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Found 100 results

  1. Hi All, Read this link, this where are hard earned cash goes if you live in Warrington....... Rail Couples Told 'No Kissing' At Station - Yahoo! News UK What next "No Talking" but only in a designated area, Smokers Here Kisser's Here So really if you dont smoke or kiss you are billy no mates....... Regards
  2. hi there as the title states, we were just wondering if once you have your visa, medicals and police checks in can you go to oz and wait for them to be processed? We have submitted our visa in early december have all the forms for police checks and medicals, plan to do these in february its a skilled 175 visa. we were thinking if we can sell flat could we just fly over on holiday visa (around april time, depending if flat sells in that time). This is only just a thought and just wondered if it was possible? We are both just getting fed up, my sister is in oz so would live there until visa awarded. If we left around april our visas would be in for around 5 months so hopefully it wouldnt be too long before they are awarded. i would imagine that you would have to leave and re enter oz once they are awarded? Just want to know if its possible?!?
  3. ErmintrudeMcMoo

    I love this country!

    Whilst looking through the local free ads paper here in WA (the Quokka) for a couple of chickens, I was suprised to see an advert with Emu`s for sale - seemed completely surreal but it`s those type of idiosyncricies (sp??) that I love about the place and make me laugh! Hubby wouldn`t let me have one though:madxmas:
  4. Guest

    old hand in country QLD

    I have lived in QLD for 31 years, emigrated in 1977, one of the lasr assisted passage. We lived in Brisbane for 26 years and here near Warwick since then. Would love to hear from anyone around my age, early 60's, oe anyone else for that matter!! Or if anyone would like to ask questiond of an old hand, I'm here!:jiggy:
  5. Hello everyone, I was at a bit of a loose end last night & in a rather sad & obsessive manner I pulled some info from the beupdate website. Using the 175 visa applications only (as that is the one we have applied for) from September 07 as it seemed a good place to start to April 08 (as that is when we applied) I extracted all the applicants. Then I removed the following applicants as they were not relevant to the info I was trying to deduce. Those with visa granted, those that stated they were from a high risk country, those that had not updated with either a pre aknowledgement date or an acknowledgement date (if they had one or the other I kept them) Both paper & online applications & modl & non modl are included. What I was aiming to get to was how many applications were listed & how many had COs. Quite why I decided I wanted to know this I don't know but the result was quite cheerful. 201 applications listed. 59 have case officers 44 of the 201 are paper based (including us) 8 paper based have case officers. Does anyone find this info useful / interesting? I am happy to update the results once a week & post them in this thread. Please let me know if you would like to see the info. Alternatively, please feel free to send mocking replies on how I should get out more often. Cheers Jaq
  6. hi friends, we are on visa subclass 176(state sponsored) ..we have done our medicals today (14th oct 2008)... as told to be done by our agent...we had applied for the visa on 23rd july 2008....we come under the " high risk countries" category... will this affect anything ???how long cud the proccess take?? is it true that granting of visa's depend upon the que of applications?? have seen loads of people getting thier visa's who even applied in jan, feb, and march 2008...... kindly let me know any details if any one cud help???!!!! thanks krishh
  7. OZ has toped the ranking of the prosperity index , with its quality of life an economic strenght pushing it to number 1 in the world:notworthy: www.watoday.com.au/national/australia-tops-prosperity-index-20081015-50wk.html
  8. Hiya, Guess, I am being impatient. Wanted to know if anyone from high risk country had their assessment complete in last few weeks? Applied for my assessment in midst of July, but the status is still in "In process":realmad: Got my IELTS result last week as well, just waiting for ACS to give their result before I submit my 175 online visa application. Anyone that got their skills assessed off late? I know patience is a virtue but.... the wait is killing..:embarrassed:
  9. Hi, there is a same kind of thread for low risk countries but i know there are lot of people on this forum who belong to a high risk country... what is the status guys??? lot of applicants from low risk countries are getting there visas but what about the high risk countires??? December??? Jan, feb or what??? On BEUpdate.co.uk, there is a Jan applicant from South Africa who has got a CO.
  10. Hey there! I have been flicking through the posts and have seen lots of people feeling bad, lonely, sad, missing 'ol Blighty and saying how crappy Australia is. I am returning home from UK/France after 13 years back to Melbourne and can't wait. I can tell you now, London is full of Australians, particularly obnoxious backpackers, who don't shut up for one single minute, about how everything is better at home and we don't do it this way at home, and blah blah blah. To say it makes me a tad angry hearing that crap from my so called adventurous and open-minded countrymen is an understatement. And to see people doing the same thing is Aust is also frustrating. Its just exactly the same thing in reverse. So I am not biased.... Just remember, keep it in perspective (like I don't), remember that most of ways they do things in the UK are better because that is what you grew up with, the NHS is still crap, the tube is no better, the banks are falling like dominos, the house market is toast AND THERE IS GRAFFITTI THERE AS WELL. And enjoy the little successess you have in day to day life in Aust :v_SPIN: I once read a good article about moving overseas - it said if you are moving "away" from something, it will never work! You need to move "to" something. If you ever get really down, think of me battling the French - good god, I think I might miss all the nonstop paperwork when I go home :cute: That's all my wisdom for Octover all used up! Nov 21st, counting, counting.....
  11. I am presently in Yarrawonga and noticed in the local paper that Goulburn Valley Health have vacancies for nurses, medical scientist and other health jobs. If anyone is interested in living in country Victoria have a look at their web site. Yarrawonga is a very nice place on the Murray River and on the border with NSW its 50 km from Wangaratta, 70km from Albury Wodonga and 70 kim from Sheparton. Lots and lots of estates going in here. This part of Victoria is farming and wineries lots of wineries, hot summers no humidity and cold winters. Close to the snow fields can get there for a days skiing to Falls Creek and Hotham. Water sports on the lakes and its very very nice. People are really friendly. My son moved here in Jan as he is a teacher and he is never home. Plenty of things to do, sports, NSW side has the clubs. Good golf clubs.
  12. Hi everyone today we went to the West Country meet up. Organised by Sandra and Mike, who jet off very soon. A great big thank you to them for taking time out of their very busy schedule to sort this out. Myself, Hayley and the girls had a fab time. It was so nice to chat and put faces to names. We learnt lots and if anyone else is thinking of doing the same thing we would recommend it. thanks again to Sandra Mike and the boys:jiggy:
  13. Just wondered who you all are supporting in the Olympics ? Myself its gotta be (english & proud)
  14. Is it me or does anybody else have to look at the location of 'posters' to see where they are living when they talk about the lousy weather? Australian winter or UK summer, there doesn't seem to be much difference at the moment, although I get the impression Australia is probably the warmer of the two. It's been raining non stop here (UK) since sometime yesterday, current temperature outside is 14 degrees! sunshine is a distant memory. My son has just got interested in fishing, had ONE dry day in two weeks to sit and enjoy it:realmad: Not bad for August heh? July was no better! Paul.
  15. Always read it was true...nice to think we are the most admired Country in the world. POLLSTERS RECKON that there's no better "brand" than Britain when it comes to being a country. But despite being reckoned the top place to invest or to visit or indeed to emigrate to, Britain's notional value in terms of pounds, shillings and cents is less than that of the USA, Japan or Germany. The value of Brand USA is reckoned at $18 trillion whereas Brand UK is in 4th spot in the brand value league table, pinned at $3.5 trillion (£2 trillion). Britain is world's favourite country, say pollsters - The INQUIRER Here's the top ten: 1. UK 2. Switzerland 3. Canada 4. Italy 5. Sweden 6. Germany 7. Japan 8. France 9. Australia 10. United States
  16. motherof2

    Selling china (not the country!)

    OH and I have begun to declutter this weekend. Unfortunately we have decided that we will not be taking our wedding dinner service with us as we have only used it a handfull of times in the last fifteen years. Has anyone else sold their china or be able to recommend a company that may be interested to buy it off us? We are in SE London/Kent area.
  17. Are we mad we have made a decission to move our family and our whole life to a country we have never seen, we also know nobody to talk off only a few people my oh knew threw work. people who have never thought of anything like this, seem to think we are. We have told both sets of perents and we dont think they will take it serious until fingers crossed we have got the visas to prove it. Its hard enough to just get the papers together to send off for the TRA to be passed how do you cope with this for such along period:chatterbox: you must feel like you going or gone mad by the time you get out there. I wish we could just fast forward 6 months so we where that bit closer Ha im waffeling now, any thoughts would be great. Thanks Tracey
  18. Hy Here is one reason to leave this country, don't laugh it's a lot nearer the truth than the Government will admit. You will have to click the image to enlarge it. GBUK more like FCUKED What do you think ? [ATTACH]88[/ATTACH]
  19. Just looked out of my bedroom window,I could hear all this music and talking,wondering who it was as you do?LOL Never before have I seen 3 youths(hoodies)stood outside the front of my house smoking,swearing and just looking really ,well not nice and friendlyFirst time ever HOPE THAT I DONT SEE THEM AGAIN! It really made me think what they were up to outside my home ,and car etc....Ill have to wait til morning to see if my car is still there????????
  20. Hi Im a primary teacher hoping to move to Queensland. Heard lots about 'Country Service' IS this a system where you have to gain points before you can obtain a perm teaching position in a state school? Thanks for any info! Dugong
  21. Guest

    Life Expectancy by Country

    Seems we might all live a little longer in Oz, compared to the UK :rofl: http://www.nationmaster.com/graph/hea_lif_exp_at_bir_yea_tot_pop-expectancy-birth-years-total-population Karen x
  22. Guest

    Get out in the country !!!!

    Having spent A LOT of years working in the Eastern states of Aussie, ( contract farm work ) I am surprised to see that nobody seems to be interested in moving to the bigger country town s ? I understand that employment is usually the big issue ? But sometimes these towns (some small by British standards) have a very good go forward economy. And "trades" are very much in demand. Towns that spring to mind are ones like.... Wagga , Tamworth , Albury/Wodonga , Bendigo , Toowoomba ( biggest inland town in Oz) and a handful of others these are all Great towns ! And should be considered ? Cities are fine to visit ! But a city is a city the world over. Great to visit but would you really want to live there ? If you ever wanted to have a place in the country ? well you can in Aussie "MO"
  23. i have a son from a previous relationship he is 14 years old i was not married to my ex partner abd he does not pay maintenance or see my son but do i need to get written permission from him to take my son out of the country permanently?
  24. Try this for a bit of fun, I noticed it on another site and thought it was good http://www.youthink.com/quiz.asp?action=take&quiz_id=1435 Mine came out Australia.
  25. hi i'm coming over to oz in november to have my visa validated, could anyone tell me where i'm supose to go and what i might need to take with me when i reach the airport in australia thanks dullbird