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Found 435 results

  1. Hi guys, I need a king size or larger bed and there is a sale near me now. OH is against buying furniture but I'm not too sure. Any idea how much a good quality bed in solid wood costs in OZ??? I have trawled a few websites but they dont put the prices on in most. Would love to hear from those who have made the purchase or looked into it there? Also is the quality similar or is UK stuff better? XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
  2. Hi Guys</SPAN> I thought I would do my bit and offer any pearls of wisdom I can, with regards to moving over to Australia.</SPAN> I have lived in Victoria, Western Australia, and Queensland now so have a taste of half the states……. This includes Cities & the Out-Back.</SPAN> The family and I migrated on a 457 visa in 2006, then onto a Permanent visa, and now we have Citizenship; I have worked in the Automotive sector, the Rail sector, and am now working for the world’s largest mining company BHP Billiton.</SPAN> We have rented and purchased homes over the last few years; and I have also been made redundant with time on the dole.</SPAN> My wife and I have 2 children, Jake 12, and Emily 8.</SPAN> I highlight all these points so that I can pass on what we have learned to you folks; it would’ve been great years ago to have someone to tell how things are, and much stuff costs, like a house, a car, a loaf of bread; not try and fob me off with a “well the average weeks shopping bill is around”</SPAN> I have also noticed that some of the facts that have been passed along have been way off field…… Like being told that a $40k salary will see you and a family living the Aussie dream.</SPAN> If I can help, I will.</SPAN> Dave</SPAN>
  3. can anyone help and advise me please, we are due to come over to Brisbane in May and were going to the sunshine coast which is her my brother lives, but hubbies job is south brissie so we are now looking at the Gold Coast as an option BUT what i need to know is if he were on the min wage $42000 would we be able to afford to have a decent life we have 2 children and i will be getting part time work of some kind. Its just i am getting so many different storys i just ned to know what to expect before we sell lock stock and barrell move the family to the other side of the world we dont want to not be able to afford to have a good quality of life, in other words if e are going to struggle we may as well stay here and do it.pleas will someon give me some straight and honest answers.........
  4. Guest

    Cost of living in Sydney?

    HI All, I am potentially going to be getting sponsored to work in the banking sector over in Australia and will be moving over with my fiance who does not have employment. A few questions that I am hoping to get answers on: a) Is it easy to get a visa for my fiance, as I am the one being sponsored? b) What is the general cost of living in Sydney? How much is a 1-2 bedroom flat/apartment to rent? Is it possible to live around the city on one person's wage? c) Can someone give me some tips on rough costings of living out there and positives and negatives of there to London? Thanks very much Andy
  5. Does anyone know the costs incurred of a 457 visa when obtained through a migration agent, inncluding the agents fees? I have been in sydney for about 6 weeks and my employer obtained my 457 visa through a migration agency. I am thinking about returning to the UK in the next few months. Problem for me is that I have to pay back my employer the relocation costs, which include the flights and 457 visa. I don't want to ask my employer how much it cost as it could make things a bit awkward for me. I just want to get some idea of how much I have to repay my employer. Thanks Daz
  6. We’re serious about emigrating to OZ and so I guess it’s sensible to ask the following of anyone who has had experience of recently moving over Financially speaking, are you better off, worse off or about the same. (If either of the first two can you estimate to what degree) I hasten to add that we’re not motivated by having extra bundles in the pocket but we do need to get an idea of the financial consequences. Are there any bills/taxes/etc that we should be warned about?
  7. Hi everyone, I am just in the process of deciding what to ship and what not. Just wondering that when the guys come to calculate cubic footage and quote what should we do with the stuff. Is it ok to leave clothes bedding etc in the wardrobes and storage and just show them around or do people usually gather all the stuff for shipping into one or two rooms downstairs? Oh please advice...
  8. melaniecharlton

    Cost of living in Sydney?

    Hello, From searching the web and looking at forums I have come up with a spreadsheet of cost of living in Sydney. Could any Sydneysiders tell me if this is about right? We are 2 adults and 3 children. Ages 8 and twins (3). Hope to live in Hornsby. Will come on a 457 visa and earn 90k. Doesnt look like our money will cover 3 school fees. I have attached the excel spreadsheet with all the figures below. See my posts below.
  9. Guest

    Weekly Cost of Living UK

    Thought this might give anyone thinking of returning to the UK some guidelines on weekly living costs. These are based on our weekly living costs as a married couple without children so there are just two of us, at present anyway. We've been back in England for 18 months, own and run a business, live very well I have to say, husband works in a salaried job and I run the business. We're about to move into another house, renting first but looking to buy also. Semi detached, bedroomed house, village location, 2 miles from the business, large garden, parking, nice area, etc. Rent/Mortgage 650.00 month Rates, (inc water) 120.00 Gas, Electric, Telephone 80.00 Standing Orders 130.00 (insurances, life cover, private health) Food 300.00 Going out, other expenses 400.00 Total monthly 1680.00 Weekly 390.69 I haven't included petrol because it's a minimal expense for us, husband has a company vehicle and I only drive 2 miles to work. After this it's a leisure expense so it's included in going out. We have no borrowing, loans, credit cards or repayments. I've calculated these figures based on our living costs over the last 12 months and they have pretty much stayed the same. Obviously, having no ties, ie young children, we do go out a lot. Mobile phone and broadband are on top up (pay as you go). Cars are bought and paid for.
  10. Guest

    Cost of Living - Sticky?

    Right then, have tried to collate some gen from other posts and sites. Let me know if the numbers are wrong. Wide variation for different areas, especially Sydney!!! Mortgage $2600 per month ($260000 mortgage). Rent $1000-1800 per month for 3 or 4 bed house in decent area and good condition. $2000+ in some areas (Sydney) Council Tax/Rates Water normally included, $100 per month. Not always payable when renting. House Insurance $50 per month, depending on property. Contents Insurance $30-40 per month for average house. Medical/Dental Insurance $75 per month, family of 4. Car Insurance $40-60 per month family car. Car Rego (tax) $40 per month family car. Food $800-1000 per month family of 4 Telephone/Broadband $100-130 per month as a package. Mobile $35-50 per month average package. TV $100 per month for satellite tv. Electricity Varies considerably, from $100 per Quarter to $75-110 per month. (Girls Haircut & Colour) ($170 if you live in Perth) Total $1435-1720 per month not including mortgage/rent or Medical Insurance or Girls haircuts
  11. I'm trying to figure out how much $$$ it will cost for my visa application - has anyone lodged an application in Australia recently and know how much medicals and Aus police checks cost? I was looking at Medibank Solutions: http://www.medibankhealth.com.au/files/editor_upload/File/documents/Price%20List%20Visa%20Medicals%20MHS%202011-12%20-%20FINALv3.pdf But they have many different items, and sometimes the same item but different prices. Anyone been through the process and know how the fees work? And with the police checks - from reading threads here it seem like they don't need to be done until requested. Would I need to submit Australian police checks seeing as I've lived in Australia? (Or would DIAC get them directly from the police?) Cheers!
  12. Dan dontknow

    Aus Dreams

    Hi I'm new to all this but here it goes I'm a 24 year old married man with 2 young boys. I'm a fully qualified diesel mechanic and I've been wanting to move to aus for a while. I Recentley spoke to a recruitment firm who said they could job match me in QSL or NSW not sure where yet. I think I would go for the 457 visa, obviously I'm very early on with any plans but I like to think I would move fast when I put my mind to it. my biggest concerns are cost ,accommodation (renting) and schools (4 year old has just startded) any advice welcome and merry christmas. Cheers Dan :wink:
  13. Guest

    Cost of giving birth in Oz?!

    Hi, I'm new here! My husband and I were/are due to go to Australia in January for him to start work on a 457 visa. We have an 18 month old already and I will be 6 months pregnant when due to fly. The company has said the health insurance they provide for the first 3 months will not cover us for pregnancy and from what we understand about Medicare, that won't either? We are having huge trouble finding real info about the cost, it's very contradictory so far from being , to 5-10K (I've even seen 20k!) in public hospitals alone! I will also be likely to have a c-section following one last time which will probably cost more too! Has anybody been through this and can really advise/point us in the right direction so we can make the right decision about whether we can even afford to go now?! Many many thanks!
  14. Baldyin38

    Cost of pet flights

    Has anyone received a quote for flying their pet dog with them from Scotland? We have been quoted £2800 to fly our Irish Red Setter from Scotland to Perth. twice as much as it is to fly all 3 adults across!! I know us Scots are meant to be canny when it comes to spending a pound or two...but is this correct for flying the pet dog across?? :no:
  15. The Pom Queen

    Cost of Living

    CONCERNED Aussies are shrugging off their financial worries to grab bargains as they recognise everyone – including retailers - are doing it just as tough. Results from news.com.au’s Cost of Living Survey show most of the 21,522 respondents feel like they are struggling financially but it’s not enough to hold them back from big ticket purchases. More than 80 per cent of people who took the survey have made a “non-essential purchase” - but around two thirds of the bigger spenders ($1000 or more) say they need at least $100 a week extra in order to feel comfortable. The top three non-essential items bought by survey respondents who said they need money were electronics, something for the home, and holidays, making up 62.1 per cent of purchases. “We know in this environment people are looking for a bargain,” Commsec economist Savanth Sebastian told news.com.au. “Electronics, white goods, furniture, leather goods and the like - some of those categories are seeing the cheapest readings in categories going back 30 years.”
  16. midwife2005

    Visa cost

    Hi there, Just put our visa app in and I'm a bit confused really about something I've just read on the immigration website. Was gonna speak to our agent tomorrow but can't wait till then! I was under the impression that it was just the one charge at point of application but just read something about a 2nd installment:err: is this true??? That definitely wasn't in the breakdown we got from our agent. Could someone please put me out of my misery! Jen
  17. Guest

    Can we survive

    Hey Guys My head is pounding. I have been shortlisted for a position in Perth. The lowest wage is $72k. Can myself, wife and 2 children along with in laws afford to live on this wage. My wife will look for admin work once the children are settled in. It's really doing my head in as one site there was nothing but doom mongerers with nothing good to say about Australia except how expensive it was. Any stories of how its going for people that have just moved over would be greatly appreciated.
  18. Just a word of warning to anyone bringing their washing machine out here. Bring a spare set of carbon brushes with you. What cost £5 from UKwhitegoods, costs $50 from a local Australian EBay spares appliance place. WTF?:no: It is enough to give you a nose bleed.
  19. Hi guys I need to get Oz police clearance for a job I have applied for... I'm going to walk into town as I need to get some docs certified and then post it off. Just wondering if there are any recommendations on who I might approach to certify the docs and how much I might be charged? It looks as if I can go to the police/post office/bank - just not sure if they will appreciate it! Cheers
  20. Petals

    Childcare cost increases

    http://www.news.com.au/national/childcare-crisis-as-fees-set-to-soar/story-e6frfkvr-1226211847123 Costs of child care are set to rise now due to the centres having to employ more staff and reduce no of children looked after. I am not affected by this but when I was my children's welfare was foremost in my mind and I think that if childcare comes cheap, then staff also has to be cheap and do I want the most inexperienced people to be looking after the most precious people in the family. I know people have to work, or have to work to have the trappings of modern society, but I guess it comes down to the fact that as with everything, it has to be paid for. Also I believe child care workers are wonderful people and they deserve to have small ratios and more money for the job they do. They also are working for the modern trappings of life and their families. Will you be affected by an increase?
  21. Sherbetdip23

    Mobile phone cost

    Hi Anyone advise on approximate monthly cost of iphone or equivalent in Oz please. I know it will vary depending on type of package but a guide price would be great - ta Carla
  22. Guest

    RE: Cost of Visa

    Hi All, I'm going to apply for my Visa application (Skilled) at a cost $2960, My question is, if the visa application is unsuccessful do I loose my money?
  23. Guest

    Cost of living!!

    Hi guys, My wife and I were thinking of moving to Oz in the next few months. My wife has been offered a job for $78,000 in Perth. We have three young children aged 3, 5, and 9. Friends that have recently returned from Perth have said the cost of living is increasing. I would initially stay at home to mind the kids but I'm really worried that we will struggle to live in a decent area with good schools and cover all our bills. What would our take home pay be on that income? Also what age do children start primary school in WA? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Brian
  24. Hi, Just seen some family who are visiting the UK but live in Perth. We were discussing the cost of flights and I was shocked to find out they have paid $2000 each for a return flight. Does it cost that much from Australia to come over to the UK? I have no immidiate plans to go back to the UK once we get over there but it is worth keeping the money spare in case of emergency's. It seems a big difference considering it is technically the same flight but just in the opposite direction. (I know things are relative) but they were compeltely shocked by how little we pay to visit them in comparison. I just wondered what other people have paid to come back to the UK?
  25. hi i am new to the forum! just looking for some advice for me, hubby and new baby who are moving to brisbane in june 2012. my husband has been offered a job in the 4105 area and we have been looking at redlands bay, wellington point,cleveland and victoria point. whats everyones thoughts on these areas??? also we are trying to work out a budget as i probably wont be working as i have a new baby so any help with this would be great! if anyone could provide me with some figures that would be great!!! rent council tax gas electricity water pool charges/cleaning contents insurance telephone broadband satellite tv groceries petrol car insurance tv licence road tax healthcare insurance and please let me know if i have missed anything!!!! thanks!!!! also is anyone moving over around the same time who will be close by??????????? Leigh x