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  1. .........when it's got oil it seems. Some really murky motives / Comment / Home - Morning Star
  2. Ive just come back from Blackpool and a man and woman across the road were raging at each other and then the guy started really laying into her. Luckily a policeman turned up, but instead of calming things down, he waded in with his baton and went for the guy's head. The guy managed to grab the baton but then went really berserk and started smashing the woman and the copper over the head! Then a crocodile showed up and stole some sausages from the woman . . . Complete madness! :goofy: :biggrin::wink:
  3. What the hell? Nation's regional retreat AUSTRALIA is undergoing a historic shift in population movements, with the once pervasive flow of people to the city giving way to a regional retreat....... Report Population Distribution Effects of Migration in Australia.
  4. Guest

    The 'Best' Country, For Me.

    A lot of talk lately about the 'Best' country, we all have our opinions, and fair play, each to their own and that is the way it should be, but thought I would put this VERY personal thread up. IMO there is NO best country, just different countries that I can often see the best and worst in. So I will stick up my options and see what you reckon. Having said this, I have been very fortunate enough to have travelled a fair bit, so all I can do is put my very personal thoughts down. BEST COUNTRY FOR FAMILY ATTACHMENTS. The UK. Only because ALL of my family reside in the UK, so the pull of the UK will always have an attraction. BEST COUNTRY FOR FEELING CONTENTMENT. Australia, from the very minute I set foot in the country I just felt at 'home', spiritual, content, core of my being, soul, that sums up Australia to me. BEST COUNTRY FOR MONETARY REASONS. Close one, but would have to say Thailand, spent many months out there, and though a little more expensive now, I bet I could live there for no more than a hundred quid a week, if that. OK, so I may be in a hut on a beach, but I would still be well off compared to many. BEST COUNTRY TO BRING UP A FAMILY. Probably Italy. A deep sense of family values, extended I guess is the word I'm trying to look for, but all in all a very 'family' orientated country. BEST COUNTRY FOR BLISS. Has to be the Bahamas, NOT the tourist areas, but the very small islands that exist and the Bonefishing is out of this world,:jiggy::notworthy:. BEST COUNTRY FOR CULTURE. Would have to be Japan, the history and 'culture' amazes me, really is a lovely country to explore and a real sense of depth of 'being'. I dare say there are many other 'emotive' issues that I could list, but I have seen over thirty-two countries to date, and each one had their pro's and con's in MY eyes. But at the moment and I dare say in the future Australia will be at the top of my list, after all it has 'culture', still 'cheaper' than some countries, has Bonefish in Exmouth, WA,:jiggy: which equates to bliss for me, still has many positives to bring up a family, makes me very content, the only downside really is that my mum and dad will never be able to live over there, and that will never change, but on the whole Australia ticks the boxes for me, NOT entirely, but all in all it does offer me a life I enjoy and my family will once again enjoy,:yes:. Cheers Tony.:cool:
  5. Proview220

    Leaving the country

    Once you have been granted your visa and travel to oz to live, inbetween the four years it now takes to gain your PR, how many times can you come and go within that four year period and for how long can you leave for if any???? cheers proview
  6. Guest

    What country was I born in?

    Ok, silly question, but on the online application there is both United Kingdom & England. Which do I pick? Does it matter?
  7. QuantitySurveyor

    Medicals outwith your own country ?

    Just a quicky, me and M have been touring Asia while our visa is in the pipeline - SS SA 176 SMP, so cat 2. October 2010. We were thinking of front loading our meds and PC's. Someone I met told me all meds have to be done in your own home country - we were hoping to get them done in Asia by an approved DIAC Practitioner, say in Bagkok or KL. Do we have to fly home to the UK ? As always, any advice appreciated ! Cheers ! Pete & Michelle xx:biggrin:
  8. Guest

    Western NSW Country Towns

    Hi, does anyone know anything about the towns of Western NSW? Family of five (children 4, 3 and 1), wife a teacher. I'm into my rugby and the wife into her tennis. Looking for a Country Town with a good, friendly local community. Any of the below to gravitate to - or alternatively avoid like the plague? Ashford Baradine Barraba Bingara Boggabri Bourke Brewarrina Cobar Collarenebri Condobolin Coolah Coonabarrabran Coonamble Dunedoo Lake Cargelligo Lightning Ridge Moree Mungindi Nyngan Peak Hill Tenterfield Tottenham Walgett Warialda Warren Wee Waa. Honestly - pukka gen, no wah - I have not made any of those names up. This is a genuine request for information. Thanks in advance. Gareth
  9. Ezy Going

    PCC for 11 month stay in a country?

    I have stayed more than 1 year in 2 different countries in last 10 years. I know that I have to provide PCCs from these 2 countries. However I have also stayed in a 3rd country for almost 1 year from Nov 2007 till Nov 2008 but if you take vacations and business trips out (since I was not in this 3rd country during my vacations), then the stay is less than 12 months (11 months and may be a few more days in total). Will I need to provide my PCC from this 3rd country as well?:unsure:
  10. Australia the Lucky Country without Meaningful Debate Lucky Country a land of myths. THE policy debate is dominated by some monster lies and old-fashioned bogeymen. IT is a cathartic experience announcing your looming retirement, as I did this month. Having spent 21 of my 44 years as a dreaded lobbyist for the tourism, transport, property and infrastructure sectors, I decided it was time to step off the stage for a while. Declaring your innings temporarily over brings with it a liberated perspective. This is lubricated by the experience the nation has been through in our federal election and its aftermath. I want now to reflect on some pressing issues facing the nation and tackle some of the myths that dominate economic and social public policy debate. ► We can’t afford a big Australia. Wrong. The most depressing, and dishonest, argument permeating politics is that Australia is unable to cope with population growth, and it’s one that has forged a coalition of the far-Left and far-Right. We are a smart nation, blessed with a magnificent natural and human capacity and, with investment in urban and regional infrastructure, we can sustain a bigger population. Young, migrant nations such as ours are growing or they are shrinking. There is no in-between status. Traffic congestion and social division are genuine considerations and we do need some limits on growth, but we cannot allow poor planning in Sydney and southeast Queensland, or bigotry, to dominate the debate……
  11. Hi I currently hold visa subclass 176 and will expire by 2014. However, I've been pondering to take up citizenship in another country. even after taking up my new citizenship, if I decided to go to Australia Would this have any adverse effect to my OZ visa that i'm holding? Please advise.
  12. I have Dom to thank for this thread,:wubclub:. I was going to put this post in Doms thread but I didn't want to take it off thread so started my own, and besides that I can't keep up with his humour, so no competition there mate.:wink: In your opinion which is the best country in the world. No bitching, no arguing, etc, your reasons for your particular vote are yours alone and good luck to you. They can be humourous, serious or a mixture of both, so I'll start the ball rolling. BAHAMAS. Without a doubt. Not necessarily the main Islands, i.e., Nassau and the like but there is one island that to me is heaven on earth and that is an island called Eleuthera. Two supermarkets, three gas stations, the friendliest people I have EVER met that all speak with an accent that is brilliant. Not many tourists know about the place, a bit off the beaten track really. So a quiet relaxed time is guaranteed. The best beaches in the world, IMO, and some stunning scenery. Oh, and just a short note, it has the BEST Bonefishing in the world. Flat upon flat full of Bonefish and just you and a fishing rod, ahh, bliss. When people say Bahamas I think some people are under the impression that you need to be a millionaire to live or visit there, which I am not, or ever likely to be either. It can be done on the cheapish if you hunt around for the best deals and get the connections right from Miami etc. If I ever win the lottery my time would be divided between the UK, Australia and Eleuthera. As I said just add your post, whatever reason(s) you want without the thought that you are going to get ripped into for your thoughts.:wubclub: PS. Jim, if your out there I reckon I already know your answer mate.:biglaugh: Cheers Tony:wink:
  13. OK this is not attacking the UK or Australia, but what do you find strange that either country is missing or has not taken off in that country. Myself I find it strange that the UK’s petrol pumps don’t have the option for exact fill. (You just press £10, £20 etc and it fills to that amount) That snack chocolate is not on sale in the UK That bbq chicken shops are not big here Thing’s I find funny in Australia is the chip barm can not be found. Now Australia is not the UK and visa versa, so I guess we should be grateful that both countries are different and sell and do things differently to each other so lets keep it light hearted and have a laugh
  14. Hi Friends, If you are planning to move to Australia or any other country and you believe that you should be in the right place at the right time than click the following: Birth Data Entry - Astrodienst It is not only fun but also a broad guidelines.:biggrin: Regards
  15. Hi All I’ve written a lot of this so far in previous posts but I figure it’s all relevant, and with new members joining all the time it may help someone out, so bear with me Back in late September 2009 we went to see a solicitor about taking Tracy’s son with us to Australia, we were going to go it alone but decided against it as was it really worth the risk of doing something wrong and losing the case, also there seems to be very little on the net about this type of thing. When we went to see the solicitor we had (what we thought) was a detailed plan, listing contact arrangements where we planned to live, a school Jake would attend a pretty much step by step plan to our new life in Australia. We did this so we could spend as little as time as possible with the solicitor cutting down costs! We were told that £1500 was close to what it would cost us in total, wrong! (BTW this seemed to be a rough guide that most solicitors quoted) So after our 1st visit the solicitor sent a letter to Tracy’s ex, explaining our plans and giving him 3 weeks to respond (which he didn’t). So our solicitor put in an application to the court. We got our 1st court hearing at the start of December, (3 hours of waiting for a 5 minute hearing) because Tracy's ex see's Jake every 2nd weekend the judge decided we needed a full cafcass report (worst possible out come) We had 3 weeks to get a full report together, then Tracy's ex has 3 weeks to respond to that letter, then cafcass get a month to make interviews and write their report before it goes to a judge and a decision gets handed down, any appeals will be dealt with on the day and one way or another we walk away knowing our fate. Easy yes? Cafcass are in a state of bother and have admitted that the case will not even be allocated by then so we will be looking at June or July before we head back to court. (This is why it was our worst case scenario) See link below http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/chewing-fat/79204-cafcass-meltdown.html Right now the fun bit, every fortnight since the court case we have had a letter off his solicitor detailing a problem he has, he gets legal aid, we don't so it costs us every time. We have had the police at the door wanting to check on Jake because Tracy's ex reported me for rough handling his son. (Nothing happened) It's not just the cost of it but the emotional strain it is causing us, so be warned it can be a stressful time. So far at this point it has cost just a tad over £1,200 the waiting time at court killed it.... £160 an hour (useful info) Getting your paperwork together. What they are after is proof that you have thought this all through, you will need a detailed plan we have one pretty much from the time we step off the air craft, where we will stay, where we plan to rent, where we plan to buy, what school the kids will go to, what types of jobs we plan on having with proof. Things like going on realestate.com and printing off how many houses are available in that area, going on jobs web sites and printing off what types of jobs are there for you. Finding out how much you will get paid compared to the UK, what you are doing is proving that a life in Australia will be better for you and the child, even things like parks sporting clubs etc, whatever you can find pro OZ helps, also you will need to look at contact, we are providing Tracy's ex with a laptop, camera, Skype phone and paying for a flight home over Christmas (that's when Aust schools have there summer holidays) even a school holidays list up till 2019 so he can make holiday plans to fit in with school holidays. I think we had nearly 100 pages by the time we had finished. Now the update. It took a few letters to get any response off Tracy’s ex almost to the point of having to get the court involved?! Tracy’s ex spent most of the letter complaining about wanting to cut down his time spent with Jake (He wants to go to Sunday night drop offs rather than dropping him off Monday morning at school) The other part was trying to discredit me saying I was violent, unpredictable and a bad influence over his son and he has major fears for his sons safety (however if we don’t go to Australia he is happy for the agreement to stay the same!) His other major concern is he will lose contact with his son as he can’t use a computer or a Skype phone, and he couldn’t afford to fly over to Australia even though he would not be required to pay child support (which more than covers the cost of a plane trip!) We think he is trying to go down the route of losing all contact with his son, one of the things the judge looks at when deciding the outcome of the case. Because CAFCASS never wrote a report or asked for an extension, the court day that was meant to be adjourned took place with only our solicitor showing up (great another bill) but because of this CAFCASS got a slap on the wrist and were ordered to get a case officer sorted and report done by the time we go to court (6th of May) a good 2 months before we thought would be the case! We have an appointment to see our solicitor on the 6th of April to find out what happens next; once again we have written a response to Tracy’s ex and E-mailed it to our solicitor! Because of Tracy’s ex's allegations I need to get criminal record checks done in Australia and the UK. Nothing to worry about other than the time it will take to get them. I think we will be looking at nearly £4,000 to get this whole thing sorted and will of taken 8 months. Not bad at £500 a month!!!!. I’ll include the other 2 links I found that also may help you when writing your application. Emigrating with children - Kidzworld.co.za Parenting Articles http://www.trinitychambers.co.uk/han...ut-22-3-06.doc Good luck to everyone going through this or is about to start, be strong! Geoffrey
  16. Does a country possess a soul as such? I could be talking out of my backside, (again) but to me it seems as if every country is different. Of course the people are different, different buildings, views, shops etc, but does a country inherently have a 'something' that we can't quite put our finger on. A feeling of that seems to surround you the very minute you set foot in it. I only say this because throughout my travels I have found each and every country has a unique feel. Something that just makes you feel different. I talk mainly of Australia and the UK, but I have been fortunate enough to have travelled to some other countries, but I have to feel yet the uniqueness of Australia and the UK. Maybe this is a bit too deep, but has a country in itself capable of making you feel very different in the very core of you're being. People, places, times all change, but countries seem to have an inherent feel that is unique to that particular place. Sometimes this feeling does not come about until you are stood there completely by yourself, i.e., the outback, or looking over an English meadow in the very first light of morning. This IMO is when the true character of a country comes to the fore, I think. If you walk around ANY country in the middle of the day and in the bigger cities to some extent this 'feeling' tends to evaporate to a degree. But in the early morning you can look out into absolute nothingness and realise just why a particular country means so much to us. Each country in my opinion has its own personality, all the peripherals such as people, places etc all go to making a country what it is, but they are peripherals in the grand scheme of things, well at least I think so. So if you could take away the sights, scenes, people etc, and try and explain just why ANY country is so special to you it would be appreciated. I know it is a difficult thing to do, maybe even impossible, but get in touch with your feminine:wubclub: side and give it a go. Cheers Tony:chatterbox:
  17. Hi all, Does anyone have a definitive answer on this... Can you be in a country other than the one you applied in when your visa is finally granted i.e Apply in London but be visiting NZ when visa is issued? Many thanks!
  18. Hi guys, I thought I would start up this thread to see where all the people who have been notified that they have been capped and ceased have came from. Please list as follows: Name : Occupation : Visa applied for : Country of origin : Meds Done : Police Checks Done : State sponsorship : IELTS Result: Regards, John
  19. Life on easy street

    Retraining new country new career

    For someone who already has a PR visa and over the age of 40. What is the best job to retrain for in terms of getting a job? Has anyone retrained and successfully and obtained a job? How much did it cost , how long to retrain?
  20. Hi Again Just wondering if many of you have integrated with the local population, do you have any real friends, if you do are any of them Australians. After 5 years here I have no friends, or even acquaintances. I accept having real friends is unlikely as I have little or nothing in common with people here, but a couple of acquaintances would be helpful perhaps, it might give me someone to call for lunch or coffee – mind you I have no idea what I would talk to them about. I have never met people with such little interest or curiosity about the outside world, having a passport is seen as pretentious. Gossip is the main interest for a lot of people in the country as far as I can tell. I have read up a bit on gossip and I can see how people get into it, there is little out here to keep people’s brains alive. There is nothing to do here (unless you like church), for those of you who have never been to the country the word ‘Pub’ means something entirely different from what you know in the UK. I was joking with a visitor that I would love to buy a pub just to have the pleasure of chucking the toothless, scruffy, foul mouthed riff-raff out, the only problem is then you would have an empty pub. I think out here the ‘culture’ is around family. They mix with them, even though they often hate each other it’s what they do, I don’t think they have real friends as such, the locals all know each other, and know everyone’s business (true or not) but I don’ t think they form real friendships with them. I was thinking back to when I was a kid and we used to get dragged to the Midlands for Christmas to visit my mother’s relatives occasionally. They all lived on this huge council estate, they only people they mixed with were relatives, I never recall seeing anyone in any of their houses who wasn’t a relative, even though I don’t think they really liked each other they were really the only people they knew. I don’t think any of them had real friends, the men went to the pub and the women may have talked over the garden fence with the woman next door but they were no friends. I think things changed in some parts of the UK as people moved around, got into property ownership, started giving dinner parties, became more educated, left traditional family jobs (as the mines and factories closed people had to change) and this meant those old family structures were no longer there so people had to find company outside of the family circle they grew up in. Last week I went to someone’s house to drop off a gift for their new baby (her husband is a builder who has done a fair bit of work here) she invited me in for a coffee !!!!! I was asking her if they had friends, yes she said, her husband’s builder colleagues came round and the blokes went into the shed for beers while the women stay inside ...... I didn't know people still did that blokes in one area and women separated into another thing. Even if I had a partner I can't imagine I could fit in with that, when I was married we actually stayed in the same room when we went out or entertained. Country Australia seems to me much like those ‘old days’ the less adventurous people have stayed here and fear change. They are the epitome of xenophobia, an outsider is a figure of fear to be kept at a safe distance. I think the same thing happens in the UK, it becomes fashionable to move to the country, when people get there they find there is nothing for them and move back to the city within a year, people come here from Melbourne but, unless they have a family connection, don't last long. Out here there is family, church, the CWA, I was told by the woman who runs that I should ‘go back where I come from’, (so no need to tell me that, I have heard it before, problem is I don't 'come from' anywhere) my ‘crime’ saying the Australia in not a ‘Christian country’, it is, in fact, 'a secular country with no official religion' but few out here know much about their own country, most think is began in 1901 so don't tell them there were people living here for 30,000 years prior to that. When I questioned the use of prayers to ‘almighty god’ at public meetings people went mad, how dare I this is Australia and we are christians, when I asked if Aboriginal people are (or were) christians their anger grew, a local councillor got into my face and screamed ‘why are you mentioning them !!!’ I generated even more local hatred (I have got to the point where I don’t care I suppose) when I wrote to the local rag questioning the appropriateness of golliwogs being displayed for sale in a local shop. There are some things where I think people should be challenged, having said that it achieves nothing, these people don’t need to think, or read, or question - they know everything they need to know already so why bother. New ideas and critical thinking are alien concepts out here. Last Sunday a local (typical middle aged woman volunteer – so sure of their own goodness) came to my front door, there she stood looking so smug with her salvation army tin, when I told her I don’t give to religious charities she looked like I had shot her in the face. She stormed off in a huff, how dare I, it wouldn’t occur to her to appreciate any point of view that didn’t support her, or even to think that at least I am honest and appreciate that. I know there must be people out here who are not like this but I can’t find them. If anyone knows people who lives out this way (NE Victoria) who isn’t a drunk, who does watch the news, and even ‘gasp’ watches a documentary now and then, who hasn't got so fat they can no longer walk, who doesn’t think Mary Mac Killop really did cure two people (makes you wonder why she couldn’t find the time or motivation to do a few more) who is looking for some new company to meet for lunch now and then please ask them they want to get in touch – if there is anyone you know out here I can send you my private e-mail and they can contact me if they want to. I would love to find something to help me survive out here, with a little sanity left, for about another 3 years ..... Most of you here seem to be in the cities or larger towns, that is the only way to go, never ever move to a small town area. Having said that it sounds like its hard even there to meet people for real company and friendship so imagine what it’s like out here - not even a movie theatre to go to to pass a couple of hours. Sunday so lots of blokey sport on TV, thank god for Tivo.
  21. Sorry folks. I have removed the post as it was about to turn into yet another UK versus Australia thread, of which I never intended. Cheers Tony
  22. PommyPaul

    The country life

    just thought i'd stick an message up to let you know i'm still alive lol, got no net at my new place but can confirm that rural nsw is a pretty stunning place, people are great and the scenery is breath taking!!! Jobs been pretty cool so far as well, very busy though not had a day off since i've been here. one bad thing though!!!! i'm badly missing the pomsinoz gossip
  23. Guest

    Die For Your Country

    I know, I know, a very deep question, but there again if you don't ask you don't get. In this modern day era we find ourselves I think it is a relevant question to ask. We ALL know that this country has many faults, foibles and catastrophic happenings day after day after day, BUT. It also has many redeeming qualities. I for one am extremely proud to have been born an Englishman, and I reckon in the main that I can balance my opinion and see both sides of the argument, some of you will disagree though.:shocked: So my question is simply this, if push came to shove would YOU lay down your life in the name of Queen and country/country. Never mind the outcome, wether the laying down of your life would in anyway influence the outcome. It could be through a war, protest etc, etc. When I was 17 I had my whole life mapped out. I was going to join the Royal Marines and if necessary fight for this country, unfortunately I have colour blindness so any career in the armed forces was ruled out of the equation at a very early stage. I also realise that a lot of the conflicts/wars we are involved in 'seem' to be things that we should have never got involved in the first place. But as a matter of debate, if this country was put under threat by an 'enemy' and you were called upon to 'join' up would you do such a thing. Even if the said 'war' was in your opinion wrong and futile would you for the sake of this country lay down your life in order for this country to still be free and democratic! I dare say that there were many hundreds if not thousands of soldiers in the two great wars, and even in the present day certain members of our armed forces must question the legality and POINT of these conflicts, but they do as they are told and for all intents and purposes they are prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice in the name of Queen and country/country. Have we got to a point where we have lost complete pride in this country and would think little of saying no to such a proposition? Or at the end of the day are there many millions of us who would stand up and fight because we are told it is our duty and responsibility to do such a thing. I realise that governments over many generations have made huge mistakes and taken us into conflicts that we should have stayed well away from, but is this enough to make you say 'Bugger that, no way'. This question is in no way just aimed at the Brits on here, it is also a question for the Aussies. It would be interesting to see if there is a variation in opinion from the two countries. I realise it is a very contentious issue and I don't full know if I have explained myself fully, I hope so though. Cheers Tony
  24. How does one find out If he is in high risk country ? I am currently in UNited Arab Emirates ( Dubai ). GSM -175 -CSL Please advice.