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Found 97 results

  1. Hello Community, We are a family of five ( 3 kids – two daughters, 11 & 9 & son of 6 ). We are going to be back in Brisbane over Easter for a couple of weeks for our second visit to nail down our preferred areas to potentially relocate to early next year. Our problem is that our 11 year old daughter is having a bit of a tough time in coming to terms with our impending emigration. She gets upset even if we talk about it in front of her. Our younger two are fine about it. With the above said, I was wondering if there are any like-minded Brit families in the Brisbane area that have made the move with a reluctant child of that sort of age who may want to meet up whilst we are there to share their experiences. Our eldest daughter enjoys sports ( netball in particular ), our younger daughter is a dancer and our little man is football crazy. It would be especially great to hear from you if your child settled after a sticky start and began to enjoy life over there. This ‘meet-up’ idea seemed a beneficial thing to do on the recently screened “Wanted Down Under” series so if there is any similarly aged families out there who wants to meet up for a chat and a beer somewhere, it would be great to hear from you. Also welcomed would be written input via the forum from those who can offer their opinion. Thanks All Iain H and family X:confused:
  2. Hi All Well my daughter has come back home after breaking up with her long time partner and now has decided she wants to make a new start in OZ once we our granted our 176 visa. (hopefully this century lol) So do you have any suggestions on which visa will be the best. My personal views on this is that she could apply for a 12 month holiday working visa as a first point as she is still under 30 (now 24), but she is worried what happens after 12 months. I know she can apply onshore for a family visa, but I dont know how long this takes or the cost or is this the next best thing to do for stage 2?????? Any ideas greatfully received - I would rather not get our agents involved with her process due their cost's, especially she is still in full time education after completing her law degree and now doing her Bar Degree and she still being subied by the bank of mom and step dad. God dam kids - if she only just signed our visa forms last year .......then we would have non of this now!!!!!! Judy & Darren :arghh:
  3. im applying for my ens visa im on a 457 at moment with my family my daughter went back to uk to study and is 18yrs does she need to be in oz when i apply or when visa is granted [fingers crossed ] cheers julie
  4. Apologies if this has already been answered, but we are concerned that due to the new processing times given, our eldest daughter will be 19 by the time our visa is looked at. Does this mean that she will no longer be able to be included on our visa? Would really like some assurance as this will make the difference between us going or not, so would rather know now so we don't waste the next three years living in limbo!
  5. Guest

    daughter changed her mind !!!!!

    We have been here for nearly 3 years,and when we came to Australia our elder children did not want to come. My daughter rang me today,the middle of the night in England,crying and saying she wants to be with me here. Has this happened to anyone else,only i need advice on how to get her here.She is not a dependent child anymore as she will be 19 this year. What would be the easiest way to get her here,and then could we get her a permanent visa once she is here. Please help,any advice would be better than the mush going round in my head at the moment:confused:
  6. Hi all, I'm new to this forum, so many apologies if this kind of question has been asked before, but I'd really appreciate some advice. My daughter is 19, she has had some problems in the UK and has come over to Perth to live with my brother and his wife (both are australian citizens) for a year on a working holiday visa. It has been wonderful to see how well she is doing, now she's away from all the bad influences that were going on in her life, and I really believe this could be a fresh start for her, so we're looking into ways that she could possibly stay longer than the initial year, with the possibility of permanent residency. Going against her is that she has no formal qualifications to speak of, she has always worked in retail and I know that isn't going to help her at all. Working in her favour, my brother and wife are prepared to take her on as one of their family and support her. She has already got a job working as a sales assistant in a chain of perfume shops in Perth, previously she had also worked in exactly the same job in the UK for 3 years. I know selling perfume isn't a required trade/occupation, but she is consistently the top sales person, and has totally impressed the area sales manager with her knowledge of the brands and ability to sell. He is already talking about her doing an assistant manager position, although obviously she can only work for 6 months in any one position on her current visa. So my question is, whether there is anything in the above that she could work on to stay longer in Australia? Is there potential from her current employer or would it be better for her to try to find a job in another industry? She is willing to study, but I don't have a great deal of money and I understand that overseas students fees would be pretty steep and probably out of our range. I think coming back to the UK would be a huge backwards step for her at the moment, Australia has a lot more to offer her in terms of her general well-being and with the huge support she has from my brother it would be fantastic if she could stay on. I really appreciate any advice you could give - I can provide further information if required. Thank you Lottie
  7. Well I have been hyper since about June when I booked my Son and Daughter in Law's flights to Australia. We have been out here for 14 months now so will be soooo happy to see them when they arrive here on Monday at 7am for their three week holiday. My Daughter JoHatts has not seen her Brother for nearly 5 years so I reckon a few beers will be downed during their time together. They left Heathrow last night which should have been 10.05 but did not get airborn till 10.45 but let's hope they can play catch up and arrive safe and sound tomorrow. My house is spotless as always is and I really don't think I will be able to sleep tonight for fear of not hearing the alarm to get up in time to drive from Sunny Coast to Brisbane Airport. As you can guess I am excited beyond words can say................. Hope everyone has a great 2010.
  8. Hi I'm Alan's wife Sam. We are moving to Perth in Jan 2010. We are staying with family when we first arrive so we're able to suss out areas to live and schools. We have Katie 16, Alex 14, and Ben 4. Our daughter has just finished her GSCE's here and we are wondering would anybody be able to help with solving my questions? Will she be able to go back to school in Perth and if so what year would she go in to? Can she start an apprenticeship at a college, maybe hairdressing? She quite likes the idea of going back to school and carrying on with her education but not sure if thats possible? If anyone else is in the same situation I would love to hear from you. Sam McGuire
  9. Sorry this will be a little long winded but will keep it as short as possible!! My boyfriend of 7 years is an Austrailian citizen (not married yet) we have just had a little girl who is now 5 months old. He is wanting to move back to Austraila to live in 2010 this has always been our plan. His family are out there which I dont have a great relationship with. My daughter has her dads surname and he has also got her Australian citizenship which is great, but I am now very unsure on where i would stand if god forbid we were to split up over there and I wanted to come home. I know I would have to get his permission but as she is origionally from the UK is there any way i can bring her home? I am frightened of being stuck on my own out there and unable to leave. Just for the record we are very happy and I do want to go, I just want to know what all my options are If the worst was to happen out there? Also I am on my second stage of my visa process of pernament residency an am wondering what benefits i would be entitled to if any once im out there? would my daughter be entilted to any? When we get a house out there if im not a citizen would I still be entitled to half of the house if we were to spilt up? Thank you for your time, if anyone can give me any advice I would be very greatful! Worrygirl,
  10. Hi I have a daughter & Australian sil in Oz & I am waiting for my CPV143 to come through,(daughter & sil sponsoring me) Can anyone offer advise on how to get my UK daughter and sil over there as both are unskilled. Sil here is a plant operator and carbon grader, daughter works in retail, they are in their early thirties with a three year old son. I cannot find anything on the skills list....any ideas :idea: please Jax
  11. Would anybody know what would the best visa for my daughter (24y) who just finished her Chemical Engineering degree in Europe, just noticed Chem. Engineer is on the Critical list 2129-17 (but obviously she has no work experience, only her 6 months internship). Does that matter? She is included in our 457 visa, but although we have been here 2 years, she has only come here twice on short holidays. She intends coming now for good and we though the best option would be for her to apply for PR on her own rights. Any ideas? Time wise how long could it take? Thanks, Sami
  12. We are moving to perth this year and my daughter wants to know what school year she will be in. She is 13 years old, and after the summer holidays she would have been going into year 9 in england, is it the same in perth? also does anybody know anything about st stephens school, carramar? Thanks for your help :hug: BYE GUYS
  13. Hello all, It seems like ages since I have started a thread, but last night I had a mild panic and thought I better find some answers! We have been in Sydney since january and have all settled now. My daughter is 15 and has been so excited that all her friends are getting their L's meaning she will be able to start driving in February next year when she turns 16. However when we arrived I went into the RTA to see if I could change my driving license to a NSW license and they said as I was on a temporary Business Visa I would have to wait for permanent residency before I could have one, (which didn't really bother me as otherwise I would of clocked up some points by now with all the cameras here!). I then realised does this mean my daughter will not be able to take lessons here? How can I tell my daughter that she cant learn to drive till we get permanent residency? That could take up to 4 years! Does anyone know if this is right? Any advice would be greatly received!!!! Thanks Zoe x
  14. :wacko:Hi there, I am at the beginning of the whole process (waiting for skills assessment to come back). We are a family of 6. My son has decided not to come with us (he's 21) but my 3 daughters are all keen (19, 17, and 3). I am applying for the 175 and hope to get state sponsorship as well, the problem is my 19 year old daughter. She is in Oz on a gap year at the moment and hopes to go to uni out there eventually. She is due back in the Autumn but I dont know what visa she should apply for. She isnt in full time employment and doesnt have a job lined up when she comes back, because she was going to go to Uni this Autumn. Can she apply now while shes out there or does she have to wait until she comes back? Shes now panicking and I dont know what advice to give her. I would really appreciate any advice anyone has. Thanks, Glenda
  15. Hi all. We decided to emigrate to Oz because my wifes daughter and family were set on it and as we didnt want to be 10000 miles away thought yes we would go to. So through an agent they applied for the 175 visa and because of my age etc we applied for 475.Up until xmas every thing was ok it was looking like there visa would be a formality in about Jan time and ours a month or so later. In Feb we got our 475 Visa happy doesnt begin to tell you how we felt because out of the two visa types ours was slightly more dodgy. But oh no, then Australia moved, knocked over, and then burnt the goalposts for 175 migrants. So we got our visa, my daughter is now so fed up its untrue, my wife not sure she wants to go if daughter/grandkids not going to get there etc. Do you think they should change to 176 visa as my son in law's profession, roof tiler/slater is no longer on csl list. Not sure if its on any list any more so bl**dy confusing all these changes. It was bad enough they were/are going to Melbourne (got friends there) and we were going to Adelaide (advised to, to get sponsored 475 visa) and after 2-3 years we would move to Melbourne. I know its 10 hours apart but at least its the same country.Sorry to go on but its so so so frustrating. All or any advice gratefully accepted.
  16. Hi Rachel here, i've moved to Toongabbie a month ago from England. I have 2 daughters who are at school and a 14month old. Does anyone know of any playgroups etc where i can go to meet other mums and have some adult conversation and where my daughter can meet some little play mates or if you live nearby we could meet for a coffee.If anyone can help i would be so grateful:smile:
  17. We moved over to qsd early february being told we could enrol our 17 year old daughter into local school to complete year 12...........after visiting school she wil not attend due to her being the eldest in her class. the school suggested she go to TAFE. Now she has been informed she has missed the january intake and been told she cant attend until JULY !!!!!!!!!!!! We are desperate for her to make friends...........if things dont turn around she will be back in the UK and not return until July, we cant face that, if she goes we all go. Any advice please.
  18. Hi all I'm in the process of getting my skills assessed by ANMC as I'm an ITU nurse. I'm hoping to get sponsorship from QLD Gov and then apply for 176 visa. But my dilema is which visa is best for our 19 year old daughter who wants to come with us. I don't know whether it will be easier to put her on my visa, but I will have to prove that she is depenent on us, (which of course she is, coz she's 19, lol, but how do I go about this?) or for her to go out on a students visa and then I can sponsor her once I have residency. As anyone got the same dilema or been through the process? She works part time as a junior hairdresser/beauty therapist and is a student until June '09. She has NVQ 2 & 3 in beauty therapy and NVQ 2 in hairdressing. Heather :confused:
  19. Our eldest daughter (20) is a full time Uni student in her 2nd year. She survives on her loans and grants and a little help from ourselves. She does not work. We want to include her in our family 175 application. Does anyone know of any potential pitfalls along the way that could hold our application up or prevent her from being included? Any money she receives from us is usually cash or paying food bills, petrol etc out of our own account and not by transferring money into her account - so difficult to prove to what extent we are supporting her. Alan
  20. Guest

