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Found 178 results

  1. Hi all (just a few things on my mind.) Just though I let you all know that our container has been booked, after a long time deciding who to go with and a great price. We only wanted a part load around 350cf (8ft container) and it cost us £1485.00. which I think is great as we had loads around 2k and even 3k, crazy prices. We have gone through Simpsons removal, they offered the best price with a great service. So our stuff will be in Oz by mid july which is when we hope to get there for. We have had no luck with selling our house had around 10 viewings since oct, 1 offer and loads saying they love it and we considering it. we even had some one come back for a second look with there parents, so we thought that was it but as usual no. So we have decided to rent as we are sick of waiting and just want to get out there in the sun. Another thing do any one else feel like their family are getting on your nerves. Well all we get from my mam and them is that they dont think we will go as we havent booked our flights yet and that we are just all talk and no action. Im sorry but why will we pay around £3000 for a visa and then not use it, what.:arghh: They also keep saying they think something is wrong as we dont go around as often, but we are just busy gettin stuff ready to go, and working. Does any one else feel like this or is it just me. Well i thought i wouldnt be stressed about moving to the other side of the world, but now my family are getting on my nerves i am. I just cant wait to get out of here. well sorry for the rant but need it.:realmad: thanks for the support and i will let you know when i book the flights. debs
  2. Guest

    container sizes ?

    Hiys my husband and i are looking to move to oz next year (hes an aussie) and im looking at shipping some of our stuff over to oz, i know you can get 10ft-20ft containers, but all we want to take is a couple of beds and few chest of drawers, so a 10ft container would be massive, does anyone know if there are other sizes/options on containers ? cheers hels :spinny:
  3. megmor

    container delivered friday

    at last our 40 foot container is being delivered on Friday, the exact day john mason Uk said it would be delivered to the home address in WA. Im a diesel mechanic and at last i am to be reunited with my tools,(very large snap on kit) My wife and family cannot wait for the xboxes and furniture etc but as far as i am concerned you can not earn money with gamstations. loads of work over here for mechanics and especially auto electricians Full weeks work from Monday yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee noticed various questions about tools and cleaning I degreased mine and hosed off then sprayed the whole lot with wd40 Tools went throiugh aquis in wa no problems hope this helps ian and paula
  4. Well last night around 10:45 i was trying to watch an old musical "A star is born" with Judy Garland and at the same time watching the police clobber a woman on internet at G20 summit when visa agent called and said THE VISA'S ARE HERE"! Husband came home from work 10 minutes later and proceeded to get pissed on whisky. Scottish men!:err: Anyway, just thought I'd share the news as there seems to be a lot of worried posts as of late. Good luck to all those who are still waiting and if anyone wants to join me on a spendin spree (it's heading towards winter out there isn't it)? Leeds, All Saints is the place to be.:biglaugh:
  5. We have a four bed detached property in the uk and via hubs work we are being given a 20 ft container to ship our belongings to Oz. I cant really visualise how big this is going to be and im now getting worried that we are not going to fit everything in. We want to take - Three seater sofa Two seater sofa puff / foot stool kind of thing Small table from lounge TV and stand Dinning room table and six chairs Bistro table and four chairs One super king bed Two bedside tables One chair One double bed Two large sets of drawers Two large desks Three shelving units One office chair One small set of drawers One large filing cabinet One small bathroom unit Two bikes And goodness knows how many boxes! Do you think this will fit in??? We cant get a shipping company to visit us as yet because the company that is paying for our relocation wont instruct them until we have our visa finalised and that may take another 3 weeks. If i need to sell or throw some things away i could really do with making these arrangements now instead of leaving everything to the last minute. Any advice would be fantastic! Thanks Emma x
  6. val & Mike

    Insuring contents of container

    Hi we have recently had pickfords out to give us a quote for a 20ft container -this did not include insurance of the items which they said they could offer separately -it was extortion - I would prefer to be only covered for the big items of furniture not every single box of stuff - Do you have to use the insurance company they recommend or has anyone used other companies - has anyone taken their stuff and not insured it at all? I just think it is alot of money to fork out on top of the removal price, would be interested to hear what other people paid for insurance on a 20ft container. thanks val
  7. Well, the details for those of you interested... 40ft sole use container, from Warwickshire to Melbourne Packed Fri 9 Jan outside the house Sat 10 Jan - put on train to Southampton Sun 11 Jan - packed on container ship to Singapore and departs UK Arrives in Singapore 2 hours before connecting ship - thus misses it and must wait one week. Tue 24 Feb - arrives in docks at Melbourne Thu 26 Feb - moved to customs Mon 2 Mar & Tue 3 Mar - insoected by quarantine And that is when we get the call. bear in mind we have the majority of our life in here, and with three kids under 5, loads of toys including outdoor toys, loads of garden stuff (but no mowers) but there is one strimmer, rakes, shovels, spades etc plus everything else from a 5 bed house. And then we get the call. AQIS have found some things that you need to make a decision on. What could it be, we thought. Damn, all my tools which I need because I like lots of tools, not because it's my trade or anything. FYI, I did not clean a single tool, not that they were dirty. And the item in question... two small tubs of fish food. That's it. Is fish food really going to pose a major threat to Australia? FYI, these are 100g tubs of shop bought dry fish food that you feed goldfish. Nothing exotic, nothing else. So our choices: 1 - Pay for them to be destroyed, at a cost of $110 2 - Apply for an import licence (eh!) at a cost of about $200, a very long wait and no guarantee the import will be granted. So it is the MOST EXPENSIVE fish food ever. Guess what we chose... I'm very glad it's here, but not too glad that it cannot be delivered until next Tuesday because of the long weekend and too many people moving prior to it (Kent Moving, incidentally, who came via our contract with PSS, who have been very very good so far). We did jet wash most items before we left (but did not jet wash the jet wash, ironically) and we got PSS to do their £20 disinfectant spray since we felt it was worth it on paper - and maybe that was a good call... Anyhow, more to report when everything is unpacked. My, how I cannot wait to see that container...
  8. pez2008

    Timing of container.

    Hi. What do most people do/recomend ship container roughly same date as they fly so they got time when they get there to find accomadation in suitable location then live out of suitcase for several weeks. Or ship so container arrives a week or so after them and hope they found unfurnished rental in right location. Same question about woofers fly them out earlier so they arrive just after you or before. One thing im cr*p at and thats planning lol.
  9. Guest

    Half a Container

    Has anyone shared a container? We used a 20ft container coming out and brought everything we owned but it wasn't full and I am quite happy to leave stuff behind and some big itmes if it means not having to use a full 20ft container. How much stuff can you put into half a container?
  10. Please can anyone tell us if customs rip your container apart if you pack it yourself as i have been told today by a shipping company that if they dont pack it we will be torn apart but if they pack it it is more likely to just go straight through so please can anyone help thanks
  11. Chaps Bit delayed, but one thing worth doing was to take a note of the container number that all your worldly possessions are in. I did it by chance (actually took a photo on my phone), and when we landed thought I'd check it out. I knew the container was part of NKY Line since the name is in the photos and thus I was able to go to their website and see the exact status of the container. For example, our container (40ft dry) was packed on Friday 9 Jan. I thought it would then go to the docks the following Mon/Tue for a ship. The NYK site tracks it all the way so I know it went from our place near Stratford upon Avon to Birmingham trains station where, on the Sat, it went to Southampton docks, was loaded Sun morning onto a container ship and that then set sail for Singapore that evening. Well cool... and we were still in the country at this time. It obviously got delayed on route since I knew the connecting boat in Singapore left without it (bugger!) which then meant another delay, but I can now see that a week later it made the next ship, due Melbourne 24 Feb. Makes it a lot easier to see exactly where your worldly possessions are. I also registered with vesseltracker.com, which supposedly shows the position of vessels when they give out the information. However, I've yet to find it that helpful but you may be lucky. Just a tip - most of you are probably not worried, and neither am I, but it's quite interesting to know where your container is. Or put it this way, I knew a long time before the agents over here did that my container was due a week later... Slip
  12. We are not taking much with us other than personal belongings, clothing, toys etc. But hubby is a plumber and wants to take his tools with him as will be too expensive to replace when we get to Oz? the thing is he has a lot and have looked into putting them into boxes but he has a couple that are really big power tools and are too wide to fit in even the largest box I can seem to find. We were also thinking of taking my baby daughters furniture with us, so she has her cot, wardobe and drawers. The only containers I seem to find and read about are either 20ft or 40 ft and something about sharing a container, we don't need much space at all, like 2 ft! But it's too big for boxes! Any suggestions??
  13. Hi all I am looking for a good company to ship our stuff to Oz however, we dont need a full container, not even half! We are hardly taking anything other than laptops, X Box, Wii , photos and my work tools... Can anyone recommend a good shipper.... and if they have shipped little amounts like above... and finally how much! We are in Darwen Lancashire by the way.. Chris
  14. We have 457 visa and are due to move out in March. We are leaving our house rented out and are going effectively on a 2 year 'trial' so will not be moving lock stock and barrel. We do however need to transport some essentials like clothes, computers, documents etc which will not fit in carry on luggage. Are there any other options for transportation apart from full or half containers? I don't want to spend several thousand pounds transporting stuff that we could probably replace for less money.
  15. Tracking the conatiner ship online tells me its now in Singapore, where our container swaps ship and heads for Sydney ariving circa 18th January ( mmmm same date First Fleet landed at Botanists Bay. in 1788!) Just wondering, anybody had a container transported fron Sydney to an area near The Entrance, Central Coast? Shippers will move the container 30 miles...which is about 48klm, no mention of the costs per Km or or cost over and above the "pre-paid" distance to final destination. Seems like a honey trap...the stuff has to be moved and not really any choice of removalists or negotiation on the end cost. Almost sure the surveyor who came to quote told us the span was 100 km Radius from Sydney... final paperwork recieved AFTER we paid..brought by packers! TIA L.L. + boss
  16. Hello, My name is Michelle, I emigrated to Perth WA in June this year. However, all my stuff is still stored at my parents' back in Warwickshire in the UK. I don't own an awful lot, no furniture or owt just mainly clothes, books cd's and personal possessions, 10 boxes weighing no more than 15kilos each probably. I am desperate to get it shipped out and wondered if anyone heading this way has any spare room in their container? Willing to contribute to cost etc. Look forward to hearing from anyone out there? ;-)
  17. just sorting out our shipping and not sure how much of our paperwork I need to have me on person when we arrive (birth certificates etc) and what I can pack into boxes ? Any ideas ? Thanks ! Linzi
  18. Hi everybody need some advise my container arrives on the 3rd nov and I'm not arriving now until the end of Jan due to impending family bereavement. Can anybody advise me what will happen at customs if I'm not there.:arghh: will my container just sit at the dockside until I arrive:sad: thedooners
  19. Hi Just to let anyone know that we have not had a problem with any of our tack coming through customs (Brisbane). But, didnt bring anything with bristles (so no grooming kit brushes), and anything that had embedded horse hair in was chucked out (older numnahs and bandages, gamgees, boots etc). Just brought everything that could be scrubbed clean or leather all of which was put into the washing machine (oh yes!!) on a 40 degree wash (nightmare) and dunked in Jeyes fluid before being thoroughly dried, so it looked like a stragley piece of beef jerky once it was ready to be packed and had the consistancy of concrete. My saddle (leather) was fine, no mould or anything but didnt do the machine wash - just a wipe over with Jeyes fluid! Tack been soaked in oil and come back to life with no problem, just needs a bit of TLC. Just be ruthless with noticeable horse hair or anything that in the opinion of customs officers could harbour anything nasty! I also put a note in each box explaining that it had been machine washed and dunked in Jeys Fluid and thoroughly dried before packing. Hope that helps
  20. Hello Can anyone help us out there?! We paid a UK agent to organise the transport and shipping on the UK side. We have been trying for at least 3 weeks to get the Bill of Lading (Title deeds to our goods in that container) released and he keeps saying they're on their way, etc! Now the ship has docked in Brisbane and we've finally managed to get hold of the shipping line he used, and it turns out the agent hasn't paid the shipping line so they're refusing to release our container! :arghh:We've paid in full from our side before the lorry came with the container to load our stuff end of August! So the shipping company still have the Bill of Lading sitting on their desk in the UK. If the agent pays via Chaps, the container can be express released without need of getting the Bill of Lading to Brisbane physically, which would work well. Meantime if the agent doesn't pay (as I strongly suspect is the likely outcome), we're going to start incuring hefty Wharf Storage charges from Wed/Thu on a daily basis. Please help. Has anyone else been in this situation or know what we can do. I'm kicking myself for not having paid by Credit Card in the UK, as there looks likely no way of getting our money back. Even if we were to pay all over again, by credit card from this side directly to the shipping line, it would still take days to clear and we'd be penalised again for storage fees, never mind having paid double for the job, which should not be our responsibility. Help. Is there some legal course we can take. I only wish we'd cottoned on to this weeks ago when there wasn't yet the deadline and time pressure. Please, if anyone can help us out with some sound advise, it would be greatly appreciated. :arghh:
  21. After I've got settled in Oz I'm wanting to do a little bit of exporting to the UK. Most of the stuff will be used vehicle parts/chassis, etc. What sort of costs are involved in just the shipping? What are the implications with importing 'used parts'?? What are the weight limits for 20' and 40' containers??? Just one last question - what's the deal with filling/emptying them at each end - do you have to do it at a depot or can you do it elsewhere? Sorry for all the questions but I'm playing around with a few figures to see if my idea of importing stuff to the UK will work.
  22. Hi Guys:wideeyed: Your sound advice and help is requried, we are heading to the wonderful sounding place of Perth at the beginging of January. We have been diliberating on whether or not to take some of our furniture ie sofa chair, large table six chairs, girls beds, coffee table and some other small bits and bobs so should not really need a whole container but possibly look at sharing the cost of one. We have been informed it would be so expensive to replace all our furniture in Australia so it would be wise to take as much as possible over but first considering the cost involved of course. I know I can ship lots of bits and bobs via tea chest and book box's at a reasonable cost if it comes to it. So any help or advice from you wonderfully wise bunch of helpful peps would be much appreciated?? Thank you for taking the time to read my thread I really do appreciate any help or advice given.
  23. Guest

    container share

    We dont have enough stuff to fill our own container, does anyone know if it possible to "share" a container and therefore share all costs. All we really want to take are a couple of tables and matching chairs (2 tables 12 Chairs) a new suite, it's a big one tho! and kids toys, clothes and a couple of coffee tables and a couple of computers. Obvioussly we will find some other stuff as we pack but i doubt we would need more than a third of a 20foot container. We are aiming towards the Brisbane area, so obvioussly it will need to be other people moving to brisbane area. Or have i just come up with a business idea? any advice greatfully received Chris:radar:
  24. paulhug

    container scam?

    We have now been in qld for 3 months (arrived 4th July). We were initially told our container would be here (into Brisbane port) by 1st september. We then had an email saying it would be in Sydney by 9th september and Brisbane by 16th september. We were then told we would get our belongings on 3rd october. Today we got an email saying this "Unfortunately, due to congestion on the wharf, we were unable to pick up your container in the alocated time. We did pick the container up yesterday, but we had to send a cheque for AUD$140.23 with our driver for wharf storage. We will need to be reimbursed for this charge. I have sent an email to your agent in the UK to see if they will pick up the charges. I will let you know the outcome when I get a reply" Has anyone else had the same kind of thing or is it just another way of getting more money out of us.
  25. Guest

    1m cubed needed in container

    Hi all Lived in Syndey for 3 years (coogee) came back 4 years ago now with a full container and a Valiant Charger (and hey i'm not greek itallian or Lebanese). why did i come back? family friends getting married etc and there's only so many ways i can say i'm not interested in either the cricket or the Road Toll, and no i don't have a sport. was still one of the best 3 years of my life......however...... home is home and i know how much a postage stamp and an MOT costs here. anyway enough of that if you are coming back and have space in your container can i have a big box sized chunk to put an engine in? its clean its second hand you won't pay ony duty on it as its a car part not a car. its only worth £100... i'll happily pay you.... just not as much as if i did it by myself which is astronomical because it has to be in a custom built french polished wooden crate made of special wood that won't introduce nasty aussie bugs to all the places it may visit on the way. Not an issue if its in a container :cute: hopfully my mail is accessible...but i'll be checking back anyway. anyone else wants to bring a car back i can fill you in on the positives and negatives, by all means contact me attached 2 piccies No.1 car at Bathurst minutes before we thrashed it to within an inch of its life round Mt Panarama (Bathurst is in NSW) No.2 the very same car with its UK reg parked in twickenham hopefully proof enough that i have a valid reason to be trying to ship an engine from OZ tata Dave