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Found 97 results

  1. Has anyone been down this path? Daughter is 19 and has her own place with her boyfriend. She has decided not to come with us (If and when it happens) and will give it a go back in the uk for 12 months whilst we are gone... What options are they for her if she want to come with us.... The only thing i can think off is a working visa and hopefully a job sponsor... Are there any other options? Your advice would be very much appreciated. General Electrician Applied TRA Aug 07 TRA Retuned Oct (Skill path D removed) Re-applied Vetassess 01.01.08 Vetassess Paper Assess Passed 10.04.08 House up for sale 28.03.08 sold 14.04.08 (3 weeks, crikey) Vetassess Practical 15.07.08 Practical Passed 11.08.08
  2. amy has just picked her options and is doing french but has changed her mind wants to do media studies, she has a month to change but has been told wont get into uni if not got a language. her problem is will she need french over in oz? i know they do different courses in oz but if we cannot sell the house and end up not going she's worried when the time comes and does want to go uni that without having a language they wont let her in................. i have just told her to pick something she is going to enjoy but have to think in future just incase cant go. i'm sure amy can do an evening class as a quick learner. any help or advice would be great hope it makes sense ................ julie :wubclub:
  3. Guest

    Help with taking daughter to oz

    Hi all, hope someone can help me out with this one my fiance and me are hoping to move to oz on a 457 visa OH has had 2 offers of employment, but I have read the booklet and it says I need my Ex husbands permission to take my daughter with us. BIG PROBLEM with that she hasnt had any contact with him for 4 years after a court battle for visitation , he stopped taking me to court after 18months as she refused to see him and court couldnt convince her otherwise. Anyway will I still need a statement drom him as I dont know where he is and he is not allowed to obtain a passport for her also I have an injuction against him banning him from any contact. WHAT DO I DO ????? PLEASE HELP I AM DESPERATE Fiona:realmad:
  4. hi , could anyone let me know if my daughter of 21yrs, needs a medical ,she is not coming to oz and she lives on her own since she was 18yrs ,i have been reading a few threads on this matter .we have applied for a 176 visa,we have had our meds etc done just waiting for co/visa many thanks paula . hope someone can advice me on this issue.
  5. My 10 year old daughter has just smashed her two front teeth on the tiled floor. Most of the tooth is ok but the very front of both teeth is missing in a 'v' shape. I will ring the dentist in North Lakes first thing tomorrow, but can anybody offer any help or advice on the best course of action. Obviously we will have to pay for the treatment, but has anybody any ideas of how much?? We only have basic recipirocal cover as temporary residents. Has this happened to anybody else either in oz or in the uk? Katie is really upset and i will of course do anything to sort it out for her. Thanks Debby
  6. hi , my names mark (estelle,s husband to be) and i,m just wondering if anyone has got any advice on how to tell a 15year old girl that her dad wants to move to australia ? talk about bricking it i think my stomach is in knots :no:...... but how long do you put a dream on hold? ? ? HELP
  7. Hi there can any one tell me what to say to convince my Daughter its worth the move. we tried the beaches etc. Any info would be great.
  8. hi guys im a uk based paramedic and am applying to QAS very soon. i have a question if anyone can help can my girlfriend and her daughter come out on my sponsered visa? that is if i get in of course thanks alan
  9. Hiya everyone just filling in my 175 my hubby has a 12 yer old daughter, she is not comming with us to aus. Do I need her passport No? Do I need to add her in at the front page as being included in the visa application or not because we are not aplying for a visa for her or do we put her in because she is Alans dependant?? please help!!!!!!!!!!! Cx
  10. :unsure: Myself and wife would like to follow our daughter and her family to Brisbane we will be in our late 50's but i would still like to work on as a project engineer either full or part time. We already know that the cost would be £13000.00 each to cover sponsorship, and we would want to live in a 2 bedroomed property within easy reach of the beaches, this would require to have a garage and be in a quiet area. Is this £13000.00 refundable after so many years or what, we appreciate that a bond would be required for health and insurance purposes, but it seems a bit high considering OZ is a Commonwealth Country. If this is refundable after so many years that seems a responsible and proper idea. Where is the nice peaceful places for people of our ages to live around Brisbane and surrounding areas, we have been told Albany Creek is nice. Any response would be nice. What are the chances for part time work for someone in their late 50's just wanting to make a living enough to enjoy ourselves, and not to make a fortune. What are local attitudes to the Brits.
  11. Guest

    daughter has joined

    Hi everyone , thought i would let you all know my daughter chloe has joined the site today her user name is betty boop 08 , she has been told to keep to the younger ones section and not to us the chat room . She is a sensible girl so she should behave ... karen
  12. tracybayliss

    buddies for my daughter

    hi all just wondered if anyone would like to be a penpal for my daughter, hopefully from Brisbane (south) as this may be a good idea if she could make some friends over the net before we come over. She will not discuss or look at anything to do with Australia, we are worried cause she keeps telling us she is going to run away if we go. Shes even asked if my brother will adopt her, we know she doesnt mean it but this decision must be making her life so unhappy at the moment Shes been 4 years ago, she was only 8 then but she is into everything here dancing, gym, athelitics as loads of friends. We have each other and we keep thinking she will do the best out of all of us at least she will be going to school where hopefully she'll make friends easily. Would appreciate hearing from anyone who has experienced similar situation with one of your kids, and perhaps give us some hope that theyndo come round
  13. Hi This may be a bit long but I need some advice from anyone who can help. We are a family of 4, my eldest is nearly 12 and youngest is nearly a year old. We were going to go to oz 3 years ago, but just as we were set to start the process the points changed and we could no longer claim points for family as they are in Sydney......we were gutted because we had made the decision and been there twice to check it out and the time was right. We've got enough points now but the timing's all wrong. My eldest has just started secondary school and she has settled so well. She is the happiest she's ever been and her school work is excelling - she has so many great friends etc...she doesn't want to go! However, we don't want to lose the opportunity again, if the points change we may lose the chance for good. So acting on this we have started the process. Appointed a migration agent, and sent vetassess off, already sat ielts etc. The way we saw it was that if we have 5 years from when the visa is granted then she would have time to do her gcse's then we would go asap. Now I'm having severe worries. It would be cutting it very fine on the timescale and I can't be sure that my daughter will be any happier to do this after her exams (it might be worse) but at least I won't feel I would be jeopardising her education. I think we're going to have to hold back on lodging the visa to give us a bit more time. The big question is.... am I mad to be holding back so long? I would go tomorrow was it not for the fact that I've never seen my daughter this happy at school. I want her to achieve her best and fortunately she is at a school were she is certainly doing this. I'm just so confused...........help! Thanks
  14. Guest

    Can daughter be on our visa

    Hi, I hope you are all well, i've not been on for a while, busy with work. I'm wandering if there is any chance my daughter will ba able to be on our visa, she's 22, working, but dependant on us. She doesn't earn enough to rent as they are asking £450 a month:shocked:for a 1 bed flat, she only takes home £800, not enough to live on when paying rent and bills. Can anyone please advise me on any options that we can look at. Really don't want to leave her:no: :cry:and she wants to come with us. Many thanks to anyone that can help.
  15. silly question i know, but daughter has just started year 10 (4th year secondry school) this and next year are all about course work with exam's may/june time 2009 for her GCSE's. what is the best thing to do, pull her out say next year and finish education in oz or wait till june 2009 and move out then?? what age does schooling finish in oz? do they have proms?? really important question as far as daughter concerned!! to be 14 and that be my only worry (prom)!!:wub:
  16. Guest

    hello is susy's daughter

    hello we are moveing over there soon and me being 15 wil bo going in to schools:sad: i was just woundering how schooling works over there do u do GCSE'S if so when do you do them? will i have to bring over course work ? what year will i be put in when im over there? (my dob is 23/6/92) Thanks
  17. Guest

