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Found 34 results

  1. blobby1000

    Anyone know a decent Speech Therapist

    My son aged 4 has been on a waiting list for speech therapy for 9 months. He went for his first appointment today and they told us that because we moved out of the area 2 weeks ago she would not see him! So we have to start all over again. It looks like we may have to pay for private speech therapy. Does anyone on here have any experience of one in the Geelong area thats any good? We would happily travel for a decent one? Or does anyone use a government funded one in the Geelong area? Our son has trouble pronouncing certain words. Its seems ridiculous to me to refuse to see him after he has lived in the area the entire time he was on the waiting list.
  2. Hi All I arrived in Sydney a couple of weeks ago and am still finding my way around. Not sure if such thing exists as both reputable and "cheap" but does anyone know of a reputable hairdresser in Sydney, or more specifically Darlinghurst? Rach :biggrin:
  3. pintpot

    Anyone found any decent chorizo?

    I know it's a bit niche - the missus is a bit of an addict We've tried a few "chorizos" from supermarkets and delis and have been very disappointed - taste like mildly spiced frankfurter. Any recommendations? I don't expect a response. But it's worth a try
  4. I really need a hair cut, I am starting to look like a deranged Yorkshire terrier...but am a bit scared of going into somewhere random as I've had some pretty bad cuts in the past! Do any ladies know a good salon/hairdresser? Preferably in Darlinghurst/Eastern Suburbs or the city. Or maybe St Leonards as I work there at the moment! Thanks in advance Jen
  5. Hi guys, Having terrible trouble finding halfway decent short term accomm in Perth! We think we will be there from around 1st November and need somewhere for at least 4 weeks. I can't believe some of the dumps out there that people are looking for crazy money for. We're expecting a baby on 4th December so move is extra scary and looking at all the horrible run down places is killing the excitement of the move a bit! We would be happy to pay €3k for 4 weeks or could stretch to maybe €3.5k if necessary. Could be an apartment or a house, had to have air con as we have 2 year old (who is used to Galway weather!) and access to a pool would be great. Very flexible about location. Not looking for luxury but clean bright and modern (decorated more recently than the 80's would help!!!) One bedroom would be fine. Am I kidding myself with my budget? Thanks guys! Kate.
  6. Hi Guys, I think I might have landed a job in Brisbane for $90k + Super. Me, my wife and two young girls (3 & 5 years old). Looking to rent somewhere half decent in a decent area maybe up to $400-$450pw. We're not after the nightlife and restaurants done all that, just looking for family stuff, decent schools up to 45min commute to CBD maybe nearish to beaches. Does anyone reckon this intial salary is enough to achieve this? I qualift for LAFHA and the wife will also be working once the kids settle into school Cheers guys.
  7. There is not a great deal about Australian Citizenship by Decent around so I thought I should create a new thread about how to go about applying for it. All my experience relates to my children who are 4 years and 1 year old. Firstly have a look at this Department of Immigration site: http://www.citizenship.gov.au/applying/how_to_apply/born_overseas/ Then I completed this form - Form 118 ( you cannot save the form - you have to fill it in then print off.) http://www.immi.gov.au/allforms/pdf/118.pdf I then copied and had certified the following items: A copy of the childs British passport A copy of the childs full British birth certificate A copy of My full Australian birth certificate A copy of my Australian passport A copy of my British passport A copy of my drivers licence A passport sized photgraph of the child I am getting both childrens citizenships done at the same time as the second childs is slighty cheaper when done at the same time. I will post with the full costings as they have been put in as Australian $. They will be sent by recorded mail tomorrow 3rd May 2011. To be fair its quite straight forward to get this done.
  8. Hello I have recently been offered a job in Sydney on a salary of $72,000. I'll be looking to rent either by myself or in a flat share. Do you think I'll be able to live comfortably on this? I have absolutely no idea! Thank you
  9. ozziepom

    Is 120K a decent salary in QLD?

