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Found 435 results

  1. Generalis

    Cost of childcare - Brisbane

    Does anyone know how much childcare is per hour in Brisbane or surrounding areas? My mother in law has frightened me by saying she saw a programme and it was equivalent to £10 per hour. I have 2 children. One will be in full time childcare as he will be 3 and the other will be before/after school care. Hope someone can help me out. Thanks Sam
  2. Guest

    Cost of Living

    Hi Can anyone give me a rough guide to cost of living in Brissy. We are a family of 4. Utilities etc and car costs. Children are 18 and 13. Alison:err:
  3. Guest

    Cost of Flights to Oz

    Hi all, Can someone advise on a typical cost of return flights to oz. Been having a search and I cannot get anything under £1100 return per person. I knew it wasn't cheap but was hoping to get something around the £700 mark. Or am I completely out of touch....... Many thanks Mandisfam
  4. Hi Guys, I'm trying to do a spreadsheet of costs for the move... one thing i'm having trouble finding even a rough guide of is shipping... because i know it depends on how much you want to ship... Can anyone tell me how much they paid and for how much stuff? We have a small 1 bedroom flat so not alot of belongings. Meg x
  5. Hi I've read alot of previous threads on this but was hoping to get some specific advice. I read one particular thread which included a cost calculator to export but our car wasn't listed. So, we have VW Touran 2005 - estimated selling price £9k. Besides the cost of shipping it, does anyone have any experience of the requirements in NSW of importing the car and what additional costs we would incur - I need to decide once and for all whether or not its worth the additional cost. Thanks in advance for any help. Sunsh1ne
  6. Mehiho

    Cost of IELTS

    Hi How much does the ielts cost and do I have to go to london to do the test? Any info will be appreciated. Thank you Mehiho
  7. Hi All Can anyone help me. I'm trying to get a rough idea on how much I would need to earn to support a family of 4 whilst living in Melbourne/Melbourne Suburbs. I've been offered a job on a 457 - salary will be about $80K p.a. and I know the cost of private medical insurance will be $390 per month. Rent about $2K per month, but it's with the utility bills etc where I really don't know a reasonable amount to budget. Also what about weekly shopping ? Is it really that much more expensive than here in the UK ? I'm worried that the salary will not be enough to live on.....help !!! Thanks in advance. :spinny:
  8. Guest

    Cost of Housing in Brisbane

    hey everyone, I am in the middle of applying for my 175 visa I think I am going to head to Brisbane, can anyone give me any ideas of average house prices??? I have currently got a house in the UK worth around £180,000 cheers Tom
  9. Hi, could anyone tell me the cost of an Aussie passport these days? I enquired about 10 years ago and it was £55 then. Regards Glynn
  10. Guest

    Cost of living in OZ

    Hi all I watched a programme last night about a couple who were returning from OZ as the husband didnt like it. They said the costs of shopping (food, electrical goods etc) were double in Australia than in England - is that right??? I hadn't thought it would be that different. Anyone know any different? Sally
  11. Guest

    Cost of shipping to oz

    hey everyone, On average how much does it cost to ship goods from a flat in london to perth WA? Trying to get a rough idea so we can determine if we're being ripped off by some of the shippers THanks
  12. Guest


    i know this question has probably been asked 1000 times but can anyone give me a break down of cost from tra to getting visa , im applying as a skilled :goofy:worker class 175 thanks phill
  13. Guest

    cost of moving to oz!!!!!!!!!

    hi, me and my husband are looking into moving to oz in a few years time, so at the moment just trying to get as much info together as i can. How much does it cost to fund a new life in oz, i.e cost of visas, immigration etc. My husband is currently in the forces and will come out with a monthly pension of about £650 per month plus a £30,000 payoff plus we also have about £50,000 when we sell our home. I am just wondering what kind of money i will need upfront for paying costs etc. I have noticed that it is about £3,00 to ship out our furniture but not sure about our dog. My husband is a very laid back person and thinks its TOO difficult a process to go through, although he does want to go! I want to be able to tell him that lots of people have done it and go through the process all the time, please help!!!!!!!!!!:arghh: thanks Donnax
  14. Guest

    Cost of emigrating?

    Hi All, Could someone tell me the approx. cost of emigrating, with & without agents. Do agents save you money in the long run? Cheers, Adele
  15. Guest

    Cost of Living

    Is anyone else struggling with the cost of living here? Our dollars seem to practically blow out the window. We dont have a big mortgage, are not frivilous or go out to eat a lot, the money just seems to disappear. Wages dont seem to be good compared to cost of living and I think I'll need to get a full-time job, not what I came here for:nah: . I think I'm just on a downer, not homesick or anything, just struggling with the different way of life here. (Someone shouted at me for cycling on the road yesterday, I was gobsmacked)
  16. Guest

    shipping containers (cost of)

    Is it cost effective to ship furniture etc.to Oz, or is it almost as cheap to buy new? How much does it cost to send a small container from the UK to Oz? Can't decide whether to ditch everything or should we take it to make us feel more at home. What is everyone else doing?
  17. Guest

    Cost of Living Aus or UK

    There has been lots of bits and bobs about the cost of living rising in Australia. It would be good to finally get some idea of how much the cost of living is so we can compare. It would give everone some idea of what they need to live in either UK or Aus. Here is our stuff Phil Works in a club as Food and Beverage Manager and earns £28K, Jude works part time and gets £8K. But the cost of living here on the isle of wight isn't that cheap. Typical rent is £700 a month, for a 3/4 bed house. Our Gas/Electric is over £1000 a year, water rates £650, Council rates £1200, Car tax over £200 a year, and car insurance is 0ver £300. Our weekly shop for two adults and two kids is over £120. TV licence (how quickly you forget about that when you don't pay it in OZ) £140., then theres Home insurance, Cable tv and Broadband. It would be good to compare wages and the cost of living with australia so come on and add your info so we can see if we can afford to live in Aus. Jude and Phil
  18. Guest

    Cost to go?

    I know everyone's circumstance's are different, but what would be the rough cost to actually get out there for a family of 3? I dont plan to use an agent as of yet and would require TRA. What I mean is application costs, flights,insurance etc. I have a figure to take over to see us through maybe a year or so if things are tight to start and to maybe buy a car, but how much to get the process done? Any help/idea's would be great thanks. p.s We will not be shipping anything out either
  19. Guest

    Cost of living

    Hi Guy's i'm new to Poms in OZ, Really need some advise! We are thinking of moving to Sydney or at least near to it and we were wondering about the cost of living. Does anyone know roughly the following costs: Mobile phone to buy and run To buy and run a car The cost of a family meal out Weekly food shopping Transport cost The cost of a pint Would also really appreciate some advise on where to live we have a small daughter of 16month and i'm planning to have another child. I did spend some time many years ago in Manly and really, really loved it. However i have been looking at this area and it's really, really exspensive. I would really love to live nearish to the beach for the kids. Any suggestions on good family suburbs, not to expensive.:wubclub: Maddy.
  20. Hi there just been wondering about shipping costs A lady I spoke to once, who came home then went back said "at least I know how to do it right this time" and continued to say how she would ship everything out 2nd time round, sorry I can't remember her reasons now. It does make me think though on top of all the other costs just how much will it cost to start from scratch? sofa, beds, bedding,pots, pans,washer, dryer fridge the list goes on I also don't know how much it costs to ship everything either. Just one of my many many thoughts buzzing around my head:wacko: Diane
  21. Guest

    Cost of childminding

    Hey everyone!!:smile: I'm in Childcare, and will work for Select Teaching Agency if we get our visa for Oz. Im just thinking ahead, and wondering whether anyone knows what childminders charge in the Sydney area as I'd like to work from home once we have a family in the near future. Thanks.....Vik :cute:
  22. stuffy123

    How Much Do The Meds Cost

    How much do the medicals cost , they will be for 2 adults and 2 children. Thanks
  23. Hello you lovely people Me and my partner have decided to move to Australia in the new year. I am an electrical estimator in the construction industry My first task is to look into the visa process I am wondering if anyone can answer the following questions that I have Were do you go to apply How long will it take on average What costs are associated Please can you also give me any advice from your experience that you might think I would need Thanks in advance Mark
  24. Hi guys To anyone in Oz (preferably Melbourne) - we're wondering whether to bother buying when we get there. We've done some research on costs and they seem very eager to throw loads of money at you for a mortgage and then take upwards of 55% of your net income back off you in repayments!! Dan will be at college full time and therefore not earning for the first couple of years so having done some very rough estimations on net income (still being very hazy about the tax system) and hopefully hugely underestimating income!! - we've had a look at what we can get and the cost of repayments....so 1. Can a couple (no children) live on $2k per month net after mortgage. I'm thinking utilities, petrol, travel costs, food, a small amount of 'life'. Our UK costs for these things amount to around £1250 pm but hopefully food and petrol are still slightly less in Oz than the national debt. It's really not knowing the monthly costs of utilities, broadband, train tickets etc that make it hard to see if it's possible - we can always just stop eating!!; and 2. Is it worth buying at all? It's expensive. Obviously one day when we have a family we will want our own place but has anyone long term rented and found it really worked for them? Rental does seem to be a lot cheaper than mortgage but we had hoped to keep our first place as a retirement investment. Anyone have any thoughts on the financial aspect of buying vs renting?? Ta very much :wubclub:
  25. Guest

    How much does it all cost?

    Hopefully once I have spoken to the migration agent we have chosen tomorrow I will have the required 120 points thanks to the ielts test. So, what would I expect to pay for an agent to sort out the emigration visa? Also does anyone have any idea what it would cost to ship 2 Golden Retrievers out to Australia? Thanks Iain, Rachael & Ellie.