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Found 236 results

  1. Hi Guys Can anybody please advise me who to possibly use in terms of insurance for shipping my goods across to Perth. I have narrowed the two shipping companies down to either Crown Relocations or John Masons. But wondered if there was any other Companies than do the insurance rather than go through the shipping companies? Any advice in this matter would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks Debbie
  2. Hi everyone, We are heading off to Sydney from Dublin the 13th August. Tickets are booked. Just trying to find a company to insure you when emmigrating. Multi trip dont do emigrating insururance, and go walk about are only for UK residents? anyone any ideas or who you have used? thanks...
  3. Hi, I am a British doctor currently working in Sydney on a 457 visa. I want to apply for PR via the skilled independent migrant visa route (175) since my hospital wont sponsor me on an ENS visa. I want to ask if anyone can recommend a company with whom I can lodge my 175 visa application through, or do you think I can do it myself without paying a 3rd person? I know the application itself is $6000+, does anyone know how much a company will charge to do all the paperwork for you (and is it worth it?) Any companies highly recommended? And can they speed the application process along? (I ideally need to have PR by next May!!) Thanks
  4. Following on from my thread; http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/transport-shipping/96045-have-i-chosen-wrong-shipping-company.html I think it's time for an update. Fortunately yes, we have received our goods, but it took 4.5 months!! Our goods were collected by Crown mid August 2010 and arrived in Melbourne at the end of December!! It was 3 months before they even sent them out of the UK as they were apparently waiting for the container to become full. 3 months to fill a container.....what? Do they not have any other customers?!! And that was with me calling them and emailing them and threatening legal action weekly, and they were doing me a special favour sending it so "quickly". So we had to manage for nearly 3 months without our goods. Very fortunately we didn't ship any furniture so we were buying that anyway, but I missed my TV amongst other things, like all the kids toys etc. It took so long we could barely remember what was in the boxes! We were constantly worried too that they had lost all our stuff, because they had no idea when it would be sent, then there were logon problems to their tracking system, they ignored emails until I phoned. We thought we would never see our stuff again. It was an extremely stressfull time, as if it's not hard enough doing the move
  5. Hey guys and gals, 22 days after putting the visa application in, I got it back accepted! Now the rush starts, I've applied for a bank account, so that's done, have a work start date in Sydney for 7th Sept and need to get my stuff over there. The other half has her brother in Sydney so at least we have an address...I'm only looking to ship about 30 or 40 kgs worth of stuff over as we rent in London at the mo. Anyone shipped over light goods and what's the best company to go with? I might be pushing it here, but a price ££ would be welcome too :wink: Adam
  6. I have heard of company incentives, but I think Ergo have taken it a little too far by giving it's top 100 salesmen an orgy.:swoon: A GERMAN insurance company rewarded its best salesmen by organising an orgy with prostitutes in a renowned Hungarian spa, the company said. About 100 top salesmen had been invited to the orgy, which featured numerous scantily clad hostesses and about 20 prostitutes, Ergo insurance spokesman Alexander Becker said. The event organised by one of its divisions in Budapest's art nouveau Gellert Baths represented a clear violation of the company's values, he stressed. "All measures have been taken to prevent a repeat of such an event," Mr Becker said. Those responsible for the June 2007 event - dubbed an "incentive trip" - have left the company, he added. Prostitution is legal in Hungary and Germany.
  7. Hi all, i'm moving to Perth this November after recieving my state sponsorship as a carpenter. I've been looking at the price of power tools and general tools and nearly fainted at the cost of kitting myself out again with new gear... I'm now considering shipping my own hand and powertools over and was wondering if my electrical tools will work out on australian electric supply?? I've heard that its possible to get the plugs changed, then you need to get your converted tools checked and tagged but am unsure how true this is?? If anyone has done this is it expensive and cost effective after shipping etc?? or does it work out ruffly the same as buying new in oz? Also If i decide to ship/fly my tools does anyone know or reccomend a shipping or airfreight company I can use??? If anyone can help in anyway i'd really appreciate it as stuck as to what to do and need to get things organised before the move in november.. Thanks again. :wacko::hug:
  8. Hi All, I'm trying to find out a bit more info regarding international shipping insurance, please. We have 99% decided that we will be using John Mason to ship our stuff from Herts to Perth, but still don't quite know what to do about the insurance. JMason's quote came with some insurance documents from a particular company and I believe their rate was 3%. I have seen on PIO that some people have managed to insure their items for around 1.5%. A few questions I have: 1) Are we obliged to use this company, or can we find our own insurance? 2) How happy/unhappy will John Mason's be with our decision if we use someone else, and will they try talk us into using who they recommend? 3) When choosing an insurance company, what are the main questions we should ask? We're not talking about madly expensive stuff - just the basics for a family of 4. We are only going to be using a part container, and our estimate of what we'd like to insure for is approx £15 000 worth of stuff. I have seen Letton Percival and insure-your-move mentioned on PIO before, but not sure what people's opinions are on these? Thanks for reading (and hopefully replying) :cute: Catherine
  9. Hi there everyone! I have just accepted a job offer from a company located in Sydney and cant wait to get over!:jiggy: I have a few questions and would relish any help/input you can provide :- -What is the general process that you need to go through for the 457 visa and what you need to provide etc? -I am relocating without any assistance so would like to what you would recommend and how other people have typically gone about finding somewhere to live before or after arriving in Australia? Do you think I should find somewhere to rent before arriving or stay in a hotel etc and then find somewhere? -Where would you recommend living - area, etc. -Do you have to do tax returns or is it similar to the UK where the tax is taken out of your salary? Any help or advice would be appreciated! Thank you!!:smile:
  10. Guest

    Tax on Company Car's

    Hello, I could do with some initial advice with regards to the tax implications of taking a company car. As part of my new employment package I have the option of taking a company car. If I do take this option, then my salary is reduced depending on the type / make vehicle I choose. Come someone inform me what the tax implications are of taking a company vehicle (in Melbourne). For example, if I do take the company car option, then it can be used for private purposes. I am assuming that this 'benefit' will be taxed. I have looked on the Aussie Tax office website - and to be honest I am not any clearer. Also, I have looked on other forums - but the comments seem to be out of date. Thanks
  11. Hi all Could you let me know who you moved your cat with and which ones were good or not so good. I have a 10 year old cat that I want to move out with us. Many thanks Jules
  12. Hi all, I'm entered Oz on a Working Holiday Visa on the 1st August 2009. I'm currently on a 457 which commenced on 19th October 2009. I've spoken to my company about PR sponsorship and they will sponsor me when I have been on a 457 for 2 yrs (Oct this yr)which is great. The downside is that it will cost me 9k if I go down that route and leave the company within 3 yrs (potentially). I can go down the PR route myself but am unsure of timelines. Ive heard company sponsored PR takes 6 weeks vs self application taking 3 months plus. The benefit of going through the company is speed, however I may incur a cost. The benefit of doing it myself is potential cost savings but in the event of redundancy, before i get PR, I assume I have to leave in 30 days as Ill still be on a 457. Do i have to wait 2 yrs fo apply for PR. My company is adamant that they will only put PR at 2 yrs. If i do it myself, can i apply earlier? Any experiences or advice is greatly appreciated... Not sure if this matters but I live in Sydney.
  13. Hi Anyone know if it is possible to setup a company name from day 1 for billing purposes? My partner's current UK employer wants to take him on as a contractor for the first 2 months we are in Oz. He is a .net developer and is working on some high profile projects at the moment. We are leaving for Oz in October and they really don't want him to go. So he just needs to setup a company name so that he can bill them for the work done. He has every intention to get an Oz job and has already been in talks with various recruitment agencies already but we thought if his current employer is wanting to give him work for our first 2 months then it takes some of the pressure off. if anyone can give us some advice would appreciate. Thanks
  14. Hi We are looking to appoint the above agency to help us with Visa application but wanted some feedback on them?
  15. Guest

    Sponsored by a company - advice

    Hi all, I am in the process of having a company in Sydney sponsor me to make the trip over to oz. Does anyone know how long this takes and how hard it is? My partner is from the UK but is also and Australian resident, I could go over on a partner visa, but looking at about 7 months for that to get done. Help please Thanks Jon
  16. I will be starting a fantastic contract opportunity in Brisbane in just over 2 weeks time. I was wondering if anyone had any good recommendations of umbrella companies to deal with. Also, how do you go about choosing your super fund? This all seems a bit of a minefield.
  17. Hi there, My husband and I are moving back to the UK in July this year. We've got a bit of stuff to ship, but not much - no furniture, just books and clothes and some kitchen bits... Can anyone suggest a good, inexpensive company to ship about 10 tea chests? I'm having trouble finding any through Google searches, etc... Thanks! JK
  18. Hello All, Any recommendations for shipping companies? We are only moving personal effects - books, clothes, odds and ends, towels, sheets etc. Have a few quotes from 1st Contact, PSS and Simpsons. Just more concerned really about other people's experiences and reliability of companies. Moving from West London to Gold Coast. Thanks :biggrin:
  19. Hi guys, we`ve just been granted visas to Oz and planning to move in Feb. We`ve contacted 2 removal companies and are waiting to hear back from them. Which company did you use to move your house and how much did that cost you? We are not moving our furniture, only most important items like clothes, our children`s toys and a few bigger items like 2 adult bikes, a child bike, 50inch TV and a few more. I`d be grateful for any replies Merry Christmas to all of you
  20. Hi There Have been granted visa!! Yes! Yes! Just about to choose shipping company as we are off to Queensland from South Wales. "Does anyone have advice they can give on choosing which one. And whether to have 20ft container and take all, or shared one and only take what needed Confused!!! Have been told that shared goes on volume and could work out just as expensive as full container HELP!!! Bush
  21. Estimator/QS reporting to the Senior Estimator Be exposed on a $400M Prison Development Work for a Top Tier Company with projects in excess of several $100M across Australia Send cv to mail to: mailto:henning.schulze@nowcareers.com.au or call for a further chat 02 9955 4418
  22. Hi everyone, we're emigrating to Adelaide on the 1st May and we are currently trying to decide which removal company to use. It's between John Mason's and White & Co. John Mason's have a fantastic reputation but are £260 more expensive than White & Co who don't seem to have a reputation at all, good or bad. If anyone has used White & Co, we would love to hear all about it Cheers Ali & Will
  23. Guest

    removal company

    Hi every 1 just looking at removal companies got flights booked for later in the year just would like to know if any 1 has used the company pickfords and what was your experiance with them thanks :biggrin:
  24. Hi there, dear POMS! Would you be so kind to help me? Thank you! I have an ongoing 175 application. Now there is a chance of getting me a job offer from an Australian company. The question is: will this job offer automatically switch me to Category 1 with my ongoing application or I have to lodge a new application with ENS? So far, from the information I have found at DIAC's site, it looks as if I have to lodge a new visa application (ENS 121)? But, maybe I missed something...? Does anyone have similar experience with getting a job offer while having 175 in progress? Thank you all and have a great week! :hug:
  25. Joob joobs

    Company Car Tax?

    Hi I was just wondering how Company Car Tax works in Aus, is it at all comparative to here? (I have heard mention that you don't pay any tax on it and the company pays for all, upkeep, maintenance and private fuel with no tax on that either... but I'm doubtful as to whether that's correct!) Can anyone advise? Thanks Julie