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Found 296 results

  1. Tarby777

    Old wives tale?

    G'day folks, I'm hoping this is an urban myth but I've a vague memory of a story about someone who had been living in Australia on a PR visa for long enough to become a citizen, and they hadn't got round to applying for citizenship. They flew to their home country for a short break and had trouble getting back into Oz on their return. IIRC, there weren't any issues around their foreign passport approaching its expiry date... it was something else, something specifically to do with them having been in Oz long enough for citizenship and not having gone for it. Does that ring any bells? TIA Tarby
  2. After nearly 6 years of long distance relationship splitting time between UK and Australia my Australian partner and I are planning to move to Australia and set up home together in her house in Sydney. I have just had a CO appointed for my partner visa application, submitted at beginning of June, and the one remaining item of documentation will be submitted after we get married on Wednesday! Because of the lease on her house we will not be able to get back into that until December 2015. Assuming my visa comes through towards the beginning of 2015 on the 8/9 month turnaround we are planning an activation trip in March/April allowing us to make the big move in October/November. I know that one has to be a resident of Australia for 4 years and there are limits on being out of the country in this time, but when does the eligibility period start? Is it from the first visit on the partner visa even if this is just for a holiday, or only after one enters the country declaring that one is emigrating on the arrival card? Thanks David
  3. Guest

    Where to take citizenship test?

    Hi friends, I am applying for Australian citizenship soon. On the application, it asks which city council I would like to take the test and ceremony in (separate dates/milestones in the whole process). As I am a FIFO worker I am not really attached to any city in particular and can get the company to send me anywhere for the test. I used to live in Brisbane and still have a PO box to collect mail every few months but that's the only attachment I have. The problem is, my partner has also applied for citizenship but listed Brisbane as her local city council, and they are just overwhelmed with citizenship applications that their current wait period far exceeds the DIAC client standard. It has been close to 18 months since first application and they keep going back and forth and back and forth about when her ceremony will be so I would really rather not have to deal with Brisbane. I pretty much would be willing to travel anywhere in the country for the quickest processing time as this will least impact my company if I can just get this nightmare of a process over with the sooner the better. Does anyone know any quick city councils in terms of citizenship tests and ceremonies? Thanks!
  4. zena cutler


    143 and pension. After living in Oz for 4years can I take citizenship, and if so can I then get oz pension instead of waiting the 10 years. Some answers would be appreciated.
  5. oppyddrum

    Citizenship By Descent

    Hi Everyone, I just have a quick question about a citizenship by descent application; I am applying for my 6 week old son who was born in the states. Does he get a certificate of citizenship once the application is approved? or do we have to do a separate application for evidence of citizenship? Thanks in advance
  6. The title speaks for itself really.... We are expecting our first later this month and it crossed our minds if s/he would be eligible for dual nationality? We will be eligible for Australian citizenship next year. Thanks
  7. Hi all, I need to apply for my Australian citizenship. However, it appears I've lost my British passport. I seriously don't have the money to pay for both a citizenship ($230) and a new British passport ($270) what with being a poor uni student and all. Does anyone know if passports are absolutely required? If so, I'm in a spot of bother.
  8. hey all, i was browsing the citizenship website and came acorss the identity declaration requirement as seen at http://www.citizenship.gov.au/applying/files/pid_docs/occupations_list/ I do not know anyone from that list of designated list of occupants.. I am sure people in here would have had the same issue as well? What did u do instead? TIA Lenny
  9. Anyone out there approved for citizenship and waiting on the ceremony? What area and how long have you been waiting? My approval was granted on the 18th July (initial application went into the Sydney CBD office on the 4th June) and the ceremony location was put down for Leichhardt Municipality...
  10. Which council would you recommend for the citizenship ceremony ? In my council I would need to wait many months because there is long, very long waiting list. I was thinking in moving to another council area. I live in a suburb of Sydney. The city of Sydney seems a good council but the rents are too expensive. Which council would you recommend ? Thanks ---------------------- Also: Can one change council for the citizenship ceremony ? I was reading comments by other persons that that is not allowed.
  11. peterhuli

    Citizenship Application Checklist

    Hi all, I am finally eligible to apply for citizenship in June (I will have fulfilled the 4 year requirement) and planning to get started on the paperwork early. Can someone please advise a checklist of exactly what paperwork is required? I don't want to go to the expense of asking a migration agent (maybe one on here can answer my query?) and I find the Immigration website too confusing! thanks!
  12. Hi Folks, Just would like to know the criteria of special residency under latest revised citizenship Act, being in overseas with a trade and business ties with australia ( australian registered firm with a branch in overseas) and contributing to the australian economy by engaging in export services, does this meets the purpose in applying citizenship after 2 years of overseas stay ( lets assume PR issued in year 2009) under special residency rules as per latest rules as shown on DIAC website.
  13. I was just wondering what happens if one has been out of the country for more than 90 days in the last 12 months before intending to apply for citizenship... Do you just wait another 90 days in australia or does the 12 months start again from after the 90 days away? i hope that was clear enough. Thanks in advance guys.
  14. foyna


    Hi, I was just wondering if you came on holiday to Australia a couple of months before receiving your PR does the 4 year citizenship clock start from then?
  15. Guest

    857 Visa to Citizenship

    Can anyone give advise please. Currently I'm in Australia with an 857 Visa (Permanent Resident under the RSMS Scheme). I was granted the 857 Visa 1 year ago. Prior to this I had a 457 Visa which I held for 3-1/2 years. I have been in Australia for 4-1/2 years which makes me eligible for citizenship. My wife and 12-yr old son joined me here 3 years ago (2 years with a 457 Visa and 1 year with an 857 Visa). Their 857 Visa was granted as secondary applicants to mine as the primary applicant. If I apply for citizenship I can add my son along in the same application because he is under 18 years of age. However, my wife is not yet eligible for citizenship because of the residency requirement of at least 4 years. What happens to my wife's 857 Visa if and when my application for citizenship is approved ? Will her 857 Visa be cancelled ? If this is the case, can she apply for citizenship even if she lacks the required residency of 4 years on the grounds that our whole family is already living a life here in Australia and we will experience great difficulties if my wife is required to move out of Australia.
  16. Hello, we've just had a baby in Australia and want to apply for British citizenship. Does anyone know about the process and how long it takes? Thanks Chloe
  17. Guest

    Citizenship Ceremony

    We have had our letters today from QLD Government to ask us to our citizenship ceremony on Sat 6th June. The celebrations will be part of Queensland week and the 150 year celebrations! It is going to be at South Bank in Brissie. 6th June is Queensland Day! How special! Plus it would have been my Nan and GRandads wedding anniversary too! That makes it even more special!
  18. Hi folks, I was just wondering whether the citizenship can be expired or canceled under certain conditions? For example if you've been granted a citizenship and the day after you decide to leave OZ for indefinite time period, will the citizenship be active\valid forever? Thanks, Eugene
  19. I have noticed many individuals inquiring about the time it takes to concretize one's citizenship. If you have details regarding your citizenship application, please add it here :-) I'm still waiting for a citizenship ceremony and am wondering how long it will take before I receive word of a date...! Key details that would help include (my dates are noted below for other's reference) Current location: Sydney, NSW Date called DIMIA to schedule citizenship test: 15 Jan 2009 Date took citizenship test: 29 May 2009 Location of citizenship test: Paramatta Date submitted citizenship application: 29 May 2009 How submitted citizenship application: IN PERSON Date received approval: 2 Jun 2009 (dated 1 Jun 2009) Date received citizenship ceremony date: Waiting..... Assigned citizenship ceremony date: Waiting..... Thanks in advance for everyon'e help! And all the best to those still waiting!
  20. Umar Sharif

    Citizenship residence requirement

    Hi, I got my immigration on visa class 176. Need clarification on the points below As this is a SA state sponsor visa so if i get a job in any other state how this will impact my citizenship requirement My first entry to australia was in June 2012 and stayed for almost 1 month. Now to complete my 4 years for citizen ship for how long can i stay outside australia. I read somewhere that i can stay maximum of 12 months in the first 3 years and maximum of 90 days in the last year. How this 12 months duration for the first 3 years is counted? My clock already started from my first entry? Last question is if i cannot complete my 4 years during my first 5 years visa which i have now then after i get extension of visa the time i have spent in australia during the first 5 years visa will be added or i have to start the clock again regards
  21. Generally, residents can apply for citizenship if they have lived in Australia for 4 years, having permanent residence status for last year and not being absent from the country for more then 3 months a year. My question is, can one apply for citizenship after one year of being on state sponsored 886/176 visas? State sponsored visas are given upon commitment for 2 years, so would one need to wait for 2 years to apply for citizenship?
  22. hoorayhenry

    Citizenship Processing Times

    Hi Everyone I would REALLY appreciate it if people could let me know their timelines for applying for citizenship. i.e dates of: Test booked Test taken Citizenship Application Application Approved Ceremony Invitation Ceremony If you could also let me know whereabouts you applied too that would be great. Thanks SO MUCH :biggrin: HH
  23. Hello folks, I'll be a PR for 1 year come this November and lawfully in Australia for over 4 years by that time. I would like to apply for an Australian citizenship at that time. The only thing I'm concerned about is that my work involves frequent travel. So frequent in fact that I am currently scraping the 1-year-in-last-four-years residency requirement, my pending 3 week trip to Japan will take me over the top for sure. Are there allowances for travel for work in the residency requirements? The DIAC web site mentions athletes and air crew as exceptions - but I just work for a software company and my responsibilities include frequent travel. If there are such allowances, do I need to provide any documents to the effect that my travel was mainly for business? What sort of documentation would suffice? I don't own property in Australia - I rent. Cheers, -- Eric
  24. Guest

    Citizenship question.

    Dear Fellows, I would be shorly completing number of years to be qualified for applying for Australian Citizenship and I was looking into DIAC website about the residency requirements. There is something littitle concerning for me. On the website it states: https://www.ecom.immi.gov.au/citz/startIntervalCalc.do If any of the following applied to you in the past 4 years, please telephone our service centre on 131 880 during business hours to discuss your circumstances. You obtained an e-visa to replace an expired RRV You obtained a bridging visa of any type You lodged an onshore application for a permanent visa then travelled overseas on your temporary visa You are a New Zealand citizen on a Special Category Visa (SCV) Before getting my Permanent Residency, I was on a Bridging VISA. Has any one here applied for citizenship while previously having obtained bridging VISAs? or any information regarding this will be highly appreciated. As I do not get any further information on this particular aspect anywhere on the web. With Thanks, Deepak
  25. Hi there, I am lucky enough to already have oz citizenship (by descent, thanks to my ozzie mum!) but have always lived in London. I am now hoping to head out to NSW with my 6 year old daughter but am worried that my GTP teaching qualification is going to cause a few problems! I have read through threads where the GTP route has been an issue when applying visas etc but luckily I don't have this hurdle. However, will I actually be able to get a teaching job once I'm out there? I have quite a specific region on the Goldcoast that I would liek to move to because of where my family are (a single mum teaching abroad needs all the support she can get!), can I afford to be this picky or will I have to look further afield for teaching jobs? I am a secondary maths teacher which are still in short supply in the uk, is this also the case in oz hence working in my favour when applying for jobs? Also, my daughter will enter oz on a 'child migration' visa but I have been told she will then immediately be able to apply for citizenship. Has anyone else had experience of this? It almost seems too good to be true! Thanks for any tips and advice!