    CP Visa plus Daughter

    Hi Wondered if anyone can help? My Daughter lives in Perth since 2008 on PR visa. My Husband and I are contemplating migrating on CP visas in the near future - my other remaining Daughter also wants to migrate too - she is 25. Can she be included on our application or does she have to apply separately on a family visa?:unsure:
  21. Guest

    teenage daughter

    My daughter just turned 13 in November so I am, trying to work out when is the best time to move from the UK regardin her education. She is set to start Year 9 (first year of high school) in September 09. So I thought that it would be better for her to do her GCSEs in the UK then go to University in Australia. But after reading some previous threads it seems that this my not be the best way to do it. She will take her GSCEs in Year 10 and 11. So I assumed she could do her A-levels or whatever the Australian equivalent was and then apply to an Australian Uni. What would be the best way which will cause the least disruption to her education. Any advice very grateful.
  22. Guest

    daughter from 1st marriage

    hi all abit of advice please, I have a 16year old daughter from my first marriage, and want her to come with us when we move to australia, I have spoken to ex and he said if its what she wants he wont stand our way. ( big of him considering the crap he's put her and us thro over the years but thats another story) so what do I need from him, neither of us has full custody of her. cheers kath x
  23. Just wanted to let you all know that my 17 year old daughter has finally got a Hairdressing apprentice......yippee. She starts tomorrow as a 2nd year, (she did a year in Uk) I am over the moon as she has been looking since we got here in September. My eldest has a job but has applied for a child care traineeship so keep your fingers crossed for her. It is all coming together nicely now, and I am sure the wait will be worth it in the long run. Good luck to anyone else looking for a job as that is the only thing we have found difficult here. Aprilxx
  24. Hello all. Sorry my first posting is a question:embarrassed: I'm Rowena and was born in Aus but have lived in the UK for 30 years,I married Chris and we had 5 kids of our own all now Australian citizens by descent with Australian passports.Chris' PR visa has expired and we are currently trying to get him an RRV. Now we adopted Alisha this year who is 3 years old and has been diagnosed as Autistic,would anybody have any idea on the likelihood of Alisha being granted or refused a Visa,people involved in Alishas life have commented that she is quite a high achieving child despite her difficulties. Rowena.
  25. Guest

    Helping my Daughter

    Hi Everyone My daughter is 20 and is desperate to move to Oz, she is a care worker in the UK and wants to pursue that career over there as she loves it. How do we get the ball rolling? ie apply for jobs first, visa? she was over in oz in Feb this year and went with a friend but did not have time to look for a job but is 100% sure that is where she wants to be any help would be appreciated. Regards Steveh :huh: