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Found 109 results

  1. Hi, After reading lots of different posts i'm a bit confused as to what does and doesn't need to be witnessed and signed by a solicitor. We're applying for a GSM 175 and I will be a dependent de facto partner. We have asked friends and family (UK) to provide statements but i thought these DID need to be signed and witnessed by a solicitor but our statement doesn't? Is that right? Also i was under the impression for documents like education certificates and any documents supporting our relationship DID NOT need to be signed by a solicitor if they are scanned in, in colour?? I might have it completely wrong! All advice gratefully received!
  2. emmaroo

    GMTV @ Cottesloe 24th Dec

    Hi Just to let you know that the GMTV cameras will be at Cottesloe Beach on 24th Dec from 2pm, so if want to try send a message back to the UK I would get there early! Emma P.S Sydney on the 23rd Dec! :wubclub:
  3. Hi Guys My partner and I are moving out of a shared house this weekend (4th Dec) as we need a car parking space desperately. We are searching for a couple or single who needs short term rental accommodation in the CBD. The room is a large double in a HOUSE, not apartment, with large walk in wardrobe and ensuite bathroom, sharing with 1 guy and 1 girl. Just off La Trobe street, in between Russell Street and Exhibition Street, it is perfect for trams and trains. 2 minutes from the QV centre and 5 from Melbourne central station. Rent is $300 pw with a reduced bond of $1000. If you are looking for temporary accommodation in the CBD, or if you know of anyone who is, please let me know and we will arrange a viewing. Cheers Melbsbabes
  4. Hi, We are arriving on the 18th Dec to start a new life, is Christmas and New Year fun here, is there things not to miss, were can I get my roast turvey and stuffing from? My son is 8 years old, any ideas for him over the festive period. Thanks, look forward to your feedback:biggrin: Paul
  5. Guest

    Perth bound Dec 10!

    Hi I land in Perth December 10 and would like to make a few friends on here so that when i land i can hit the ground running as regards my social network! I am a single guy who will have just started the 40th year of life. Thank you Garry:biggrin:
  6. grainne73

    Stat Dec Signed

    Hi Wonder if anybody can tell me if the signed stat dec (form 1229)for permission for under 18 child has to be included with the visa application or can it be submitted separately at a later stage? thanks
  7. Hi I run a monthly meetup group for Brit Expats and Anglophiles. If you would like to attend a meeting the next one is the 7th of November and will take place at 7pm at the Elephant & Wheelbarrow in Northbridge. The December meetup is a BBQ at my house in Silver Sands (nr Mandurah) from 1pm till late. If you are interested in attending a meetup details can be found on the meeting website at Brits Abroad Meet Up Group (Perth) - Meetup.com The group is relaxed informal and attendance is as and when you feel like coming. If you would like to be kept informed of meetings and info about the group please go to the website and join or just keep your eye on the website each month. Any questions please email me Cheers Karen :notworthy:
  8. Hi I need my family members to write me a stat dec of our (de facto) relationship. What form would you use or type of format, could someone please help me. Thanks Wes
  9. Hi, I wonder if anyone has been assessed by the tra as a Child care Coordinator? I am nearly ready to send mine off but wanted to see a copy of someone elses stat dec who has passed - just want to make sure I've covered everything. If anyone can help me I'd be really grateful.:notworthy: Thanks, Zoe:spinny:
  10. Please Help, My case officer has asked for a letter from my employer to evidence my Skilled employment history. I do not want to approach my employer for this letter at this time due to cutbacks being currently actioned. I would prefer to do a Statutory declaration. Please can anyone advise how i best go about doing this. If anyone has an example i would greatly appreciate it. Cheers Garth
  11. Guest

    Stat Dec Hierarchy

    Hi Im in the process of organising my Defacto visa and have a little question re stat decs. Does stat decs from my OH (Aus) family look better than say stat decs from friends. The reason being is I dont have a very good relationship with my OH parents and would be pretty hard to approach them if I needed stat decs from parents. Could anyone give me advice if IMMI would ask questions why we dont have stat decs from her parents????? Thanks :swoon:
  12. The stat dec form (888) for supporting evidence has a list of people who can sign but for certifying documents in Australia, is it the same list? Can a pharmacist or accountant certify documents for visa purposes in australia? we really need a seperate forum on certifying and signing stat decs.!!
  13. Guest

    Stat Dec's info

    Hi, Can anyone advise if I should get Stat Dec to send in as history of my previous self employment? Diac havn't asked for one as yet just bank and tax docs for that period, was also thinking of getting my accountant to write me a letter also but just figured it may save time? Please advise? I'm currently working full time as an employee so may also get my boss to write a letter on my behalf just in case.... Thanks a mill :wubclub:
  14. Hi there, just putting the finishing touches to months of draining hard work (820 de facto visa onshore) and I just have one final question: is it ok for my partner and I to submit our (certified) statutory declarations typed or is handwritten favoured more? My fella has truly shocking handwriting, but I've worked so hard on this, I just want to make sure that everything is right! Getting them certified tomorrow, so I'm afraid it is an urgent one...! thanks, emma
  15. i already have 3 stat decs from ozzies. however ,y mum was gona do something like that to shes english now is it ccalled a declaration of support? i don't know
  16. First Home owners scheme to continue Updated: 19:49, Tuesday May 12, 2009 First home buyers have another six months to locate their dream dwelling and still benefit from the boost to the first home owners grant scheme. As part of last year's 10.4 billion dollar stimulus package the grant was lifted from seven thousand dollars to 14-thousand dollars for existing dwellings and to 21-thousand for new homes. Set to expire on June 30 it's been extended as is for another three months before being phased out after December 31. It'll be halved between October 1 and December 31 meaning first home buyers will receive a total of 10-thousand-500 dollars for established homes and 14-thousand for new homes. Treasurer Wayne Swan says the boost has already helped 59-thousand people achieve the great Australian dream. Data released this week shows first home buyers accounted for 27.3 per cent of all home loans approved in March.
  17. Guest

    Stat Dec's and Evidence.

