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Found 435 results

  1. Hi All, Can anyone advise the best way to move a house full of furniture from Sydney to Brisbane, and maybe recommended a moving company? The plan would be for us to drive the car up & make a trip of it but have the removal done by a professional company. The furniture may need to go into storage for a couple of weeks as part of the process too. At this stage I'm really just after anyones rough idea of cost for the move. Cheers!
  2. Guest

    Gold Cost Schools

    Hiya, I was wondering whether anyone was able to give me any advice on the best schools around the Southport/Hope Island/Paradise Point areas. We're still currently in the UK, but my partner (aussie) will be going out in Dec with our youngest, and i'll be following shortly after with the oldest! if we had any ideas on schools for my eldest son, (6) it would probably make it alot easier narrowing down where to settle. All help very much appreciated. Thank you. Anthea x
  3. Matt R

    Cost of Living in Brisbane

    Hi All. I know most people will be sick of this type of thread but i just wanted to try get some other peoples views on the cost of living in Brisbane. I will be moving out early next year and will hopefully be earning around the $60,000 mark. Out of this i am planning on spending $385 a week on rent which works out at $20,000 p/y and this will obviously leave me with $40000 to spend on all remaining costs. What i want to know is if that is a realistic amount of money to be living on. Any views would be most welcome and thank you in advance.
  4. twinkletoes35

    additional cost in renting

    hi all! can any one tell me apart from the bond and 2wks rent are there any other fee when you take out a rental or during such as agency fees, checking fees etc any info would be great TT xx
  5. Can anyone help please?i am trying to find out about electricity cost, weekly groceries,fuel etc in Darwin , I have been searching the internet with not a lot of success, we are getting together information required to apply for NT state sponsorship, any web links or any information from anyone who has succesfully got NT sponsorship would be very helpful please.
  6. Hello everyone, I'm currently in the process of moving to oz on a 457 visa in Jan 2011. As part of my obsessive disorder with getting all my sums correct I have started making a spreadsheet that will help a lot of people sort out their finances and give people an idea of what to budget for. I do however need a range of costs from peoples experience: So if anyone can help. its much appreciated and I'll upload the spreadsheet once completed. What I need information on is an average or range of costs Cost of rental in 1. Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, NSW, WA, SA etc... Average cost of gas, electric, water for a 1 person household, a couple (no kids) and of course a family of 4 Range of costs of the 'average' weekly shop for 1, 2, and 4 person families Average monthly cost of owning a car ..fuel, insurance, tax etc... The average cost of home telephone and broadband The rough costs of mobile phone ownership from pre paid to contract Once some of these figures are in, users will be able to use the standard spread sheet or change figures to show the min. income they would need both pre & post tax. In addition, it will also show the equivalent in GBP to make comparison easier. All help is greatly appreciated, as if this type of thing is done well, it will make life easier for others Thanks for any help in advance Rakesh
  7. Hi there, Does anyone know if it is worth shipping a motorbike (approx value £1400) over from the UK if we emigrate or is it too much hassle and expense and easier to sell the bike in the UK and buy again in Aus ? I guess we would be getting a container anyway so don't know if we can put the motorbike in along with the rest of our stuff (would obviously expect to have to notify Aus customs etc) Many thanks if anyone knows ! Dominic Thompson
  8. Guest

    Cost of setting up.

    Just wondering what the approx costs are on setting everything when you first arrive? We have done loads of research on average spending when first arriving but thought it would help us and others if people who already live in Oz could give some approx costings on things? Thanks for any advice :wubclub:
  9. Guest

    wages to cost of living

    Looking to move to Perth, I am a Bricklayer, what roughly is the wages to cost of living comparison wise? would look to rent first year before settling on where to buy. thanks in advance,Jim
  10. A relative of ours had a valuation on her house in Olton Solihull yesterday . This place is ex council , but dont be fooled , its beautiful . Loooking out over the park , beautifully decorated.......huge kitchen ......The garden is beautifully done ,big terrace, at least a qtr acre of grass and planting.......how much £190 k . They nearly fell through the floor House prices are dropping at £150 per day .....thats what they were told . It was worth 240 k , 3 years ago. I cant see them dropping much further.
  11. hi guys, we are looking at the cost of flying the dogs up to brissy or go down and drive back with them any addvise be great. they are small dogs jack russel and tib terrier size. thanks guys dee xxx:biggrin:
  12. Boesman

    Cost of certifying TRA papers

    Hi, was just wondering how much does it cost roughly to certify all your papers before sending it off to TRA for assessment? Do I copy the papers for certifying and save money or will the solicitor copy them? DO they charge a lumpsum or pay by page? I just want an idea. Boesman:confused:
  13. Pozz

    Cost of transfer?

    Hi guys, im hoping to be arriving in Melbourne in early october. Any ideas on the cost of a transfer or taxi from the airport to Geelong?
  14. hedgehog

    post cost? Uk to oz

    How much does it cost to send a package from uk to oz? max weight of 1kg I was going to order an item via internet less than that weight. value of item = £5, and they quoted £55 postage yikes! That's a $100
  15. cazmayo

    cost of living info each state

    Cost of Living Just found this website, found it good for comparing prices. Food wise, oz isnt much different for me (I lived in Ireland) somethings cheaper somethings dearer. The biggest different is that we will have a bigger mortgage for a smaller house. I dont mind a smaller house but hate the idea of a bigger mortgage. Housing is overpriced in Oz if you ask me!! Thats my main concern, not the price of a loaf!!! A house will be our biggest purhcase and also their interest rates are alot higher. Hmmmmm. Still going!!!! Better work prospects. cheers Caz
  16. can anyone tell me how much it cost to store a 20 foot container on oz per week/month? Thanks guys!:jiggy:
  17. Guest

    Cost of living in Perth

    I know there are threads already on here with this title but I noted that the costs were posted in 2007 and I am sure things have changed since then. Can anyone give me an idea of how much bills come to? We are a family of four looking at renting SOR to begin with and then buying after a few months. Thanks Francine
  18. Hi, I've noticed a number of people on the forum rent in Manly - an area I am looking to rent in - and so was hoping someone could give me a rough idea of weekly/monthly outgoings so that I can get a better grasp of salary expectations? For example what is included in the rent, is there an equivalent of council tax etc? Average rent for a one bedroom unit around $350 / 400? Also, what is the commute like (via public transport) and associated costs for working in the city centre? Thanks...
  19. Guest

    confusion with visa cost!

    Hiya Ref: Skilled - Sponsored (Migrant) visa (subclass 176) I am a bit confused and need some clarification! On the Immi website it says "The 1st instalment of the Visa Application Charge must be paid at the time of application $2525 (thats fine!) Then it says "The 2nd instalment of the Visa Application Charge for dependents aged 18 years or over with less than functional English must be paid before the visa is granted" - $3510 . My hubby is the main person on the visa, i am english with more than functional english so does this mean we only pay $2525 or do we also have to pay the 2nd $3510?? Help! I'm sure we don't need to pay the 2nd bit but just need someone to confirm! Thanks all!!!
  20. pokerstoker

    paperwork,cost of living in Melbourne

    Hi everyone, I am in the process of applying for a 176 visa and I am struggling with my research about the cost of living in the Melbourne area. I have looked all around and there are no specific values for comparison. Can anyone please give me an idea of fuel bills, shopping bills, rent etc, by the way I am looking to move to the Sunbury area and would be looking at a 3 bedroom property . Many thanks.
  21. PommyPaul

    Dialup internet cost?

    sooooo i've gone all 1990 and set myself up a dialup connection but am just wondering what the scenarios are of how much the calls cost. it should be at local call rate, anyone tell me what the worst case scenario is for the cost of a local call on a telstra landline? Thanks
  22. Guest

    cost of a visa

    I'm trying to work out an approximate cost of this whole process so that I can work out a financial plan, but...I am getting totally confused. I am planning to emigrate with my husband and our 2 children. Both mine and my husbands jobs are on the SOL My question is simple - how much will a visa cost in total for us all, including medicals and anything else that needs to be done. Thanks!
  23. i've been offered a job in melbourne and the salary is 49k...(not including allowances for night duty)..i have been looking at the average wage in australia and i am well aware that this is below that..i am single, no family and just myself to look after, my friend is also thinking about going out as she was also offered a job there (on the same wage)...would i have money difficulties living on this wage?? i've been doing my research and it seems that cost of living is higher in melbourne/australia than it is in the uk! i will be tied to a contract for 2 years.... would really appreciate feedback thanks
  24. Guest

    How much does a medical cost?

    Hi, was wondering if anyone can help. How much does it cost for a medical to be done in London? Does it cost more if you have tattoos? How much do the xrays cost please? Thanks for your help.
  25. bazz

    cost of living

    hi, me and my partner are planning on moving to either queensland (goldcoast) or perth, i was just wondering if someone could give me an idea of the cost of living such as electricity, gas, water bills and food shopping? thank you baz