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Found 73 results

  1. Hi All Some of the members of PiO (and silent watchers of PiO) are also following the Contributory Parent Visa threads on British Expats and other forums. I do myself, and I am a bit concerned about the posts on there at pages 37 & 38 of the main thread on this topic, started by Sleeping Beauty. Please see here: the ALL NEW SPARKLY contributory parents visa thread!!! - Page 38 : British Expat Discussion Forum Leaving aside Lance Fee's article, because he is not saying anything new, I am concerned about people being encouraged to try to get Centrelink to give the AoS Bond payments back temporarily. It is a fair bet that the machinery to do that does not exist at all (unless the visa applicant dies between now and 1st July 2008) and even if any other machinery does exist it would not work fast, that is for sure. Much more importantly, I suggest, in the unlikely event that someone might succeed in claiming the Bond back, an inevitable consequence of it would be that that Centrelink would have to inform DIAC that the Assurance of Support is no longer in place for the Contributory Parent Visa applicant(s) in question. My firm advice to anyone reading Poms in Oz is, "DO NOT rock the Centrelink boat at this stage." Don't even think about it because it has all the potential to cause chaos with your application and chaos would in turn cause delays, without doubt. Bicker with Centrelink and the Bank after the visas have been granted and the applicants have moved to Oz. At that point, shout in the Minister's ear too because somebody is earning hidden interest on these wedges of money, and it was never intended by policy or by the legislation that the Commonwealth Bank should keep the money in its clutches for extra periods of time. At the very worst there is now only a few weeks to go before things are likely to start happening with regard to the payments of the 2nd Instalments for those applicants who have already completed their AOS arrangements. A far more fruitful question, I reckon, is for somebody to ask the POPC exactly when they intend to start calling for the 2nd Instalment in the cases of applicants such as Caz Beckham (just to use you as an illustration, Caz.) I do not believe that they have to wait till July 1st before they request the money and I don't think they will do so. I would expect to see the POPC asking for the 2nd instalments at least 6 weeks before 1st July, so that the visas can be granted as soon as the POPC opens for business on 1st July. Fortunately,1st July 2008 is a Tuesday. Therefore they will have all day on Monday to prepare for the most immediate grants. But I would repeat to anyone who has gone through the Centrelink process to leave Centrelink firmly out of this debate and out of any possible action at this stage. Best wishes Gill
  2. Hi All This thread is aimed at all Parents and their children in Oz who believe that the Parents will necessarily have to wait for two years before they can even begin the process of applying for CP visas. The issue with the idea of the two year wait is whether or not the child who will Sponsor the parents is "settled" in Oz. Alan Collett of Go Matilda has produced an excellent and very informative new article about this question, which is hot off the press and is here: Go Matilda - Your Gateway to Australia - News I'm not sure why the whole of the title is not coming up on the link above (at any rate, it isn't on my machine, but it was definitely complete when I first read the article a few hours ago. Must be my PC, I think.) This issue is topical at the minute because the fees for CP visas will undoubtedly rise on 1st July 2008, at the beginning of the new Program Year. On 1st July 2007, the fees were increased by about 7.5%, which is pretty swingeing. Where there is a chance of submitting a viable application before 30th June 2008 then I definitely think it is worth looking into closely, to see whether it will be possible to beat the fees increase. Deciding whether or not to try to do that DOES involve the need for a detailed, one-to-one discussion with a Registered Migration Agent who has a proven track record for experience and know-how with Parent visas. Go Matilda definitely have the necessary experience and expertise. They may well tackle more Parent applications in a year than any other firm of Agents, in fact. Contact details are here: Go Matilda - Your Gateway to Australia - Contact and Feedback In the first instance, I would be inclined to ring their Melbourne office and to ask for Alan Collett himself. Alternatively he can be contacted on alan-at-gomatilda.com Best wishes Gill
  3. Hi everyone. This is my first posting on this board and have loved reading everyone's questions and replies.Everyone is so helpful so I hope someone can help with my queries. My husband emigrated to Oz on the £10 ticket many years ago with his family and married and had a family in Oz. After his divorce he left Oz, met me and we got married. After a visit to Oz last September for a month I fell head over heels in love with Australia and we would now like to emigrate. The problem we have is that my husband never got his citizenship when he lived there and we are both now in our late 50's though very healthy and so we are only able to go over on a Family Sponsership Visa. To save being in a long queue (up to 7 years we were told) we are going to go on a Contributaory Visa.His 4 sons were all born in Oz and are still living there.Has anyone any idea how long it could take to get this vias? Has anyone else gone to Oz on one of these visas?
  4. Hello,could you tell me roughly how long it is taking for a parent contributory 143 visa to go through,thanks.
  5. Like the Title says. This is probably one for Gill (Gollywobbler) or Alan (Go Matilda). My mum is applying for one of these Visas. Did not tell her about the recent info that came up regarding these Visas. Just wandered if there is any more news? Thanks Claire
  6. Hi All I am getting a little tired of an RMA on another forum dishing out hopeless "advice" to Parents and the children thereof. As far as I can gather, his Idea consists of the Parent travelling to Oz on a 90 day ETA and applying for an onshore extension of it whilst there. This is an unnecessary waste of money. It is MUCH easier, cheaper and cleaner to front up with DIAC in London, explain the long-term game plan and ask for a 12 month stay. They CAN read the covering letter, I can assure everyone. Yes, my suggestion will be more than likely to attract Condition 8503, but so will the six-month onshore extension, so that is a broad as it is long. The only value to a Parent in using a 90-day ETA to enter Oz when s/he really wants to stay for longer is that a 90 day ETA cannot attract Condition 8503. This fact makes it possible for a transformation not seen since Saul on the Road to Damascus. The Parent goes to Oz with the firm intention of staying for 90 days only. Once there, s/he undergoes a dramatic change of heart & mind, but this does not happen till AFTER the Parent gets to Oz on the ETA. This change of heart & mind having happened within the initial 90 days, an application for a Contributory Aged Parent visa goes in before the expiry of the 90 days. This will either involve a simultaneous application for a Bridging Visa A or that bit happens automatically (not sure, because I did not use this route for my mother.) Whatever the procedure, the Parent gets to remain in Oz till the eventual outcome of the CAP application is known. If s/he fails the Meds, no great worry. Appeal to the MRT, which takes ages. When that appeal fails, appeal to the Minister for Immi next. By the time the second appeal fails as well, with a bit of luck the Parent will have become so decrepit that no airline will agree to carry the Parent out of Oz for fear of the plane having to divert for an emergency medical disembarkation. The logic is not rocket science. This approach is contrary to Policy, but Policy is not Law. Offshore Agents growl about the idea because they want to handle the offshore application. Onshore Agents enthuse about it because they want the onshore business instead. I have no personal opinions about either idea. My dog is called Loophole.... Cheers Gill
  7. Hi every one! We have contributed a little over the 13 months we have been waiting for our visa to be granted.... it has been a long wait but exactly 13 months to the day we got our grant letter. I would just like to give those of you who are patiently waiting a word of encouragement as the Australian Gov't. seem to leave us guys out in the cold a little. Such a long wait when expected to pay such a large amount of visa fee seems slightly uncaring if we go or not. May be they will realise the spending power of the " grey majority" is worth some respect in the months to come. Anyway hang in there any of you waiting in the wings... your time will come!
  8. My mum has also applied to emigrate to Australia on a Contributory Parent Visa. She only applied in May and we know she has a long, long wait. However she had a small heart attack last week. Turns out she has a partially blocked artery and will be taken to St Thomas' in London on Tuesday to have a stent inserted. This is a minor op and is done under a local. I am her only relative here as my sister lives in Perth. In fact mum was due to fly there tomorrow for a 3 week holiday but we have cancelled that. Is there anyone maybe, Alan or Gill, that might be able to advise if this will affect her emigration in any way? Thanks Claire
  9. Hi everyone, We are now in the queue waiting for our medicals to clear LCU in Sydney. Some 8 weeks we are told. We have read about all sorts of issues being raised over medicals....... For the CPA the fees are high, they make sure you have enough to live on and then you have to purchase Health Insurance we are told before you eventually get in. By the nature of the CPA visa you are going to be in the older age groups, shall we say! I can understand the need for basic medicals to insure no infectious disease etc. but whats all this about high cholesterol and blood pressure and similar issues that us oldies seem to aquire by the nature of getting old and working hard for many years. Having read about some real silly issues that have been raised by the medicals on various sites we are now wondering what to expect! It seems really a poor show to put some older vunerable people through such stringent tests ...... for what? we all get old don't we, even in Australia!
  10. Hi every one ! Its been sometime since I have contributed.... however I thought some updates may be useful to others in the same position or considering applying. We applied of 31st of October 2006 and after an acknowledgement heard nothing at all until the 31st August this year ( 10 months ) . We already did our UK police check and was surprised to find we were also asked to apply for a Federal Police check in Australia! We then had our medical and as we are now staying in Malaysia, having sold our house in the UK, we were concerned that it would be difficult. However it was easy and cheap! That done we have now spoken to our case officer on several occassions and she was very helpful. But now we are told a delay of 8 weeks is expected as Sydney is behind with the processing of the medicals. So front load your medicals after 8 months is my advice! So anyone waiting take heart......... its a long wait!
  11. Hi all, Hubby and I have lived in Bris Vegas for the last, well nearly a year now I don't know how that happened?!?!?:shocked: Anyhow my parents are considering moving out here as they are missing they're only grandchildren terribly and I told them I'd have a look into options for them. I thought that a CPV would be a goer but what does it mean when it says meet the balance of family requirements? Does anyone know how retirement visa's work, I saw on the Queensland government website about an investment of $750,000 needs to be made, does anyone know how long thats for and do you get it back, because thats a shed load of money that you'd be wanting to invest yourself not hand out to the government. I would be very grateful if you kind people might be able to steer me in the right direction because at the moment looking at all the different websites is doing my head in! Thanks all Hayley x
  12. http://www.gomatilda.com/news/article.cfm?articleid=413 Based on an email just in: "We have also run out of visas for this financial year and will be granting again in July 07." Best regards.
  13. hi there, we are in the processes of applying for the 136 visa, and have told our parents. I have read many posts about the cont parent visa and my parents are up for it. I know that we need to be settled in oz for 2 years before they can apply, and then their visa application could take 15 months, my dad is 55 and my mum is 54, by the time they are able to put in their application they will be 58 and 57, they are both very fit and active people but my dad is starting to panic that their health may deteriorate in this time which might make them unacceptable for residency. does anyone know anything about how serious the health issues need to be for a parent to be unsuccessful?, he is also worried that the embassy might change the parent migration options, how likely is this???, he is such a pessamist but he has got me thinking. anyone help?
  14. rache76

    Contributory aged parent visa

    Hi I've been trying to find out how to get my parents to Australia with me if we get granted the general skilled 136 visa. I think the only way is a contributory temporary aged parents visa, then onto a contributory aged parents residence visa. I believe i would have to reside in Australia for 2 years in order to sponsor them? Is there anyway around this? I thought maybe get them a visitors visa and say that they were helpling us to migrate, so would they make it a 12 month visa & well then i get stuck there, would they be able to apply for an extension on their visitors visa, until i get my 'settlement period'. If anyone has got any advice on keeping my parents with me, please let me know. We are going to be sending our TRA off soon, once we have had it signed by a solicitor on Thursday. :roll:
  15. Hi all Contributory Parent applicants might be interested to know that my Mum's visa (CP 143) was granted on Friday 15 September. Her application was lodged on 29 November 2005, so that is about 9.5 months. It has taken about 3 days for the news to sink in fully. Cheers Gill
  16. Guest

    Contributory Visa Applications

    My wife and I sent our visa application forms to Perth in June and had these acknowledged in July, together with a receipt for the initial payment of nearly £600. We are now at the end of October, and no more news. I have applied for police checks without being asked, but can anybody advise if it is worth getting medicals done without being asked for. These processes seem very slow, but no doubt we will get some communication before long?
  17. :?: Have received request for 2nd VAC and this to be paid by 18th October - could someone advise me please - we need to make payment by a bank cheque drawn on an Australian Bank or drawn on a bank that has representation in Australia. Please can someone verify that we can have a bank draft drawn up from our a/c at Barclays Bank as they are linked with Westpac in Oz? Our local bank seem a bit vague although my OH has spoken to someone by phone at Barclays who said it would be o.k.???? :roll:
  18. Guest

    Contributory Parent Query

    Hi all I'm looking for advice from anyone whose visa has involved a Mandatory Assurance of Support, please. With CP Visas, there is an AoS plus a second visa-application charge (2nd VAC.) My sister lodged the Bond yesterday and took the necessary proof of that to Centrelink. Yesterday she also sent the POPC a Bank Draft for the 2nd VAC. The POPC will definitely receive it on Monday, and Centrelink are now in a position where they can also do whatever they need to. For good measure, my sister has also sent the POPC copies of the papers she gave Centrelink after lodging the bond. Has anyone any idea how long it is now likely to take until the visa is granted? Would it normally be days, or is it more likely to be weeks? My anclent, widowed Mum is the applicant. Her birthday is 19 Sepember. Her wedding anniversary is 29 September. If it is realistic to hope for the visa the week after next, I would like to ask both Centrelink and DIMA to try to gear up to grant the visa on Mum's birthday if possible - it would be the best prezzy in the world for her. If not, then I'm hoping we might be able to engineer the Grant for 29 September instead, but either way the plan is to keep schtum with Mum and let it be a surprise. Any advice/information would be very gratefully received. Many thanks, Gill
  19. Hi to anyone who may be interested My mother's application for a Contributory Parent 143 visa was lodged on 29 November 2005. We have today had a letter from her CO (the first one from the actual CO) and the lady CO rang my sister before e-mailing the stuff to her. At this stage, they want us to submit the police stuff & form 80, plus they want an extra signature from Mum on the final page of the application (my fault - I was in a hurry and either got her to sign the wrong bit or i should have got her to sign it twice - not sure.) Anyhow, easily sorted because they've sent a copy of the page, and all they want is another moniker in the right box. In the phone call, Elaine (sister) asked whether she should contact Centrelink? The CO said not yet. Get the outstanding stuff back to the CO first, and then she will make the arrangements with Centrelink for us. Sister has forwarded me a copy of the e-mail and it is all routine stuff, 95% of which is ready and we were just waiting to hear from them before sending it. Things are REALLY beginning to happen at the POPC, suddenly, so hang onto your hats, Parents, because you'll all be getting similar letters sooner than you might have expected!! Best of luck everyone Thrilled to bits Gill :shock:
  20. Guest

