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Found 34 results

  1. I have figured out why Australia does not do curry….think about it…Australians do not travel that much as a rule and only really sample their own rather bland food that they have been brought up on …fast food takeaways are big business in Oz……..now us Brits have travelled all over Europe and Asia and have sampled the delight of foreign food be it Indian Chinese or Turkish….we appreciate the taste of spicy food much more than Australians that have been brought up on rather bland foods on barbies…..Indian restaurants cater for the taste-buds of Australians…that is why curries are not that spicy and rather sweet and rather bland….sorted.:rolleyes:
  2. Hi, I need help!!! Does anyone know of any decent hairdressers Northside??? I seem to be having a huge problem in finding one!!! Have been to 3 now and although the one I'm with at the mo is ok I'm still not walking out thinking 'I like this'. If anyone can recommend a hairdresser that would be great. Thank you for reading!! Amanda x
  3. Hi There, I don't know if anyone can help me or not. I have been in Oz, (Pakenham, Vic) for nearly 6 months now and want to find a solicitor/Lawyer or whatever they are called here. I need to get advice on some issues which are related to an ex-partner who still lives in the uk and who is the father of my oldest child. We fought a lengthy court battle in the uk before bringing my son here and were advised to follow up and raise any further issues from Oz with an Oz solicitor rather than waste any more time in UK courts. We needed to get going to validate our visa, so took the advice and to be honest have buried our heads in the sand and ignored the issues until now. I really need to find a solicitor here who can help with family matters and also who deals with ones from the uk. I don't know anything about the legal system here or legal aid or even if we would qualify for legal aid. We do have permanent residency, so I assume we would get legal aid. I have tried to be brief in my description of our legal issues so hope this makes sense. If anyone has had any similar issues or could offer any advice on finding a solicitor who won't use all of our savings as they did in the uk, it would be gratefully received. Thank you.:smile:
  4. hi all, we have been here in brisbane australia, for 4 months now, i admit the wildlife and australia itself is lovely, the scenery is great, only one problem, the aussies, i still have not met one i like, i have had nine jobs in four months and hated them all, (is this a record), i know everone will jump on me and say it is my fault but every english person here i know agrees with me, i am not saying that every aussie is horrible, but i personally have not met a decent one, at work the limits of conversation are work and fishing, they are so boring, right then lets hear how terrible i am. matt.
  5. Hello, Since it's time to get my tax return for 2007/8 sorted, I thought put a wee post up to see if anybody know's of a decent tax agent in Melbourne who is aware of 457 visas, LAFHAs and UK medicare equivalence. Cheers, James.
  6. Guest

    Any decent agents out there??

    Hi all Could anyone out there recommend a good migration agent, I'm losing the will to live with my current one. Not returning phone calls, telling a few porkies, giving me incorrect information ect. If I do change do i need to start the whole process again or can i start from where i left off with the current one?? Thanks in advance for the help.
  7. Just had a massive most tasty curry since leaving the UK...maybe even better in fact! Was so massive still got half of it left to have tomorrow! You've been on about curry from the first week we hit Caloundra! Git yourself up to the pinapple patch on the Steve Irwin way!:biglaugh:
  8. Hi we have lived in Scarbourough for 2 and a half years and have just had our houseplans passed- we now need to find a builder. the builders here are so laid back i dont think they wont the work:wacko: CAN ANYONE HELP US??? Paul,Cath and kids
  9. Hi, My husband and I have had dreams of emigrating to Australia for years. We feel that the time is right now in that financially we are very secure and we have one young child and another on the way (due in two weeks - I feel fit to burst!) so we could give Australia a fair go before we needed to consider schooling etc. Although my profession is on the SOL and MODL list I have been out of work for two years on maternity leave and then bringing up our child, so I don't qualify, and as we have decided that I am to remain off work for the time being this is going to be the case for a fair while. My husbands profession is listed as a specialisation of a trade on the SOL and MODL lists. We originally thought that as it was listed as a specialisation, he wouldn't qualify and that we would have to possibly find an alternative route. However we have been in touch with an agent to see whether they think that he might be successful in being granted a visa. The company that we have been in touch with come very highly recommended on both this site and others. They have been in touch with their Australian offices and the TRA people, and seem to think that my husband will be successful and have now said that we need to take things to the next step. I am worried that we may be being given false hope of a visa where there isn't any because his occupation is only listed as a specialisation. Firstly because I know that these things are costly, and secondly because this means so much to both of us and I don't want to be disappointed. A decent agent (which I'm sure these guys are) wouldn't give false hope would they?