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Found 435 results

  1. Hello Would be really grateful if anyone might be able to give us a rough idea of what we can expect to pay for a decent 6 seater & parasol garden furniture set. Tried googling etc but not getting any prices with what I am coming across. I know it will depend on quality but if we say middle of the road, aluminium type. Thanks. Jo :spinny: :spinny:
  2. Guest

    cost of a weekly shop...

    my husband and I are moving to Corindi Beach (just north of Coffs) in about 3 months time.... I've been offered work and he is a tiler and is australian so will have no worries picking up where he left off.. just wondered if anyone could give me an idea of their weekly food shop bill.... would be nice to figure out how much we'll have outgoing on top of our mortgage etc Thanks ! Linzi
  3. Hey guys, my name is Tracie and I am enrolled at Victoria university as an International student and will be joining it this July end. Since I have never been to Victoria, got no idea about living expense and life there. Can anyone please tell me which will be the best, safe, cheap and close place to live to Footscray campus ? I've heard some wrong things about living in Footscray, Flemington and other close areas to campus. People say that its not safe to go out in nyte ? Is it true? What is the cost of living in suburbs ( Flemington, Kenigston etc. close to my campus) there? Like how much is the average rent? and how much one should expect expenditure on food and beverages weekly? Is it cheap to make your own food? What about traveling cost ? Is trams, buses and trains are cheaper than car? How much they cost weekly? Is gas is cheap ? I'd like to work part time over there, to improve my communication and to build some network. What kinda wages should I expect ? And where should I look for jobs ? I really need some information and would really appreciate it !!!!!!!!!:GEEK:
  4. We ae in the lengthy process of a visa and we want to come to perth but dont know which part and what the rent for a 4/5 bedroom home, near the beach would be great. Any body got any advice? Sharon and Paul
  5. Hi Looking to move to Brizzie in 8 weeks. Looking at spending $400 a week on rent in a 2-3 bed apartment/townhouse in suburb 20mins from CBD. Could anyone advise me on the average costs of the following? 1. Electric 2. Gas 3. Internet/phone 4. Foxtel (with all sports/movies included) 5. Water 6. Council tax (we pay this in UK but not sure how it works in Oz?) 7. Medicare Is there anything I have missed? Also, not sure if when renting some of the above will be included in the rent? Any advice/info will be most welcome. Thanks, Scott :cute:
  6. Guest

    Cost of Living Help

    Hi Ya Yet another load of questions sorry :arghh: I need to have some sort of clue for Berwick Vic Rates Water Gas Elec Stamp Duty Car Ins Cost of a car for a family of 4 Ie like a ford Focus Car tax or whatever they may have i dont drive so i dont have a clue bout these things just my oh has asked.. School fees ? my boys are 14 and 17 Private Medical Insurance Internet rough cost Phone Sorry its a lot to ask it will help me tho Thanks in advance x
  7. Hi all I'm about to start applying for RPL assessment through the ACS and then a 175 visa. Not wanting the whole process to take forever, I'm thinking of using either PTLabs or Go Matilda. Does anyone know roughly how much extra this would cost me on top of the visa costs? Thanks
  8. Guest

    Cost of Medications

    Hi, I wonder if anyone can offer some advice, my parents emmigrated at the tail end of last year on a contributory Parent Visa, they both have medical conditions, one of which means that a particular medicine is costing $100 per month!, they only have state pensions from the UK plus small government pensions, basically they are struggling financially, the x rate is not helping obviously! (when will they sort this out!), can anyone offer some advice on getting a reduction in cost of medications.? Thanks
  9. :jiggy:Any ideas what the total cost we could be looking at in a move to oz includinging flights ,visa, etc :wacko: thanks guys x
  10. Hi, I am thinking of immigrating to oz but have no idea how much it would cost to relocate two cats. All the sites that i look at seem to give no idea of a rough cost does anyone have any idea how much it is very roughly. Including flights, quarantine vets etc? xx
  11. Guest

    Cost of running a house

    Hi all, Don't suppose any one out there knows what bills are you looking at paying over there...for example TV Licence, Council Tax equiv, Cable, electricity etc I know we have to pay dentist and healthcare, if someone could give me ideas I know the cost of it will be different for certain things but just be good to have some idea. Thanks
  12. I have been looking at various bits regarding cost of living but as you know no-one really knows until they have moved to a place what the costs are. Does anyone have a breakdown or know of a place I can find that gives an indepth monthly cost of living. Would be really grateful for any advice on this matter. We have 2 kids of 5 and 4, run a car, would be looking to rent a 4 bedroom hopefully in brisbane or cairns. Thanks in advance
  13. Guest

    Cost of Sponsorship

    Hi, Wondered if anyone can answer me this question. Our agent advised us that in September 07 the rules changed in terms of the cost of sponsoring. The sponsor no longer has to put up funds. However, on sending the forms to my sister in OZ the Centrelink form states that they must put up $7000. Has anyone else had this confusion over sponsorship????
  14. Guest

    Cost of Medicals in Cardiff

    Hi All, Thought this could be of interest, teephoned two panel doctors in Cardiff....our nearest...this morning, we have been quoted £150 for adults and £50 for any children under 14, from one of the surgeries and £150 for adults and £100 for children under 14, plus Bloods... yes you heard me correctly + bloods... and extra bloods for my wife as she is a nurse and would work in the same profession in Australia. Xrays come out at a whopping....£83.50 each, there are 5 of us for xrays and 7 for medicals!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So the cheapest we could do them is...... £150.00 X 3 = £450 (41,39,17) £ 50.00 X 4 = £200 (14,13,10,6) £ 83.50 X 5 =£417.50 Total for med in Cardiff then!!!!! £1067.50 for 7 of us, a bargain?Well that depends on whether or not we get to Australia Then the other Panel doctor wanted £950.00 In total for the 7 of us, which included a discount !!! Apparently?????????:no: I think not........ £950.00 £417.50 Total.........£1367.50 !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes a Whopping £300.00 more !!! :arghh:They must just pluck these figures out of thin air !! Any comments or thoughts greatfully received.........Im sure there were more panel doctors in South Wales, if we gotta do it this way then so be it !!!!!!!!!!!! Pat,Janie & Children
  15. Hi All, OH is a chippy and we're looking at Perth. I looked at the Aussiemove.com site and its quoting cost of living in Perth $1153 per week with a mortage - seems to have gone up recently OH has been told that working he is looking at $30 per hour Does anyone think this is about right for both?? Also if I work out there I would like to work in a pre-scool or kindergarten. Does anyone know what an average hourly rate would be? I'm doing my qualification now. Thank you.:goofy: Emma
  16. Hi All, Can someone clarify if an UK estate agents valuation is sufficient for the ATO to calculate the cost base. Raj
  17. Prices from Sep 07 AUD Milk, pasteurised whole milk (1 L) 2.07 Cream, pasteurised (0.5 L) 2.22 Butter, table quality (500 g) 3.54 Yoghurt, natural or plain (180 g) 0.94 Cheese, French camembert (500 g) 18.45 Eggs, large, grade A (12) 3.79 Bread, white sliced toast (1 kg) 3.25 Bread, whole-wheat sliced toast (1 kg) 5.37 Rice, long-grain (1 kg) 2.39 Spaghetti (1 kg) 3.98 Sugar, granulated white (1 kg) 1.54 Flour, for baking, white (1 kg) 2.46 Cornflakes, plain (375 g) 3.50 Instant coffee (125 g) 9.43 Ground coffee (500 g) 18.76 Tea bags (25) 1.67 Instant chocolate powder (500 g) 5.10 Coca-Cola (1 L) 1.61 Mineral water, non-sparkling (1 L) 2.30 Mineral water, sparkling (1 L) 2.25 Orange juice (1 L) 2.19 Margarine (500 g) 2.99 Olive oil (1 L) 13.98 Corn oil, for frying (1 L) 4.60 Potatoes (1 kg) 3.22 Onions (1 kg) 1.97 Garlic (150 g) 1.11 Tomatoes (1 kg) 5.98 Lettuce (1 kg) 6.60 Oranges (1 kg) 3.22 Apples (1 kg) 4.98 Bananas (1 kg) 6.95 Peas (250 g) 1.04 Tomatoes, whole peeled (250 g) 0.72 Peaches, halved (510 g) 2.45 Pineapple, sliced (510 g)1.83 Beef, filet mignon, chateaubriand (1 kg) 28.99 Beef, for roast beef (1 kg) 15.96 Beef, lean ground for hamburgers (1 kg) 11.99 Veal, for escalopes (1 kg) 24.99 Lamb, leg with bone (1 kg) 13.10 Lamb, chops (1 kg) 13.99 Pork, chops (1 kg) 13.99 Pork, loin for roasting (1 kg) 7.99 Ham, sliced cooked for sandwiches (1 kg) 18.48 Bacon strips (1 kg) 12.98 Sausages, wiener or frankfurter (1 kg) 9.38 Chicken, whole, ready for roasting (1 kg) 6.29 Fish, fresh salmon or sole fillet (1 kg) 31.99 Fish, fresh cod or similar white fish (1 kg) 16.99 Shrimp prawns, medium unpeeled (1 kg) 24.98 Frozen prepared fish sticks (1 kg) 10.65 Peanuts, without shells (150 g) 1.64 Potato chips, natural flavour (150 g) 3.49 Table salt, fine (500 g) 1.27 Black pepper, whole or ground (50 g)1.67 Ice cream, vanilla (1 L) 7.25 Biscuits, butter biscuits (200 g) 1.64 Apple pie, fresh or frozen (500 g) 3.58 Marmalade or jam, strawberry (370 g) 3.63 Milk chocolate bar (100 g) 2.53 Box of chocolates, 'After Eight' (250 g) 12.54 Ketchup (340 g) 1.30 Mustard, Dijon type (200 g) 2.53 Soy sauce (0.25 L) 3.35 Baby food, fruit-based (130 g) 1.30 Baby food, meat and vegetables (130 g) 1.47 Instant soup, box of 4 individual (75 g) 2.24 Frozen pizza, cheese and tomato (320 g) 3.50
  18. Gaztin657

    cost of living???

    Hi my family and I are hoping to be living inTapping, just outside Joondaloop. Does anyone have any info on the cost of living. For example how much would you reckon gas, electric, food etc per week for a family of 5? I have been told that its quite expensive, does anybody else think so? Thanks :spinny:
  19. Guest

    Cost of shipping?

    Hi all Does any one know if its possible to ship a small load of stuff to Sydney for no more than £1000.00. I only have a few items of furniture and personal stuff which wouldn`t fill even half a container. I woudl like to bring these items because they are good quality, the alternative is to store them in the UK at a rate of £40.00 per month until I return. Cheers Darrell
  20. Hi Guys, I have been to both Melbourne and Sydney as a tourist but am going to be taking the plunge next year and move to Oz, which city though is yet undecided. I will be able to take with me around £70k once I have sold my property but need some advice on general cost of living, house prices, food, taxes etc..in both of the cities. Has any one got any helpful advice on costs in both cities as I want to try and make what money I do have go as far as possible....? Thanks :spinny:
  21. Guest

    Cost of childcare

    Anyone know how much I can expect to pay for kindy per day? My little boy will be 2 when we move later this year, I'm sure it would drive him nuts spending all day every day with me. :jimlad: thanks Michelle
  22. Rubbidydub

    Import Cost On a Porsche Boxter

    HI Has any one out there got a ball park, stab in the dark, rough cost price of what it would cost to import my beloved boxter over to OZ. Its worth around £12K and i can just imagine driving around Perth with the roof down enjoying the breeze unlike here where ya lucky to get the roof down half a dozen times!!! Just want to know if its worth the cost of importing or loosing money on selling it? Any one who can help with import fees or info pls shout! thanks in advance M&L
  23. Mehiho

    medical cost for family of six

    Hi I have just been quoted £625 for the medicals,x-rays and blood tests for a family of six.Has anyone been quoted any cheaper.This amount also covers the posting and packaging.We are 2 adults and 4 children.To break it down, Medical for 2 adult is £180 +2 HIV AT £50 +2 X-RAYS AT £80 1ST CHILD IS 14 MEDICAL IS £90 +x-ray at £40 other children are 8,4, and 14 months £210 for medical only Please tell me if anyone has found anything cheaper. Thanks
  24. Guest

    Cost of Living In Sydney?

    Hi All Can anyone tell me how the cost of living in Sydney compares to the UK. Thanks Liz:swoon:
  25. Guest

    Cost Of Furniture

    Can anyone answer this, we purchased a few items from Ikea in UK recently just to spruce up house ready for sale .So for a comparison we looked at Ikea Perth online & were shocked to find how much more expensive the items were in Aus than UK.Are all items of furniture more expensive than they are in UK? Thanks