    136 visa question my daughter

    My daughter does not want to go to oz and is going to be living in uk with grandparents she is 16 in September. Do i have to have a cerified copy of her passport included in our application, and herbirth certificate ? And does she have to attend the medical even though she not going?? So many questions:wub:
  18. Guest

    Daughter's Visa Problem

    Hi Guys , Just thought I would ask cos I am sure someone will have an answer or some advice! My hubbys Auntie has just been for a consultation with an agency, dont know who she has seen but she has been told that she faces a few hurdles with her application! Not spoke to her directly but its all to do with her 18 year old daughter. She has been told that Vic has to apply for her own visa due to her age, this is no suprise, but she was also told that the only visa available to apply for was a student visa, of which she would have to apply for a course that was on the on demands list, maybe lets say nursing or teaching, and pay all the fees up front. ( could be in excess of A$20 - 30,000 ) , As I said not been able to speak direct to the Auntie yet, is there still a visa available to apply for if 50% of your family are here? Any advice I can give them would be much appreciated. Another way around this would be fantastic!!! Sian xxx
  19. samozsoon

    My daughter

    Hiya As some of you know I'm in Oz at the moment on holiday and to activate our visas before July 1st changes. My daughter Cody wanted to return to the Uk before us to go to her school Prom, so her dad said he would return with her and they left here on Wed this week. The photo in my Avatar is of her (middle), her friend Kim & her Prom Date Alistair. I know its only a small pic but dont they all look sweet? Wish I could have been there with her, but the photos Chris sent last night are brill. Its now 1.37 in the morning in the Uk and I bet they dont look like that anymore :shocked: Just thought I'd share that with you all. Sam xxx
  20. hi rather new to all this - but company relocation to Melbourne has got us all thinking. I have an 18 month old Daughter who is currently with a childminder daily in the UK. she goes to the Childminders house where they have around 5 other kids of different ages etc pre and post school and she loves it. Does anyone have any experiance of something similar in Melbourne - are they the equvilant of OFTED rated etc. also any idea how much child care costs on a daily basis. I have tried various web sites but can't find anything that gives me too much confidence.
  21. Guest

    Leaving My Daughter Behind

    Hi to Everyone, we are hoping to be in OZ (Mackay, Qld) by Sept 07. We are taking four of our children, two boys 19, 13 & two girls 15 & 7. We will be leaving behind our eldest daughter Kerri (20) & it is a real worry for us. She say's she wants to emigrate but is still doing her NVQ's in Health & Social Care & most of all she wants to be with her boyfreind, she has just moved in with him, which is nice to see her settle before we go. Can I sponser her after two years & if so could I sponser her boyfriend, they were thinking of coming out on a Working Visa & hopefully they may get sponsered through an employer, I also heard you can only have one Working Visa once in your life. Is anyone else leaving children behind as we do feel like we are abandoning her (although we have grandparents, aunts, cousins ect still here) & we feel guilty for splitting up our family as we are all very close. Mandy
  22. Smith Tribe

    Daughter's medical HELP!

    :mask: Hi all, Just wondering if anyone has any info/guidance on the medical process. We are applying for a visa 136 and are not sure what they will say about of daughter Amelia. She has Attention Deficit Disorder, it basically means she finds it difficult to concentrate. She is on medication 'Equasym XL 20mg' daily and when needed has a top up 5mg. This is a controlled drug and helps to stimulate the brain which controls concentration. She is perfectly normal and healthy she does not have hyperactivity. She is in main stream school and has no one to one help. She is not statemented and leads a noraml life. This condition will not get worse and will probably be something she will grow out of. We do get the lower rate disability living allowance and this is for extra cash. We felt guilty about having it but now we don't know whether to cancel. She has regular checks and all has been well, height, growth, weight blood pressure etc. We think her condition stem from her prematurity (10 weeks prem). Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated. Our agent has said we could get a pre med done but even that is not 100% HELP!! Smith Tribe:wub: