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Found 36 results

  1. Am I out of touch .....went to book myself in for a hair cut and the hairdresser tapped away on her calculator and said total treatment with conditioner and root colour:chatterbox: would be $310 dollars - errr no thanks. Now my 14 year old daughter has a party she is going to on Saturday night and wants her hair cut Saturday morning. Really don't want to spend the earth as she is only a teenager - anyone know of any reasonable hairdressers (maybe walk in ones) that could do a wash and cut for reasonable price for teenage girl in above areas ..... Cheers Sulac
  2. wishfulthinking

    whats the cut off age?

    Hi this is for a person who i know. What is the cut off age to apply for a skilled visa to perth, he does some sort of electrical job?
  3. Australian dollar dives as Westpac forecasts cut to interest rates OK, so 1.07 US and 1.51 GBP is hardly a dive but expectations seem to be shifting from higher interest rates to lower ones, while higher rates may be forced on the big Western economies and those waiting for a better time to exchange pounds may still be in for a very long wait - no-one knows. One thing that can't be argued is that this a big change in sentiment from a few months ago. Mods - consider not moving this to money & finance as very few people read that and exchange rates are important to a large number of people. Of course no paper currencies are really rising, they're just sinking against real money at different rates :wink:
  4. Hey Is there anyone in Launceston Tasmania who is free Tuesday? desperately need someone as a model for my trial run at a hairdressers, to have a cut and foils (any colour) for free! I have recently moved here with my fiance and 2 year old daughter and I don't know anyone to use as a model, if anyone is available please could you let me know before Friday. Thanks Jaime-Leigh :biggrin:
  5. Hey Is there anyone in Launceston Tasmania who is free Tuesday? desperately need someone as a model for my trial run at a hairdressers, to have a cut and foils (any colour) for free! I have recently moved here with my fiance and 2 year old daughter and I don't know anyone to use as a model, if anyone is available please could you let me know before Friday. Thanks Jaime-Leigh :biggrin:
  6. Guest

    About the cut off age

    Hi Everyone I have been on this site a few times before taking the decision to move Down Under, We have decided before we go ahead with the CPV as we have a Daughter in Perth there is a few questions if anyone would be kind enough to reply. I recently saw on a website that Australia is moving the cut off age from 45 to 49, also i am an auxiliary Nurse and have been told that this is the equivalent to an enrolled Nurse in Australia but you have to have an SVQ level3 in caring. If that was the case i could sit my SVQ 3 and apply to Australia for a skilled visa to immigrate instead of paying the enormous fee's that you have to pay for a CPV. Could anyone shine a bit of light on this for me. I am 47 yr young Many thanks in advance. :chatterbox:
  7. Looking through the Going Back Home threads and I am just wondering if the Aussie government should cut the visa numbers for UK residents? There is a hugh amount of Poms who return home after a relitately short period of time. I wonder why these people bother going through the process at all. Australia is not UK in the sun. Poms seem to be amazed that you have to pay for doctor, dentist, school books etc. There is nothing free well except in UK it seems. I just think these visa's would be better going to people who want to give Australia a fair go not go home after 9 weeks like I saw in one thread.
  8. surflen22

    Cut my Losses?

    Hi there Hoping for a little advice... I had appointed an agent some time ago. I've been reasonably efficient in sending everything they've needed and responded to any emails etc they have sent. They have had my docs for Skills Assessment for over 2 months now and they still haven't submitted them. I have called and emailed several times but they just don't seem to be doing anything with them. I just keep being told they will let me know if they need anything clarified. I can't decide whether to cut my losses and just do it myself or to hold out. If I hadn't already paid £1K, I'd pull away immediately and just do it on my own. Can anyone give a little guidance please? Thanks!
  9. Abbott cracks down on population growth | The Daily Telegraph OPPOSITION Leader Tony Abbott has vowed to keep population growth in Australia to below 30 million by 2050 and will more than halve the current immigration rate to achieve it.
  10. Emma2

    School cut off dates

    Hi all We are hoping to move to Brisbane area at the beginning of 2011 and I am just wondering about school years. My daughter is 14 in October so I guess she will start in year 8 in January? The problem is my son is currently in year 7 here but will not be 12 until august so I think he misses the cut off date? I really don't want him to have to drop down a year because his education is very important to him (he's a complete swot and definately doesn't get it from me!). He is currently in a Grammar school in the uk and is in the top third of his class for all subjects. Do schools in Oz ever let pupils move to the year above if the child is bright enough? This is quite important as my son's only worry about us moving is that his education won't suffer. Thanks for any help. Emma x
  11. Pond321

    I need a hair cut!!!

    .......but I do not think I have seen a barber yet! Does anyone know of a reasonable barber in or around the CBD?? Cheers Jon
  12. Guest

    Immigration cut??

    hey guys, what you think about this?? Greens want immigration cut
  13. The federal government are looking at a proposal to shut the door on automatic entry to Australia for kiwis, and to cut annual net immigration from 200,000 to about 70,00. Mr Thomson, who heads the Parliament's joint standing committee on treaties, said his measures would stop Australia wrecking the environment and force governments to focus on education and training. "They would address the declining quality of life in our cities, the traffic congestion and the disappearing back yards and open spaces," he said. Shut the door on Kiwis to curb growth says MP | The Courier-Mail What do you think?
  14. He had his operation today and hopefully its not going to e as bad as we first thought. They said all being well and it heals properly he should be able to ake the test. Fingers crossed. x:spinny: Was meant to be doing Joinery at Acrcrington on 6th . Hes just called his finger went in the planer at work. He doesnt have a finger now. Will we lose all our money, he cant work so we cant pay the mortgage, oh god its all gone wrong before weve even started
  15. Just wondering if anyone thinks that States will cut Skilled Trades from there In demand lists come July. They seem to be inundated with applications and from what ive read there are very few jobs for Trades people. Im worried we are going to do alot of work and then have the rug pulled out from under us :no:
  16. connaust

    DIAC to cut jobs

    Immigration to cut 10% of jobs ONE in 10 jobs is expected to be slashed from the Immigration Department in the federal budget
  17. Maybe this should be reciprocal. What do you think? UK skilled migrant jobs to be cut | The Courier-Mail
  18. Hi All, (I hope I'm posting this in the right place??) Regarding State Sponsorship for tradesmen: I recently read an article in The Independent (dated a few weeks ago) saying that before the Australian budget on 12 May, almost all skills were going to be removed from the occupational shortage list. This included carpenters, plumbers, bricklayers and electricians (I am an electrician!!) :arghh: The main 3 sectors that will still be listed are Health Occupations, IT and engineering. To quote from the article: 16.032.009 Evans, who removed hairdressers and cooks off Australia's critical occupation shortage list at Christmas, said he was now also deleting foreign bricklayers, plumbers, carpenters and electricians from the list that guides skilled migration intake. Further cuts were likely in the 12 May budget, he said, leaving only health occupations, engineering and information technology skills as needed skills. "What we'll look to do is run a smaller programme and keep the capacity to make sure we can bring in any labour we might need as the year develops," Evans said. Does anyone knoe any more about this situation?? I have just done my General Electrician practical skills assessment 2 weeks ago, and I'm waiting for the results. I'm hoping to apply for State Sponsorship to WA, but not sure if this is going to be possible. My visa agent hasn't said anything, so not sure whether to still continue with the process and see what happens? I just checked on the WA Govt website today, and they still have General Electricians on the Skills in Demand list, so am I worrying about nothing?? Any info will be much appreciated! :confused: Thanks, From Jason
  19. Salma

    Cut in Immigration

    Hi All, Still in the UK but starting my Spousal visa process soon just wanted to know that it was not effected by the reduction annouced by AUS Gov? Thanks, Salma
  20. Guest

    is there a cut off date??

    hi all we have lodged our 175 this week (plumber) and was wondering whether we would fall in with the current allocation or would we fall in with the lower allocation that everyone is talking about? quite frankly its a bit of a minefield at the moment as there does not seem to be any solid guidelines to follow.... sureley the gov should issue something in black and white so we know what we have spent our hard earned cash on....and whether it will ever bring a visa at all im so mad at the moment!!!!!! aaaaaaarrrrrggggghhhh.:arghh:
  21. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news guys but my brother sent me this today please read http://www.smh.com.au/national/skilled-migration-cuts-divide-20090316-8zyj.html
  22. Guest

