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Found 296 results

  1. jodieredd

    Citizenship puzzle for you

    Can a person apply for Citizenship for two different countries at the same time? I have a Dutch passport but am applying for my Australian Citizenship and living in the UK! I will not be allowed to carry on working etc here as I am going to lose my Dutch passport (they don't allow Dual in most cases). I therefor need to apply for my British Citizenship ((which I am eligable for) ) at the same time as we might not be ready to leave the UK as soon as I get my Aussie Citizenship. PHEW! Am I doing anything illegal here? Any advise would be appreciated Thanks Jodie
  2. Guest

    Renouncing Aus Citizenship?

    Not really a dilemma about moving to Aus, but more about now I have returned to the UK, I am considering renouncing my Australian citizenship. It's an odd comment to make, but I was wondering if anyone has done this or considering to do this at all and what impact (if any) it had, other than the obvious one about having to get a visa if you want to visit Aus again. I went to Aus on a work visa, then permanent resident, then citizen since 2006 and I want to try and access my superannuation and close it down. The only way to do this seems to be if I had been on a temporary visa, but there is nothing mentioned about if you are no longer a citizen. I was wondering if anyone knows any information about this? I have spoken to the ATO and Virgin Super and they keep referring me to the conditions for DASP, which doesn't state anything about 'if you are no longer a citizen'.. Any thoughts or comments would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Hi, am in rather a unique situation and would appreciate any info. Husband and I came out with baby son on 457 in 01/08. Had son no.2 here 01/09. Hubby's company sponsored us for permanent residency - hurrah! Mum died 06/09 - back to UK for 3 months, hubby stayed in Oz. Younger sister dies of breast cancer 01/10. 05/10 - we get PR - yay good news finally. A week later I am diagnosed with breast cancer. Nightmare really begins. Father gets special visa and comes out to look after kids while I undergo surgery, chemo and radiotherapy. I tell Hubby I cannot cope if the cancer comes back again and we need to go back to UK. He understands and agrees. I am in a mess because I wouldn't have considered going back if the cancer hadn't happened but am now worried what will happen if it comes back. I used the online tool and found that we would be eligible to apply for citizenship 01/12. How long would it take? Because my sister's cancer metastasised in 12 months and I am terrified I will be here and alone, whereas I have friends and family in the UK. I also need to think about my husband and 2 small sons and whilst there is a brighter future here for them, it would be hard for them if the worst happens. I am not being negative, just pragmatic. I do have a high risk of metastasis. I am prepared to hang out a little longer for their sakes but I need to know how long it all takes. Thanks.
  4. AaronS

    457 to Citizenship

    I'm sure it's been asked and I did some searches...but is applying for citizenship the same if you are on a 457 visa? Is it 2 years then you can apply like a 175 or 176?
  5. Guest

    Dual Citizenship

    Hi, not been on here for a while and not even sure I am in the right section. But here goes anyway............ Does anyone know how long you need to have lived in Austrlia before on a permenant visa before you can apply for dual citizenship? Lisa
  6. (Quote)I was born in Australia and lived here for my first 22 years. When I finished uni i went to the UK for 18 months (as you do) and stayed for 18 years. I always planned to return home but now I have I am not sure where home is. When I was in the UK, I was called an Aussie, here I am called a Pom. I missed Australia whilst I was in the UK and now I miss the UK. I love everything about Australia but I still miss things about the UK. Where do I belong? (Quote) I am starting this thread in relation to a previous thread (Above) started by Ravensfield concerning 'Where Do I Belong', the thread did indeed get me thinking and in no small measure tugged at the old heart strings. Basically Ravensfield in a very thorough and educated way was asking where he/she truly belonged, Australia or the UK. They had come to the point where when in Australia they felt as if they belonged but still missed things about the UK, a sentiment that I truly understand and one that has often played a huge part in my life. If only I had the answer I would be a millionaire many times over. I am exactly the same, only in reverse, born in UK, etc. And to this day I still don't truly know where I belong. When in Australia I have a sense of utter 'belonging', but still miss the UK, and vice versa. We are very lucky people in a way that we have a 'choice' through the visa process, PR, Citizenship, etc, that we are 'able' to choose which country to live in. There are many in both countries that have little choice but to remain where they are, often unhappy and craving the green pastures of the new. As much as many people envy me, in the ability to flit backwards and forwards as time and money allows, I also envy those that have 'chosen' to make their homes in either country. Some have come to the realistation that either Australia or the UK is the place to be and are very happy with their decision. I truly envy these people, the ability to come to a reasoned and educated decision about their future and live as if there is no tomorrow. OK, some hitches and hurdles to overcome, but to be able to come to a decision about your future AND be happy with that is something I admire greatly in these people. The key to the issue, I think, is the ability to say to yourself, 'Yep, I DO have a choice', because of dual nationality, and be thankful for that. Even though at times it can be very difficult to live somewhere your not WHOLLY happy in it must be remembered that those of us fortunate enough to be in such a position are far more well off than the poor buggers who have little choice in the matter. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying you to teach anyone to suck eggs, I know only to well the emotional turmoil, stress and worry that this 'choice' puts upon you and for your loved ones, it's not a particularly nice place to be, BUT. When I look at some of the peoples stories on here about peoples efforts, tears, heartbreak, etc, and how hard they are trying to become 'happy', I am truly grateful for the 'CHOICE' I have. Though at times this choice can seem a stone around ones neck I have come to realise that even though I am totally confused and indeed very unhappy at times I still have the ability to say, 'Right, we're off again', that is a choice very few are afforded and one that I feel truly blessed with, no matter the pitfalls. My heart goes out to the people who because of certain issues with DIAC, family etc have had to put their plans on hold and in some cases realise that they will never be afforded their dream of living in either country. Like I said, and in particular relation to Ravensfield, I know EXACTLY what you are saying mate, I honestly do. But when the old whinging and moaning has stopped I have come to realise that because of a 'choice' I have a far better chance of becoming happy than those poor buggers who have had that choice ripped away from them. Very, very, few people are afforded the opportunity to say, 'Well, I'm off to Australia/UK'. For many reasons some people have no choice and when I look at these stories I feel truly blessed with the ability to say that we are going to Australia or the UK, AND realise that unless we do something really silly we will ALWAYS have this choice, I know which position I would rather be in, but do acknowledge that at times this choice can make us a little unhappy. So in essence I would have to say that the opportunities and amazing things dual nationality has afforded me far outweigh the occasional niggle or moan about my life. To me it is a gift that I am truly thankful for, and I will be grateful even when I have boarded the aircraft for the 300th time because I stlll can't make my bloody mind up about where to live, but at least I have the CHOICE, unlike a lot of other poor sods who have little choice in their future. Hope I haven't offended you Ravensfield, I just know exactly what you mean and hope I have explained it properly. Cheers Tony.:wink:
  7. Hi poi, wondering if anyone can help me on this... i realise that to get citizenship now it takes roughly 4 years of being in oz etc but then i read some post saying that these rules changed in july 2007...we got our visa's 28th Apr 2007(skilled migrant) and we're just heading out to oz permanently in November..does this mean that in November 2013 that we could apply for citizenship as our visa's were granted before the change??
  8. Oh my god!!! Im so happy!! Got a call today from immigration to say that my cirtizenship application has been finalised and its in the post!! cannot actually believe that i will be going! Got the biggest smile on my face today! Now its all about booking the flights and finding a bleeding job!!:smile:
  9. Here is the story. I have Australian Citizenship by descent. My mother is an Aussie by birth and we both live in Canada. I was looking to migrate to Australia from Canada using my Australian Citizenship. Are there any issues in doing so? Is there any sort of government requirements I need to adhere to or anything of that sort? I am asking because I am moving to Australia from a foriegn country with Australian Citizenship in hand having never EVER stepped foot in Australia before. Anyone here know how I do just that and immigrate from Canada to Australia with Aussie Citizenship? Am I classified as a new immigrant or an Aussie national? Just wondering how that works. Thank you. - Richard
  10. Hi guys, this is my first post around here, but looks like a very helpful forum! With all the questions I have, I'm sure I will get much more direct answers than I will surfing around on the 'net. Basically, I am British and my boyfriend is an Indonesian citizen, but living in Australia with Permanent Residency (has applied and been approved of Aussie citizenship, just waiting for what could be months for his ceremony to make it all official and final). So a bit of background on us.. We're pretty young to be getting into all this I suppose, but needs must and all. I am 19 and he is 21. We met online in 2008. Obviously not much we could do about the distance, being so young and jobless, but kept in touch and very 'close' until we were in a position to do anything about it. We knew we were serious and wanted to be together, and so I applied for a working holiday visa and arrived here in Aus in September last year, both to meet and move in with my boyfriend (and his family). Everything has been going perfect for the past 8 months or so since I arrived, and obviously the time is passing by quickly and so we are needing to do something about staying together long-term. Honestly, we aren't bothered about which country we end up in, our main concern is to stay together. Aus is looking much more practical for settling down in, mostly because he is still doing studies, plus the work/pay is much more appealing over here. -OUR PLAN- Obviously I will have to return to UK by September, as my 12 month WHV will be expiring. So basically we're hoping to bring him back with me until we can both return to Aus permanently with some kind of partner visa for myself. As mentioned, my boyfriend is in the process of applying for his Australian citizenship. We're told that the processing time could mean his ceremony (which will make it all final) could be as far away as September or October. Whilst he could travel on his Indonesian citizenship in the meantime, that would give him much more hassle entering UK re. visas etc, so we're hoping his Australian citizenship will be complete before September. Okay, now the real questions. 1). I understand there are several different partner visas. We were looking at De Facto (offshore) application, but thought I'd get some advice first. We will eventually marry, however obviously we're young and want to wait until we're ready, and not just marrying for the sake of making the visas simpler (though we are prepared to do this if it's our only option). We will have been living together for exactly one year by the time I/we go to the UK. We have been living with his parents/family and so won't have much 'evidence' as far as shared bills/rent goes, but we do have personal things (xmas cards etc) addressed to us both, I've kept travel tickets etc in both our names, plus tons of photos, and we plan to open a joint bank account asap. Given all of the above, what would be our best bet, partner visa-wise? I know there are options to apply whilst I am still here, but obviously we will have been 'together' for less than a year, so I'm assuming that would go against us. Any tips on what to do (also COSTS. We're young remember! ) would be greatly appreciated. 2). I've come across the term 'bridging visa' here and there, but only just pondered today whether this could be an option. We are really hoping to travel to UK for a few months together. We definitely don't want to be apart for the 5-6 month processing time that it seems a partner visa takes, but if his ceremony isn't out of the way by September, obviously I may have to go home a month or two before he joins me. Is there ANY type of bridging visa or similar that I could apply for just on the grounds that I want him to be with me when we go to UK? I.e., just until his citizenship is out of the way? I'm sure there's other things I need to ask/work out, but those are my main concerns right now, as obviously we are increasingly pressing for time. I'm sure more things will come to me as I'm reading your responses. :wink: Anyway, thanks for reading my post, and thanks in advance for any help you can offer. Sorry about the lengthy post! Cheers, Sophie.
  11. Hi guys, I have developed a free iPhone app called 'GdayAustralia' to help people practice for the Australian Citizenship Test. I noticed that most other apps on the story are over $2. It is only Version 1 and is one of the first apps I have developed, so it does lack all the bells and whistles of some of the other apps but it does the job ( I will make improvements in future updates). Anyway, I thought it might help some of you guys, so check it out if you want. Here's the link: GdayAustralia - http://itunes.apple.com/au/app/gdayaustralia/id430601584?mt=8 :jiggy:
  12. Guest

    Stupid question - citizenship

    This may sound dense - but how do you become a dual citizen? If you become an Oz citizen but still hold a UK passport - does that mean you are still a UK citizen? We want to become australian citizens but dont want to lose our UK citizenship. I see you can apply online to be an oz citizen, but would hate to apply and find that I was then purely only an oz citizen. Is it just a case of you apply to be a citizen - and that you need to keep your UK passports current. I am confused. If anyone can shed some light on it - i would be grateful. Cheers Lisa
  13. bloomersthebear

    Daughter devastated, Citizenship refused.

    Just been informed by the immi and citizenship people that my 17 year old daughter has been refused her citizenship approval because of a 12 month good behavior bond she received two days after the applications was sent. :embarrassed: So thats me the wife and two daughters approved and awaiting what we hoped would be a family ceremony. The circumstances for the good behavior bond were at best very spurious. She was out with so called mates that turned on her. She was left beaten up ( her so called best mates 19yr old boyfriend thought he would throw a few punches in for good measure) Phone, bag, purse all stolen. Local police turn up the Australians kids had star burst and left her there. She was arrested for "public nuisance" and ticketed for court. All this kept to her self as at 17 she didn't need to tell mum and dad. (stupid law). The police refused to listen to her complaint of assault and theft. (Robbery)?? And proceeded with the easier option. Situation solved. She was awarded the 12 month good behavior bond and the rest is history a police check by immi during process and now she is refused the citizenship. She is gutted, were gutted. she was told by the police it wasn't a conviction so would not hamper her application. So she took the whole thing on the chin, quite literally too, and took them at their word. Silly girl. :skeptical: Now the thing is looking back at the paperwork the 1290 form I used for her application, http://www.immi.gov.au/allforms/pdf/1290.pdf is designed with 17 yr olds in mind. And it states quite clearly 18yr olds must prove good character and it goes on the explain the criteria. For 17 year olds and under it isn't a requirement. But it seems our case officer carried out a local police check and has seen this bond recorded against her name. :unsure: Had a look at the ATT appeal process and its nearly $800 on top of the $260 we already paid for the application. I thought the good character Critera was designed to nullify any "proper" un-desirables from getting approval not a juvenile with a behavior bond. (timing as they say is everything). really don't know what to do. could they have it wrong in this case?? Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
  14. belaroy

    Australian Citizenship By Decent

    There is not a great deal about Australian Citizenship by Decent around so I thought I should create a new thread about how to go about applying for it. All my experience relates to my children who are 4 years and 1 year old. Firstly have a look at this Department of Immigration site: http://www.citizenship.gov.au/applying/how_to_apply/born_overseas/ Then I completed this form - Form 118 ( you cannot save the form - you have to fill it in then print off.) http://www.immi.gov.au/allforms/pdf/118.pdf I then copied and had certified the following items: A copy of the childs British passport A copy of the childs full British birth certificate A copy of My full Australian birth certificate A copy of my Australian passport A copy of my British passport A copy of my drivers licence A passport sized photgraph of the child I am getting both childrens citizenships done at the same time as the second childs is slighty cheaper when done at the same time. I will post with the full costings as they have been put in as Australian $. They will be sent by recorded mail tomorrow 3rd May 2011. To be fair its quite straight forward to get this done.
  15. Lynne S

    Citizenship Ceremony

    Hi everyone, I posted a couple of weeks ago 'When to call it a day', we have since decided that we are definitely heading back, thank you to everyone who gave us helpful and constructive advice, it really did help although I know everyones personel experience is different. We have however, also decided that we are first going to get our citizenship - which we can apply for on 1st Dec this year, what I would really like to know is, has anyone in Perth recently applied and attended a citizenship ceremony? I'm trying to roughly work out how long the whole process will take, as we need to get our eldest son back into school as soon as possible because he will be in year 10. The government website is quoting between 3 - 6 months, but apparently it depends on different states? I first thought we could leave as soon as we sat the test, but after ringing to speak to government office, they advised against going anywhere until we had recieved our certificate at the citizenship ceremony? and we would have to have very good reason to be put on the urgent list. So if anyone could give me an idea, I would be extremely grateful thank you. :notworthy:
  16. Guest

    citizenship while on 857 visa

    Hi Guys, jus wondering whether we can apply citizenship while on 857 visa. i have come to australia on oct 2007 and now have applied for my 857 visa. would i be eliglble to apply citizenship once i get my 857 visa. its nearly 4 that im in australia. i was 2yrs on student visa . Your comment in above would be highly apperceiated. Cowboy T
  17. Guest


    Hi could someone please tell me how long you need to be in Aus before you can apply for citizenship? Many thanks
  18. Hi I have doubts if the time I spent in bridging visa will be included in the 4 years residency requirement for citizenship. The residency calculator page in citizenship website says If any of the following applied to you in the past 4 years, please telephone our service centre on 131 880 during business hours to discuss your circumstances. You obtained an e-visa to replace an expired RRV You obtained a bridging visa of any type You lodged an onshore application for a permanent visa then travelled overseas on your temporary visa You are a New Zealand citizen on a Special Category Visa (SCV) I came to Aus in Aug 2006 and was granted residency on Apr 2011, I am planning to apply for citizenship on Apr 2012, from 2006 to 2009 I was in a student visa, then applied for Permanent residency and was in a bridging visa for 2 yrs and then my application was approved, so I am living here for past 4 yrs and 6 months, my question is will I be eligible for citizenship on Apr 2012? Will the time that I was in Bridging visa be included in the 4 years and 6 months that i was here? Thank you.
  19. I'm posting this thread on behalf of OH to ask whether South Africans with Australian Citizenship lose South African Citizenship.
  20. amanda12

    Citizenship advise

    Hi all Can anyone advise on whether you need to have been permanent resident for 5 years to go for citizenship or whether it is lived in Australia for 5 years? Ie if we went on a 457 for two years then got PR would we need to wait another 5 years before applying for citizenship? Also does anyone have any experience of how long the application process is? Can you start the process before 5 years or do you have to wait until the 5 year point before starting? Many thanks A
  21. In the first year I was out of Australia for one month. In the second year, I was out of Australia for 2 months. In the third year, I was out of Australia for 2 months again... and in the 4th year I was out of Australia for 2 months AGAIN. Will I be eligible for Australian citizenship or do I have to make up for the time I have been outside of Australia? So, basically I have been out of Australia for 7 months in the last 4 years. Does that mean I have to spend another 7 months in Australia before I can apply for citizenship?.. i.e the total time spent living in Australia needs to be 4 years and 7 months before I am eligible for citizenship?...
  22. Hello All Just a question............... I'm eligible to apply for Citizenship in May 2012...........does anyone know how long the process will take? Can I put in an application before the 4 year mark so that it may be granted as soon after May as possible? I need to go back to Europe for a Family reunion in Sept 2012 but didn't want to leave until I can try and get my Citizenship because I believe "days away" count against you? Is that correct? Thanking you for any advice in advance
  23. inception

    Citizenship and student visa

    Does the time spent in Australia on a student visa count towards citizenship? It's 4 years before one can apply for citizenship, right? So, if someone has spent 3 years as a student and then later gets permanent residency, can he/she use part of that to count towards citizenship? For instance, one year from the student visa and then 3 years after permanent residency and voila... you qualify for citizenship?... or something like that. :err:
  24. Stuju

    I got my aussie citizenship

    Hi all, Stuju here, long time no chat, Just thought id'drop in to say hi & say i got my aussie citizenship this Australia Day, also now have my aussie passport & had to vote here in nsw for the first time yesturday. Nothing has changed ive been here 5 years this august & still not happy & still want to go home so yep next year im on my way at last We have 2 sets of friends that have already returned to the uk for good & also another set that fly back for good next sunday & another couple that are off for good this august ~ still seems everyone is going home (& all before me) So no dout i will have lots of questions for those that know about returning to the uk next year. Hope all is going well for all of you that know me (there must be a few still on here) and those that dont know me too Stuju:jiggy:
  25. Hi there all! I ve been looking into moving to Australia and was hopeful that as my mother qualifies for citizenship by descent i would then be able to migrate to australia. I e mailed the Oz high commission about it and they sent me the following message Dear Eric, Thank you for your enquiry. If your mother has spent 2 years in Australia and obtains Citizenship by Descent, then she should be able to sponsor you to become a Citizen by Descent also as long as you met the requirements. Please see information below. Registration of Australian Citizenship by Descent So my question is once my mother has become a citizein by descent (she has no intention of actually moving to australia) will she be able to sponsor me and what is involved in this process? Thanks and look forward to hearing