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Found 435 results

  1. Guest

    Cost of dentistry

    Question for those already living the dream......is the cost of dentistry much cheaper than in the UK? I need to have a lot of work done and it will cost me thousands :yikes: which will leave us a bit short on cash for emigrating. Hubby thinks it'll be cheaper in Oz and wants me to wait. Any advice would be appreciated.
  2. Guest

    Cost of a car

    Can any one tell me what condition car we would be able to get for around $10,000, less if possible. We have 3 children so not to small. Thanks in advance Sam. x
  3. Hi everyone Medicals arrived in Oz on 14th December so just waiting for the magic email now Thought this may be useful. I was given the following cost of living comparisons from a recruitment agent at Michael Page. It would be interesting if anyone already in Oz agrees or disagrees with it. To maintain a similar standard of living: If you Earn … £ in the UK You will need to earn ….$ in Australia £25,000 $44,200 £30,000 $53,000 £35,000 $62,000 £40,000 $70,500 £45,000 $79,400 £50,000 $88,200 £55,000 $97,000 £60,000 $105,880 £65,000 $114,700 £70,000 $123,500 £75,000 $132,300 £80,000 $141,200 £85,000 $150,000 £90,000 $158,800 £95,000 $167,600 £100,000 $176,500 Hope it helps anyone planning a move. Regards Gail
  4. Hi guys, We have finally sent our medicals and police checks off and are now at the stage where we are thinking oh my god it could be soon! reality has hit big time. I appreciate this could be asking alot however, you dont know until you ask.. :? We are really starting to panic about cost of living...Yes I hear you all say. Would anyone be willing to let me have a fairly precise monthly expenditure on what they are paying out each month. I'm a visual person and seeing what someone is really paying each month would really help. We would be initially renting and at present there is only the two of us. Looking to move to Melbourne - Narre Warren area. Thanks in advance to anyone willing to allow me to be nosey!
  5. Hi. Just made a few enquiries about medicals. Someone posted a link which gave the names/contact details of panel doctors and radiologists a wee while back which was most helpful. It is worthwhile considering using a panel doctor that isnt in a capital city to do your medicals as it can cut your costs a bit. The cost of a medical for an adult with a nearby panel doctor was 98.00 and for a child 60.00. In regards to Radiologist fees this was 73.50 for and adult. I was told that I need wait only a week for an appointment with each establishment. This is a worry off my mind as I had envisaged getting a request and waiting ages for an appointment. Glad I phoned now!!!. ;-) Daisydeeds.
  6. Out of curiosity I logged on to http://www.coles.com.au and did what I would have thought was a 'normal' weekly shop for our household of two adults. I thought the easiest way was to shove it into a spreadsheet so that I could refer to it later. If you are interested, you can get a copy of the spreadsheet at http://www.levelx.co.uk/oz-col.xls and save a copy somewhere on your PC. Obviously if you are not in the UK you could change the exchange rate field in the spreadsheet to whereever you are. I was quite surprised to find that my weekly shop is in fact about the same £ wise as it is in the UK, although, I must admit, there seems to be a significant saving when it comes to wine.
  7. Guest

    cost of living

    hi could anyone tell me what the average is and the average cost of living. regards john
  8. Guest

    Cost of Living

    newbie here have been offered a job in sydney but does anybody know of a good cost of living calculator website have searched but cannot find one. Also finding it difficult to find furnished apartments is this not the norm in australia?? Any help would be appriciated going out on my own and starting to feel the need for a brown paper bag even though I am excited!!
  9. Guest


    hi all we have just read through the TRA notes... o my god.. my wife is a self employed hairdresser but is struggling to gather the information required on the form. do you realy have to put were you have worked since leaving school? even though this is not relavent to her current occupation. is it worth getting an agent to assist with the process, any recommendations, costs, ect. thanks in anticipation davecon
  10. Guest

    Cost of Living

    Does anyone know what the true cost of living is. The dept of immigration say $930 per week for 3 people, I have a book which says $2750 per month for a family of four. I know it depends on where you live, but my partner is worried as his work would earn him $600 per week and he will be the main bread winner. We will have savings etc but don't want to fritter it away. I've also read somewhere the average weekly wage is $950. I am struggling to find many professions who earn that sort of money. Most appear to be $5-750 per week. Any help/info appreciated.