    Cut back pure Spin

    From the Sydney Morning Hearld Wednesday 18th March 2009 Top of Form Immigration cutback is pure spin From the SMH 8th March 2009 Michael Pascoe March 18, 2009 - 11:48AM Congratulations Immigration Minister Chris Evans for the best spin since Shane Warne was at his peak, but I suspect the Minister himself might be surprised at how easy it's been to befuddle most of Australia's media - they make Mike Gatting look like Don Bradman. The "leaking'' of the "14% cut" in skilled migration on Sunday worked a treat, capturing all the headlines on Monday and getting a second run with the official announcement that night on the box and in Tuesday's fishwrappers. Oh, wasn't it lapped up, especially by the tabloids - just that little touch of xenophobic nationalism about it that so appeals. And nearly all of it, as Chris Evans well knows, was misleading nonsense, just throwing the CFMEU a bone to protect a few construction and building tradies, being seen to be doing something about rising unemployment, while actually having no meaningful impact on this year's record migration surge. Yes, Mr Evans did announce a reduction of 18,500 in the skilled permanent migrant category, "slashing'' the intake by nearly 14% to 115,000. The Minister might not have mentioned that that still means a 12% increase on the previous year's skilled permanent migrant intake - and that it represents a bare 5% impact on total migration this year, that's running close to 350,000 people. Maybe make that 332,000 now - still a record high. The industry and union commentary response - industry complaining about it, unions saying it wasn't enough - was all totally in tune with the Government's intention of being perceived to be active in the hitherto missing policy area while not really rocking the boat or reducing the demand created by new migrants. Uncomfortable truths There are several uncomfortable truths about the mix of labour and migration policies in this recession, starting with the reality that the labour market is weakening from an incredibly strong base - a period of boom and bubble, effectively full employment that we suddenly thought of as normal. If you accept that the Australia of 4% unemployment effectively enjoyed "full'' employment - nearly anyone really wanting a job could get one, notwithstanding some regional and individual employability issues - then our current 5.2% nominal unemployment rate really means 1.2%. There were already doubts in the first half of last year about the sustainability of sub-5% unemployment if inflation was to be contained. And while the latest jump in the unemployment rate captured the headlines, much less coverage was given to the fact that total employment managed to remain flat. Admittedly that was thanks to a surge in part-time employment making up for the fall in full-time jobs, but in harder times, a job is a job. Even when unemployment reaches the 7% forecast by the Federal Government and our major banks, it won't be much above the level that existed before Australia's last recession. And as Minister Evans admitted, there are still plenty of areas where Australia is very sadly lacking in skills and must continue to import the end products of other nations' investment in education and training. Yes, some people are losing jobs and more people will, but in any historical context, we're a long way from being in the national employment crisis the pollies and headlines often suggest. Rudd's trap The Rudd Government has caught itself in a little trap by convincing the electorate before the last election that working families were doing it tough, when they were really enjoying the very best of times and had never had it so good. From such lofty heights, any fall can seem steep. And then there's the once-over-lightly immigration figures. As previously reported, our real immigration numbers are running much, much higher than the official immigration program generally reported. Last May's budget boosted the "official'' program places by 20% to 190,300 - just to put this week's reduction of 18,500 in perspective - but there are another 160,000 or so not officially referred to as migrants. Kiwis, 457 visas and a few other odds and sods aren't part of that official migration policy. Kiwi refugees With the NZ economy doing considerably worse than ours, it's not unreasonable to expect the number of dipthong stranglers from across the ditch will at least be maintained, some of them economic refugees, maybe finding work here in the construction industry, helping build all those looming primary school halls and libraries. Last financial year, some 34,491 New Zealand citizens settled. There were a further 1428 people in an unspecified "other non-program'' category. And then there are the sub-section 457 guest workers who are the first to feel the chilly winds of labour protectionism. It seems that 457 visas are down by about 20% in January and February, but that still means about 100,000 people this year. I'd argue that the way 457s are holding up is a much better indicator of the real strength of the Australian labour market and our skills shortages and mismatches than what comes out of the ABS labour surveys. There are more challenges ahead for Chris Evans, starting with May's budget, when the protectionist forces will want another bone. I wonder if it has another flipper in his bag of tricks. Michael Pascoe is a BusinessDay contributing editor
  23. Amaroo

    Cut back on Immigrants

    Immigration Minister Chris Evans has announced a cut of 18,500 places in the skilled migration program this financial year. That will be a set back for some UK hopefuls. At least the BBC's, 'Wanted Down Under' programme has stopped airing. They were showing programmes from 2006/7 which gave a totally false impression of what Oz is really like now to live in. Mind it did not give a real idea in the first place. Any Pom thinking of making that big move 'down under' needs to think hard. The sun sea and warmth is not everything.
  24. Why not Try NZ instead, New Zealand is not likely to follow Australia in cutting its migrant intake to protect local jobs during the current recession, Prime Minister John Key has indicated. "New Zealand needs skilled migrants to grow," he said, during questioning at his weekly news conference. NZ unlikely to cut immigration: PM
  25. The Federal Government says it expects immigration levels to bounce back to record highs once the global financial crisis is over. This will most probably be only for this year. "We're going to need migrants to keep the workforce numbers up in coming years," Maybe only for 12 months as a big rebound will happen as the Country comes out of it's short lived recession. Immigration cut only temporary: Evans - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)