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Found 435 results

  1. Guest

    Cost of visa and medical etc?

    Hi Could anyone please give me an idea of the costs incurred for skilled visa, medical and anything else that may be required. I am planning on moving with teenager son next year, and trying to judge costs? Many thanks in advance.
  2. Arniston Skippy

    Cost, Please

    Hello, guys. We are currently at the early stages of migration. Can anybody give me an indication and breakdown of the costs involved in applying for TRA, meds, etc. All information relevant to this would be very helpful.......... Thanks
  3. Guest

    Cost of living

    Hi everyone. I am new to this site. I am looking to move to Perth next year. I am interested in the cost of living in Perth based on a family of 4. Thanks.cruise.
  4. keily

    cost /hassel

    hi all we keep reading about skills shortages and the oz govt now wanting english speaking immigrants ? is it only me or does any body else think its now been made harder to emmigrate to oz what with the increased cost of veetasses /pathway d being removed from the skills list . surely all of this new cost and hassel will put of more people than it will attract? :arghh:
  5. Guest

    What Agent to use and cost?

    Hello Just begining. I guess the best place to start would be deciding on what agent to use? Could someone recommend an agent and how much will it cost. What would be my best next step? Apart from visa, health check and moving costs' what else will I be paying for? Thanks for your help and advice in advance.
  6. Guest

    Perth: Cost of living

    Could somebody please tell me roughly what the cost of living is like in Perth, i've heard of a few people its very expensive and this is putting my girlfriend off and we've just paid for my visa dont want to throw it all away now. based on a average 3 bed with a/c in Clarkson (monthly) Gas Electric Council Rates Broadband Phone Sky (Foxtel) Shopping Petrol Medicare Home Insurance anything i've missed please feel free to add. Many thanks.
  7. Out of curiosity I logged on to http://www.coles.com.au and did what I would have thought was a 'normal' weekly shop for our household of two adults. I thought the easiest way was to shove it into a spreadsheet so that I could refer to it later. If you are interested, you can get a copy of the spreadsheet at http://www.levelx.co.uk/oz-col.xls and save a copy somewhere on your PC. Obviously if you are not in the UK you could change the exchange rate field in the spreadsheet to whereever you are. I was quite surprised to find that my weekly shop is in fact about the same £ wise as it is in the UK, although, I must admit, there seems to be a significant saving when it comes to wine.
  8. Hi all I'm new to this forum and have spent a lot of time reading all your helpful advice and info on life in Oz. I'm 25, and planning to fly out in Sept on the Working Holiday Visa, with the intention of being sponsored (I think I'll be ok with the visas, so I'm not too concerned about that). I must also stress that I'm struggling to control my excitement over this new part of my life. I'm not sure how long I'll stay, but if I'm happy then why come back?! I'm hoping to head to Brisbane becuase there's quite a bit of work in my Transport Engineering, although I'm also looking at Sydney, but I'll decide when I have some interviews and see what's available. I have a rough idea of my potential salary, and it is surprisingly close to my current UK salary. But given the ridiculous cost of housing, running a car, and drinking in pubs/bars etc in the UK, i think I'll be somewhat better off living in an Oz city without a car and with a different lifestyle. What I'd really like to know is the cost a few key items which I think would give a good indication as to the real cost of living, becuase I seem to hear quite varied reports on the differences in costs with the UK. So please could any of you post any info on the costs of the following. Please could you also state your location in Oz, as that will provide a more useful result. Here is a list of what I think would be good items to judge costs (UK prices in brackets for non-London locations) 1) Regular McDonalds Meal (£3.29) 2) Pint of beer from a standard bar/pub (I know pints aren't common there, but the equivalent would be useful!) (£2.70) 3) 1 litre of petrol (95p) 4) 6 pack of beer from supermarket (£4.99 ish?) 5) Lunch meal deal from most high street shops- Sandwich, bag of crisps, bottle of coke (£2.99) I know this list might make me look like some sort of beer-guzzling, food monster who's too lazy to walk anywhere, but I think these are the main costs in my life at the mo. Also, everyone usually refers to the cost of housing, weekly shopping, bills etc... which are all so dependent on the family size, lifestyle, location etc! I think the items I have listed are a good measure to use. So, please can you reply with the costs you have experienced (Oz $ or GBP is cool, whatever is easier for you) and your location in Oz. Thanks for all your super advice, keep it up! I will add my experiences when I have arrived and settled, Rich
  9. Hi can anyone explain why so many people are saying that bedding.. Duvets..are much more expensive in OZ.How much more expensive can they be from say..Buying them from John Lewis or Marks and Spencers..Tell me they don't cost more than these shops.If so then we will be shipping lots out.:huh:
  10. Guest

    average cost using an agent

    Hello I have contacted few agents and they are working out to be around £3500 which includes everything is this about right ? i am going with my partner thanks.
  11. Guest

    the cost of dogs

    Hi Everyone just got my visas through for me and my wife Elle.We're moving to melbourne.However she insists our dogs come too. 2 border collie bitches. Watched the program 'Wanted Down Under' this morning and it was suggested that it cost on average approx £3000.00 per dog .Surely this can't be correct.Please,Please could somebody put our minds at rest on this issue. Otherwise I might be coming over alone.
  12. Hi can anyone explain why so many people are saying that bedding.. Duvets..are much more expensive in OZ.How much more expensive can they be from say..Buying them from John Lewis or Marks and Spencers..Tell me they don't cost more than these shops.If so then we will be shipping lots out.:jiggy:
  13. Can anyone give me an approx cost monthly that they are paying for a morgage, ie how many $ per month to borrow $100,000 etc??? I seem to notice that the interest rate there is higher than here. I am no financial wizard so just looking for a approx figure so that we can discuss if we should look to long term let (as on a temp visa) or if it would be best to plough that money in to buy and keep everything crossed they let us stay :wacko: Thank in advance Em x
  14. Guest

    Cost of TRA Assessment?

    Hi, I am wondering if anyone knows the cost of a TRA application? Have they changed it so you only pay $300? When we did ours we paid extra to have it prioritised so it cost us more, ($500 I think). According to their website there is just a fee of $300. I am asking as friends of ours are getting ready to send off their assessment. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Sarah.
  15. Guest

    Cost of a car

    Can any one tell me what condition car we would be able to get for around $10,000, less if possible. We have 3 children so not to small. Thanks in advance Sam. x
  16. Guest

    cost of bikes

    Iam thinking of getting a new bike for my 11yr old lad do I buy in the Uk or Oz, is there much price differance and will customs pick up on this ? only a couple of months use ) Is it worth taking older fridge / freezers , do they stand up to the journey and what is the cost in Oz to replace Garden items how clean is clean ?, ie, petrol lawnmowers Lastly we have wicker / rattan dining chairs we think we cant take them is this the case ? Had our medicals waiting for police checks to come back , heading for Brisbane soon as poss GOOD LUCK EVERYONE
  17. batman

    cost of medicals and where

    we got the email this morning to go for our medicals and get pc,s.I would be grateful if some of you helpful people on this forum could let me know how much you paid for your medicals and where abouts you had them done ive had one quote today for a family of five it was around £800 in york thanks in advance for your info
  18. Guest

    Cost of Education

    My Wife and I are here on a 457 4 year working Visa. My daughter is almost 3. If she was to start state primary school, how much would it cost? We currently live in Sydney. We are thinking of moving to Brisbane, have they similiar costs? Another question..... If we are to apply for permanent residency, would we stil have to pay for our childs education in either NSW/QLD? Thanks Jay
  19. Hi, Just spoke to a lovely lady from PETS ON THE MOVE . She has quoted for both our dogs Baily - german shepherd and Lucy - Lurcher £3000.00 for everything !!!! I thought it was going to be about 6000.00. Her cost is door to door. She is sending me a letter to confirm. I got her name from Ali who said she used them for her cat. Thanks Ali. Will let you know more when i find out. PS I had read that there was a 5 month waiting list for quarantine in Aus but she said that Sydney was the largest and space there is fine. yvonne
  20. parsonsbigfamilyadventure

    Cost of living

    Hi all I know this is a difficult question, but you guys that have gone over recently can you tell me about deduction ie income tax is it the same as the uk, are there any deductions taken from your wages fori Medicare, also how much roughly does it cost to visit the doctors and also percription cost Thanks Johanne
  21. Guest


    hya could anyone tell me how much the whole application cost for a skilled worker taking everything into account eg medicals police checks etc as were not using an agent thanks phill and christina
  22. Guest

    cost of medicals, TRA.

    Hi everyone, Could anybody tell me approx cost for medicals and medicals please ? Lisa
  23. Guest

    cost of medicals, TRA.

    Hi everyone, Could anybody tell me approx cost for medicals and TRA please ? Lisa
  24. Guest

    cost of visa

    Hi everyone, me and hubby thinking of emigrating from uk. Knew it would be expensive but we have just found some info that says the visa application alone is about $4000. Is this right?:arghh: :cry:
  25. Does anyone have any idea of the cost of buying property in Brisbane. For example here in Spain the rule of thumb is +10% of property value to cover conveyancing, land registry ect...