    Contributory Parents - AoS

    Hi all I am hoping that Phil Olsen might have dealt with a few CP 143 visas. I am a novice with them. I have read a post on another forum in which a lady (another CP 143 applicant) says that her son went to the AoS interview 4 weeks ago and that since then, they have not heard a squeak from a soul. The POPC have not asked them to pay the 2nd VAC, and Centrelink haven't come back with any queries or confirmations either. Is this normal, or should we resolve to chase Centrelink daily until they have done whatever they have to do vis-a-vis the POPC? If this lot think that inordinate, unexplained delays are OK, then I will despatch yet another application for yet another subclass 676 visa for my mother tomorrow. Snoopy, the wisest dog in the world, once remarked, "It isn't whether you win or lose. It his how you place the blame." He was absolutely right. I have a distressed mother on my hands today, feeling that her future is uncertain because there is no sign of her CP 143 visa as yet. Centrelink is not entitled to cause avoidable distress for a disabled old lady of 85. I really will get another 676 tourist-visa for Mum if that is the only way to get some sensible action with this thing. I will also Whinge For Britain if I have to do it as a tactical measure. Just wondering what anyone else's experiences with Centrelink might have been? Thanks very much Gill
  21. Guest

    Contributory Parents - Delays

    Hello All I hate to be the bringer of none-too-good news, but I've just seen the following thread on British Expats: http://britishexpats.com/forum/showthread.php?t=376874 The text of the OP's message reads as follows: "Family have contacted me from Perth following their inquiry to POPC to check on the latest news for my lodgement 21 Sept 2005 of the contributory parent visa 143. Apparently I have been registered and allocated a case officer but due to the immense increase in workload, officers have been allocated to deal with their priority cases first due to the end of the tax year rush in June and I probably won't hear anything until mid or end of July and this visa is now taking nearer 18 months to complete then 12 months. Family were told that POPC is hoping to increase staffing levels over the next couple of months to catch up but they are under heavy pressure at the moment due to the heavy increase in applications. Sorry to pass on bad news, you can imagine how my family and I feel, I know there are a lot of us concerned about the long wait, I hesitated whether to post this thread because I know there are quite a lot of parents in my situation but thought it best in the end to let you all know. All we can hope for is that they catch up on the backlog quickly and that we support each-other in the meantime, I have not been told who my CO is so am no further forward in my application. I look at the pics of my 2 year old twin grandaughters and long to be there, keep smiling and please reply." The OP could of course consider applying for an ETA (if she is content to remain in Australia for 90 days only.) Or she could consider applying for a sub-class 676 or e-676 tourist visa, which would enable her to stay in Australia for at least 6 unbroken months if her application for her CP visa is likely to be substantially delayed. Therefore all is not lost. However, I don't think that any of us who contributed to Linda's original thread on here were hoping to hear this sort of news. Let us hope that they've got wannabe staff queuing outside the door of the POPC and that they are people who will learn the job very quickly and do it well....
  22. Guest

    Contributory Parent Applicants

    Morning all Rather than go 'off topic' on Linda/Watson's thread I thought it would be best to start one of my own. You may all wish to look at the link below: http://britishexpats.com/forum/showthread.php?t=375567 Budababes is hoping that other CP applicants and/or visa-holders will make contact, to help to pass the waiting time. British Expats is such a large forum that there should be lots of replies as the day passes, and you may want to join in with the discussion yourselves by joining BE. I hope this thread will be of interest to you all.
  23. Hello from Devon - husband Keith and I are hoping to emigrate to Oz real soon via the Contributory Parent Visa to join our son and his wife in Newcastle. Would like to hear from any other parents hoping to join their young folk "Down Under" especially those waiting - oh so patiently for their visa. Ours was lodged in October 05 and we are still waiting to hear from Case Officer - have heard they are taking up to 12 months - any news from others in similar timescale would be interesting. All the best Linda