    Hi, After years of contracting, currently in Sydney I'm considering a move to Queensland - I know the place well but not the current salaries up there. Although we have sufficient savings to buy a house outright we'll be renting for at least a year to find an a place to settle and keep an eye on the housing market. I have a job offer for 120k (plus super) which is quite a bit less than I'm getting (contracting) in Sydney I'm wondering if we'll be financially OK, we'll cover moving costs from savings but after that I don't want to be eating into savings, wife will hopefully find work for $50-70 fairly soon but thats an unknown, I want to ensure we can live on my wage as long as we need to, we're in our 40's and have no children. Going perm is probably the right thing to do at this stage, for a number of reasons. I'm not expecting to be rich, just live fairly comfortably. Reasons for leaving Sydney are just that its too crowded and expensive housing, we could buy here too but I'm not seeing value, and at our stage of work life I don't want to take on the big mortgage to buy what we'd want, this seems much more achievable in SE QLD.
  10. David Willetts: Feminism widened poverty gap and set social mobility back decades | Mail Online
  11. steano

    Decent advice .......

    Hi Guys , Let me explain my situation to you all , Basically i am living on the Sunshine Coast at the moment, i have been here for 21 months (firstly on working holiday visa) then on a 2nd year working holiday visa (did voluntary work) Now im currently working for my self on my ABN , i would like to stay longer as i have made some great friends , love the lifestyle and see business oppotunitys for myself here in the future. But before i can plan i need to work out to extend my visa , i have contacted a couple of migration agents but they all seem to be very vague and not have any concrete answers to my questions, which concerns me as time is running out. If anyone could help me / point me in the right direction i would greatly appreciate it. And id liek some advice from people have done it Basically ........ Getting Sponsored If i look for work , how hard is it for the employer to sponsor me ? what are the criteria ? how long does it usually take ? Buying a business Anyone done this ? how hard is it ? Starting a business Anyone done this ? Or could anyone point me in the direction of a migration agent who can 'GET THINGS DONE ?' Hope to hear from you soon J
  12. Hi there; Hubby and I are now veering away from Pay TV and the T Box or Foxtel as it seems pricey for what you actually get and wondering if it much cheaper just to find someone to provide us with broadband. We use the Internet daily on average 3 hours a day just generally surfing, sending emails, blogging but no realy streaming or downloading. Would like wireless in the apartment as both hubby and I have laptops and we would like to go one simultaneously. How much GB do you think we will require and can anyone recommend a good provider or deal? Looking at Bigpond it appears if we do just broadband we have to pay extra for a modem and installation but if we do $99 including T Box those things come free. Is that right? Thanks guys. You're always ever so helpful.
  13. Hi me and the missus are looking for friends/ meet ups anywhere west of the Maribyrnong(Flemington considered). I'm 39 a brummie, wifes 42 a aussie. We don't take ourselves or life too seriously. We love travel(anywhere), curry(well I do more), and hanging out Been in Oz ten years with only one move back to the UK in that time. If you know of any decent curry houses post em up! We've tried most of em round here. Paul
  14. Guest

    Decent Indian...... ?

    I'm still new(ish) to Sydney but the one thing I'm missing is a decent indian meal!! As we know Chicken Tikka Massala is the most popular dish in England and I am a slave to curry so can anybody recommend a really good, reasonably priced indian? I have tried the one in circular quay ..... but honestly, not good There are two here in bondi junction but neither are hitting the high standards of Good ol' English Indian!!
  15. Hi there! I've heard some driving schools are plainly evil. Are there any trustworthy schools one can recommend? I'm in Botany Bay area, but this is a more general question.
  16. Thank the lord!!! We have tried alot of Indians in the area, down to The Sitar in Albion. The Best of all and as close as ur gonna get to a Good British Ruby is Bollywood in Warner Village. and the rice wasnt mush for a change!! Next a good Chinese with Crispy Beef!! Any suggestions???? Jules x:angel_happy_face_ha
  17. Having recently got my visa I've been approached about a job in the Syndey CBD, the salary looks to be about 130-140k + super & binus, and I had initially thought that sounded pretty good. Now that I start looking at accommodation costs I'm not so sure, I knew Sydney was expensive but :eek: If I where to look to rent for around $600 per week (which would be about 33% of my take home pay), all I can find is small apartments near the city, in areas like Balmain (which itself looks really nice). Thing is my wife & I are no longer in the first flush of youth and would prefer to live in a house, with a garden, this seems possible in other Australian cities but in Sydney I'd need to spend more than half what I earn on rent to get this, or commute for 3 hours a day. Have I got this wrong? The wage seems good but are there any decent areas we live in with a bit of space and commute no more than an hour each way? I'm not after beach side mansions by the way! Thanks All!
  18. I have been offered a job with sponsorship 457 in perth (wembly) but this area seems expensive to live. I am wondering what surrounding areas are more more affordable but decent to live & school childrens ages 4,7 & 9. Also I must be able to travel to work & I don't drive. We would rent first until settled. One other thing what would need to be a weekly income/wage to support myself, wife & 3 children in these areas? Many thanks
  19. Hi, Just wondering if anyone can recommend some good firms for sending over a few bits and pieces to Sydney. A couple of small boxes of stuff - nothing urgent. Don't mind shipping them over even if it takes a few weeks. Need to do it as cheap as possible as well - but will pay for reliability. Does anyone know how much this might cost as well? Many Thanks David
  20. Guest

    Wynnum any decent bars?

    We are currently on our reccie in Oz, staying in a house in Wynnum for a few more days yet. does anyone know of any decent bars ideally in walking distance in that area, we have been to the RSL club, but cant go there everynight of our stay!! Or if anyone fancies meeting up for a drink, we have grandma with us to babysit!!!. So have been getting out for a few beers most nights. Cheers Julie
  21. Guest

    What is a decent wage!!

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could tell me what is a decent wage in Queensland (Gold Coast) for a family of 5 to live on. My OH is a lift mechanic and will not be able to get his electrical licence until some time after we arrive in Oz (hopefully next summer) so his wage will not be that great until he gets the licence but I'm not sure of even the `start' wage as the companies we have contacted are a bit vague to say the least. I will be getting a part time job as soon as I can. After watching all the programmes `Wanted Down Under' and hearing that the salaries are lower but the food prices etc are the same as UK I cannot understand how people can manage it and my OH is getting really worried about this (as am I). Now all the equity in our house has disappeared the depoist for a house in Oz has also gone. Thanks for any advice. Debs
  22. I have figured out why Australia does not do curry….think about it…Australians do not travel that much as a rule and only really sample their own rather bland food that they have been brought up on …fast food takeaways are big business in Oz……..now us Brits have travelled all over Europe and Asia and have sampled the delight of foreign food be it Indian Chinese or Turkish….we appreciate the taste of spicy food much more than Australians that have been brought up on rather bland foods on barbies…..Indian restaurants cater for the taste-buds of Australians…that is why curries are not that spicy and rather sweet and rather bland….sorted.:rolleyes:
  23. Hi, I need help!!! Does anyone know of any decent hairdressers Northside??? I seem to be having a huge problem in finding one!!! Have been to 3 now and although the one I'm with at the mo is ok I'm still not walking out thinking 'I like this'. If anyone can recommend a hairdresser that would be great. Thank you for reading!! Amanda x
  24. Hi There, I don't know if anyone can help me or not. I have been in Oz, (Pakenham, Vic) for nearly 6 months now and want to find a solicitor/Lawyer or whatever they are called here. I need to get advice on some issues which are related to an ex-partner who still lives in the uk and who is the father of my oldest child. We fought a lengthy court battle in the uk before bringing my son here and were advised to follow up and raise any further issues from Oz with an Oz solicitor rather than waste any more time in UK courts. We needed to get going to validate our visa, so took the advice and to be honest have buried our heads in the sand and ignored the issues until now. I really need to find a solicitor here who can help with family matters and also who deals with ones from the uk. I don't know anything about the legal system here or legal aid or even if we would qualify for legal aid. We do have permanent residency, so I assume we would get legal aid. I have tried to be brief in my description of our legal issues so hope this makes sense. If anyone has had any similar issues or could offer any advice on finding a solicitor who won't use all of our savings as they did in the uk, it would be gratefully received. Thank you.:smile:
  25. Headstart Homestay

    A Decent Restaurant guide

    FINALLY, a decent restaurant within walk/stagger distance. Been in QLD 3 years tomorrow and to celebrate we paid a visit to the Mustard Plum on North Lakes, Great food, prompt service and a Cillaxed atmosphere would deffinatley reccommend. With a BYO Indian opening next door to it and the New Tavern on Anzac Ave open in Nov, Christmas is looking good.:jiggy: If anyone else knows of a good quality dinning add to the list. Dale & Francine