time consuming to do this whilst working. Can anyone recommend an agent or a place where they oversee the application process? Thank you Erin
  17. Hi everyone! I am new here so be nice please Ok so my situation.... My boyfriend is Australian, and I am English, we met and began a relationship in June 2011 whilst he was over in England playing cricket until sept 2011. Since then due to university commitments we have continued a long distance relationship. I have visited him in Australia for one month last year 2012, and for a month this year, and he was in England one month of 2012, and he has just spent the summer over here (5 months) living with me whilst playing cricket. He has just gone back to aus and now I am travelling over on a WHV and living with him for the duration of my stay. I will enter aus on 31st October. I feel we meet all the criteria for a defacto visa, we have proof dating back to 2011 of ongoing communication, holidays together, all flight details, tax records showing he lived at my house and many many pictures as well as friends and family who can support our application, also when i get to aus we will open a joint savings account together, therefore proving a genuine relationship is not my issue. However, due to my boyfriends current pursuit of a professional cricket career his working background and finances are a worry. When he plays in England he gets paid, and he plays cricket for tasmania 2nd team for which he gets paid too. As these are quite large payments he just does casual work to get by in the mean time and as he lives with his mum he doesn't have many large outgoings. He also has very good future prospects with his cricketing career but that is just a waiting game. I am very financially stable and have £5,000 saved. I also have a job lined up for when I arrive in aus. So my first question is... As he will be my sponsor what financial proof do we need/ can we include his mum in the application in any way as she is willing to support me in any way? My second question is... We will possibly be leaving australia next April so he can return to play cricket in England... As long as i go with him and we are living together in England am I right in assuming this will not inhibit our defacto relationship status? We will return in September so I will still have 2 months of working holiday visa remaining. Am I right in thinking if we lodge out application at the end of October 2014 I can then get a bridging visa that will allow me to stay in aus till defacto is granted? Sorry for the long post!!! Any help appreciated as tonight it has all hit me like a ton of bricks and I it rather emotional about the whole thing. Which is not great as he is not here to comfort me! 22year old wanting advice xxxx
  18. Hello all! Just wanted to share the news that I have just this minute been granted my defacto subclass 309 visa! Am absolutely thrilled!!! Me and aussie partner will be heading back to Melbourne in the next few weeks to start a new life:jiggy: I just wanted to offer some reassurance to those of you about to apply and offer to answer any questions for people. We lodged our application last Friday 12th September, the C/O replied on Sunday 14th, I had a telephone interview today (Tuesday 16th September) and have just had the email confirming that it has been granted. Now it is just a matter of sending in my passport to get it stamped. Our story is that we met in Thailand in Jan 07. Nick then moved over to the UK in March 07 on his working holiday visa. We have lived together ever since. With the UK working holiday visa aussies can only work for 12 months out of 24 months so for the past 6 months we have actually been living with my parents. I thought it would be helpful for some of you if I listed what we put into our application (as ours was obviously very speedy!!). 1) Both our forms 2) certifed copies of our birth certificates and passport id page (by a local solicitor) 3) our statements of our relationship (just on ordinary paper, typed and not certified just signed by us detailing the ENTIRE of our relationship, when we met, how, domestic duties, holidays I mean EVERYTHING, they were both 6-8 pages long) 4) copies of Nick (my sponsor) 's employment history, letters from employers, old payslips, P60's (as he has been working in the UK) 5) Bank statements ( we DID NOT have a joint account but we highlighted all transactions between one anothers account for bills, holidays, groceries, etc etc 6) Copies of rent leases (the first lease was in my name only but I included the brochure for the flat clearly showing how tiny it was and that it was only us living there - they are mostly concerned that you have ONLY LIVED WITH EACH OTHER and not in a share house) (the second lease had both our names on). We divided this sections into the different addresses we had lived at and included all the utilities that we could. We even called our gas and electricity company for any copies that were missing. We had council tax in a joint name for one flat and joint gas and electric. 7) Copies of all holiday itineraries, confirmations from expedia, flight receipts etc 8) Stat Decs (Australian Form 888 from Nick's family and friends, about 12 in total, with copies of their passports also attached, all certified and sent to UK) 9) Pictures from almost every occassion that we had mentioned in our statememt - not originals, just taken placed on a separate piece of A4 for each occassion, not certified either) 10) I had already applied for my police certificate which arrived in 5 days so this was included in the app when lodging 11) I had already gone for my meds with a great doctor in London (Dr. Kowtowski who had sent the results to Australia House in London before we lodged, they just get tallied up when you do lodge) 12) Extra info, email exchanges whilst we were apart in the beginning, copies of our CV's and a statement from Nick saying how as my sponsor he would support me. SO!!! That is everything!!! Like I said we lodged our application last Friday 12th September, the C/O replied on Sunday 14th, I had a telephone interview today (Tuesday 16th September) and have just had the email confirming that it has been granted - SO it just goes to show if you have enough evidence and compile it properly it is much appreciated by the Oz embassy!!! I have STRESSED out so much over this so I would like to offer any words of advice to those of you who want to know how to collate it and present it etc. Much love and excitement!!!! Claire xx:jiggy:
  19. I was recently told about the ability to register a relationship in your chosen state (for me NSW) this process provides you as a defacto relationship for the purposes of any given law... I.e the defacto / spouse visa. This sounds wonderful although I wanted to know if anybody had done this and how much it had impacted on your visa applications. The other thing is that me and my Australian boyfriend are going back to the UK for Christmas, in which time ill be applying for an offshore defacto visa, both he and myself will then reside there until I am given any confirmation. Does anyone know if registration of our relationship is processed before we go back to the UK is worth it or a waste of time as ill be applying for an off shore visa?! I'm still going to wait for the 12 month requirement but wanted to register for the purpose of a bit more security and evidence that we are serious. what are people's thoughts on this process?!?! Thanks!!!
  20. Hi everyone Just wanted to say hello, after the many hours I've spent looking at specific threads for advice, and also just browsing on subjects like jobs, where to live, where to visit/holiday. I am currently in the process of gathering all the info I need to apply for a 309/100 visa. Just waiting for the stat decs from Australian friends and a couple from my friends and then I am ready to send it all in to Australia House in London. I am British and I live with my Australian partner in London. He has been here for 10 years but we are hoping to relocate to Sydney, where my partner's family live (aside from Dad in Wollongong & Mum in Adelaide - siblings are all in North/South Sydney). And most importantly, it will bring him physically closer to his daughter, also in Adelaide. I am going into the process slightly blind, but I am aware of the high taxation, higher cost of living, different medical care arrangements, so am not completely blinkered. But at the same time I am looking foward to what Australia can offer and how we can make the best of it. I visited Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide over Xmas 12/13 and will hopefully visit again around Easter 2014, for a more practical visit - less tourist stuff and more of an eye on surburbs, jobs, transport etc. So that was a very long way of saying Hello! Have a great weekend VP
  21. Hi all I have read the guidance book but cannot work this out; Form 888 - to be completed by Australian acquaintances or friends - this needs to be signed by the person who wrote the statement and a notary/JP. Statutory declarations from friends and family - does this need to be signed by notary/JP or just by the person who wrote the statement? Thanks!! VP
  22. Hi all I have been lurking for a while now, and thought I should say "Hi!". I have loved reading your stories and what you are up to in the UK or Australia. I also wanted to pick the collective brain about the statements relating to "Evidence that your relationship is genuine". I have worked most of it out by looking at this Forum, other Forums and common sense + Google, but am struggling with: Evidence that you and your partner have declared your relationship to government bodies, friends; commercial/public institutions or authorities; What sort of thing would cover this? Legal commitments that you and your partner have undertaken as a couple; For this I have given the example my partner being listed as beneficiary of my death in service entitlement. Is there anything else? I am clutching at straws with both of these! Thanks in advance VP
  23. initforthemoney

    Offshore De Facto parntership visa

    I'm pretty sure the answer to this one, but I'd like advice. I'm going to get back together with my Ex. She is Australian living in Oz, I'm from the UK and outside Oz having done 2 years of a WHV. We were living together for 15mths and have been apart about 1 year. I'm reckoning its impossible to apply for a de facto visa and have it granted? I also have a degree that would fit on the skills list, but no experience in the field. Any advice
  24. Applying for a spouse (309) visa, our progress so far.... 20/4 - sent off application (frontloaded). 21/4 - money taken 27/4 - email from C/O confirming receipt of application 29/4 - received all the evidence we'd sent back in the post 05/5 - phoned C/O who infromed they didn't require anything else but there was a backlog of apps and it could take 3 months to hear. Has anyone else who's applied in the past couple of weeks heard anything? or been granted a visa?
  25. G'day, My girlfriend and I are applying for a subclass 461 from within Australia. I've looked around and a lot of people seem to have gotten their parents to simply write a letter etc explaining the relationship, sign it etc and this has been sufficient. It definitely says on my application checklist: Statutory declaration from your or your partners parents... Does anyone have any information regarding this? And if so do they fill out a stat dec in the countries in which they reside? Also in regards to our friends, do they have to be Australian citizens to be able to write supporting evidence or is that only in regards to filling out a statutory declaration? Any info much appreciated. Regards Brad and Lucy