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Found 181 results

  1. Unfortuanately things have not worked out for me and I am having to return to the UK. I have 2 small toy boxes (plastic) and 2 other small boxes that I need shipped back from Brisbane, they are sentimental belongings and can be fully viewed before shipping for customs purposes. I am returning to Kent where my husband is posted with the forces am willing to collect from anywhere in the UK. I am leaving 10th March however do have friends that are willing to keep hold of these items until a later date if necessary! If you are returning to the Uk and have a small amount of space in your container I would be very grateful for your help at this difficult time. Thanks in advance Sonia
  2. Guest

    Container ans stuff!

    Hi, does anyone know, what, if any, import duty has to be paid on items brought from UK to Oz (in a container). Is there a way of calculating this? Or is duty paid only on cars/motorcycles etc? I refer to household items such as furniture etc Cheers Paul
  3. Hi all, Has anybody had a quote for a sole 20ft but you can put what you want in??? We thought all long that Groupage was as it is shared and certain quantity but only realised this week when started getting the quotes in that they actually state too how much eg 700 cu ft in sole 20ft and if we put more in it will cost us more even though we have sole use? Really shocked when we realised that.:frown: Thanks
  4. Hi everyone, we are moving to Perth in June, and are busy getting some quotes for shipment and insurance for our 20ft container. most moving companies offered us 2,5%-3% for All Risk. Just got a quote in from www.lettonpercival.co.uk for 1,6%. Anyone got a better deal? Renette
  5. lynne1266

    Shared container

    Hi Everyone, My OH has just been offered a job with a company in Melbourne and will be making the move on a 457 visa around June next year.:biggrin: At the moment I am looking at removal costs and to be honest I don't think we'll have enough things to fill a 20ft container as we're getting rid of a lot. What I would like to know is who has used shared container and how much it cost them just so I can get an idea. Thanks Lynne xx
  6. Guest

    shared container for shipping

    Hi, We are looking to move to Oz next July and are looking at using a shared container as we think we wont fill a solo 20ft container. I was just wondering if anyone has experienced any problems with this method in the past and if they can reccomend any companies? thanks
  7. We are thinking of saving money by packing up ourselves, and was wondering how easy it would be, has any one done this or got quotes to do this any info would be great CHeers
  8. Guest

    10 foot shared container cost?

    Hello Has anyone got any idea how much a 10 foot shared container costs from the UK to oz? We used Wridgeways to come back to the UK from OZ and it cost about $3,500 for a 10 foot shared container. I haven't contacted any of the removalist companies yet, but was wondering if anyone can give me a heads up on how much it could potentially cost? many thanks! Laulau
  9. rob and mel

    Container UK to Adelaide

    Has anyone got a container leaving the UK for Adelaide in the next couple of weeks? I would like to purchase a couple of bits and would like to know if anyone would not mind sticking them in there container for me... If you are in the Northwest (Manchester ish) it would be an advantage. Or can get the items to you! I would be willing to repay you in what ever way you would like, Beer, Wine or Cash. The items will only take up about a cubic foot at the most. If you think you might be interested please let me know and more info will be provided. Thanks Rob:notworthy:
  10. Hi everyone. Can anyone or does anyone have any experiance/costs of storage for a sea container once shipped to Aussie? I am state sponsered and going out in April and hoping to get some accomadation via the "meet and greet service", but during this time I will have a container, (prob 20 footer) full of stuff to store until I move into a long term rental. Dos anyone know if you can just store the container it's self at the port somewhere or do you need to transport all your stuff to a storage facility that you arrange yourself. Cheers and have a happy new year.:biggrin: Chidge
  11. shaunkaren

    Waiting for container....

    Well the adventure begins in the next few hours. I am sitting amongst the packed boxes, the packers are ready to load and all we need is the container which is due in 20 minutes!!! Considering the stress in the build up the last few days have been a breeze - the guys from Crown have been amazing and can't recommend them enough. By this evening our things will be winging their way to Felixstowe and then off on their adventure. Then in less than 5 weeks we fly out too, not looking forward to the goodbyes here but can't wait to get on with the new life in Melbourne. Still can't quite believe that move day is here OMG!!!:cool:
  12. Hey, I'm looking at thousands of things in our house thinking- can we take this? will this cause us problems? I know everything has to be clean like garden furniture and tools etc but what about the following things? Will I be okay to put them in the container? could they cause us problems? I have a removal company coming round on Monday but would like some advice in advance: Salt dough models? Soft toys with lavender bags in their tummies? Wicker pen pot? Feather pillows? Woodern figures that don't look varnished but are painted? candles? Photo albums with bark covers? cork notice boards? handmade paper with what looks like wood bits in? general paper craft stuff? lush cosmetic products? top tier of my wedding cake? tools that are a little rusty? I'm totally panicking i know!!
  13. Hi All, Just thought it may help some of you to get the best out of you valuable container space if people like me who have made the move gave some hints and tips. Please add to the list...I've only made a start. DO SHIP Crockery Medicines (I know you shouldn't but I'd have packed more if I'd have known how expensive they are). Especially antihystamines such as hayfever tabs..they are sooo expensive. Christmas Tree - we are now buying one and I just wish we'd brought ours. Quilts, Blankets Boots, jumpers, coats - you will need them Long sleeved blouses/shirts for little ones...I can't find any for my 3 year old to wear to keep her arms covered at nursery. Lawn mower Trainers, shoes, flip flops (especially the sport ones) DON'T SHIP Digi boxes Wardrobes...almost all houses have built in ones and so you'll even struggle to resell. Anything you can get from IKEA (if there's one near where you're going) SA has one right next to the airport...we shipped some furniture we didn't need to. Car seats....they need anchor straps so unless you are willing to travel illegally buy new ones in Oz. Computer or game console games which you may want to trade in as most places won't take games from outside of Oz..and if they do they don't pay much. Cash them in in the UK before you leave.
  14. Guest

    Banned items in a container?

    Hey all, Well Im pleased to say our FIRST container arrive at our place. Only 4 things broken, nothing too upsetting. However... my gorgeous MOSES BASKET had to be distroyed and they found the smallest pieces of moss on a Xmas decoration! Anyway our 2nd container gets packed up next week and we fly out WEDNESDAY! Sooooooooooooooooo excited. However... does anone know if you can ship car leathers / chamios ??? Dont want to have to spend ANOTHER $100 getting then distroyed.. and yet they are worth approx £100. Thanks Vony x
  15. hi there ,can anyone tell me how much customs charge you for taking new fridge freezer and washing machine etc to auz in container , i take it it's a percentage of the value of the goods , anyone know what the percentage is , and would it be cheeper to buy in auz , any info most appreciated ,best regards jim:huh:
  16. Guest

    Food on container, yes or no?

    Hi every1, Just had John Mason's round to do inventory and he told us that you cannot take any type of foodstuff whatsoever from UK on a container to Oz and if you do it will ALL be confiscated. Is this true? If so how come, because you can take food on plane and declare it, why not on container? I ask because hubby loves his Sainsbury's teabags and I love my Robinson's peach cordial. I was going to take a few jars of favourite coffee too. Sad I know but what is this situation with foodstuff on containers? I have read AQIS website and no mention of not being able to take any foodstuff in jars or bottles or tins etc or have I missed it? Has anyone else taken anything foodwise? Had any problems? Monica:err:
  17. Ok I know its a blond question but cant imagine how much stuff we could fit into it, and do things think beds, book shelves etc need to be dismantled?? Ok stupid question over thanks :twitcy: Em x
  18. Guest

    How long wil container take?

    Just wondered if anyone could tell us roughly how long our container wil take to get to oz?we've got our own 20 foot one and are moving with john mason and wridgeways and hopin to have it there for xmas but not going til november so trying to work out when to send it!
  19. Hi everyone. We are heading to Perth in Jan 2010 and are wondering if anyone can advise us if we should get a container to bring all our furniture, white goods etc. or would it be just as cheap to buy it out there. We would be happy to buy decent second hand furniture. Have been quoted about £4000 for container so if anyone can tell us what they have done it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Rhonda
  20. The question is: Is there any shipping option which is smaller than half a container but larger than a few tea-chests? We recently organised for three quotes on a full-house move from UK to Oz. We knew it would come to about £3,000 for a full container and none of the companies disappointed us on that! We have always had a bit of doubt about the wisdom of shipping it all. Much of our furniture is mis-matched and not great quality. But then you think about practically giving all of it away here and the cost of replacing it. I so wish the shippers could give us some sort of indication of cost per item to help us think about whether to take individual things or not. Anyway, we have just (about 8 hours ago) come back from our reccie/validation trip and have been able to check out the prices over there, and get some advice from friends who have made the move. we are now seriously thinking about leaving most of our stuff here. But there still is quite a lot I am very attached to and would want to bring over. Some friends ditched everything and just brought 6 "tea-chests", but I know we couldn't get away with that. Anyway we have one huge mirror to bring, and the flat screen tv which is quite new (and they are very expensive over there). I still don't think we will need a half container though. So is there any other option we could look at? Or would it be best to go with a part load on a container and just hope everything arrives as it should?
  21. Guest

    20ft container how much

    we think we have dicided that we have enouth good furniture to take with us and think we will need a 20ft container, how much have people payed or been quoted for this, what does this include, packing loading storing, how does it work, please, any one that has an awnser please reply need help
  22. Lancashire Lass

    Documents before container arrives?

    I'm trying to work out what paperwork I will need handy in the first couple of months of landing in Oz. So far I have got - Birth Certs and Marriage Cert Paper Driving Licenses Kids Immunisation Records (school has asked for them) Mortgage Statements (perhaps as proof we are good payers when we are looking to rent a home??) Husband's trade certificates But then my brain stops working and the list ends there!!!! :confused: What else should I be putting in my "hand luggage documents folder"?? Thank you Mandy
  23. Elliott-Family

    Pros/cons of container sharing

    Hi We think we are gonna just take some boxes, bed, mattress, bikes and tumble dryer to oz so are thinking about containers We dont want a whole one as we cant really afford it Please could you share your costs and any pros or cons for sharing many thanks Claire x
  24. steteevic

    Container share needed

  25. Hi All, Just to give you all a catch up of where we are at present. We opted to use John Mason as our international removal agent some time ago. The packers turned up on Thursday morning and had wrapped and boxed nearly all our worldly goods by 4pm, the items unpacked where our optional to go or not to go, plus the last min items, a bed, Kettle and TV. Thursday was a glorious day SUN beating down. The container was due on Friday @ 12pm, typical UK, it was raining from 10 ish and it was steady, then the heavens opened. The container arrived at 12.30 and it was still raining, so loading was delayed, once the rain eased off, the loading commenced and this only took approx 1.5 hours to load and we got all the optional items on also. The container driver said he had to be back to Liverpool as the it was being loaded tonight (Friday) on a feeder ship off to Antwerp, then it will leave Antwerp 6th July. Prior to the container arriving John (lead packer) said it was going to be tight even without the optional items. Adele was on level 2 panic stations, but in the end all worked out all ok. We are now just preparing the house ready for some new tenants who plan to move in on Monday. We would strongly recommend John Mason, for service and price, I have posted some pics just as a reminder of the day - http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/album.php?albumid=642