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Found 435 results

  1. Hi everyone, I know this has been asked before but I cant seem to find the thread. Our present sofa's (leather) are now on their last legs and we were not planning to take them with us to Brisbane and just buy new once we get there, but, I'm now wondering if it would be cheaper to buy a new 3 piece suite here in the sales and ship it out. We have to get a 20 foot container anyway. Any advice on price of new furniture in Australia would be greatly appreciated. :unsure: many thanks Lynne
  2. Guest

    457 to PR cost and time??

    Hi there We are moving to Perth in March on a 457 visa. Can someone tell me how much it will cost us to apply for PR out there and what is the usual time frame for this process. Your help as always is very much appreciated Regards Sharon
  3. Dear All, Hubby has decided to go ahead with his Skilled 175 Visa to emigrate to Australia!! :err: Still not sure where we're heading off to yet and would love to have your thoughts on that! Just have one major problem - our house. It's currently being monitored by NHBC for heave! This process will take a year, which ends in July 2009. By that time, we're hoping that we don't need the house to be underpinned! If we do, and our Visa comes through, we've got to wait another 6-9 months while the house is underpinned before we can sell the house!! We can't sell it now while it's being monitored, so we can't even go down a sponsored Visa Route!! :arghh: My Husband is worried, because he is 41 now and he hopes that when he gets out there, he will not be too old to be employed! Do you know if there is ageism in Australia in general? Claire
  4. megmor

    cost to migrate

    Just started pricing up actual cost to get family of five to perth in March:arghh: container 40 foot £6000 charges in au port £500 flights x five £3000 1st month rental holiday home £1500 car hire 1month medium size £800 We estimate as a family it would take a month to secure long term rental / purchase car etc With other small costs £12,500 we get as true cost to migrate inc the 1st month. I was just wondering how people manage to survive with only £10,000 savings as per recent posts ( Sorry i have not any rose coloured glasses ) from ian paula and family
  5. Guest

    cost of bringing dog

    hi all, we are planning on bringing our border collie with us. could anyone give me an idea of price for the whole process flights, quarantine e.t.c and preparation beforehand i.e. pet passport? can you recommend any carriers please? want to make sure our pooch is looked after. :yes: thanks :wink:
  6. Guest

    Cost of living in act

    Hello All,:rolleyes: I want to calculate the cost of living in ACT. I will appriciate the people who will suggest me the cost of various ammenties there to live for new migrant. What will be the cost of accomodation, Food, GAS, ELECTRICITY, TRAVELLING, WASHING OF CLOTHS and all the things needed to survive there. I am single with no dependent. I am computer Professional. I like the simple living. I am vegterian also. So keep the various needs in mind while helping me to calculate the cost of living in ACT. I would appriciate if you can also mention your place of living. Waiting for replies.:hug: Thanks.
  7. Guest

    Cost of medicals

    Hi Guys, I was just wondering what are the costs of the medicals? i sent of my application to the DIAC in may and im thinking of getting my medicals done soon can anyone tell me roughly how much they are?
  8. Guest

    how much does it cost

    can anyone tel me how much it will cost for me my partner and 6month old baby to emmigrate many thanks
  9. the hutchies

    cost of furniture

    we are thinking of buying a new sofa from the sales here to take to Oz with us... is the furniture expensive in Oz ...cos there is some real bargains to be had here at the mo!! Lisax
  10. Guest

    Cost of Medicals and Xrays

    I've seen a few posts on here asking how much so I thought I'd write how much mine were (booked today) - Maybe if others could add on how much theirs were at different places it'd help people looking? Xrays: Oxford Radcliffe - £65 Medical: Donnington Surgery - £175 Need to book the Xray first, then the surgery book you in 2-3 weeks after the xray appt as thats apparently how long it takes for them to get the Xrays! Also, you have to send £50 non ref cheque deposit to confirm.
  11. Guest

    cost of visa's

    we are thinking of moving to oz, how much dose it cost to get the visa's sorted out roughly.we are a family of five.........:laugh:have been quoted £3500.00 with training for licence to sign of work as i am a plumber thank you ..
  12. danskitt

    Cost of moving

    Happy Christmas all, My australian wife, baby daughter and I are thinking of moving to Sydney in the next couple of years. Can anybody tell me how much I should expect to pay for the move, to include visas, removal/shipping costs and if there are any other charges I should know about? Thanks Dan
  13. Guest

    cost of renting advice

    Hi all, Not done many of these threads so please bear with me a bit! I was just wondering if there was such a thing as to advise on how much rent you should be paying per week/month. We are moving to Perth in mid Jan 09, i have a job and a salary of $80,000 per year, what would be a realistic and affordable rent per week or month. Obviously we want a 4 bed, 2 bed and a pool !!!!! Any advise would be very appreciated have a cracking Christmas, one and all Paul :emoticon-signxmas:
  14. I'm seriously considering breaking my lease as i want somewhere with a garden/driveway to store boat, motorbike etc. Has anyone on here broken a lease before or know what the usual routine is?
  15. Hi everyone, not posted for a while but we are about to book our flights to oz WA for our reccie in late May early June(as soon as the credit card arrives). Just wondered what the costs are latley for ETA's. We are so excited and can't wait, we've been looking at hotels, holiday homes etc, picked places we can afford to stay but can't do anything until that darn credit card arrives. We've been saving since may this year but feel booking with a credit card will give us a little security(we hope)due to current climate. We've got a great aunt who lives in Shoal water Bay who we will visit while we are there then we'll drive down to Bunbury, we like the sound of the threads people have wrote about Bunbry might be a place we could live(we'll see) well thanks in advance to all and If I do not post before christmas everybody ahve a good one and hope all your dreams come true. Glynn and Family :biggrinxmas:
  16. Guest

    Timeline on Medicals and Cost

    :emoticon-signxmas: Hi, just wanted everyone to reply to this thread about timelines on medicals and what they paid. Ive just lodged visa and probably have to get medicals in 5 months time. We live in Perth Scotland, and only 1 surgery is registered to do medicals here. Prices are for 15 years upwards £210 each for medicals and bloods and 15 years and under £180 they dont get blood taken. Then we have to arrange for chest xrays which cost £85 each. Theres 5 of us so will be pretty pricey. Never thought it would be so expensive. They also mentioned that the medicals etc...only last 3 months and they would have to be done again, then we would have to pay again for them to be done. When i phoned to enquire about it they said they sent xrays and meds direct to DIAC in Sydney, but our visa is lodged in Adalaide? So just waiting on reply from our agent Emma with Go Matilda to see if they have other surgeries where we can get them done cheaper. I thought meds lasted 12 months?? It will be interesting to see what everyone else pays for meds and xrays.
  17. Guest

    Cost of Living

    Hi there, this is my first thread so hopefully I'm in the right place etc.. for someone to help me with my question........we are in the early stages of researching a move to Perth and wondered if anyone could tell me how realistic is it to live in Perth (outskirts) on a single salary of A$53000, we are a couple with two young children! Thanks
  18. mr luvpants

    Cost of living??????

    I know that this topic has been done to death on the forums but any advice anyone can give me would be great! I have just had a nice frank chat with a fellow PIOer and they said that if they knew then what they know now, no matter how much they love it in oz, they probably would not have gone. They have had a fair bit of money to fall back on. We have not got this sort of money to fall back on and this has been playing on my mind recently. If we go....we are going for good. I am not going to come back in a few months because we could not afford to live there. My wife should hopefully not have a problem getting a job, where as me will be a different kettle of fish. I have no trade and am hoping to join the fire, police or prison service. Any advice as to what the worse case scenarios are regarding living expenses, cars, house prices etc would be gratefully received. We are looking to come out with about 70-80K GBP in about 2 years.We have no kids. Many thanks JOHN
  19. Guest

    cost of changing flight times

    Hi We are flying with singapore airlines and want to change the dates on our flights has anyone done this if so how much do they charge, i have contacted them and they say they will get back to me but im still waiting !
  20. hi could anyone let me know how much the costs are for a 175 visa 2 adults and 3 kids thanks martin
  21. Guest

    Cost of moving

    MY fiance and I have decided to move to WA with 3 children and as he is a citizen and our baby daughter too we have no problems legally. As he has only travelled as a single person before though we have no idea how much it costs to move. Could anyone give us a rough idea how much international moving costs and what they would recommend taking and not taking. We have looked how much it will be to rent and the price of cars etc but if you could think of any other hidden costs there may be your advice would be greatly appreciated.
  22. Guest

    cost of education

    Hoping to move to Oz when my son finishes year 11. he will need to go to school in Oz for at least a year. I am hoping to be sponsered as a teacher in WA and as you can't get your permeanent residency for 2 years I will have to pay for his education. Does anyone know how much is likely to be? Samjs
  23. Guest

    Childcare cost in brisbane

    Can anyone tell me please roughly the cost of Childcare? I have a 2year old son who will be going to nursery when we go to OZ and im not sure how much it is. Here in England childcare cost is very expensive. Thanks for your replys And any reccomendations on nurserys in Brisbane:o)
  24. Hi, We are currently looking into employment opportunities for my OH in Oz. I have a job to go to and he is looking to retrain while out there. Does anyone have any knowledge of the route into HGV training/cost and potential earnings when trained etc in Australia? We will be based in Perth so presumably he would get some work if he retrained? We have heard it is relatively cheap to do the HGV in Oz? Any info at all appreciated, thanks Fiona and Pete
  25. :wubclub: I am English and my husband is Australian.... I do have a visa so all that is done and dusted. The thing is we lived there for 5 years and moved back here 2005 - we want to move back but have no realistic idea what to budget. Last time we went we were alone but now have 2 small children. I am a nurse, he is a chippy so work shouldn't be a major issue once we get there. The thing is we will be going back to an area where we know nobody, we don't have the luxury of being able to sell a house here to boost the bank balance and don't want to arrive penniless!!!! Dilemmas... What I am really asking is what is a reasonable budget for a family of 4 to relocate on? We would live in NSW - south Sydney - don't want anything flash but only he could work FT as we have the girls..... Any help very gratefully received ; )