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Found 109 results

  1. Hi there Does any one know who in the UK can sign and witness an Australian Statutory Declaration? I know in Australia its easy....you just go to the local friendly Chemist/Pharmacist.....but im not sure about the UK? Thanks Brad
  2. Guest

    How many Stat Dec's? (888)

    My partner and I are about to apply for my Spouse Visa (309). We've read previous posts on here and have decided to 'Frontload' the application as that seems to move things along quicker. My question is how many Stat Dec’s (888) did people include? So far we have 2, one from my partner’s father and one from her cousin, both Australian citizens. Do you think 2 is enough? Thanks.
  3. donovandenese

    CPV - Stat Dec - HELP

    My dad is about to apply for his CPV. He is separated form his spouse so needs to submit a statutory declaraion regarding this separation with his application. Can anyone confirm what information needs to included in this stat dec? Does this need to be set out in any particular format to qualify as a stat dec? thanks
  4. HI guys, can someone please advise. I am about to speak to the ex regarding taking my son to oz is there a standard stat dec i can get from somewhere myself or do i have to obtain it from a lawyer? our agent does have a copy but we have yet to pay our full deposit so we cant get it from the agent yet and i would rather we get it over and done with many thanks kelly
  5. Hello All Thanks to Chris I now know I need 2 Stat Decs and was wondering if anyone can help me with the wording. I have seen some old posts where members said they would provide copies or examples and was hopeful there was some kind member still about that can help. Basically I need 1. Stat dec to support a genuine relationship between myself and my hubby ... why I am not sure ... but I will send whatever they ask for! 2. Stat dec for children from a previous relationship where father has left country and cannot be traced. Many, Many Thanks Jen x :smile:
  6. Guest

    Stat dec and solicitors

    Can anyone help, I have to get my statutory decleration signed by a solicitor. Can you please tell me roughly how much they change. Im assuming its not just a simple charge like for certification of a passport etc:jiggy:
  7. Just noticed that the 2 Australian people who fill in the 888's about your relationship need to have proof they are Australian...? One of the people doing it for us is the OH's mum... she's a bit of a stress puppy and just getting the form signed will be enough of a big deal. She doesn't even have a computer let alone a scanner or printer so god knows how she's going to get a copy of her passport (which she only got for the first time last year) or get it certified. Does anyone have any suggestions please? Many thanks, Lx
  8. kellyjamie

    when to ask for a stat dec?

    Hi guys, i havent yet approached my ex for a stat dec to take my son to oz and wondered how long is the process? im undecided if i think he will agree of not so timelines for both situs would be good? i need an idea of when to ask him. if he agrees and signs can he change his mind before we leave? amny thanks kelly
  9. Guest

    Stat Dec - Work Experience

    Hi hope someone can help. I have not told my employer that i am intending to move to aus and in the current climate i am concerned that by asking for confirmation of my work experience will force his hand. I am thinking of doing a stat dec of my work experience can anyone tell me what is involved and how to go about doing one ? Cheers Garth and Jen
  10. Hi all, Just a quick note....... Visas logged begin of Dec, booked medicals for end of Feb 09. Wanted to lose some weight first.... But should we be doing them sooner? I am a nurse, skills assessment passed, using a agent... Crinimals checks sent. Want to get there ASAP..... As does everyone, I know. What do you think?
  11. Guest

    stat dec

    Hi, Do i need to get my ex-husband to sign a stat dec or will just a letter from him saying he is happy for me to take the children to Australia?. Thanks Lisa x
  12. Melbourne here we come!!!!!! So excited. Not expected anything tonight as its the weekend, but there it was!!!
  13. Guest

    stat dec help

    Hi just wondered if anyone can help me. Does anyone have a copy of a stat dec or help with the wording off one for my ex to sign as I want to take my son to live in Australia. I have spoken to the Australian Embassy in London who said that I need this also even though my ex has already signed form 1229, any help suggestions greatly appreciated. :rolleyes:
  14. We are sending off our defacto visa application tomorrow but we have just received the stat dec from my mum and instead of defacto partner she has put interdependant partner. Do you think this will be ok to include or should we not put it in? What do people think? To me it looks like she doesn't know what visa she is applying for when I've looked on the immi.gov.au website and it says interdependent is same sex when we are opposite sex. She says she looked on a legal website and it says interdependant is just when its two people who are dependant on each other and doesn't matter what sex. What do people who have applied and been granted partner visas think? Thanks!
  15. Guest

    flights booked Dec 08

    Haven't logged on for a while but I have been reading this site almost every day to help me with the biggest decision of my life. Anyway flights are booked - sunny Brisbane here we come. Hope to reside in Wellington Point/Birkdale.
  16. Hi there, My husband Danny (30) me (30) and our daughter Matilda (10 months) are coming over to Oz for Christmas and we were hoping to meet up with some people who are based on the Central Coast as we are planning to make the move next summer and would love some advice about the area. We are staying in The Entrance from the 18th to 24th December before heading over to Melbourne for Xmas and Sydney for new year. I have stayed on the Central Coast a number of times, but this will be the first time we will be looking at it as an area to relocate to, so any advice would be a huge help. I am a teacher, so would be interested to meet anyone who works in education and Danny is in sales. I know that Christmas will be a busy time for everyone, but if anybody out there has a few hours they could spare a few poms desparate to be down under, we'll happily buy you a beer in exchange for your words of wisdom! Thank you!! Sarah:yes:
  17. before i start i know there are still applicants from aug/sep/oct/nov also still waiting BUT there are applicants in jan/mar/apr and may with visa grants WHAT IS THAT ALL ABOUT? :realmad: i am happy for these people - no i am really its not their fault that we are still waiting but can anyone offer any advice to me. i am using an agent who is very helpful - we have front loaded everything so that as my agent calls it it should be decision ready but should i be onto my agent complaining about the order of these grants ? maybe she would then send a chaser to the dept ? or do i just need to sit tight? i do apologise i am usually so positive and optimistic so this is soo not like me but my son is ready to go into p1 on aug 18th and i really wanted to have my visa so i dont need to start him. help what can i do thanks sjs
  18. Hi trying to gauge time frame and numbers of those still awiating 176 visa from Nov, Dec and Jan. I have seen lots of threads on here with people in Feb and march getting CO and visa. I am interested if like me people are still waiting before that. Many Thanks Look forward to replys Paul&Lou:unsure:
  19. Hello, Should we send the original stat Dec to ACS ? or should we be sending a true copy of the Stat Dec? Any help is highly appreciated.! Thank you, Jhonnywalker..
  20. Guest

    stat dec

    could anyone give me an example of a stat dec that either they/their partner or their friends/family have done? this would be a great help, i'm having trouble with it should it be worded a certain way....and do the stat decs by my partner and myself have to be on form 888's as well? thanks, claire
  21. Hi to all you IT Wags and IT :GEEK: For those of you who included Stat Decs in your application, can you tell me what you wrote in them. Oh has to do 2 stat decs, for references, 1 for his current employer because we are not prepared to rock the boat so to speak and the 2nd stat dec is because the company oh worked for no longer exists. Have ask our agent for guidance but not heard back from him as yet (he is based in oz). Any tips greatly received. Also do they have been witness by a solicitor or can a jp do it??? Thanks Mandisfam IT Wag
  22. Guest

    Help pls...stat dec.

    Hi Everyone, Could anyone clear this query up for me please? I have finished all my references for the TRA (finally) apart from one thing. I'm a hairdresser and when I left the last Salon I worked for to join the Salon I'm currently working at, I contacted some of my clients I had at that Salon and told them where I was going. Consequently my old boss has refused to give me a reference even though i've apologized to her face-to-face and explained the situation. Now she is not returning any of my calls/texts. I do not want to ask my current boss to 'extend' the period that i've worked for her for as I really don't want to provide any false information. So, I thought i would write a statutory declaration, what i'm confused about however is if I can provide a stat dec for my situation? I'm not sure if a stat dec is only taken when your last employeers have closed down/cease to trade? I'm pretty sure that this address Australian Government Attorney-General's Department is where I get the stat dec from so do you think i could just print off the form, write it up and get it signed from a solicitor? Would this be okay for my situtation? I haven't got any visual proof of any contact i've had with my old boss. Thanks for your help. :arghh:..................................:yes:................................:biglaugh: TRA nearly finished In oz with visa!!!!!
  23. I did have an example but i think it was lost when are hard drive went :arghh: last year. Can anyone email me an example, Mark is on a role and i don't wanna have to wait for my lovely agent to get out of bed.
  24. Hi all, We are leaving our rental here in Ellenbrook on 15th Dec. It is a lovely 4x2, with open theatre room, nice modern kitchen, open meals/family room, laundry, alfresco, garden. It is directly opposite lovely park, 10 min walk to Arbor Grove PS. 5 min drive to local shops, which has a Woolworths, petrol garage, and McDonalds!!!! Ellenbrook is right on the doorstep of the Swan Valley with lots of local wineries 10 min drive away!!!! Jooondalup Lakeside shopping centre is 30 mins drive, Morley Galleria shopping centre 20 mins, Mindarie Keys, and Hillarys Boat Harbour all within 30 mins, and only 45 mins to Perth CBD. IF you are interested we can send some photos. As said it is available from 15 Dec .... just in time for xmas. Sara
  25. Hi All, Confirmed details for our meet up as follows:- Date:Sat 1st December Time: 1.30pm Venue: Ian Dipple Lagoon, Marine Parade, Harley Park, Labrador. Details of what to bring for barbie etc will be advised at later date. The more the merrier, come along and join fun. Em x