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Found 435 results

  1. Hi there Does anyone know how much it costs to register with the Western Austraia Nursing board or where I can find out. I have looked at the website and i cant see anywhere where it says on either the registration form or the rest of the website, am I missing something? I cant be the only person to be having this problem can I? Please help. Thanks
  2. Guest


    HI. I need a bit of help here,im trying to build a picture of life in brisbane and the every day expenses but keep reading conflicting information. I live and work in london so i guess brisbane on the whole is cheaper,but how much cheaper? We hope to have enough money after the sale of our house to buy a house out there cash so luckily we will have no morgage,but what about council tax,water,electricity,gas, insurance etc.And how about petrol,cars,school fees,shopping,medical care? Iknow the wages out there could be a bit higher but...well what i am trying to say is i dont want to come out there and work my nuts off to survive like i do here,its all about quality of life right?. I hope someone can come up with a few answers for me Thanks....Jamie :?
  3. So how about this, everyone who sees this thread and lives in australia gives a breif run down of any houses they've rented with details like, the year you rented it, the location and the weekly cost? Give everyone a real world idea of the cost i renting in Australia in different areas? Mine... Caloundra qld - 1 bedroom unit - $300 per week 2008 Pomona qld - 1 bedroom cottage - $280 per week 2009 Nambour qld - three bedroom on acerage - $250 per week 2009/2010 Tumbarumba shire nsw - three bedroom house - $50 per week 2010 Tumbarumba shire nsw - three bedroom on acerage - $65 per week including all bills 2011
  4. Guest

    Cost of the Full Process

    Hello Everyone, I have been wanting to move to Auz for a few years now. Can anyone tell me the true cost of the visa application process including any fees charged. Thanks Stuart
  5. Guest

    Cost of living in Brisbane

    Hi all, I am new to this site and am currently manicly researching a move down under. We are trying to get as much information together about whether this is the right move for us and wondered if anyone can give me any ideas about the cost of things in Brisbane (which is where we MAY be heading). Family of 4 - 2 children in childcare (although have done a bit of reseach about this according to area). Just wondered what the general bills were like and what we have to pay over there? Any help would be sooooooooooo appreciated!! Thanks in advance
  6. Afternoon all... I have just 'invested' around an hour reading through some of the 'Cost of Living' threads and I've got to say that I feel a little better having done so. I have been a member of PIO for around 12 months now and the one thing that seems to be ringing in my ears more than any other is that Australia is sooooo much more expensive than the UK. Having looked through some of the figures on the site though this really doesn't seem to be the case. Food certainly seems to be more expensive but then this looks to be balanced out by the fact that utilities and petrol is so much cheaper. I'm beginning to think that the discrepancy here is that people are including their initial set up costs having made the move. Our position is that we will be paying a big whack up front and bringing everything with us.....40ft container full to the rafters (even asked if we could put a roof rack on it to add some more gear!!! :biggrin:) plus another 40ft container with our two cars in it!!!! I would much prefer to take the hit in the UK and cut out the poor exchange rate than face the pain in Aus. Real estate seems to be the other area which is causing a skewed comparison. Australia is still struggling with high purchase and high rents whereas the UK has slowed down and people are currently 'enjoying' the lowest interest rate in decades. This won't last and when the UK rates start to increase the cost of living in the UK will start to feel much higher. I've noted a few of my UK outgoings below and they seem way more than anything quoted on this thread: £500 pm Food £173 pm Council Tax £70 pm Oil (no mains gas) £50 pm Electric £38 pm Water Rates and of course £.136 per litre fuel.....even my bloody LPG has gone up to 70p per litre! Life's bloody expensive everywhere!!! :arghh: Thoughts......??:confused:
  7. Guest

    High cost of living - why?

    They keep going on about the high cost of food in Aus at the moment but I don't understand (apart from imports) why food so highly priced? Surely food which is home-grown/produced should be abundant in Aus; I would assume the weather is perfect for growing crops etc, and therefore it should be cheap to buy?? For instances, why is chicken so expensive there - surely they don't have to import chicken?? What am I missing here? Kari :wubclub:
  8. Pom on the move

    weekly/monthly cost of utilities please !!

    Hi all, I am new to this site so any help would be of great use. My husband our 2 children (4&2) and I are due to arrive in Perth within 6 months, we have been looking at houses to rent for $400 a week. Looking at Scarborough, northern suburbs. I was wondering, if any one could give me a rough idea on weekly/monthly utility bills. Thanks
  9. Kimbodia

    Cost of living in Victoria

    Hi All My husband and I have been giving thought to a big move down under, we are looking at Victoria based on his work background, Mechanical Design Engineer/Draughtsman with a state sponsorship. We have an 18 month old daughter and hope to have another child in the next year or so. We live a comfortable and happy life in the UK, own (mortgaged) a lovely home and generally enjoy life but love the idea of an adventure and a crack at a different lifestyle, we don't want to grow old having never tried something different, we would like to think of it as a longterm move. We'd love to try living somewhere with a better climate that the UK (I know Victoria isn't Queensland weather but its still warmer than the UK and may be the only state available to us for now). We currently live off my husbands sole wage whilst I take a career break to be a fulltime mum, I plan to be off work for the next 4 years or so. We are looking for help/advice on the cost of living, we've read very mixed reports about Australia, some saying its a great place to be, others saying its painfully expensive compared to the UK and not to go! Can anyone give their thoughts on this? We're not looking to be rich, but don't want to move to the other side of the world to struggle with everyday life.
  10. Ok, so hubby is going to apply for a skilled migrant visa 175, which will cost 6k dollars according to the gov migration website. However, a friend has just suggested that each member of the family will have to pay that also. That can't be right can it? We have 5 children so it would be very expensive. Please enlighten me!
  11. Guest

    Cost of relocating to Mackay

    I expect to be moving to work in Mackay just before Christmas. I have been horrified by the price of property and the general cost of living there though. My quick question is this: how much money would I need in my back pocket ($AUSD) to get the essentials of relocating sorted out when I move out and even before I start working? e.g. first month's rent and bond, cost of furnishing apartment (as it seems finding a reasonable furnished apartment is nigh on impossible), buying car, insurance for car etc. Thanks so much for all your help guys.
  12. Hi we need to get medicals for 4 people , 2 adults and 2 children . We live in manchester ....who do we go to and how much should we expect to pay and what detail do they go into? Thanks Louise and Nick:confused:
  13. Hiya I know there are many similar posts like this but we are a newly married couple aged 30, no kiddies planned for a least a couple of years! Our visa came through I would like to know other couples (just for 2) cost of livings as I have seen many on here based on families of 4 and 5 and have tried to work out what the costs will be for us but maybe easier if there are young couples out there that can just let us know what the actual costs are likely to be!! We will be renting and this will mean that we wont need to pay for council tax or water as I believe that is the landlords responsibility? I am a PA so will be looking for similar PA/admin jobs, is it true that I need special clearance to work in the government offices? Cant I just use my police checks certificate?! Rent: Deposit: Food: Private health insurance: Electric: Gas: House Insurance: Car Insurance: Car Tax/Rego: Petrol: Mobile Phones: Internet: Cable TV: Phone: Heating/Aircon: Have I missed anything? Thanks very much!!!
  14. Hi folks, I'm just about to negotiate my salary for my new Permanent position in Oz. I'm moving from London Zone 3, to Sydney around 30 mins from the CBD. At present, they're offering a direct salary transfer at the current exchange rate - around £68k basic including allowance for healthcare,etc. to translate to around AUD110k, hopefully with super on top. However, for most professions (I'm a Senior IT Security Consultant), it seems Australian salaries should be a fair bit higher than the basic exchange rate. There's plenty of discussion here about how the COL is higher, but I need something I can present formally. Can anyone recommend an agency that can a provide cost-of-living report that I can take to my employer, for a non-extortionate price (ie. I'll be paying for it, not my employer)? I think they'll have to keep it pretty up-to-date, given the relentless climb of the AUD! Many thanks! Damian
  15. Been trying to work out what our monthly out goings will be this is based on what people have supplied me in PM's and a bit of reasearch all figures are per month, where someone has told me a annual figure I've just divided it by 12 etc, for a family of 5 does anyone diagree with the figures below? Also what have I missed out? All figures are $ per month. Rent 1950 House contents ins 125 Broadband and phone 100 Sky TV 149 Mobile 10 Electric 150 Car Ins 50 Water 68 Food 1083 Childcare 1395 Petrol 216 Car tax 50
  16. Guest

    startup cost in Australia

    Without asking people to declare how much money they will be emigrating with - how much would you deem to be a reasonable amount of money to cover startup costs in Australia?
  17. Guest

    Low cost International calls

    Hy I came accross the following site a couple of weeks ago, Lowcall.PhoneCardSales.Com.Au it's one of those phonecard companies offering cheap International calls, anyway thought i'd give it a go and it worked fine. Now instead of trudging to to post office ( thats where i use to go and it became a habit ) i simply order online and get an email to top up my card, easy peasy. I am saving some money although not a massive amount but as Tesco says " Every little helps " lol not heard that tv advert for some time. If anyone knows of a cheaper one drop by my site and let me know.
  18. Hi all I,m new to this but glad I found this site as alot of interesting and useful info on here. Me and wife with 2 kids aged 3 and 1 will be moving to perth in summer time and were wonderein if an income of 80k between us would be managable. I know there is child benefit availabe{travelling on 175 visa} but cant seem to find prices of child care so if anyone in similar situation to us any prices would be greatfully accepted. thanks
  19. Guest

    Brisbane Cost of Living

    Hi everyone, I'm new to PIO but have learnt so much already from this great resource. We plan moving to Australis this year, April we're thinking. While my wife has a job awaiting her (she's still waiting on Nurse Registration) I will be looking for temporary work while I re-qualify for Oz Fitness Registration but my main question is regarding cost of living. Does anyone know of either a ball park figure to live comfortably for a family of 3, one car, renting in a nice family area of Brisbane suburbs? One person suggested multiplying our UK £ cost of living by 2.3 - 2.5 to get $ cost of living! Does this ring a bell or sound reasonable??? Any tips or advice would be helpful
  20. peggsgreen

    typical cost of paperwork?

    Hi, ok so 175 visa is the way we are sure to go now, but can anyone tell us typical costs for moving including visa etc - have you done it? the cost is such a massive factor, We are going to rent our property in the uk and rent a house in Oz. Not sure weather to ship furniture either. Cheers All !
  21. Hi can anyone helpme. I am moving to melbourne in July and i am trying to get my finances sorted. I am not sure how much tax is deducted from salary and how much other utilities cost. Is there any form of council tax / water rates / gas and electric.If anyone can help with this would be really grateful Thanks Laura:wink:
  22. Goochie

    The cost of skilled migration?

    Hi. Just wondered if anyone could give me a brief list of costs associated with state sponsored SMP? I've got my fingers crossed for the WA list being released soon, at which point I hope to apply without the use of an agent. I realise that the fees etc. can be found on the relevant websites, but wondered if anyone could give me a simple list from which I can work out an approximate total?
  23. tazmania

    Perth Cost of Living

    Hi there... Newbies here.... I would like ask for inputs about the cost of living in Perth for a family of 3. Atleast a breakdowns for monthly or weekly ie; 1) Fully furnished room or aparment (1BR- 2 BR) . 2) Food 3) Transpo 4) Utilities 5) Medical Insurance 6) School Fees 7) Clothings 8) Others. BTW, my wife and I are both professionals and have one 2 yr old boy. We are planning to move in Perth middle of 2011. Any recommendation where would be a good place to raise a family in Perth or atleast in suburbs.. Safe place is our priority... Thanks in advance... ronald
  24. Guest

    Medical Cost - UK

    Hi all, I'd be really grateful if anyone can give me an idea of how much the medical costs in the UK as part of the visa application process? Many thanks, Richard.
  25. Guest

    Cost of living in Tasmania?

    Hi All There are always threads going on about the cost of living on "the mainland" and it seems to be quite a hotly debated subject, with alot of comparing to UK prices etc. Thats fine, but what Im looking for is the average cost of food, clothes, electricity, heating, gas for cooking etc etc (I believe that i might need to factor in cost of water too?) in Aus Dollars.. no point me comparing to UK prices anyway cos I live in Ireland (Euros) and I want to work out how much of my pay packet in Tassie will go onthe cost of living. Even stuff like eating out (which we love) .. meal for 2, cinema tickets etc.. whats the average costs for a night out, few beers and taxi home etc. Can you help me out guys? :wink: