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Found 42 results

  1. Guest

    Air con engineers

    :wideeyed:Are there many of you out there. Looking to find out more on what to expect on this journey to get to OZ. Jim:jimlad:
  2. HI Been on forum for a while a big one to get through!:wacko: Have not found much about my trade while I have been looking through forum. I have been in the trade for about 20 years( first trained as a sparky). Anyone Know of any other site on careers in OZ. jim & nik
  3. Guest

    Air con / heating complaint

    Being fairly new here in Oz, just 5 months or so, I’m not very clued up on the air conditioning system here and how it effects others. (Reverse Cycle heat/Cold system.) But an interesting situation has developed. Try and tell as quickly as possible here. Set the scene, We live in a nice modern house, about 4 year old, very pleasant well laid out estate, rent the property, deal just with the agents and the agents are absolutely first class, can’t fault them. Neighbour next door has invited us in for a lovely meal and drinks, we have done the same and all is well. All good so far. About 4-5 weeks ago the site manager here came to see me, introduced himself, pleasant chap, came in had a cuppa and explained to me that he had received a complaint from a person opposite our house that our air con machine is making too much noise. Naturally I was concerned and told him I would get on to the agents straight away. He went on that he had checked my machine one morning early around 6.45am and it was making a racket. I was mortified that we may have caused a problem and apologised sincerely. He showed me the person’s house who had complained. They are opposite and up from my house, about 20 meters away from where our air con machine is located. I run the machine for him while he was here and he said Yea, your pump is knackered, it’s had it. (note he's not an engineer, just a local guy looking after the site and residents) So I inform the agents, few days later an electrical engineer calls. I explain it all to him, run the machine, the engineer, laughs and asks me Is this for real, the machine is fine, the sound is not too loud, and how the hell can She hear it from that distance. Engineer reports back to the agent. Few days later, the company who installed the machines for the whole entire site, and have maintained them all along call me. Our agents had asked them to also call and check it out. The M.D from the firm, the top man comes with one of his engineers. Real Aussie bloke, great laugh and nice guy. Greats me from his Yute with the words, “Who’s F****ing complained” I was quite amused by this and explained it all. They switched the machine on, run it listened and he again went off on one, “30 years I have been installing machines, and there’s F**** all wrong with that. I’m happy to go to Court if She want’s too." OK I said Whatever you say. I’m only the tenant here, so I’m not really in a position to comment. In fairness he confirmed it was nowhere near an unacceptable level of noise, which has to be around 5 whatever at her garden fence???? (Not my words) Well he had a beer with me, good chat all about UK and Aus, and off he went, really nice bloke, Great. Fair play to our agents, they had done all possible within a few days. Recent weather has been warm, but last Thursday and Friday saw a downturn in the Weather. So Friday night we put the heat on for 20 minutes to take the chill off the room. (wife had a start of a cold and was taking meds) It was the first time in 3 weeks we had put the heat on, and it was on for just 20 minutes. Well guess what ?, Yesterday the site manager returns, the same woman opposite had reported our machine running at 11pm Friday night and complained and he says is going to report it to the council. This time I was more standing my ground, and explained the result of the company and comments of the 2 different engineers, and that they thought it was farcical and laughed about it. He suggested He would put a few bales of Straw to try and block out the sound, but I told him No way, One that’s a potential fire hazard and two why should I have Straw bales near my air con machine when I’m paying big rent for my property and two engineers have said the machine is fine. Imediately directly opposite our house, the one neighbour’s bedroom is in the direct line from us, yet they have not complained or said anything to us, yet this person who is further away, opposite and up from our house seems to have a problem. I’m passing it back to the agents, and they can do what they think necessary, but I would be interested to hear your comments. We have never met or spoke to this lady or her husband, and never had anything to do with them. She's aware we are Foreign (Poms) people will have told her that. I’m told she’s a teacher, and according to the site manager she can lose it a bit when she starts. (So be it) This house was rented before us by an American family who returned to the USA, and who looked after the place well just like we do. We are a very quiet couple, pretty boring couple to be truthful, on our own and make as little noise as humanly possible, never any visitors or cars parked outside or music playing and so on. So I’m not sure what to say about this complaint. Any advice??? REDDERS
  4. Hi Guys, Okay i finally called an agent and put our plan to them but actually worded it in as O/H has already done course in refrigeration and air con mechanics and got one years experience (just a small white lie) he said we have a very good chance of a 175 visa which means PR yippeeee although have to say he was very vague and wasn't too happy about the free consultation me thinks so anyway he told us that O/H would have to go through the TRA and i forgot to ask what the requirements were for this regarding what quals and how many years experience are generally needed to pass, have looked on the TRA website and can't find the info on this so if anyone has gone through the TRA for refrigeration and air con and can give some advice that would be great many thanks xx
  5. must have drivers license if interested email me or give me a call mark 0406688987 rileys refrigeration and air conditioning services
  6. Hello all, I've been in sydney since Oct 07 and sub contracting to a couple of lads installing VRV systems, but all the work has dried up! I have my own ABN, public liability, income protection, ute and tools, including oxy and nitro regs, benders etc I've been doing A/C for about 8 years in england, started on service then putting in mainly splits and VRF in offices. Here i've been doing 3 pipe VRF pipework and i've done a 180 room system at the harbour view hotel north sydney, 110 room at the eastern creek raceway hotel, and 8 floors on clarence st CBD. The aussie's rekon i'm fast and are always impressed with my work, have some pics if you're intrested! I'm looking for sub-contracting really in any form of A/C, even if its a day here and there when you need an extra pair of hands, Any help would be great, Cheers Mark Brookes 0410151444
  7. must have drivers license experience prefered but not essential must be willing to learn chance of apprenticeship in refrigeration and air conditioning for the right person job would suit a young person or sombody wanting a change of career. if interested call mark on 0406688987 mark riley rileys refrigeration and air conditioning services
  8. I've just had an e-mail from Visa Bureau this morning, which has just informed me that as the OH is a Refrideration and Airconditioning Mechanic, as of today, he is now eligible for nomination under the Skilled - Sponsored visa. Don't know if this is of any use to anyone, we're not going for a couple of years, so it's a bit early for us, but I don't want to just bin the info as it might help someone out there! All the best Angela
  9. Guest

    air con engineers

    hi all, does any body know what my OH needs to do when we get to OZ to work with air con and the wages he would get in brisbane? also what are websites to look at for job vacancies!!! any help would be great, cheers!
  10. Does anyone know someone in Oz who is a Refrigeration and Air Con mechanic? We're having no luck through the normal sites (Seek etc) finding out how much they get paid. We don't need a precise figure (and I'm aware that wages will be different between states) but an idea of whether it may be $40 ph or $20 ph will let me know whether we can have a nice relaxing life or whether I need to keep Dan working overtime till he drops. It wont affect whether we go to Oz but it may affect the level of life insurance required :cute: Ta guys
  11. Guest

    Plumbing V Air con

  12. Hi I have started the rental hunt today - nightmare. some of the properties don't have air con/heating. Is this a huge problem. We will probably be in rental for 9 - 12 months (so summer and winter). the properties have pools and near the ocean (in mindarie) so the estate agent's have said that the wind from the ocean will keep us cool!!! Advice needed please. Lynne
  13. I have already left a lengthy post in Welcome but realised about this one!! Stupid me My husband has never been to Oz but would happily put the house up for sale today and move tommorrow. I am not so sure. I am Australian born when my parents emigrated in 1964 and came back in 1978. I remember it from a 7 year olds eye but what is it like now. Hubby works in the oil industry andhe thinks it would be a far better life than here for us all (girls 9 & 4) He is 41 so really we have to make a decision soon to get the ball rolling. How did you all come to your descisions. Any help would be great as my head is spinning thinking about it all the time.
  14. Guest

    Air con in state schools?

    Hi, does anyone know if the state schools in suburbs of Brisbane have air con.? Its just that I'm a bit worried about my sons trying to learn in hot/stuffy classrooms. In 2006 when we had that gorgeous hot summer their senior school sent them home one day as it was to hot for the students! How will they cope for 3 mths in the Brisbane heat!! Any help much appreciated. Debsx
  15. Hi, Can you tell me if most homes in Queensland have air conditioning? Also, we have two children aged 5 and 1 and plan to be out there in December if anyone can share their experiences of dealing with the heat with young children. Thanks Liz
  16. Hello, Does anyone know anything about getting your air con licence for NSW? i'm heading over in sept/oct now i have my visa and wondered what's involved and where you get it from??? I'm also trying to arrange work in sydney installing and servicing split air con systems before i go, would anyone know the best way to go about it..website's or contacts etc??? Any help would be great, Cheers Mark.
  17. Guest

    Air Con in NSW

    Hello, I'm finding in lots of job adverts for air conditioning engineers in sydney that you need a NSW air con license? Does anyone know if i can just show my Certs from here or my TRA stuff and get the ticket, or do you have to do a course or test to get one? Any help would be great, Cheers.