    :wacko:Hi, am hoping to emigrate over to my sister on a remaining relative visa, and after posting visa and payment have received email requiring 2 stat decs one is evidence of my sister and myself's relationship this last 3 yrs and one is evidence that i am not in a defacto relationship (am single). My problem is that i paid my solicitor £250 for a stat dec from my sons father last yr and cant really afford another £500, is there a cheaper way to do this? also need evidence of my goods/assets what does this ntail? as i dont own my own home, i own a car and was just hoping to save up as much as i can before i go. hope someone can help. thankyou.
  18. Finally got the pre grant letter today - we had no warning - CO allocated 18/06 - our status didn't change until today! Good luck to all
  19. Hey everyone! Got a few questions for you all. NUMBER ONE I have been informed that it would be a good idea to get a stat. dec. from my partners GP, since he has met me and knows the nature of our relationship. How does this work? Do I have to bring a stat. dec. form to him, or just ask him to do one? Do me and my spouse have to sign it, or write anything on it? Also. We are going to apply for 'special consideration' and for this it is suggested we get a 'report' from a medical professional - should this be encompassed in the stat. dec or would we need a seperate document/form? if so, what document is that, and do we need to provide it to him? Also, are there any fees involved in this, does anybody know? Note: The stat dec is really to state that he knows of me, and that he is aware of my being in the picture for the last year as my spouses partner. The 'report' is to state that my spouse needs me here, due to health issues. _______________________________________________________________________ NUMBER TWO Again, for the 'special consideration' thing it is suggested I write a stat. dec. - Where do I get this stat dec form from? Is this the same form the doctor needs to fill out? I have only ever had dealings with the 'FORM 888 - Statutory declaration by a supporting witness relating to a partner visa application' and have no idea how to fill any other kind of statutory declaration. _______________________________________________________________________ Also, can anybody suggest any supporting documents for the 'Special Consideration' application? What do they need to support? Is there anybody here who is an 'expert' whom I could PM regarding Me and my Spouses particular situation and suggest evidence/documents etc relating specifically to me and my partner?? Thanks everyone! LL
  20. Guest

    Stat dec help ???

    hi all, we are days away from submitting our application for subclass 309. we have plenty of information in the way of joint accounts, all utility billing photos etc... Our problem is I am from Aus and my partner from germany. we met whilst in the uk and have lived here for years but obviously we are not with any of our family or relations, so stat dec's have been limited... At this stage i have we have just 2. 1 from a friend that was also living here in the uk and 1 from a close friend off us both here in the uk. does anyone believe this to be a problem. we have more than enough information everywhere else... thanks in advance, oz in pom:hug:
  21. Guest

    Dec. 08 175 case officer

    For all that are keeping an eye on 175 timelines, status page went to 'Application being processed further' on 20th May and agent rang this morning to say I have a case officer looking at my file. Nurse - lodged 16/12/08 - CO 20/5/09
  22. Hi, I'm new on here and wondered if anyone would be able to help me with some advice. I am getting married on 4th Sept in UK to my future husband who is an Australian Citizen. I met him in UK but he went back to Oz in October (after we got engaged) to take his son back who was in UK on a long holiday. He was in UK for 18 months and decided he wanted to be there for his son while he was still growing up. He managed to get his old job back too. We have only spent a few months living together before he left to go back to Oz. My daughter (from a previous relationship) and I have just got back from a 5 week trip to see what the area and the country were like as we'd never been to Oz before. As my fiance is renting a room in a house at the moment we are unable to apply for a spouse visa before I leave the UK as we don't intend on renting a house until we are all there, due to him being our sponsor. Can anyone tell me what I will need to take with me when I leave the UK to help with the visa application onshore? I know that I will need a signed Stat Dec from my daughter's father (does anyone have a template I could use). What is the situation with the medical and police check - do I go ahead and do these before I leave or wait til we are in Oz? My head is so mashed from trying to sort out our wedding and sorting out what I want to keep and what I need to sell in my house (as I'm going to rent it out) as well as getting a removal company in to ship the rest. I just don't know what to do first. We are planning on returning together after we are married and as he has already bought his return ticket the date is set for 28th September so I don't have much time. Any help or advice would be very much appreciated. :wacko:
  23. Guest

    Stat Dec

    This site has been so helpful in putting together our defacto application. I can't seem to find an answer to the following... When a statutory declaration is being witnessed, does the person who wrote the declaration (ie friend etc) have to be there as it is being witnessed? So, do we need to bring all our witnesses into the solicitor's office or magistrate's court? Thank you very much to anyone who can help!
  24. briggs

    Stat Dec or Reference?

    Hi All! I was working for a company for 2 months. The company has now gone bankrupt, but i am still in touch with my ex manager of the company. So, i wanted some advice for the work expereince part of the application. Should i get a reference off my ex manager, or write a statutory declaration? I dont have any wage slips or anything. Thank you
  25. Guest

    Uk stat dec forms???

    Hello everyone!! Who knows where i can get a hold of an UK stat dec form in the UK, so that my English partners' Mum and sister can both fill one out and sign it to say and that my partenr and i both lived with them in the UK. His mum went to the post office to get one but no luck....the po said that they dont do them???? Weird! We will be lodging this application in the sydney office next week so we will need to get the stat decs asap!! ANYONE KNOW PLZ??? Cheers n kisses, Rhilee