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Found 435 results

  1. Guest

    cost of living

    Hi there, we are currently looking to move to oz on the 457 visa through my wife's job, would it be possible to live initially on one income of around $100,000 in rented accommodation with 2 small children?
  2. Guest

    Perth - cost of living

    Hi everyone We are expecting to be moving to Perth soon and am looking for some information on what the cost of living will be for the Perth region. Apologies if this has already been asked before, but from doing a search on here I can’t see that anything has been asked specifically about Perth. I am not too worried about the exchange rate between the dollar and sterling as we don’t have much money to bring into Oz. At first we will just be settling in, so will be renting etc.. so am looking for more info about what to expect when we are settled. We (2 adults) are coming over on a 457 visa and our annual income is expected to be about $115,000 per annum gross. In the future we would like to run a family home (Northern Perth suburbs, 4x2 with pool) of about $500,000 with a $100,000 deposit (so a mortgage of about $400,000) when we have got our permanent residency. 1 x family car, normal household bills - gas, electric, water, telephone, internet, council tax, food etc. Does anyone run a similar household (including children if you have them) – is £115,000 enough to have a comfortable lifestyle? I know everyone is different but, I would be grateful if you can share your general experiences with me. Thanks Yvette
  3. Guest

    Cost of Living Buloke Shire, Vic

    Hi all; can anyone help? I am coming over to Aus and will be residing in Donald for six months (if all goes well will be moving to Geelong after this period) and have no idea about costs. I will be getting a initial salary of $82,000 and subsidised rent (it will cost me $90 p/w) but have no idea if this is enough. I still need to send home around $300 p/w to keep things running in the UK until I get my probationary period over with. I will not be living too extravagant but would like to go for a few beers two or three times a week and maybe the odd round of golf. Any help with food costs, utilities, the price of a scooner etc would be much appreciated.
  4. Guest

    How much does health care cost?

    I hear in Oz you have to pay for medi care? how much per month does it work out and what age do you have to pay for children? my daughter is UK born and will be 1 year when we move out would it also be free for her?
  5. Trudiva

    Cost of public school fees.

    Hi everyone, i am so glad i came across this website, my hubby and two kids are moving to central coast in January and one of my concerns is getting a good school for the kids. Does anyone knows of a good public kindie in the central coast possibly in and around tuggera, and finally can i have an idea of how much will go into school fees. We are on 457. Regards
  6. Guest

    Cost of visa 887

    Hello everybody, i wonder if any canhelp clarifying the following: 1. After living for 2 years as 475 SS visa and satsfying all prerequiests to get visa 887 , in order to get the permenant vis (887) how much shall i pay for it ( how much does it cost). 2. How long does it take to get the Australian citizenship after getting the 887 visa Thanks
  7. Guest

    Perth cost of living

    Hi, Please can anyone provide some info on cost of living in relation to salaries for Perth and the surrounding area, including mentioning what are the nice areas for living (apartment rentals) initialy and those areas to avoid. Currently working in Dublin as a physiotherapist and just received my visa so ready to move within 2-3 months. I gather that government physio jobs in Perth can be around the AUD 80K mark so would appreciate how this type of salary will relate to the cost of living. Not expecting to be spending lots each night, more so work mon-fri with enjoyment at weekend, mostly outdoors doing sports etc. Have heard that house prices and cost of living have gone 'through the roof' in recent times but that it's possible houses prices coudl drop in the near future. Any info would be great thanks Chris
  8. Hi, got my IELTS tomorrow so on the off chance I actually pass, I thought I better start the ball rolling on the next part I am tackling. Skills assessment for carpenter (331212). What does it actually entail? All parts. Did some homework pre July but things have changed somewhat. Any advice would be greatly welcomed on both the IELTS or skills assessments. Thanks Rob.
  9. Guest

    repeat perscriptions cost

    Hi could anyone tell me how to get repeat perscriptions and how much do they cost. Many Thanks
  10. Hi , Wondering if anyone has got Quotes From Insurance Company's in Ireland or Know Who Quotes? Shipper's Looking for 3% Thank you In Advance:err:Perth 6th Jan:biggrin:
  11. wakeboard1980

    Cost of shipping back to the UK

    Hi guys, we are looking at moving back to the UK at Xmas. We are currently getting quotes from shipping companies. Could anyone on here let me know how much they paid for their shipping back to the UK? How much of a container did everyone use to send back their gear and what size house did it come out of. I know this question would have a big range of sizes etc but am just looking for some ideas/answers. Thanks in advance
  12. I have just had my cat and dog vaccinated for rabies and they have now had their blood tests. I thought I'd post the cost in case anyone else is looking into the cost of exporting their pet. The cost of the vaccination was £35 each and the blood test £75 each. The cost of some vet treatments varies with the size of pet so I was surprised that the vaccines for a 5kg cat and a 34kg dog were the same. It's possible that it may have been a bit cheaper if I had shopped around but I preferred to use my usual vet, and they are very experienced with pet exports.
  13. Hi, I have been offered a salary of $108000 as an IT Manager in Perth. Would that comfortably support myself, my wife and our one year old son? And does anyone know if that's a good salary for the job type? Thanks in advance
  14. Hi I am sitting my skills assessment very soon for a trade and its costing me 2400 dollars, now I know they have some costs to cover but come on. I cant get over the price there charging for it and im just hoping to god the rest of oz aint as bad now. I lived there 8 years ago and been back couple of times but by looks of things its gona cost a lot more now. I used to be dead set on going to oz for last few years but recently since really looking into it been having second thoughts. Gona cost heaps getting there and setting up. Oh well I have a few days to decide before I pay a fortune for a test that counts for jack when I get there :chatterbox: Sorry for the rant
  15. ........ What an idiot I've been, all these years and decades wasted at the end of the world when I could still have been working as a clerk with Hampshire County Council, - in my 36th year now, just imagine! Almost 40 years and still just turned 60! Think of all the holidays to Benidorm, Salou, Magaluf & Torremolinos I've missed out on. Why didn't I pay attention to important things like the cost of living, the exchange rate, the distance, warm beer, thatched cottages, blackbirds, bluebells & ASDA? I could have saved myself such pain. Why didn't some kind soul back in 1978 give me the 100 good reasons not to go to Australia! Now I am Damned, in Purgatory, with nothing but the pit to look forward to!
  16. downunder

    Cost of living / Salaries

    Hi There, Been reading some thread's about salaries in Australia. The general impression I get is that most people seem to think it is unrealistic to live on anything below $150000 (for a family of 4, as an example). Is there anyone here on a salary of say $50000 and surviving? What type of occupations have these people who are earning $150k plus (one person's income not two)?
  17. Guest

    The cost of living!

    We are planning to move to OZ (Perth) next year so I have been reading about a lot of things on this site. One thing that strikes me is that it seems expensive for everyday things when you get there! Clothing, household items, etc. Even beer seems the same price as UK I know the reasons for the move to OZ (better quality of life, sun etc) but is everyday living better since the average salary seems to be lower than UK, and like here not everyone can afford to shop in Marks & Spencers. It would be great to hear some opinions.
  18. Hi all. Please can anyone give me an up-to-date account (roughly) of monthly expenses for a family of 5 moving to Brisbane. I have looked on lots of other threads but theres not much up-to-date. Things such as ... household bills medical expenses food bills car expenses internet/phone/sky etc etc. Just would like to get a rough idea please. Thanks, Mandy:wink:
  19. Cinders5055

    Cost of Medicals

    Apologies if this question has been asked before - probably hundreds of times! I was just wondering if, like the notary public, the cost of medicals varied in the UK. Has anyone had their medical in London and how much was it? I'm thinking it will probably cost about £250 - £300 is this right? Thanks in advance Lisa
  20. Guest

    Perth cost of living

    Hi I have just been offered a position in Perth on 35 AUS dollars per hour and was wondering if this is enough for a decent standard of living in Perth. I am single with no dependents and as I am fairly young would like to live somewhere central and be able to go out a few nights a week, is this feasible on this wage as I know that a pint of beer in Perth is around about £6.50? Thanks in advance
  21. Hi everyone I have researched lots about Brisbane but not it appears NSW may be more of realistic option for me. Thats why I wanted to post this as I haven't researched much. I seem to be drawn to big cities so naturally am looking at Sydney and the surrounding suburbs. My main worry is I wont be able to afford rent/ car loan and everything else as I guess prices are a little steeper and from what i've looked at (briefly) today this seems to be the case. I know it's a difficult question to ask as everyone's lifestyle differs so much but I wondered if anyone might be able to help me. I'll be moving on my own I'll be earning roughly $57000 pre tax. I'll need to rent, have a car and it would be great to have some on the side to live a little................?! I guess this must vary from suburb to suburb but how much would a 1 bed place be to rent? I'm not into fancy cars so how much would a bog standard car cost to buy/ run? Can I afford to live in or around sydney on my own with that wage is my main question or am I being completely unrealistic?! Thanks Marie
  22. mollyandhendrix

    Advice re. cost of living in Sydney

    Hi, we are trying to decide whether to move to Sydney. There is a possibility my husband could be offered a job so we could go with him getting the 457 sponsored visa. However we cannot decide if we will be able to survive financially on his salary. We are a family of 5 (our children are aged 4, 5 and 21 months) and he'd probably be on approximately 100,000 AUS dollars. However, we understand that you have to pay for medical care and schooling (in the first two years?) etc over there and that the cost of living is higher than over here. Any advice/ info would be greatly appreciated.:biggrin:
  23. Guest

    Cost of Living - OZ = UK

    Hi lm moving to Brisbane with my other half, although we looked at houses online we plan not to sell up in UK and wait until we are sure we want to be permanent in OZ. Looked at several sites on cost of living etc, some say its much the same others say its worse. Im expecting to be in Brisbane in October, getting little nervous, about living costs. Cars seem way more expensive compared to what l drive here and what the cost is for same model. i been offered a salary $120K which l think is average but lm not sure , plus i know i will get a tax free living away from home allowance until my visa expires or i take up full citizenship (457 visa) Whats peoples thoughts ?
  24. Hi All, I'm starting to get a little concerned about the cost of living in Oz and just wanting some advice and someone to ease my mind! I have looked at all the bills we pay here in the UK and then all the bills we would have to pay in Oz. Apart from the odd one or two things (for example fuel) everything else seems to be more expensive in Oz! I know there are some things we would save on (do not have to have MOT each year) but this is give and take as there are also extra bills (for example health insurance) that we would have to pay down under. I have looked at wages and if I work in the same sort of job and the same hours in Oz as I do here in the UK then I would earn double what I earn now so I guess this evens everything out... But i'm still worried! Advice and reassurance needed please. Sue :confused: Ps: This is what I have estimated that we would pay in Oz per year for some bills (in £'s not $) - Gas & Elec: £1700, Rent: £12000, Council Rates: £1000, Home Ins: £600, Car Tax (for 2 cars) £250, Health Insurance: £2000, Equivalent of Sky TV: £850, Water Rates: £450. Do you think I have budgeted enough or too much??? Also, does anyone know if you have to have a TV licence in Oz - Can't seem to find this info on the internet.
  25. barnabus72

    Cost of living

    Hi any families prepared to share their monthly outgoings with us please ? Water Gas Electric Groceries Internet Satellite tv contact lenses ? mobile phones dog insurance life insurance house insurance gym membership ? just to give us an idea for our reccie in August THANKS !!