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  1. I have lodged an application for migration under 175. Some time back my spouse had applied for a temporary work visa to Canada and his application was rejected saying that the proof of work experience he provided was not authentic. Now he is a secondary applicant in the application which I lodged. Since all these details are to be mentioned in form 80, will it affect our prospects? Do they take the rejection by another country to the secondary applicant very seriously and what could be its implications? Is it going to be a black mark? Will they reject my application purely because of this? please advice........
  2. Hi, I am applying for a Partner Visa :arghh: , Im from Italy and my partner is from Australia, we live in London at the moment and I'll be applying for the visa from here. Once is it been granted and during the waiting, would I be able to leave the Uk and spend some time in Italy? As my partner's 2 year working visa for the Uk ends in april next year, we wanted to spend a couple of months in Italy with my parents before migrating to Australia :jiggy: , or would I have to leave from the Uk since I have applied from the Uk? Also, while waiting for the visa to be granted can I travel outside the uk? Any help would be appriciated Thank you!! :hug: Sharon
  3. Guest

    Self Or Country

    A purely hypothetical question, or maybe not. We all know there is a general election coming up and many of us are sick to the back teeth of politicians etc, BUT. If, and it is a BIG 'if' a couple of the parties gave you this choice which way would you vote. 1. By electing so and so, YOU would personally be better off by around £2000 a year. This extra money you have been 'given' would be in the form of actual dosh in your pocket. It could be through tax breaks, lower fuel costs, etc. But the money you have been 'given' would be directly reflected in your bank account, cold hard cash. You may not agree with ANY other of their policies at all, but at the end of the day the money promised WOULD end up in your pocket. OR 2. By electing so and so you would be worse off by £2000, BUT. This extra money that has been 'taken' from you would be put back into the country. Now, I know this isn't going to happen, but so and so government will 'guarantee' that the £2000 that has been taken from you would go into such services as health care, more police, better amenities, again the list is endless. And in so doing the country would be in a better state than it is now. OK, so better in 'some' peoples opinion. Which way would you vote? Would you vote for 'self' or 'country'. My own opinion is that I would like to say that I would vote for country. That the extra money that has been taken from me would benefit the country in the long run. But, all well and good in theory. If I was handed two grand cash lump sum I may well think along the lines of yes, it would help me and my family out no end. Could be a deposit for my children's houses, well at least a very little deposit anyway. Or maybe it would help with the fees for further education, blah, blah, blah. I know this is a very hypothetical question, lets face it, it's just not going to happen to any great degree. Just a thought. Cheers Tony
  4. Hello hello clever POI people! I always get such quick and helpful responses from here, so here goes with another.... My OH and I spent about two years travelling (I know it's alright for some-hehe! :wink:) around SE Asia, and probably spent more than three months in Thailand, India and Borneo - however we were only there on Tourist Visas, not 'working' or 'residents' so I don't know if we would even have been on any of their radars, let alone be able to get police checks.:policeman: Has anyone been in the same or a similar situation? I am really scared that this could ruin our chances of getting in to Australia, if we had to apply for police checks from these countries I can imagine it taking months, or years (ok a little dramatic) for them to find nothing - aaarrgghh! Also does anyone know if this will go against us in general, having been away for 'so long'? I know it is quite a specific problem, but I'm sure if you're up for emigrating, you are probably a bunch with the travel bug, so I hope someone can tell me how they coped!! Thanks very much, China xx :wubclub:
  5. Hi, just about to migrate to Australia and we were wondering if you actually have to stay in Australia for the full 2 years without leaving the country? What if we have to come back for a family emergency (our parents are old) within the 2 years will we loose our right to a RRV/citizenship because we have left the country within the 2 yrs? We were granted the Visas nearly 3 yrs ago. Thanks
  6. Hello there, Does anyone know the official way of me taking our daughter home to the UK permanently? My hubby is an Aussie, our daughter born in the UK is dual. We have sent away for her British passport and await it's return. My hubby agrees to me taking our daughter to the UK and we actually had an affidavit witnessed and signed by a JP, but I have read other websites and I am wondering about something I read about a letter being notarised? Does this mean a letter witnessed and signed by a solicitor? Is there an official form that needs to be completed? Am I likely to be asked for such a letter? If so at which end? Thanks in advance Victoria
  7. i am currently a defacto on my partners 457 and our ENS sponsorship application is currently being processed. I am going to be out the country for a couple of weeks over xmas. My question is will i have any trouble getting back in through immigration. My 457 is still valid and i dont expect the ENS to come back until at least the end of jan. thanks, NE
  8. Guest

    So Much For the Lucky Country

    Well I was warned! My wife is 12 yrs younger than me so I should've seen it coming! Oz has been the lucky country for her.........she's nursing like she never could've nursed in the UK. Me? I'm at home with the daily grind of running the kids to school and picking 'em up. Perhaps I should've dusted and hoovered more but that's irrelevant, I'm now redundant...............she wants us to seperate.....graudually.....over a period of time of course, so that she can get her life (and shifts) in order. <sarcasm> Feck you mate, never trust a woman with an agenda, no matter how "vocational" it may be. I've supported her through her nursing training, her Uni Grad Dip, and now I "can't be lived with" because I have "anger issues". feckin' right I do! I'm sick to death of being alone (and I'm sure the kids feel the same). Why this "declaration to the world"?...............Because a lot of migrants are nurses and quite simply because I have seen it all before in other couples who had a partner nursing. Admitted, my age may be a contributory factor, but despite that, folk in nursing, who suffer the shifts, trauma, pressurised to upskill etc, need to be aware of the imapct that it may cause..................Of course, if you love each other to death, and you can't be impacted by everday drudgeries. then my post is irrelevant. She's gone off to work nights overtime, 'cause they're short staffed", and I'm left to reflect on our life.............I'm alone again and why my anger? Cause the job comes first? Perhaps I'm not commited enoguh to be married to a nurse or perhaps a younger nurse wouldn't be so fecked when she came home?..........chicken or the egg........what more can I say?..................don't lose sight of those who are near and dear to you simply to survive or advance. Yeah...............Oz is great...............pretty sad that I have to talk here instead of to a RL friend or partner.........but trust me.........that's my baggage not the fault of Oz good folk................or the nursing profession.................I may be gone a while................not waving but drowning..............those who I have met here know who I respect and love........and those who are in the nursing profession, hopefully, will see where I'm coming from when I say, "charity begins at home" kev
  9. Guest

    Best country in the world.

    Hi there, Im new to this site but do we live in the best country in the world or what? I moved from the UK in june of last year i was 18 when i moved to Brisbane im currently 20 years old and to be honest i havent made many friends but i love this country so much. does anybody else just wake up and love the fact they are here?
  10. I saw this this morning. What a load of B******s! BBC NEWS | UK | Review of babysitting ban ordered JOHN
  11. The Lucky Country? Why is Australia the most successful and most peaceful multiculture in the developed world? How did an Anglo nation responsible for Aboriginal land theft, anti-Chinese riots and the White Australia Policy mutate into the country with arguably the least interracial violence in the developed world? It is an informative article, but I find it a bit patronising still that we have Australian media (and lobbyists) dictating to the public whether immigration is good or not...... fear of the Aussie stereotypes being challenged? Even PM Rudd quoted recently saying Australia could not go without Indians in Oz because of their food...if you follow the media that is logical as ALL Indians are rorting the immigration system by studying cookery for PR..... (of course no other nationalities use this pathway ) Rudd could have mentioned that many middle class doctors from India and other countries such as Iraq, Iran, etc. save the Australian regional health systems from collapse, and the Indian security issues in Melbourne do not exist in country towns where they are mostly appreciated as community members (though the "white" welfare ferals or trailer park trash from big cities moved to country towns can be a real problem). Australia suffers from relatively little ethnic violence, and when it has emerged it was encouraged by shock jock radio djs e.g. Cronulla. As someone said some years ago, Australians can give others a lot of verbal stick, but are really to lazy to hate that much....
  12. Hi, am in Oz and applied for an offshore visa. I need an advice on which country to choose to travel to when the decision on my visa is being taken. I realized that it's important that the country has an australian embassy, so I can "have the visa evidenced in my passport". Do you know what this means and if this "evidencing" is necessary? I cant choose NZ as I need a visa for there, so I'm thinking about Malaysia. I saw that Bali doesnt have an embassy, just a consolate, so maybe its not a good idea. Any input would be highly appreciated as I dont have much time, have to travel in 1-2 weeks, and want to stay there as short as possible. Thanks, Yoana
  13. Guest

    Can I leave the country?

    Hi all, Can anyone tell me, if I put in an application for an ENS 856 visa, am I able to leave Oz before I get a reply? I am thinking about going on holiday later in the year and not sure if I should book anything if it turns out I am not allowed to leave while waiting for my new visa. Thanks in advance.
  14. We are wondering wether to just not pay the last 4 weeks rent before we leave the country and let them use the bond money to pay for it? We have not damaged the house and so the bond would have to be returned but i JUST DONT trust them to send us the cheque! They never even teturn my phone calls. I know its not legal but can anyone else tell me if they have received the bond back even if they have left the country without a problem or should i do this and tell them i am not paying it and to use my bond money or should i just keep putting off paying without telling them why and just leave anyway? What is anyones thoughts on this?
  15. Just got back from Coles to find my wallet missing. I was wearing cargo pants with a small back pocket so I put my wallet in the leg pocket...........I remember clearly leaving the last shop with my wallet so I knew it must've dropped onto the car park..........turns out it must've fell outta my pocket when I raised my leg to climb into the fourby. Dashed back to the shopping centre looked at where I was parked..........no wallet. Fearing the worst I asked at Coles if anyone had handed it in. Imagine my surprise when the girl reached under the counter and handed it me, complete with credit cards and 500 bucks cash that I'd just drawn from the ATM. :hug: Turns out the young trolley boy had found it and taken it straight into his superior. What a job trying to get him to take 50 bucks reward! Made my day knowing that there are still honest folk around and even more so him being so young and working for peanuts. :notworthy: kev
  16. Can anyone tell me how long they were required to leave Australia for the grant of there offshore 176SS visa? It will not be easy with a wife and 3 kids, bloody expensive too. any sugesstions were to go? we are in WA. Cheers Robert
  17. Hi. I'm Stuart. I came to Australia from the UK in February on a one-year working visa. Although I was a journalist back home, my aim was to have a career break, do any jobs that would pay me to generally travel and bumble around Australia for a year before I limped slowly into middle age back home. However, I was offered a three-month job at a newspaper in a small country town about five hours north of Sydney and took it. It has been a decent way to earn money and I have enjoyed it. Although country town life is an experience (definitely an eye-opener), I'm glad I did it. I'm not sure I want to stay here for long. But I do want to stay in Australia long-term as I love it here. The company has indicated they would like to keep me. Does anyone know then: a) How could I get sponsored? b) What do I have to do? c) How much would we typically be looking at for sponsorship? d) What would happen if they sponsored me, but six months / a year down the track I got a job in Sydney (which is where ultimately I would love to be ?). Can I transfer the sponsorship? I'm going crazy at the moment pondering my future so if anyone could give any help I'd be grateful. Thanks a lot, Stuart.
  18. Guest

    Issue visa in another country?

    Hi Does anybody know if its possible to be issued your visa from an austrailian embassy in a different country to where you applied from? My partner is South African (and the main applicant) although we applied from the UK and currently reside here, we were thinking of visiting his family for a month or so - and if we were granted the visa whilst we were there, would prefer to head straight to Oz from there... Is it possible to get the visa stamp in south africa? Im British if that makes a difference? And we are using a UK agent. Also would we then have to send further police checks? My partner has already submitted a police check for South Africa.
  19. Hello all, It's been a while since I've been on this; computer has since broken down and almost every thing that can go wrong, has. We're still hanging in there though to get it sent once and for all. ONE of our drawbacks is the Form 80...We've paid and sent for it, but it was returned to us by the Fed police advising we had filled in the incorrect form (which, we had already done and sent) SO...which leads me to my question... Where is the Form 80 Supposed to be sent?? Also, If our visa is granted (**fingers crossed**), is there a timeframe/limit to re-enter Aus? Thanks to anyone who can help! :spinny:
  20. Hi I have got my Case Officer 3 months back and now I am waiting for medical and pcc request. I have applied for 175 subclass. I guess I am close to having PR visa and just today I found this great website and just registered few minutes back. I have ever liked Australia because of its friendly folks and its great societies.It has been my dreamland since my childhood and know I am about reaching it. Just I opened this thread to share my "good feel" of coming to Australia with you. All the best for all Cheers Zartosht
  21. Guest

    Country Hopping Yankee

    Hi there! You guys have a great forum, the info provided is very much appreciated! :notworthy: I'm a yank and my husband is German. We currently live in Germany (I moved here a good year and a half ago to be with him) and are in the process of applying for a 457 visa, my husband is the main applicant. My hubby has worked in OZ with a WHV visa twice on a farm...he's an actual farmer, trained/graduated from a German Uni and all. He has a total of 9 years of farming under his bealt. His former employer during those stays is sponsoring him for a Farm Manager position (Subgroup 1). I'm in IT, have my own company in the US and still work for the company by telecommuting. In OZ, I will actually continue to do so, although obviously my working hours will have me working night. No big deal. They've submitted their Application to the Regional Certifying Body last week, so it's a waiting game right now. On our end, we've got everything we need (sans a few translations for my husband). We will do medicals once we got the TRN. We are heading to Esperance, which is in the south of WA - that's why we are going for a regional 457. I've been there myself as well, on vacation with my hubby and loved it. Yes it's very rural, but that's what a former NYC gal surely needs. I jsut can't stand Germany, that's for sure! We are planing to hire a container, pack all of our stuff in there - most of our stuff is only 2 years old, so it won't pay to try and sell everything. Ideally we will be sending our stuff away in August 09, and then fly over in September 09, so that my husband is there for the beginning of the harvest season. And that's about it from us. :wink:
  22. Guest

    To take child out of country?

    Hi im a mum of 3 kids but my eldest is to a previous relationship, We were never married but he has his name on birth cert, He sees her when he can, doesnt pay towards her living, What evidence do i need to give for the 175 visa, He wants her to come with us to australia. Do i need to go to court or just a letter from him to state he doesnt mind her coming with us? And if so would he just need to get the letter he written certifed by a solicator? Thanks Carina.
  23. Guest

    Britain world's favourite country

    Coming back to the UK and that bad...listining to radio 4 today and Britain is the worlds favourite place according to a poll done last month.:cute:dont know why they think Britain is a Country though. This one is from 2006 POLLSTERS RECKON that there's no better "brand" than Britain when it comes to being a country. Here's the top ten: 1. UK 2. Switzerland 3. Canada 4. Italy 5. Sweden 6. Germany 7. Japan 8. France 9. Australia 10. United States Britain is world's favourite country, say pollsters - The Inquirer
  24. Keep going with your applications. I can see there's like a lot of negativity out there this week with the visa numbers being reduced but hang on in there, if you've got the right skills and you jump through all the DIAC hoops then you'll get there. I've been a member for a while & look on the boards every few days, I got all my application tips & info from kind souls on PIO. I did all the forms for the family, time consuming, annoying & boring but Do-Able. Like a lot of others we took a big gamble coming here, 3 kids, trying to sell the house in the Uk after we'd left etc etc. We've ended up starting again from scratch more or less after having to reduce our Uk house to get rid of it in the market conditions. But one year in, my OH is happy in his job, the kids are loving school, and sounding like little Aussies, I'm doing some casual work & we're looking for a house to buy.... but all in a wonderful area, breathtaking scenery, great new friends and a brand new social llife. We went through the whole 457 then application for PR - its like a bad dream now. we're out the other side & loving it here. We've worked hard to make this happen, like lots of other families have. Even with the rubbish visa news you can still do it, keep going...its worth it
  25. HI guys, can someone please advise. I am about to speak to the ex regarding taking my son to oz is there a standard stat dec i can get from somewhere myself or do i have to obtain it from a lawyer? our agent does have a copy but we have yet to pay our full deposit so we cant get it from the agent yet and i would rather we get it over and done with many thanks kelly