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Found 435 results

  1. does anyone know how much it costs to ship a 20 or 40 foot shipping container from oz to uk?
  2. we are lookng into emigrating, early days yet. how much money, roughly would you take over for a famly of 3. also how much are we lookng at the cost of a independant skilled visa for the 3 of us? thanks
  3. Guest

    Cost of Living in Sydney

    Hi guys, Looking for some good advice. Husband has been offered a job in Sydney with a salary of 150-160 AUD per year, we are a family of 5. Is this bad/average/good/v.good salary for comfortable living/mortgage/bills etc along with the occasional night out?? Have no idea and need good honest opinions. Thanks Sharon
  4. Hi everyone was looking for advice on cost of living in Perth, me the wife and our 2 boys 3 and 4. We are hoping to move in the next 6 months and my wife is a midwife and has secured a position with WA govt . Just want know if 80 grand a year is liveable whats best nor or sor is childcare affordable and just general cost of shopping and fuel etc if anybody can help it would be much appreciated. cheers Robbos on the move
  5. Looks like the cost of visas are going up by 15%!!! :chatterbox: http://budget.australia.gov.au/2011-12/content/bp2/html/bp2_revenue-06.htm other migration new from budget : Temporary visa increase : http://www.minister.immi.gov.au/media/cb/2011/cb165283.htm DIAC news on Budget 2011 http://www.immi.gov.au/ I really must get out more!!! :-D
  6. Sorry for the long header! But, as a guide, how much would a modern 3 bed house in Syndey (within 45 mins drive from MacQuarie Park, 30 mins to coast), ideally with pool cost to rent?? Thanks!
  7. gaz n family

    Whats the expected cost

    As we decide upon who we wish to use to fly our dog over to Aus, (god why is it so hard to decide?) We are looking at if there is any value on using ones gold service who do everything for us, over another who do most things with the exception of the blood test and injections. Has anyone recently sent their dogs from the UK to Aus, if so would you be so kind and post how much the blood tests cost you? Thanks in advance
  8. Guest

    cost of living

    hi we have just had our 175 visa application lodged and i was wondering if anyone could provide me with information on the following, we have found this info for perth but if you could let me know what it would be like for adelaide that would be great Mortgage = $23,328 * Council Rates (City of Joondalup) = $1408 Water Rates = $840 Water Usage Charge = $250 Building Insurance ($325,000 cover) = $550 Contents Insurance ($89,000 cover) = $360 Electricity = $1,200 Gas = $575 Phone = $1450 ^ Broadband internet = $480 Total of these housing costs: $30,441 per year = $2,536 per month = $585 per week. * Mortgage - $300,000 (about the Australian average) at 6.06% variable interest rate on a 25 year repayment basis, repayments are $1944 per month, or $448 per week. Link to a Mortgage Calculator at MoneyManager. ^ Phone - comprises a landline service and locals calls with Telstra, calls to Mobile and international with iiNet, our broadband internet provider. We also all have mobiles, which are not included in this. We could almost certainly rationalise all this and save money. Thanks Lorna
  9. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone could recommend a cheaply priced interstate removalist? We are looking to return to Brisbane from Adelaide ASAP. Thanks, Tanya:biggrin:
  10. We are moving to Brisbane in July had a quote from Crown Relo for 820cuft (sole use of 20ft container) quoted £4999.00 :eek: inc packing, unpacking etc. I think this is too steep so have asked for another quote by Anglo Pacific and John Mason. What should the average figure range be for the above, just so I know....maybe Crown Relo is ok:goofy: Any info would be appreciated.....looking forward to the move, all excited now.:biggrin: sunilisa.x
  11. Guest

    Cost of Living for SS WA

    We are applying for our SS WA hopefully this week and Im just trying to get a rough idea of cost of living out in perth,pilbara etc. could some one please tell me if the figures are accurate. for a family of four: Groceries on average 200 per week so 800 Electricity on average 230 per month gas 100 per month Petrol 350 per month phone and internet 60 per month rent/mortgage 2000 per month Also can anyone tell me what im missing off this list. many thanks
  12. We have approached one company so far and are waiting for a little more information back from them. We were given two options, a gold which included everything, then a silver which included the following; · Airline ticket for dog with BA/Qantas from Heathrow · Airline surcharges (Handling / Security / War Insurance / Fuel / Airway Bill / Transit Fees) · Booking of quarantine space (30 days required) with Australian authorities (NB quarantine fees not included as payable in Australia) We think this cost will be about $1,300 · Custom made PetAir UK, IATA approved, wooden travel containers with comfortable bedding and watering facility (please see notes below about the crates) · Meet at Heathrow airport visit on day of departure, completion of Part B of DEFRA paperwork · Official sealing of the travel container at the airport · Assisted check-in to make sure dog is comfortably and safely away Other than that if we were to choose the silver package and possibly save money, what do we need to do exactly before she can fly? I know we will need an export certificate, but not 100% sure, plus with all the import and export forms, subsequent fees, plus vet checks and their cheap fees (RIGHT!!!) would we really save any money? If anyone can help i would really appreciate it, we have sent an email the the Carlise office but are waiting for a reply and need to know the following 1 What do we need to do to Export her? 2 What injections does she need and by when? 3 What medical checks does she need and by when 4 What is the overall medical requirements she needs to be fit to export? 5 If we do not export her before we leave, can our mother do it on our behalf? 6 Can our local Vet certify all the required documents and forms? 7 Typically how much would a vet cost that signs the EHC (I assume this is sign are the airport, please correct me if this is wrong)? 8 We are going to employ an agent to arrange the flights, but to save money we intend on arranging all the export requirements our self – is this foolish?
  13. Hi guys, we`ve just been granted visas to Oz and planning to move in Feb. We`ve contacted 2 removal companies and are waiting to hear back from them. Which company did you use to move your house and how much did that cost you? We are not moving our furniture, only most important items like clothes, our children`s toys and a few bigger items like 2 adult bikes, a child bike, 50inch TV and a few more. I`d be grateful for any replies Merry Christmas to all of you
  14. I have read a few posts about all the application process to import a car. Apart from the $50 application fee, what other charges are there? Thinking of selling car here but been told second hand cars are very expensive in Oz.
  15. Hello, please can anyone give me a rough idea of how much it will cost for medicals and police clearances for us? (two adults and two kids) Thank you x
  16. Guest

    Moving to Melbourne

    Hi My husband and I are considering the move down under and would like to head to Melbourne. Can anyone advise on areas and schooling? Also, could anyone let us know what the cost of living is really like there ie. Utilities / Food etc. Thanks Deb2
  17. Hi, I got my temporary spouse visa almost 2 years ago and will soon have to apply for a permanent visa. Just as last time though I'm getting confused with the info I'm reading.... So my question is, is the cost for applying for a permanent spouse visa (onshore) really the same as the cost for the temporary visa I got 2 years ago? That's another $2,500.... So I'm hoping I got it wrong. Thanks!!!!
  18. Hello all. Would anybody be able to advise...? My wife is currently putting in the application for the registration to the AHPRA as a midwife, and she's just been offered a job in Melbourne (Southern Health). The thing is though, we were hoping to get some help with the relocation costs and Southern Health haven't actually offered anything. We were mainly hoping for the cost of the flights to be reimbursed, as this would help massively in us being able to move out there by the end of this year (family of 4). Does anybody know if hospitals in Melbourne offer help with the relocation costs? Any advice would be really appreciated. We're going to the London Expo in a couple of weeks so hope to find out some info there too. Cheers. Jamie.
  19. HI There, We are the Hayes family from the Wirral and we have just been granted out 175 Skilled Visa (it was submitted to them in Feb 2009). We are now attempting to sort out shipping for a few items including my Husbands tood chest and 4 Push bikes and a few essentials but not a massive load. Has anyone got any info on who is best and approx price etc as we unsure. Many Thanks. Jo Gary and Girls.:biggrin:
  20. MikeW

    Childcare Cost

    Hi, I have SS176 Visa for Canberra and am looking into finances (currently in UK)... We have 2 kids 6 & 9 year old. My wife is looking to work part-time. Therefore child-care would mainly be in the school holidays and possibly after school. Does anyone have any ideas how much childcare costs would be? I have seen it mentioned that you get 50% back from the government if you are working\studying. Is this right and does it apply for Permanent Residence 176 visa? Thanks, Mike.
  21. Question time :confused: Can anybody tell me what the overall cost to me is going to be from start to finish to get (:notworthy:) a 457 visa? I am the main applicant but have a wife & three kids 10,8 & 5 today (happy birthday son). Look forward to you wise words p.i.o Thanks again cobbler
  22. Hi, Me and my family are looking at moving over to perth in 2012, We are hoping somebody could help us with approx rental cost and cost of living for a family of 4. I am 34 years old, My wife is 28 and we have 2 children aged 2 and 4.We are looking at renting at least a 3 bed home with a nice large garden maybe in the Ocean reef area or area close to the beach, we want to be no more than 20mins walk from the beach and walking distance to primary schools. My wife will be working as a midwife in one of the hospitals in Perth and i will be looking at getting a part time job doing anything from about 9am until 2pm as i will be looking after the kids when they are at school. We are just looking for approx costs of renting and what is normally included in the rent and what extras do you have to pay. And what is the cost of living average food bills, cost of trains to perth or fuel cost for travelling in car everyday, is there any school fees, what else do you have to pay out for. Do you think we could live on my wifes wages approx $50000 dollers a year for a start until both my girls start school. Sorry one more question what would you approx see from the $50000 dollers a year after the taxes etc? Thankyou very much in advance for looking at my question and answering it Jamie and Family
  23. Morning all.... We have just booked our flights ahead of our move/return to the beautiful Dandenong Ranges in Victoria and I've just spent an hour cancelling direct debits for our children's out of school activities. It got me wondering what sort of prices we can expect to be paying for similar things in Oz. Would be great if a few of you could just make a note of what activities your kids do and what sort of prices you are paying. I've noted down ours below..... Karate - £60 per child, per month. Up to 4 lessons per week. Swimming Lessons - £45 per child for a full term (10 weeks) 1 lesson per week. Ballet - £55 per child for a full term (10 weeks) 1 lesson per week. Tap/Modern - £55 per child for a full term (10 weeks) 1 lesson per week. Street Dance - £2.50 per session. Pay as you go. All adds up....WOW...:eek:
  24. Hi all, can anyone tell me if you go down the 457 visa route,what are the coats and what paperwork and checks need to be done,i.e. medicals etc:unsure: Any help and advice needed. Thanks Jessie:smile:
  25. Hi guys, My hubby has received his offer letter this weekend woo hoo (we are a family of 4 and heading for Western Sydney)...... I have already done alot of research into costs and stuff, but am just wondering if anyone out there has an answer for me to any hidden costs that I have missed. But most importantly does anyone know what costs we would be looking at for the connect of utilities for: Water Electricity Gas Phone Internet Costs I have found so far are per month (are these OK?) I know car, rent, etc getting as part of package so doesn't really come into things at this stage. Phone & Internet 200.00 Mobile 50.00 Housekeeping 1,000.00 Electricity 200.00 Fuel - Oil or Gas 115.00 Home ins 30.00 Water 60.00 School Stuff 170.00 I am hoping i have over budgeted for Life Cover 200.00 I am hoping i have over budgeted for Other Transporatation 100.00 We have to get back to them to accept (hopefully) very soon as start day is only a few months away.... Argh scary.... Thanks so much in advance on any replies....... :confused: