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Found 27 results

  1. I hope my experience is helpful to any engineers trying to convert to the Aussie licence system. I am a type rated B2 engineer in the UK but also hold a B1 with no type ratings, and have had issues with my electrical cover as the Aussie licence system does not gel with EASA 66 licences. I have been granted Instrument and Radio credits in line with my A320/21, A330, B757 & B767 but have lost my meager electrical cover afforded to me by my B2 (no grandfather rights) CASA do not recognise LWTR's and will only grant you the credits towards an Aus licence if you hold a type on your licence and a company approval for at least 6 months related to your UK licence. I have held my B1 for over 6 months and have carried out an A330 B1 type course I also have over 10 years experience on type with a log book to support the last year or so, I am awaiting an engine course so I can apply for my UK type rating (end of this month). Even with this ammount of supporting data CASA still would not grant me my electrics on the A330. My life now hangs in limbo as Visa's are in place and job in Perth is waiting. If anyone needs any help converting their licences or understanding the CASA licencing system I have now got a reasonable understanding of how to apply and how it all works thanks to my misfortunes let me know and I will see fi I can assist. :arghh:
  2. Hi, Arrived in NSW in Dec 2010 on 4th employer sponsored Visa457. I want to permanent Visa using my Qualification & work experience rather than wait 2 years. Has anyone had experience of Vetasses? I'm worried that my degree is 30yrs old and I lack some of the precise info about statement of achievement (grades) etc. My old college (Mcr Poly) & Degree Body (M I Biol) have both changed, so getting old info may be a problem. I'm nearly 50 with relevant work experience dating back to 1984. Does Vetassess acknowledge this sort of work experience or do they focus on Qualifications? Martin
  3. Hey,guys.I will graduate next year,yes,it is a wouderful thing.I'm so happy but there is something wrong about my thesis bothering me,so I must come here to ask U for help!! Here is the puzzle,I need to convert some PDF files to Word,or Text ,or image and so on, which will be used in my thesis, I need a fast, reliable way to convert pdf info to Text/image/Word/HTML. Can anyone help? Thank you.
  4. Hi Does anyone know if medicals are required again, after 2 yrs on employer sponsership 457 visa, which is now going to be converted to empolyer sponser PR visa. Thank you xx
  5. Hi We arrived in Sydney at the beginning of March and our furniture etc all arrived last week. I need to arrange for the electrical items to have an Australian plug put on them in place of the UK plug that is currently there. I have been told that it is illegal to do it yourself and it should be done by a registered electrician over here. What has anyone else done regarding this? I am sick of having adaptors in every plug socket and really want to get everything converted asap but am concerned about how much this is going to cost if I go to an electrician. Any advice would be gratefully received. Cara
  6. Guest

    457 converting to PR by 856

    Hi, I am working under 457 for last 2 and half years with company A and company A is a part/division of company B. My questions are 1. Which company information/documents (Name, ABN, Financial Report etc.) I have to show/use? 2. If company A does not have Training evidence then what ? If you can answer, that will really be helpful guys. Thanks Sam
  7. Does anyone know how you go about getting English Education qualifications 'converted' to Australian standards. I have heard that you can have your qualifications looked at and have them assesed against Australian standards, for example, in order to use them as entry qualifications for University. If anyone has any information on this i'd be grateful:unsure:
  8. My job is obviously listed on 457 occupation list but it is not on SOL so I assume I wont be able be sponsored for PR (856)? My husbands trade (Carpenter) however is so could he get sponsored for PR (856) even though he is the secondary visa holder on my 457? From what I can gather General Skilled Migration is other route but as we will be in Australia i think we could only apply for a Skilled – Regional (Residence) visa (subclass 887) and we wont have lived in a specified low population growth metropolitan area..... Not in a mad rush as only just starting 457 term but just want to look at our options if we decide we want to stay permanently.
  9. I am just wondering if that is still possible, my 885 application is from 8/2008. Thanks
  10. twinkletoes35

    Converting driving license

    Could anyone advise me how easy is to convert your uk license to a Queensland one and what are the costs involved? Also my oh is from Northern Ireland, he has a UK photocard license but it is often commented on when he has had to produce here, anyone know if that would cause any problems over in OZ? Thanks as always TT xx
  11. Hi I really hope someone can help me with this. I have 19 years experience driving a HGV within the UK but have now moved to Victoria and need to convert my licence to their equivalent. I have my Vic roads driving licence and my original UK licence which shows what i am eligible to drive in UK. Does anybody have any information or advice on how to go about obtaining my licence in Victoria. Cheers Martin
  12. Guest

    Converting a 457 to a 176

    We are coming to Melbourne on a 457 (I hope) in the next few months. I would really rather have a 176 but I don't think we qualify. I've read that 457 can be converted to pr after the move. Do we have to wait 2 years to apply? As my husband, who is younger, is the primary applicant will be 41 at that time but I will be 45. Will my age become an issue then? Thanks Much
  13. Hi All, I currently hold my HGV class 2 in the UK. I want to drive a horse truck which weighs max 8T gross, here in QLD. Does anyone know if I need to take another test or if HGV UK is suffice? Many Thanks.
  14. Dear All, My name is James, I have lodged my application for an Independent PR visa "VE175" in "January 2008". After visa lodgment, I discontinued my job and joined for my studies. My Nominated Occupation is “TOOLMAKER” I have a plan to lodge an application for sponsorship from West Australia and I am gathering information on state requirements. I will be grateful if I can get some information on below queries – 1. Recent Work Experience for State Sponsorship - Recent work experience (12 out of 24 months in a nominated occupation) for Sponsorship, what date will be considered by the state? January 2008 [Visa (VE175) application lodgment date] Or February 2010 [sponsorship (for VE176) application lodgment date] 2. IELTS Validity - My IELTS Validity expired in December 2009, do I need to retake my IELTS for sponsorship application? Your help and suggestions would be much appreciated… Kind regards James :smile:
  15. Guest

    converting to 176

    Hi Friends, I have applied on August 2007, send Medical & PCC on September 2008 and still no reply from aus. So I am thinking to apply in State Sponsor. When I applied in August 2007, I was not in CSL and so my nomination occupation was also not in CSL, but now I am coming in CSL so if I get state's sponsership with CSL skills, will I be said as "State + CSL" or "State + NonCSL" ??
  16. Hi all, I started work 4 months ago under the impression after 3 months and a positive appraisal work would sponser me for pr. Today when i went with my documents to hr they told me the rules had changed last month and if i havent got anything in writing (i havent) i will have to wait for 24 months before i can apply! so i am looking into going alone but have a few questions: On the immigration site under the 175 visa it says that there are 2 payments, but under the second payment it says it is for applicants who have dependents over 18 (which i havent) so am i to just pay the one fee? Is the 175 the best visa to get as all the other visas for people in australia are for students? I meet the points criteria ect....:twitcy: any advice appriciated kris x
  17. Guest

    Converting MODL to CSL

    How do you go about informing the immigration department that you have changed from MODL to CSL? I look forward to your responses. Cheers Garth and Jen
  18. Hello All!! I hope someone can answer this question. I can never find the answer everytime I go to the goverment website and it always leaves me more confused and deflated. I am 28 from Devon and into the 3rd month of my Working Holiday Visa. Currently I am living and working (temping) in the City with my boyfriend who has a work permit subclass 457 - he is not an Australian Citizen. At the time of his original application he did not include me as a partner as I just started seeing him then, however since then our relationship has grown and subsquently asked me to come join him in Australia. Instead of me applying for the work permit, the quickest and easiest way to get to Australia was to go for the Working Holiday Visa and to see how it goes i.e. me and him. Now my dilemma is how do I go about staying here for longer. I guess there is a few questions.... 1. Can he add me onto his permit now if I was not on the original application? 2. If so, can I do that without marriage? how long would this process take? 3. If marriage is on the cards (we have discuss this-don't worry), what is needed for the conversion to take place. 4. Should I start an new application, will my current visa status change if I apply for an independent skilled worker permit? and how long will the process take? I guess my other concern will be I don't want to leave it too long before my current visa runs out. Has anyone got any advice on my situation? Note: I am aware that I am allowed to extend my WHV to a second year but from my understanding I have to do work like fruit picking in the country for at least 3 months. So this does not really apply to me I'm afraid Thanks :cute:
  19. Hi, SAM here from India (HR country), I lodged my 175 GSM (MODL Only) visa application in the month of August 2008. After that, I resigned from job and joined my studies. Since then I am not working in my nominated skilled occupation. If I convert my already lodged 175 GSM visa application to 176 - What will be the lodgement date considered by DIAC in further processing of my visa, Initial 175 lodgement date or The 176 conversion date ? At the time of my visa lodgement as well as Sponsorship application, I could meet the sponsorship / visa requirement criteria - "12 months of experience out of last 24 months". By the time I get my sponsorship and convert my application from 175 to 176 in next month, I will be loosing the above eligibility requirement "12 months of experience out of last 24 months" I am afraid, If DIAC process my visa by considering new conversion date of 176, My visa may get rejected. So, I am confused whether to stick on to 175 or to accept the sponsorship. :unsure: I would be grateful with any advise given on this. Regards, SAM :smile:
  20. :arghh:Hey guys! Just a quick question to get some feedback from you all regarding change of visa. I am just interested in finding out how long it took people to perhaps decide they wanted to stay in Australia post-arrival in the country on a more permanent basis than previously considered. I guess this post is slightly more aimed at people that had never visited the country before and decided to apply for a temporary visa, perhaps e.g. 457 visa and then arrived in Australia ... and are perhaps now thinking what the process / options are to apply for permanent residency in Australia. I know it is really a personal and rather individual decision to live somewhere on a longer term basis, however I would like to know what made people decide they wanted to stay and how long it took them to make this decision. My husband I arrived on a 457 visa in September 2008, so not that long ago... however we are settling pretty well out here and can potentially see ourselves settling out here longer-term than originally anticipated as we had never been to Australia before. We are both health-care professionals and could either have our employers nominate us for a PR visa or go down the general skilled route. We have been told that being on the critical skilled shortage list can speed up the application process times and we are both on this list so this could work in our favour. For all of you guys that are also members of PIO and moved out to Victoria in September 2008 - How are you finding it and are you glad you made the move?? Hope to get some feedback. Cheers and Happy New Year to you all.
  21. Guest

    Converting from 175 to 176

    We have submitted our 175 application and are looking to converting to 176 (South Australia). Please can some one point out where i can find info on this from the immigration website or if any one can point us in the right direction. Thanks Garth and Jen
  22. Guest

    converting 175 to 176

    Hello, Can anybody tell me if it's possible to convert subclass 175 to 176? I applied under subclass 175 in Dec'08 and realized later that I'm eligible for 176. Now I've applied for state sponsorship and awaiting for results which is likely to be positive. How will the while thing work after I get sponsorship letter? Thanks
  23. Scientists are working to convert sunlight to cheap electricity at South Dakota State University. Research scientists are working with new materials that can make devices used for converting sunlight to electricity cheaper and more efficient. Assistant professor Qiquan Qiao in SDSU’s Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science said so-called organic photovoltaics, or OPVs, are less expensive to produce than traditional devices for harvesting solar energy. Qiao and his SDSU colleagues also are working on organic light-emitting diodes, or OLEDs. The new technology is sometimes referred to as “molecular electronics” or “organic electronics” — organic because it relies on carbon-based polymers and molecules as semiconductors rather than inorganic semiconductors such as silicon. “Right now the challenge for photovoltaics is to make the technology less expensive,” Qiao said. “Therefore, the objective is find new materials and novel device structures for cost-effective photovoltaic devices. “The beauty of organic photovoltaics and organic LEDs is low cost and flexibility,” the researcher continued. “These devices can be fabricated by inexpensive, solution-based processing techniques similar to painting or printing." “The ease of production brings costs down, while the mechanical flexibility of the materials opens up a wide range of applications,” Qiao concluded. Organic photovoltaics and organic LEDs are made up of thin films of semiconducting organic compounds that can absorb photons of solar energy. Typically an organic polymer, or a long, flexible chain of carbon-based material, is used as a substrate on which semiconducting materials are applied as a solution using a technique similar to inkjet printing. “The research at SDSU is focused on new materials with variable band gaps,” Qiao said. “The band gap determines how much solar energy the photovoltaic device can absorb and convert into electricity.” Qiao explained that visible sunlight contains only about 50 percent of the total solar energy. That means the sun is giving off just as much non-visible energy as visible energy. “We’re working on synthesizing novel polymers with variable band gaps, including high, medium and low-band gap varieties, to absorb the full spectrum of sunlight. By this we can double the light harvesting or absorption,” Qiao said. SDSU’s scientists plan to use the variable band gap polymers to build multi-junction polymer solar cells or photovoltaics. These devices use multiple layers of polymer/fullerene films that are tuned to absorb different spectral regions of solar energy. Ideally, photons that are not absorbed by the first film layer pass through to be absorbed by the following layers. The devices can harvest photons from ultraviolet to visible to infrared in order to efficiently convert the full spectrum of solar energy to electricity. SDSU scientists also work with organic light-emitting diodes focusing on developing novel materials and devices for full color displays. “We are working to develop these new light-emitting and efficient, charge-transporting materials to improve the light-emitting efficiency of full color displays,” Qiao said. Currently, LED technology is used mainly for signage displays. But in the future, as OLEDs become less expensive and more efficient, they may be used for residential lighting, for example. The new technology will make it easy to insert lights into walls or ceilings. 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Quantum Dot Recipe May Lead To Cheaper Solar Panels (May 4, 2007) — Scientists have developed a new method for cost-effectively producing four-armed quantum dots that have previously been shown to be particularly effective at converting sunlight into electrical ... > read more [/url] Energetic Nanoparticles Swing Sunlight Into Electricity (Feb. 22, 2008) — The electrons in nanoparticles of noble metal oscillate together apace with the frequency of the light. This phenomenon can be exploited to produce better and cheaper solar cells, scientists have ... > read more Technology Could Use Moon Dust To Capture Sun Power; University Of Houston Solar Cell Research Has Applications For Space Exploration, Clean Cars (Oct. 8, 2002) — New technologies designed to harness the power of the sun may hold the key to successful moon colonies, cheaper and lighter-weight satellites, and cleaner-burning, more efficient car ... > read more Nanowire Generates Its Own Electricity (Oct. 23, 2007) — Chemists have built a new wire out of photosensitive materials that is hundreds of times smaller than a human hair. The wire not only carries electricity to be used in vanishingly small circuits, but ... > read more Think Solar Not Nuclear For The Energy Of The Future, Say Scientists (Mar. 6, 2006) — Solar rather than nuclear energy should be the UK government's priority in planning future energy production, according to scientists writing today in the journal Nature ... > read more :chatterbox:
  24. Can anyone offer any advice? Migration agent we spoke to we felt he was less than helpful. We are in Melbourne on a 457 visa, been here 6 months and want to go PR. Hubbie a UK Royal Navy artificer engineer but has no degree but brought in by company as Engineering Manager. I think skills assessment would say he needs degree to pass to pass. Job title is project engineer which is not on Australia's job title list. He is 45 in April. Work will sponsor him probably after 2 years but he will be over 45 and we are concerned they may change their minds at the last moment and he couldnt aply for independent cos of his age. I am an RGN but have not worked for 3 years and would prefer not to right now as have 3 kiddies and very busy!! Dont know how new rules will affect our application if we apply after being here a year (Feb 09)Can anyone recommend migration agent who may be able to help with engineering skills assessment and PR? Thanks
  25. Guest

    converting £ to AU$

    Can anyone help me with where best place to transfer my £ to $ as we will be flying to Oz 25th Sept after selling house in UK. We also need a bank account so can anyone inform me of best banking deals, we will be moviing to Brisbane but have not got address yet my new employer is sorting this out for us. Look forward to feed back Karne & Ian :jiggy: