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Found 435 results

  1. Hi, Any advice on how much visas cost would be great - for a family of four on Employer Nomination Scheme (Subclass 121/856) or temporary 457 visa or similar... Much appreciated, WARDStoOZ
  2. I've been having a mare worrying that life wo't be better in Oz with the cost of living increasing everywhere. Can't seem to get a true picture of what it costs for a family to survive in PERTH, particularly. From the info I've picked up, it seems that you need about £100K PA for a family of 4. That seems ridiculous! Can anyone who's been living out there tell me what it REALLY costs. Thank you, thank you, thank you x
  3. Guest

    Cost of living

    Hi all... Could anyone give us an idea of the cost of living in Oz compared to the U.K. bearing in mind that for those who aren't in the U.K. now - prices have gone up... and up... and up!!! Regards
  4. AnxiousMum

    Cost for cat from start to finish?

    I have looked at other posts like the one I am posting now, but still havent really found what I am looking for. I would like to know from anyone who has taken their cat to OZ how much it cost from the beginning please. How much charged to fly cat and the injection costs etc. Then how much in quaranine and how much that costs too. I have been quoted £1512.00 by a pet relocation company, but thats just to fly cat and get vet stuff done. Anyone think thats alot, or can I get cheaper than that? I have found out it will probably cost around £280 for the quarantine bit, does anyone know if thats about right too? Thanks in advance:yes:
  5. Hi All Not sure if this is the right place but I have a question. My hubby is diabetic taking insulin that in itself is not a problem as long as it is well controlled, or so I am lead to believe. My question is as we are hopefully going on a 457 visa what would we have to pay for the insulin etc as I have been told some are quite expensive? Also is it possible to purchase it here in the UK and have it posted to Australia by a family member? Any imput would be gratefully received.:wubclub: ktb08
  6. SarahJane690

    457 Visa cost

    Hi all, I am currently waiting on the big 457 application - my agent has all my stuff and i just got my rego to work as a radiographer so i'm hoping they'll actually submit it soon - although they don't exactly communicate with me:arghh: much! But the big question is - how much is this visa? I can't believe i've got this far and there's been no mention of money! I'm being sponsored so does this make a difference? A very confused :wacko: Sj
  7. Guest

    cost of living

    How much roughly would anybody say you would need to live on a week for an average family of 4. We are probably looking at 300 to 400 $Aud paying out in rent a week. then theres food and bills fuel etc. Ive just done that cost of living calculator on here and it says i need to earn about 7k less than i do now to maintain the same standard of living. Is that thing correct.
  8. Hi Just done a mock food shop online with woolworths (safeway) and im amazed how much it came to, just an average weeks shop came to $265 and there is only two of us and i really didnt put that much in the basket !!! is it really that expensive in Perth and is there a cheaper way to do the shopping ??? starting to worry we will starve !:err:
  9. Guest

    Cost of travel outside of Oz!

    Hi all, Can anyone please give me some web links to aussie travel shops (like the equivalent of Thomas Cook or First choice)in Oz as I am trying to get a good idea of how much it is to travel outside of Oz at the mo.For example how much does a week on a greek island cost?How about flights and accomo for 2 weeks in India,(Dehli)?How about flights (return)to the UK?Would appreciate it if anyone could help?Thanks xxx
  10. stuffy123

    Cost Of Medicals for family of 4

    Booked our MEDICALS today in Leeds the total cost is £750. for a family of 4. £235. per Adult (2 adults) £180. child Age 11(This price for age 11 to 14) £100. child Age 5 (This Price for age 0 to 5) This all includes medical,bloodtest,x-rays,courier charges,etc Just thought I would post this as it maybe helpful to a few people around leeds area. We are using the leeds student medical practice.
  11. Guest

    How much does an agent cost?

    :wacko:Hi I intend to apply for skilled migration and was wondering on average what the costs I might expect if I use an agent? I was considering Migration expert and wondered if anyone had any experience of them? Regards Jason
  12. Hi to you all, :wubclub: Can anyone give me a breakdown of costs to relocate to Australia, from the North East u.k. 1. Flights 2. Shipping 3. Bonds 4. Rent 5. State school fee etc. and anything I may have over looked Could you please give me a rough idea, we have 4 kids between the ages of 15-2yrs and I dont want to be caught short when we get there. :swoon: Thankyou in advance xx
  13. Guest

    The cost of Luggage

    How much :wideeyed:I decided to make a start on luggage for the move. Bear in mind there are 6 of us we decided 6 24 " cases and 4 26" cases... So off I totter into town to make a start. I need a sit down and a glass of something strong. Ok so its been a good 5 years since I had to buy a suitcase but good grief I could have a holiday on what its gonna cost for luggage that will be used once.. Someone pass me the whisky dh might just need it when he gets in tonight:biglaugh:
  14. Guest

    Cost of Keeping a Boat?????

    We are hoping that when we get to Brisbane/Gold Coast (not 100% sure yet) we will get a boat. We are looking at possibly a Sea Ray 275. Does anyone know approximately how much this would cost to moor/maintain etc? We can afford the boat, but can we afford to keep it?????? Any help would be much appreciated. I don't want to get my hopes up till I have a better idea of cost. Thanks, Tracey.
  15. Guest

    Cost of medicals

    Had e mail from case worker asking for medicals, does anybody know the cost of these. We will be going to Manchester,there are 5 off us two adults, a fifteen year old, an eight and four year old. thanks in advance Andy
  16. Guest

    how much does it cost?

    Does anybody have a rough idea how much the whole process of emigrating costs please? thanks :spinny::chatterbox:
  17. Mercer's 2008 Cost of Living survey highlights For those of you who are interested in a comparison of the cost of living across the world the above link is an international survey carried out by Mercer comparing 200 items & 143 countries. Note one of the big impactors on this survey are currency movements (ie weakening of GBP makes UK cheaper strength AUD makes Oz more expensive) Moscow is the most expensive with Tokyo 2nd. London is down 1 place to 3rd Sydney is up 6 places to 15th Melbourne is up 28 places to to 36th All the other major aussie cities are outside the top 50
  18. Guest

    cost of living

    Howdy all I am hopefully moving to Perth in the next six weeks and would like to know whats the average costs of living are, we have found some nice two bedroom apartments and are now just concerned about the other relevant costs that we may incure. Could anyone give me an idea on the following costs please; Gas, Electricity and Water / Is there a local council tax and or rates? Average cost of a good car, insurance road tax and fuel? And finally and most importantly, the cost of having broadband internet? Any or all of the above would be really appreciated. many thanks Martin
  19. xTINKSx

    Cost of Medicals / Xrays

    Just about to put our application for visa under Permanent Employer Sponsorship and am wondering about the cost of Medicals and Xrays. Anyone had them done and how much per adult / child???
  20. Hay there, We have two cats who we are looking to send out to Oz with us next year. Does anyone have an idea on a rough cost? Cant seem to find any info on prices!!!! :wubclub:
  21. Guest

    Cost of Childcare in Canberra

    Hi guys, We are hopefully moving to Canberra in September this year and were wondering if anybody could possibly give us a rough estimate as to the cost of full time childcare in Canberra? Have looked at a few websites and have come up with a rough figure of around 2k a month - is this about right? Any help would be most appreciated! Many thanks Sarah
  22. Hi, In early stages of organising emigration to oz. Wondering if y'all could tell me how much money you need to realistically move, I'm talking visa fee's, flights, how much should we have in the bank to get by for initial 6 months or so after landing in oz. I'm estimating £20,000 - £30,000. We don't have house to sell, just a young family of four ready to start a new life. It all seems pretty daunting, but i've got a trade in demand apparently (fibrous plasterer) so we're gonna go for it. Any ideas much appreciated Thanks
  23. bottle top

    the cost of petrol in oz

    hi all is it just me that feels like i have just been shafted every time i fill my car , it cost me $94 wtf scott:wacko:
  24. Hiya, As prescriptions aren't free for Seniors in Oz as they are in the UK, wondered if anyone knew the cost of Simva Statins (Cholesterol Meds) and Lisinopril (Ace Inhibitors for high BP). Any info would be greatly appreciated :yes: CC x
  25. Guest

    cost of living

    Hi, Can anyone recommend a web site/s that we can work out prices of food, fuel, average bills, etc, in or around Brisbane. A few emmigrated friends (in NZ) have said about living on the dollar and not compare. I think it's close enough i think to at least have an idea. If anyone personally has anything to say about the cost of things please post as they will be appreciated. Thank you, Keith