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Found 93 results

  1. Hopefully this link will make it clear for folks and seems the same people can do both in Australia. http://glitfvic.org.au/document/listpersonstatdecs.pdf
  2. hi does anyone know if every solicitor notary person needs proof of funds in bank and letter from mortgage for proof of equity, my friend had a quote from a solicitor in hull of 60 pound and they asking for all sorts of proof. i myself went to the magistrates court and took to the witness stand and just sweared that i had these funds in the court, and had it signed by the justice of the peace. has anyone else got any info or where else they went to have the declaration signed without having to show the proof of capital, when money is tied up in your house and hard cash is quite hard to prove isnt it, if u not got the hard cash in the bank, appreciate any other peoples experiences ..
  3. smycall

    Statutory Declaration Again

    I am in the process of trying to produce a Stat Decs for the TRA to cover work carriedout at companies that no longer exist and am having trouble working what is wanted. I am applying as a Fitter, although i have been working as a designer for the last 7 years. the biggest problem that i have encountered is that most of the companies that i worked for no longer exist and where they do they are unwilling to provide me with any help. hence the need to write Stat Decs. any help i can get would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Hey everyone! Got a few questions for you all. NUMBER ONE I have been informed that it would be a good idea to get a stat. dec. from my partners GP, since he has met me and knows the nature of our relationship. How does this work? Do I have to bring a stat. dec. form to him, or just ask him to do one? Do me and my spouse have to sign it, or write anything on it? Also. We are going to apply for 'special consideration' and for this it is suggested we get a 'report' from a medical professional - should this be encompassed in the stat. dec or would we need a seperate document/form? if so, what document is that, and do we need to provide it to him? Also, are there any fees involved in this, does anybody know? Note: The stat dec is really to state that he knows of me, and that he is aware of my being in the picture for the last year as my spouses partner. The 'report' is to state that my spouse needs me here, due to health issues. _______________________________________________________________________ NUMBER TWO Again, for the 'special consideration' thing it is suggested I write a stat. dec. - Where do I get this stat dec form from? Is this the same form the doctor needs to fill out? I have only ever had dealings with the 'FORM 888 - Statutory declaration by a supporting witness relating to a partner visa application' and have no idea how to fill any other kind of statutory declaration. _______________________________________________________________________ Also, can anybody suggest any supporting documents for the 'Special Consideration' application? What do they need to support? Is there anybody here who is an 'expert' whom I could PM regarding Me and my Spouses particular situation and suggest evidence/documents etc relating specifically to me and my partner?? Thanks everyone! LL
  5. Hi all can anyone tell me can i get a niegbough to sign or does it have to be civil servant also i wanted to keep my house here and rent out. I only have so much in savings do Australia expect a certain amount and if so can anyone tell me how much All help grateful Vetassess passed 18/11/08 visa lodged 21/11/08 taken of csl 16/3/09 changing to ss 14/04/09
  6. briggs

    Statutroy Declaration

    Hi, I am writing a Statutory Declaration for a company i worked for, and has now gone bankrupt, and can not obtain references. Do i also have to state the companies full address on the Declaration? Thank you
  7. dan77

    Financial Declaration - SA

    Hi, Whiling filling up the financial declaration form I am confused about value to be filled for NET VALUE OF PROPERTY/PROPERTIES. I own a plot of land. Plot has been registered jointly in my and my brother's name. Can i put the value of my share in the plot.
  8. briggs

    Statutory Declaration

    Hi Do you still need to provide a P45, P60 along with the Statutory Declartion? Would the DIAC require this? Thank you
  9. briggs

    Statutory Declaration

    Hi, Can somebody please tell me what i should include on a statutory declartion please? The company i worked for has gone bankrupt and can not provide me with a employment reference for immigration. Do i need to state they went bankrupt? Do i need to state the exact dates worked? and salary earned? Do i need to state their contact detials? (even though the company does not exist there anymore) What else do i have to write? Help please Thank you :unsure:
  10. briggs

    Statutory Declaration

    Hi, I have to write a Statutory Declaration as one of my ex employers have gone bankrupt, and i cant obtain a reference. What kinds of things should i include? Do i also have to state that the company has gone bankrupt? Thank you :unsure:
  11. do you know the best way to get a declaration of financial capacity signed? it has to be signed and stamped by a notary of the public a bank official or a justice of the peace, the first wo we've tried and been unsuccessful due to notary couldn't attest to the authenticity of our documents even though the bank gave them to us and the bank official won't sign them because they are not authorised to do so (we bank with natwest and mortgage with the woolwich) and now it's just the jp. thanks.
  12. Hello, I'm just starting to put together the paper work for my 2nd stage of the Spouse visa (801) and at statement number 5 it says "That we do/do not [delete whichever is inapplicable] jointly own real estate or other assets." What assets is it referring too? We do not own any property together as we rent our home. Your help is appreciated. Thanks Brad
  13. Hey All I'm new to PIO and my OH and I are commencing with attempting to immigrate to Oz. All very scary but exciting stuff! I've been reading over past posts just to get an idea on what to expect and how things generally go. We have an immigration expert and are ready to sign a contract and get the ball rolling... :shocked: One thing I have read is about needing to have a declaration of financial capacity signed? Was just wondering what this is and why its needed? I'm learning as I go along so I apologise if this question has already been answered a zillion times. Thanks :smile:
  14. Well... The OH and I pottered along to the Magistrates Court this morning for our 09:30 appointment. We turned up 20 minutes early as we were told this would speed things up as they could get it all stamped etc beforehand. I was expecting to go sign my Stat Dec in some office with a bored lawyer etc. Not the case!! At 10:20 ish we were called into an actual court room (first time I'd ever been in one, stopped dead at the door in shock with the OH shoving me saying "go in then" in a stage whisper they must have been able to hear at the other end of the room)... there was a legal advisor, a stenographer and 3 magistrates in there!!:shocked: :err: I had to (and so did the OH) go into the witness box and be sworn in, then read out part of my stat dec (and they're the relationship ones so not really what you want to be reading in what felt like a room full of people) and then got warned about the consequenses of telling fibs.... then I signed it (after the magistrates had given permission for me to sit down to do so...) then it was the OH's turn. Definitely NOT what i was expecting!! However the whole thing for all the photocopies, and the kerfuffle with the Magistrates only cost £25... Didn't get out til an hour and a half after we arrived but hey... I can't see how they can argue with its signatories! Bless them, they said just to make sure, they would sign and stamp every page of the stat decs too Anyway - thought I'd post this in the hopes of reducing the complete bewilderment and terror of anyone else who is summoned into a courtroom for this when they're not expeciting it! F xx
  15. Employment - Wage slips were noted by the Case Officer. However, further evidence is required in the form of an Employment Reference from your employer or a Statutory Declaration advising of the following details: your period of employment for the 24 months prior to application date, employer name and address details, duties performed, hours of duty help where can i get such a document? thanks for any advise? x
  16. Guest

    Statutory Declaration

    Before i get my ex to sign this i wanted to check i had something right. where it says place deos that mean town, country or solicitors address? 4 Place 5 Day 6 Month and year Declared at 4 on 5 of 6 Before me, Thanks in advance
  17. Hi all, Another question on the Spouse Visa application... Do the statements from my husband and myself have to be in Statutory Declaration forms? From the Partner Migration handbook, it does say it can be on ordinary paper. But I got the impression from previous postings that almost everyone used Statutory Declaration forms? I've already emailed the London Aus Immigration for an answer, but just wondering whether anyone here would know the answer already... Thanks a lot. x
  18. Hello everyone, I was wondering if any of you PIOers would be able to help me? I know we have to have a Stat. Declaration to take my eldest two to Australia., my question is - does anyone have a template of one or, can someone point me in the right direction (if there is one) on the government website? Many thanks, help pleeeeeeease, my ex-hubby is in a good mood!!! :notworthy:
  19. Guest

    Statutory Declaration

    Hi Can anybody help with the format of a Statutory Declaration and any Employer statements. We would be very greatful if you could send me any copy you might have. Regards Mark & Jackie :confused:
  20. I wonder if someone could help us - Having some diffs working out what a statutory declaration for migrating child looks like. My son currently lives with his Mum but has decided that he wants to come to Australia too. We need a statutory declaration from his Mum (who has verbally agreed already) proving agreement and permission for son to migrate to Australia. Does anyone have an example of one that you could PM me? I would really appreciate it. All assistance is gratefully received!! SCJ
  21. Guest

    Financial Declaration

    Hi just a quick one. I am goiong to see a notary Public on thursday to get my finantial declaration form signed. What did evryone else take with them as evidance so that they can approve it when they sign it? http://www.immigration.sa.gov.au/pdfs/applyonline/ProForma_Capacity.pdf
  22. Guest

    Statutory declaration

    Hi guys, can anyone tell me how to get a statutory declaration form off the internet to allow me to deal with my old employers that dont exist.On the TRA form it says "you may submit a personal statement on a properly signed and witnessed Statutory Declaration." Where do you get these forms from. many thanks
  23. My husband is a self employed plasterer and it appears that we need to do an Affidavit or statutory declaration for the TRA as he is self employed. Has anyone done this? Is it really necessary? Can anyone let me know what is needed in this document? I have never done one of these and want to make sure what I am doing is correct! Thanks for any help. :wubclub: 02/09/08 - 110% positive we want to go to Oz 01/10/08 - Told family (went down like a lead balloon!) 02/10/08 - Appointed an agent 23/10/08 - Hubby assessed for AQF III qualification 14/11/08 - Hubby received Qualification!
  24. Hello everyone, We have just been informed that we need to do a statutory declaration before we can submit our TRA stuff. We have it all written out but we need to get it signed by a commissioner of oaths. I would like to know who is one of these people and do they cost very much? Also, i wondered if they have to actually watch my other half signing it before they do. Only because my oh works (obv) and i was hoping to get it sorted myself. Any ideas on this matter will be appreciated! Thanks very much :chatterbox:
  25. Hello, I am applying for a general skilled migration and now need to get my work references sorted. I am currently a freelance journalist. Though I can get references from my previous two jobs which were contracted, I am currently freelance- and don't want to tell my current company where I work most of the time about applying for a visa. According to some posts it seems I can write a statutory declaration on work experience with a solicitor to get around this?????? Does anybody have experience of this? I can also provide details on the tax I have paid and even some of my stories! Would this be enough do you think? any help would be appreciated, thanks, sarah.