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Found 97 results

  1. Hi Having just come back from an initial consultation with the emigration group to start the Visa process, we were most shocked to be told that my husbands daughter from his first marriage will also need a full medical. Only in the last 3 weeks have they finally exchanged emails after no contact for 6 years. She is 12 and the divorce and contact has been very difficult. The agent reassured us that as long as we can prove we have tried to get her to have a medical then we should be okay, but can anyone advise if they've been in a similar situation? Not sure I'd be too keen for my kids to undergo a Xray, blood tests etc for no medical purpose, so I'm pretty sure she won't agree. What kind of proof is needed to show we've tried? :unsure: Thanks Nat
  2. bloomersthebear

    Daughter devastated, Citizenship refused.

    Just been informed by the immi and citizenship people that my 17 year old daughter has been refused her citizenship approval because of a 12 month good behavior bond she received two days after the applications was sent. :embarrassed: So thats me the wife and two daughters approved and awaiting what we hoped would be a family ceremony. The circumstances for the good behavior bond were at best very spurious. She was out with so called mates that turned on her. She was left beaten up ( her so called best mates 19yr old boyfriend thought he would throw a few punches in for good measure) Phone, bag, purse all stolen. Local police turn up the Australians kids had star burst and left her there. She was arrested for "public nuisance" and ticketed for court. All this kept to her self as at 17 she didn't need to tell mum and dad. (stupid law). The police refused to listen to her complaint of assault and theft. (Robbery)?? And proceeded with the easier option. Situation solved. She was awarded the 12 month good behavior bond and the rest is history a police check by immi during process and now she is refused the citizenship. She is gutted, were gutted. she was told by the police it wasn't a conviction so would not hamper her application. So she took the whole thing on the chin, quite literally too, and took them at their word. Silly girl. :skeptical: Now the thing is looking back at the paperwork the 1290 form I used for her application, http://www.immi.gov.au/allforms/pdf/1290.pdf is designed with 17 yr olds in mind. And it states quite clearly 18yr olds must prove good character and it goes on the explain the criteria. For 17 year olds and under it isn't a requirement. But it seems our case officer carried out a local police check and has seen this bond recorded against her name. :unsure: Had a look at the ATT appeal process and its nearly $800 on top of the $260 we already paid for the application. I thought the good character Critera was designed to nullify any "proper" un-desirables from getting approval not a juvenile with a behavior bond. (timing as they say is everything). really don't know what to do. could they have it wrong in this case?? Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
  3. My daughter is an Australian resident married to and Australian citizen. We would like to lend her some money to help with a house purchase. Can anyone please advise us how this would work?
  4. Hi Hope there is someone that can help me. Me my husband and 3 girls are in the process of migrating to perth, my eldest daughters whis is 11 still see's her dad and his name is on her birth certificate but he does not pay maintenance and by english law has no parental responsability (she was born 1999 & we were not married). Does anyone know what i should send with our visa application to surport this? I spoke to Australia House last year and they said a stat dec confiriming no PR would be fine which i got from a solicitor, but now after all this time my agent thinks different. Does anyone know how i stand in regards to the australian law? Any help would be great :arghh:
  5. crosbyx4

    Can daughter come ???

    My wife & 2 kids are hoping to move to melbourne soon from the uk, I have a daughter from a previous marrage who lives with us and is 31 years old, her mother lives in sidney (for 15 years) , now she wants to come with us cos she realises all her family + brothers & sisters will be over there & she will be on her own !!!!!, my wife has said she dose not think she can travel with us even though she lives with and we are her only remaining close family in uk, ( she thinks its because of her age) is this true ??? is there a way she can travel with us and keep our family together, please give any advice you can,:sad: (its true the older your kids get the more of a pain they are)
  6. Hi is there anyone who has children who didnt want to go to oz, but did go with thier family and now think its great, my daughter is 12 and has made some good friends at secondary school and doesnt want to leave . also she would be leaving her stepsister who is 25 and just recently had a baby. Is there anyone who can reassure her that it will be ok . I think i am doing the right thing for my family . How has it worked out for anyone else.
  7. Hi Have not been on here for a while, but really need some help. My daughter who lives in the uk finishing her degree has fallen in love with an Aussie, has now decided that she want to move over when she finishes uni. Her boyfriend is a Australian citizen, they speak everyday and email each other, she was over for Xmas , he is going over to uk for 3 1/2 wks, and then she will be bk here in winter(oz winter) to hopefully start her 3 mth internship, which is another story cause we dont know what visa to use for that. Anyway by the time she comes bk to oz in July she would have been with her boyfriend for 1 year is this grounds for a defacto visa because he is willing to sponsor her as all they want to do is be together. We cannot sponsor her because we have only had our pr for 1 year and we also have a son still in the UK. Any advice would be gratefully received. Thank you
  8. We've recently carried out our Medicals at the beginning of January 2010 and the DIAC received these on 23/12/2010. However, whilst carrying out the Medicals my OH advised the Panel Doctor that our Daughter was currently awaiting an appointment to diagnose whether she has Aspergers or not. Possibility that she has. She has some learning difficulties at school and hence why we went to the Doctors. I have now seen that the DIAC have requested further Medicals but I do not know what they are yet as our Migration Agent is currently on holiday and no one can view his email!!! Does anyone know if Visa's have been rejected because of Aspergers/Autism? If this is the case, then this has been a complete waste of time and money!!!! :arghh: Claire
  9. We moved in Sept 2009 and daughter joined year 10 at secondary college. She has just completed year 11 and done very well with awards and reports. The dilemma is she wants to leave and be a florist but school have just offered her a scholarship for year 12. Anyone know what this involves? The reason she wants to leave is because we haven't been here long enough for her to qualify for Youth Allowance (all the friends do) so she wants some $$$$. She completed her GCSEs in UK before we came and got A's and Bs there think she is just over the school thing but wish she would do the VCE it opens more doors. HELP!! TIA xx
  10. This weekend I was down in Melbourne to watch my 14 year old daughter competing in the national diving championships. She dives off the 10m platform and was up against some of Australia's Olympians and Commonwealth Games representatives in the event. She placed 6th in the final with a personal best score. We are so proud of all she has achieved. She's had a tough year and was out of training for 4 months with a broken hand and has had only 3 months to learn the 5 internationally competitive dives she needed to compete. She was the youngest diver in the field. Select Diver Love Rudi x
  11. bennyboy

    Daughter won't go to oz

    Hi everyone on PIO, I am really down today. We are practically ready to send Spouse Visa application and our daughter, who will be 20 next birthday, still is not interested in coming. She will be the only member of my immediate family who is just not interested. I just do not know what to do-if we all go, then we are virtually making her homeless and she is saving hard to try and get a flat (with a friend) but she still relies on us very heavily (is she doing this on purpose??) and i'm starting to think that her tactic is to try and prevent us from going. We are planning on Sept/Oct 2011. Also, both of my and O/H's mum's are saying all the wrong things to make us feel guilty and really putting a dampener on our plans. It is so unfair as emotions are very high anyway and it just makes you feel like you need to analise the whole situation about migrating. We both want to make a go of it and i know that from the bottom of my heart, if we don't go i will become an absolut misery-it will affect lots of things in different ways, but i feel like banging my head against a wall now. All my months of planning, paying out for documents etc etc.... is starting to feel like a waste of time and money. Am i being completely selfish and only thinking of our needs? I only want my family to have a better quality of life-i was born and raised in Australia and it's in my blood. I don't want to miss this opportunity for my family. Please any advice would be so much appreciated. Sorry for pouring out my emotions, but it would be great to bhear if anyone else is in the same boat as me.:cry: Cheers Bennyboy
  12. Hi Everyone, I need your help please! We have a daughter who is just 14 and in year 9 in UK. It would be great if she could find people her age to talk to about moving to Melbourne.At the moment she is not happy at all about moving over there. Please please help to cheer her up. Thanks Antonia & Pat xx
  13. tearose

    Getting my daughter out here ??

    Long story but I'll try and keep it short - ish ! I came out to Australia in 2007, got re-married in 2008 and now have my permanent residency. I am divorced and my three children are in the UK, the youngest being 15 and my daughter. She keeps asking about coming out with me to live. Admittedly she's not 100% at the moment, but I thought that I should be getting solid facts behind me. She is in her last year at school in the Uk, she wants to possiblt go onto Uni as she wants to study for veterinary nursing. She is due to leave school around May time. Should she come over, when would be the best time (if there is one) ? How would her schooling go ? Woould she have to go back to school here to do another 2 years or could she go straight to Uni or Tafe ? How does the scoring compare between the 2 countries ? And furthermore her dad does not want her to come over to live with me, so does she have to wait until she is 18 ? Or is the age 16 ? Sorry folks, so many questions, just want to get all the facts behind me Thanks in Advance
  14. Just got the news that my daughter has topped the State and won a gold medal in English! She also won the "Best Student Award" in the inter-school competition in French. And was placed in the top 1% in the State in Maths, Science and Geography. (These exams are conducted by the International Competitions and Assessments for Schools -ICAS: University of Wales) Topped every band in the NAPLAN as well :-)))) I am a very proud and happy mom!
  15. Hi all,we are living in wa been here 19 months now.:biggrin: my daughter has decided she wants to join us here , she is 23 yrs works for a bank, her partner at college for IT,and part time shop worker. they have a daughter 1yrs too..which would be the best and quickest way to get them out to us. :idea:any advice would be welcoming and any sites which they could look on.many thanks paula
  16. Hi guys just reading through the 457 visa questions and getting stressed. I have a defacto partner which isnt a problem in proving, but she has a daughter who is effectively my step daughter. The form asks for evidence of legal responsibility of the dependent child. Legally I am not responsible for her but she is dependent on my partner and I provide money for food and bills and provide general fatherly duties. Other than statements from the three of us explaining this what else can I do. I am also aware that step fathers have no legal rights over children unless they have guardianship. Any help appreciated :notworthy:
  17. Guest


    I was born in Australia but now live in England. My daughter has citizenship via descent. She has just told me that she is pregnant. Does that mean my grandchild will have citizenship via descent also, or would the child have to get some type of visa to move to Australia when my daughter decides to come. Sorry if this is a silly question, thanks for any replies. :confused:
  18. Hi, I have a real dilemma with my daughter (she is 21 and has a 2 year old and any day expecting her 2nd). I see my kids (26 year old son, 24 year old son and daughter)on almost a daily basis and my grandaughter whenever I can. My daughter is making my life a misery as she makes me feel is guilty all the time. My son's are great really apart from the odd text "mum, I can't believe I'm not going to see you for ages and it breaks me heart" However, I have never had any of this from my daughter! In fact she is like a stone and uses every opportunity to rub it in my face that Im not going to see Niamh (my grandaughter) for possibly years! Just today she sent a text then a phone call to ask if I would mind Niamh as she wasn't feeling well (she has been in labour for last 6 months and always tells me she is always ill and being honest I'm sick of hearing about it all) I said yes and went around to collect my grandaughter and basically I over-stayed my welcome as she told me I had to leave as she was going to bed. Now she knows I have no furniture left and I was quite comfy sitting on her sofa just minding Niamh while she sat doing nothing, I even told her to go to bed but this wasn't good enough for her. To cut a long story short, because I told her she was very rude telling me to leave she went mental and told me to get out and I would never see Niamh again and LITERALLY pushed me out of her front door! I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS BEHAVIOUR. We (the whole family) know she is spoilt and has to have everything her own way but I'm sooooooooo fed up now. I have told my eldest son (who also can't stand being around her) that I really don't care whether I see her again before I leave and I really mean it, however, It will break my heart if I don't get to see Niamh and new baby but feel that i must now make a stand. I am so sick of the abuse she gives me and the upset she causes. Does anyone have any suggestion for me please? I love my daughter and my grandaughter but I really cannot stand the emotional blackmail any more. Is it a case of I am going to have to give up my grandchildren so she cannot use them against me anymore? She wouldn't even let me kiss Niamh goodbye today and told the little girl that Nanny doesn't want to be with her and she will never see me again. This is really tearing me apart. I was hoping to stay in constant touch with Niamh through skype but this depends on her mum (my daughter) connecting computer for this. Should I try and forget I ever had a daughter? (don't know how I will though as I have tried this before and always end up giving in to her) Sorry for such a long thread but I'm just sitting here on my one and only garden chair, really upset and wondering what I can do to make her see that she can't treat me like this anymore. Amanda xx
  19. Any comments? My daughter is pregnant, her baby is due in 5 weeks time. She and her husband want to bring him back to UK in November to see all the families here, but she can't book the flights because she doesn't know baby's date of birth! Surely there is some way of them booking now, as the prices are rising rapidly. I'm going out to see him in September, so I'm alright Jack! Any ideas anyone? Maybe the ever helpful Nigel? Cheers Pam
  20. We are still contemplating in moving to Oz and firstly we are going to wait to find out about what is happening in July with the State sponsorship as we will have to go for this and hopefully my husband's trade solid plastering is on one of the states. The only worry I have is our eldest daughter now 18 is currently training to be a hairdresser and is doing a apprenticeship in London and gets paid a small salary. She wants to come with us if we go as we want to go as a whole family. I am not too sure if she could be included on our visa as she would not be able to cope financially on her on in the Uk or could we if we was given 176 state sponsored visa sponsor her straight away for the last remaining relative visa 115 as she has would have no other remaining brothers or sisters in the Uk or is there a waiting period before you can sponsor on this visa. She could come out on a working holiday visa but not too sure how that really works with reference what she can do for work etc. Any advice would be much appreciated and hopefully good news on the state sponsorship list in July!!
  21. Has anybody been down the same road we are travelling and had any success? Our 25 year old daughter is a UK citizen by birth. We formally adopted her when she was aged 7 years old in the UK. At that time we were both British citizens. However, subsequently Mum acquired "Australian Citizenship by descent" and we moved to Australia (without our then under 18 year old daughter who wouldn't go on PR application because she said that "she hadn't seen all that Britain had to offer yet".) Our daughter is now with us here in Australia on a year long "Working Holidays Visa". She loves it here and wants to stay here permanently (and she is probably regretting her earlier decision). We want to see if she can apply for "Citizenship by descent" but the rules seem very ambiguous. Some sections of the government's web site suggest "yes she can", while others imply "no she can't". We went to see our Federal MP the other day and asked her staffer if she thought an application would be successful. The staffer said yes. We still have a few nagging doubts though: Yes mum now fulfills the 2 years residence in Australia, but no, Mum wasn't an Australian citizen at the time of our daughter's birth. We will talk to the department of immigration this week, but in the meantime, I wonder if any other migrants have faced this scenario? We really want her to stay as it'll give her a new and positive start for her in life at a time when she is receptive to this change. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  22. beastmaster2452

    Brother in-laws daughter

    G-Day POMSINOZ, Well, my family and I have been in OZ (Wagga Wagga NSW) for 18 months now and we are still living the dream, we may be moving to Townsville in January 2011 (OZ Army and we can only hope). My question is that my brother in-law came to OZ October 09 on a 12 month tourist visa to live with his partner (be together since January 09). Then had a baby daughter March this year and I was wondering what type of visa he could apply for having been with his misses for more than 12 months and having a daughter born in OZ with his surname on the birth certificate. Any help would be very much appreciated. Hope you all had a great easter and you are enjoying the bank holiday. Matt & family :cool:
  23. looking for a bit of advice. I am in the process of applying for a 457 visa, I have 3 children, 19, 15 and 8. The 15 and 8 year olds have been included in the application and have had medicals completed. I am still waiting for nbv reg so I know that my visa has not yet been submitted although all documentation is with sponsoring employer ready to go when reg comes through. Initially my 19 year old daughter and her 18 month old son did not want to come, they are currently living with me, she is at college part time, and was planning to remain here with my sister in UK. However, she has now decided she wants to come. :biggrin: I have looked on the DIAC website and it does not clearly state what documentation I should include to prove they are dependant on me does anyone know if she can be included on my 457 visa with her son and how I can prove she is my dependant? Thank you Regards Vanessa
  24. Some advice on the following would be greatly appreciated. My 18 year old daughter is to be included on our application for a 176 visa on the strength of her still being in full time education. When I make my application is approximately six weeks time she will still be an A-level student and so eligible to be included on the application. This evening she has decided that she may decide to take a gap year instead of going to uni straight away. My dilemma is whether she will be eligible to be included in the application if she decides to do this. Like I say, my application will be made in April and she is not planning to make a decision until August ish. Which date would be relevant for inclusion? Cheers Si
  25. Hello Community, We are a family of five ( 3 kids – two daughters, 11 & 9 & son of 6 ). We are going to be back in Brisbane over Easter for a couple of weeks for our second visit to nail down our preferred areas to potentially relocate to early next year. Our problem is that our 11 year old daughter is having a bit of a tough time in coming to terms with our impending emigration. She gets upset even if we talk about it in front of her. Our younger two are fine about it. With the above said, I was wondering if there are any like-minded Brit families in the Brisbane area that have made the move with a reluctant child of that sort of age who may want to meet up whilst we are there to share their experiences. Our eldest daughter enjoys sports ( netball in particular ), our younger daughter is a dancer and our little man is football crazy. It would be especially great to hear from you if your child settled after a sticky start and began to enjoy life over there. This ‘meet-up’ idea seemed a beneficial thing to do on the recently screened “Wanted Down Under” series so if there is any similarly aged families out there who wants to meet up for a chat and a beer somewhere, it would be great to hear from you. Also welcomed would be written input via the forum from those who can offer their opinion. Thanks All Iain H and family XXXX :confused: