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Found 435 results

  1. Guest

    Cost of living poll

    never mind what the stats say, what's your perception of the cost of living in Australia compared to the UK? How much spare cash have you got in your pocket after paying the bills?
  2. For a start hello this is my first post! :biggrin: Ok I will be beginning the process of a possible move to Oz (WA) starting Monday with an interview with ARG (Australia Railroad Group). Now they will be providing myself with a 457 visa and a 2 year contract. I understand I have to purchase Private Medicare insurance. I myself am fully fit but my partner and my youngest boy have complaints... My partner has suffered with bad Asthma throughout her life and is permanently on inhalers to keep this at bay but, very occationaly she needs to be placed on a nebuliser as it can become very bad. My youngest boy (22months) had Talipes (club feet), and has had operations to help correct this and is currently in corrective boots. This means he may need medical assistance until he is possibly 12 years old. Leading me to a question. What sort of cost extra would be placed on us for these conditions? Any help, any `ball park` figures would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Tony :cool:
  3. Guest

    143 visa cost July 2008

    Hello all, Does anyone know what the cost of the 143 visa was in July 2008? Thanks Ange :smile:
  4. Probably nothing in this report that most of us didn't already know but just incase anyone is interested the CPI index for the year to March has been released today. Prices go up: The cost of living at a glance | News.com.au Anyone interested in reading the actual figures can get them at http://www.abs.gov.au/ausstats/abs@.nsf/mf/6401.0?OpenDocument But despite the bad news I would still rather live here in Australia than anywhere else.
  5. jojimaca

    Cost of Living in Sydney

    Hi Guys, We are moving to Sydney in a few weeks and I am really worried about the cost of living. My wages will be about $1100 pw without night duty allowance, my OH will have to find work when we are over there. The cost of houses are around $700 per week. We have minimal savings to take over. How much tax will I pay and will we, a family of 4 live on this wage. We are thinking of living in the Eastern suburbs? would appreciate any advice.
  6. Hi all I wondered if anyone has any information on the cost of living in the UK for a single person. I own my house but am finding bills, rates, utilities and the cost of groceries to be escalating in Australia beyond common sense, making it difficult for a person living on their own. I want to move back to the UK for many reasons but worry about finding a job which will pay as well as what I earn here. I've heard in the UK council tax/rates are discounted for single occupants, has anyone else heard anything that could give me some idea? Many thanks. :biggrin:
  7. Guest

    Cost of living

    This has probably been well discussed before but I cant seem to pick up on a thread. My general question is..... I'm retired and my wife and I live comfortably on about £25000pa ( exc housing cost as we own our home) with no problems, run a car, go out to lunch a few times a week, generally have a full life with no money worries. If we went to OZ ( we have all the visas etc) my pension would at the current exchange rate be about au$ 40/45000 pa. Are there any other retiree's out there who could comment on this amount as a pension income. In other words would we live about the same as we do in the UK. One real advantage here in the UK is that as we are over 65 the tax allowance lets us get about £20000pa tax free, I don't think that's the same out there. Anyway any comments would be welcome.
  8. Guest

    Cost of Living thread 2

    This thread has been restarted again for Emma, I hope that you get some information from it x
  9. Guest

    cost of living

    Hi my name is Emma and i'm new on here, i was wondering if any one can give me any help with the cost of living in oz,we are in the process of getting our visa still a long way off yet, but i would like a rough guide on how much it would cost to keep a family of 5 in the Brisbane area like rent,utilty bills, food, and tax on ur wages and i've been told that you get charged to get your money out of the bank is that true ? I just want a rough idea how much we would need to survive on as everything seems that bit more expensive Kind regards Emma:biggrin:
  10. davet19650

    Help please cost of living wa

    Hi everyone down there in perth we have recently returned from our reccie in perth LOVED IT! But we did not find out as much information as we set out to do. we will be looking at renting first quinns rock area, looked around there and asked about the area everything seems to be fine unless anyone can tell me differant. cost of living we could not find out enough about, food shop obviously seemed dear to us as we would be converting everything to the british pound, utility bills we are not sure on, can anybody shed some light on this for us please. average size 4x2 property gas per month ? electric per month ? water rates community tax telephone and internet best package and anything else that comes into running a house any info would be greatly appreciated as we need to know whether we can actually afford to live out there, job prospects pretty good and have found out how much i can earn in my trade, just need to balance the 2 out many thanks Dave
  11. natasha2106

    Cost of Living v Quality of life

    Hi, My husband and I are thinking of moving out to oz. We are planning a holiday out for next year to come and get a feel for the place and travel so that we can get an idea of the areas we like. However, i have read a few posts on here and tend to get the feeling that the cost of living compared to uk is very expensive. With the cost of living much higher than uk, are the salaries higher too to compensate for this?? Also what is the cost of housing like, what do you get for your money???? Is the pace of life better in oz than uk, or is it pretty much the same??? Still not sure whether it is the right thing to do, maybe we need to come out for a holiday first to see the country before making any rash decisions. Any help or advice much appreciated. Thanks Natasha:smile:
  12. hey- mum and dad are visiting us for a month maybe longer and are concerned about the cost implications if they need to visit the doctor or require medicine while they are over here-mum and dad are both 69 and generally good health apart from mum's asthma at times (but not recently). they would have travel insurance but asked if I would check in advance. They are both UK passport holders Thanks in advance for your help
  13. Hi all, Well, it's time for my partner (British) and I (Australian) to submit our de facto visa application. Just out of interest, how many of you paid the visa charge together as a couple, as opposed to having the applicant pay the full amount? Ironically, my Scottish partner feels compelled to take the full burden of the fee, whilst I feel we should share the cost equally, as it's a means for our relationship to continue in Australia. The two of us earn roughly equal salaries, so I think it's more a matter of principle for him. No, I don't think he's being insistent due to any lingering plans he may have of leaving me for some hot, Swedish lass after the two-year qualifying period (in case that's what some of you may be wondering Be interested to hear your thoughts.
  14. Guest

    cost of education

    Hi does anyone have any advise on roughly how much it would cost for education of my 6 year old in Perth WA? My partner is on a 457 visa and i am hoping to join him in the near future pending my application for permenant residancy. Many thnaks
  15. surhythms

    Confused - Cost of DIAC Fees

    Hi There Im just checking the DIAC fees for a 176. On the website it states the following fees apply: Skilled - Sponsored (Migrant) visa (subclass 176) 1st Installment AUD 2525 2nd installment AUD 3510 It also says that the 2nd installment only needs to be paid for dependents aged 18 years or over with less than functional English must be paid before the visa is granted. This is a defacto visa we are applying for so would we have to pay this 2nd installment ? Cheers Suzanne Charge Type Charge Amount 1st instalment $2525 2nd instalment $3510 Charge Type Charge Amount 1st instalment $2525 2nd instalment $3510
  16. Sorry as i am sure this has been asked numerous times, but i cannot seem to be able to find the answer anywhere. I am looking into emigrating (with wife, 2 kids and a doggie) to Western Australia under the state sponsor programme. I have had several migration agents contact me but only one has given me a rough quote on the expected costs. Now i am sure someone can give me the actual costs incurred through the state sponsorship for a family of 4. Please. Also if you could recommend one from experience please. Having not gone through this process i also dont have a clue on how long it will take. some agents are claiming it can be done in 3 months once the skills have been assessed, is this true or just dream land. as the family and me we would mopve tomorrow if we could so any time will be to much for us. Please help. Gaz
  17. Hello everyone I have just joined this site today so please be gentle!! Me and hubby have finally decided to take the plunge and move out to Oz. Hubby lived there as a child (mum born there) and he is desperate to go back. We are only at the beginning of our research and this site is great and im finding things i would never of thought of..... lots of saving to be done me thinks!! We are looking to move in the next 2 years, hubby already has citizenship so i assume i will be on a partners visa?? our children will be getting their oz passports very soon. The big question i want to know is..... How much will i need to actually move out there?? im not talking about rents or bonds, cars etc. but im thinking more of shipping our furniture, flights, sending the dog and cat out (couldnt leave them!) etc etc and does anyone know anything about family benefits and such? mother in law seems to think we will be entitled? i have 2 girls age 3 and 2 and have one on the way.... Hubby and I have been full time employed in HM Forces for the last 9/10 years each. hubby is looking at working straight away but i am looking to spend some quality family time with my littlens, have never claimed any benefits or family allowance in uk so dont really know how it works here, let alone Oz....:unsure: So sorry for the mammoth post and million questions............... Thanks in advance everyone x
  18. Guest

    Migration agents cost

    Hi Can anybody advise regards the average /approximate cost a migration agent/lawyer would charge to represent my application to sponsor my proposed wife, My girlfriend is arriving on a eta and we propose to marry soon after her arrival, any advice most welcome
  19. Hello all I am looking at rental properties within the surrounding areas of Perth, Melbourne or even Sydney. I have looked at real estate agents websites, But i am not sure on the average rental cost as some advertised per week or they do not state whether they are monthly or weekly? Please can anyone help on the average rent for a house or apartment. Also i am looking places where my partner and i might like to live, but I'm finding it difficult to find out the information on places. Any websites, people recommend? So far i like Joondalup, Perth or Mordialloc, Melbourne. Again your advice would be wonderful Thanks
  20. Hi We have brought our TVR sports car with us, it has had all the paperwork done and passed inspection. We live in South Australia. The husband just went to get get the car registration and collect the number plates and they are asking for a whopping $2300!! they say the reason the fee is so high is because it is a first time registration and we need to pay stamp duty. The car is a 1993 model (so not new!) and street value of $20-25000. So hardly the latest model. Would be grateful if anyone has had a new imported car registered recently how much they paid? Maybe this is how much it costs, but in none of the research we made this cost was mentioned to be so high. We paid less for shipping and import duty combined!! tx in advance
  21. Hi folks if we get to the stage that we are going for medicals how much does it cost and does anyone know where we would have to go to get it done we live in Aberdeen Scotland. Also what do they do I know that u have to get bloods and x ray what else happens ?? Thanks for reading and any ifo would be great Fee x
  22. Hi there, This is a bit of a "to ship or not to ship" question. A contaniner to Perth will set us back approx $4500. So we are deiciding what to ship and what to sell or scrap. We dont have anything particularly special in our UK home as far as funiture goes, we would just want to take the kids stuff so they have familiar things around them. To all of you there already, if you shopped in Australia in reasonably priced stores, how much would it cost to furnish a 4 x 2 house? Million dollar question I know, just looking for estimates. Thanks Rache
  23. Guest

    Cost of emigrating

    Does anybody have a rough idea how much the whole process of emigrating costs please? Also there are so many companies who deal with applications who would you recommend? :eek:thanks
  24. Guest

    how much does child care cost

    does anybody know how much it costs dayly for child care for toddler 3 years old.in brisbane or surrounding area just trying to add up all the costs before we move in october 2010.cant wait please answer someone.:skeptical:
  25. Guest

    cost of living comparison

    You may have already been on this website www.Aussiemove.com It gives you comparisons betweeen the UK and OZ on cars, bills, food etc. x