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Found 296 results

  1. I need help please ..can someone tell me when am I eligible to apply citizenship? i was in Australia since 26 sep 2005-10 mar 2007 student visa 2 April 2007 - 13 feb 2010 student visa 14 mar 2010-27 jun 2010 student visa 28 sep 2010 - 2 sep 2011 working holiday visa 11 may 2012 - 10 jun 2012 visitor visa 13 sep 2012 -11 Dec 2012 visitor visa 23 April 2013- 22 July 2013 visitor visa 26 August 2013 - 10 Nov 2013 visitor visa 11 June 2014 -1 Feb 2015 Permanence residents visa 17 Feb 2015 - 23 Jan 2017 Permanence residents visa 23Feb 2017 - 25 May 2017 Permanence residents visa 11 June 2017 - now Permanence residents visa anyone can tell me can I apply citizenship now? i try to calculate on website immigration , the result is : NO , I can apply on 11/June 2018. i try to ask immigration call 131 880 I waited for 2 hrs. The man who’s I talked with ,he doesn’t talk nice to me ,(I may not good in English n I ask him for make sure what I understand , I asked him many times made him annoyed me ) Finally,He said I can apply the citizenship now . i did lodgement to apply citizenship 2 times first : 4 August 2015 : refusal ( reason : I were outside Australia more than 12 month second : 25 March 2017 : refusal (reason : I’m not considered to have been present in Australia for the period of 4 years immediately before the day you made your application.) !!???! So , what I can do? Should I lodgement now ? I don’t want them sent me a refusal letter.
  2. Animesh

    Citizenship Rules changes

    Hello people, so I qualified to apply for citizenship on the 16th Aug 2017, but due to the changes made in April 2017, I could not apply for my citizenship, now recently the rule has been changed again back to the original rule... So does that mean that I'm eligible to apply for the citizenship. Also, I'm currently not in Australia, so do I need to be in Australia to APPLY for the citizenship, or can I apply online and then head back to Oz. Thanks very much
  3. Hi. My 4 years as a PR will be completed in January 2018 and I'm wondering if once I sit my test for citizenship, could I leave Australia and return for my ceremony once I have a date regards
  4. Ozzie10

    Citizenship by descent

    Hi there, me and my fiancé are Australian citizens and both have Australian passports. We were born in Ireland and back living in ireland. Our daughter was born here and we want to return to Australia. Is there a way we could return to Australia with our daughter on a holiday visa and apply for her citizenship by descent there? Or would it be safer to do it here before we moved back? Also has anyone applied for citizenship by descent and travelled back with a uk passport or any other passport but an Australian one? I don't think they can refuse her entry but might get delayed. We we can apply here but just timeframe I'm worried about. thanks ?
  5. Coupleinoz

    Help with big decision

    Irish and English couple, aged 33 and 29. Living in Melbourne for 4 years, we both met out here 3 years ago. Recently applied and granted permanent residency. Our plan was to stay for another 2 years to get citizenship and then move back home to get married and start a family. We would then have the flexibility to move back to Australia in our late 30's / early 40's (e.g. when the children are ready for school). The complication for us is the recent change from 2 years to 4 years to apply for citizenship. It makes decisions about where and when to get married, buy a house and start a family a lot harder. We are also struggling with getting good, unbiased advice (for example; family want us back home, friends in Australia want us to stay etc). A lot of peoples point of view doesn't go deeper than the immediate, emotional layer and we need to try and move beyond this. We would like some thoughts on two options we are currently working through: 1. Move back to UK or Ireland within the next few months, with the plan to return within the 5 yr return visa allowed with permanent residency. During our time at home we would likely buy a house and get married (maybe have a child or wait until we get back to Australia - tbc!). On return, we would be settling in Australia and get our citizenship this route. We like this option as our preference is to spend our 30's back with close friends and family. There is obviously a risk with this option that we would not return (and most of our friends believe we won't). 2. We stay for the 4 years and get our citizenship (at this stage we would be 38 and 34). After we get our passport we would likely head back to UK / Ireland for a number of years. During the 4 years, we would want to get married, put our savings down (e.g. buy a house or shares) and maybe even have a child. We would likely organise the wedding from Australia but go back to get married in the UK. On the plus side, we are here now and we will get to citizenship quicker. On the downside, we won't be able to spend these important years with friends and family. Overall, we only know life as a couple living in Australia (as we met here). So although we love it, we don't know what a life would be like living back in UK or Ireland. Add in buying a house, getting married and starting a family during this time - and the decision gets more complex! Thoughts?! What else should we be thinking about to help our decision?
  6. HB2

    Baby on tourist visa

    Hi, Please can somebody help us. I am a Brit (with PR) and my partner is aussie. Our baby girl was born outside aus but has a british passport. I was advised to bring her into aus on a tourist visa then apply for citizenship by descent once we got here. We have submitted the citizenship application but apparently it can take up to 4-5months which takes us into december or beyond. Meanwhile, she is on a evisitor (subclass 651) which states on it that the length of stay is "3months from the date of entry". It was granted on the 5th of July but we entered aus on the 20th July so technically she needs to leave and re-enter by the 20th of October. Is this right? Because on the immigration website i am told the visa is 12months in total. Is there any way around this situation or must we seriously fly out and re-enter the country with our 8month old baby by the 20th oct? There is no email address where we can ask such questions to immigration, the office in perth does not allow enquiries and the phone line was 132 people in the queue when i called, so I am really lost as to what to do next. I don't want to get a fine or compromise the citizenship application due to breaking the rules but it seems absurd that a baby must leave and re-enter the country while we wait for her citizenship. Any advice or words of wisdom from people experiencing similar issues would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  7. Hi Guys, We are getting set to return to UK and was really hoping for the August citizenship ceremony but it looks like that's not going to happen, next one is Tues10th Oct. My question is, how quickly can we get our Aussie passports after the ceremony? Urgently need to head back as mum is unwell. I am thinking, make a passport interview appointment on Weds 11th at the PO and ask for an express service which should mean we can collect our passports from Brissy on Monday16th October? Would anyone have any advice for me, Many thanks
  8. pc84

    Form 1195

    Hi, I have lodged my citizenship application and i have my test next week. it says that i need to bring the original Form 1195 for myself and my child. Unfortunately i cannot find the original form and photos. Is this essential or can i get a new Form 1195 filled out? Thanks
  9. Hi all, I have a question, one of my siblings will qualify in a couple of weeks for citizenship based on the new 4 year PR requirement. I've read that the online citizenship application page has been removed. Is this true? Does that mean that you can't lodge an application at all? If it is still possible to apply for citizenship through the webpage, should we just go ahead and do it even though the criteria and outcome is unclear at the moment? Appreciate your help in this. Thanks
  10. Please your share timeline after citizenship change announcement
  11. Under the Government's recently proposed changes, migrants will have to pass an IELTs 6 test, which is university-level English that includes writing an academic essay. Assistant Minister for Multicultural Affairs Zed Seselja said raising English standards could reduce isolation, and hence the risk of radicalisation. "We know that where there are high levels of isolation there is a danger of radicalisation. We know that's one of the dangers," he said. "To the extent that people feel part of a community, to extent they are able to get along with fellow citizens, interact with their fellow citizens, I guess radicalisation is less of a risk, whilst I do acknowledge there are far more complex aspects to radicalisation as well." But Labor MP Anne Aly, who is an Egyptian-born counter-terrorism expert, disagrees. "To suggest that having academic-level English is some kind of magic panacea to radicalisation I think grossly misunderstands radicalisation," she said. "There is absolutely no empirical evidence to suggest there is any relationship between an individual's English language competence and their propensity to become radicalised to any form of violence." Dr Aly also used to teach English and believes level 6 IELTs for citizenship sets a high bar. "Do we really expect people to be able to do that? Do all jobs require you to write an essay?" She asked.
  12. benj1980

    English test for citizenship

    Will native English speakers be required to complete the English test? Since moving over I have been working as a teacher, after completing the IELTS tests for migration purposes and my wife has completed a Level 3 administration course at TAFE. Is it simply a money spinner for native speakers?

    Partner Visa to Citizenship

    I'm an Australian citizen and my partner received a 309 partner visa in July 2014. We moved back to Australia in October 2014. In August 2016 he was granted subclass 100. As it's a 2 in 1 visa, I'm a bit confused when he can apply for citizenship. Is it 4 years from entering the country or 4 years from being granted the 100 visa? Best regards Adavidh
  14. Hello everyone... I thought it is a good idea to have a Thread on the citizenship timeline for years 2013/2104 and it could help many people who are on their way to apply for citizenship :biggrin: People who applied in previous years are also welcome to share their timeline as well. I just thought that the most recent the information is the more accurate it will be. Therefore please share your timeline using below format : Date applied City/Council area Online / Paper Date received the acknowledgement email Date of the Citizenship Test Date of ceremony Type of ceremony (Urgent/Normal) Above is what I thought is good to know. If you think there are other point that could benefit anyone please feel free to add . I'm thanking everyone in advance
  15. I've searched high and low on the Immi site and I think I've found my answers, I just can't find specifically whether these things conflict with each other! Can anyone help. My situation by August will be this: I will have been in Australia for 4 years working with the same employer. I have been on 187 for 14 months I will be having a baby in August I want to apply for Citizenship in September Then potentially leave my job - to become freelance and work part time for them and some other companies at my own pace Obviously there's the 187 rules around me needing to be there for 24 months usually, is maternity allowed to be taken in this time? Then are you allowed to apply for citizenship whilst still in your 2 years (I'll have filled the Citizenship criteria of being here 4 years and being PR for 12 months) - i.e does the citizenship rules override the 187, or does 187 affect your ability to apply for citizenship? Can't find this information anywhere!!
  16. goldcoastwestie

    Citizenship Question

    Good Afternoon All Hope you are well. It has been a while since I have been on here. Living life to the full on the sunny Gold Coast, QLD. We have been here coming up 5 years in August (time flies when you are having fun!). We are on a PR Visa, which expired in 2013. We have had no need to obtain an RRV, so sat tight. We want to get Citizenship, but am a bit confused.... We got our PR in Nov 2008. We validated our Visa in Feb 2009 with a quick validation trip to QLD for 3 weeks. After which, we returned to good old England, to sell our property, which took time time, so didn't infact move to QLD until August 2010; where we have been since (an love it!!). So I was looking at documentation for Citizenship and it states that you need new police clearances if, since your initial arrival in Australia on the PR visa you have spent x amount of time in another country - well yes we have as we returned to the UK after validation. So this is silly do we need to get new police checks? Anyone else been in this situation? Thanks
  17. PaulL

    Sponsorship options

    Good day, Im hoping someone will let me know what the best route for long term / citizenship stay in Australia is for for me: I have recently arrived on a Woking-holiday visa after living in London for almost 10 years. Before that I lived on a farm in South Africa - 20 years. Working in the property industry in London as a photographer/ floor planner/ energy assessor. I have found a company in Sydney that said they would sponsor me (if all goes to plan) as a photographer (which is on the CSOL list) and I would be doing my floor planning as well. the boss of the company recommended I head out and get my regional work done so I can get an extra year on my visa which leads onto the next sector of my enquiry - I have begun working on a dairy farm for my regional working Victoria which I've slipped right into (getting back to my roots of being a farm boy and pretty much managing a farm in South Aftica, I also worked on a stud farm in England in my early 20s for a few years). The farmer here has also offered me a sponsorship as Farm manager (dairy farmer on CSOL I would think) I really enjoy both forms work and would be happy either way - but what would my best chance of getting sponsored be and if one fails would it be possible to apply for the other?? What are the immigration Agents looking for when deciding on a new immigrant benefiting their country to the maximum? The dairy farm sponsorship seems a lot more definite than the real estate work but most of my recent experience is in Real Estate. Many thanks in advance for your help. Paul
  18. sunshinesyd

    Citizenship & autism

    My husband and I are already living in Australia with our 2 year old son who was born in the UK. We have been here just over a year on 175 skilled permanent resident visas and my son is on a child visa 101. After recent news headlines about parents being deported because their children have been diagnosed with autism, It has got us slightly worried and I am keen to hear from any legal experts or other families who have been in a similar situation as to if a child gets diagnosed with autism on a visa (it is a permanent resident visa) would there be any issues when it comes round to applying for citizenship for them and us in a few years time? Would it be better to wait to get a diagnosis if there were signs until after citizenship. Any advice would be great. Thanks.
  19. BearnBob


    Folks, Not an urgent but out of interest question. We are moving in a weeks time (Yikes) and were trying to work out how our citizenship might pan out in due course. We spent 7 weeks in Oz in 2012, whilst validating the visa, 7 weeks in 2014 job hunting an finally got the job at Christmas. Do these two periods of residence count towards our citizenship providing in due course we fulfil the other criteria. Of the other criteria am I right in thinking its four years and the 12 months prior to application being resident or on an RRV for no more than 90 days? Bear
  20. Has anybody applied for their citizenship and had to use the administrative error category to ask the minister to exercise discretion? We have been in Oz 4 years yesterday (first 2 years on a working holiday visa, then rest on a bridging and 187 visa) and went to apply for our citizenship but it kept saying we weren't eligible. I called immigration and it turns out we are not technically eligible. This is because when we applied for our 187 visa there was an error with immigration granting our bridging visa (there was a period of about 4 days where everyone who lodged their visa over this period did not get their bridging visas granted due to a system error). This meant that our working holiday visa expired on 3 December but our bridging visa was not approved until 18 December despite us putting in our 187 application in November so we had a period of time that we were not legally in Australia. Does anybody think this will be a problem? The way I see it we did everything we could to remain in Australia legally by applying for our visa on time and we were even calling immigration on a daily basis to find out what we should do etc and if we should leave the country but nobody was giving us an answer and just telling us to wait.
  21. Hi, Can anyone advice with citizenship? Can I apply for citizenship only for me even when I'm married? When my wife and I have permanent residency. My home country allows me to have dual citizenship, so I'd like to apply for oz citizenship. My wife have different citizenship and her country doesn't allow dual citizenship. She doesn't want to loose it. I can't find any details on official websites, if it is possible. Had anyone similar experience? Thanks
  22. I am hoping someone can help with this little confusion i have. I think i just need to know if what i am thinking is correct. I copied the below statement from the immigration website: "You will need to provide original penal clearance certificates from overseas countries if, since the grant of your permanent Australian visa: you lived or travelled overseas since the age of 18 years or over, and the total time spent overseas added up to 12 months or more, and the time spent in any one country was more than 90 days, or you are requested to do so by the department." My understanding of this is that you will need a PCC when applying for citizenship if you meet all of the first 3 criteria, OR if they ask you to get one. So, if you were overseas for 120 days but did not spend up to 12 months in total overseas, you don't have to get the overseas PCC. Is this correct? Thanks in advance!
  23. Hi Guys, DIAC states the following : "not have been absent from Australia for more than one year in total, in the 4 year period, including no more than 90 days in the year before applying" I'm curious as to whether there is any truth that this is not enforced as a hard rule (the 90 days in the year prior to applying)? Anybody here with first hand experience? My situation is that since I was granted PR in November last year and since then I have traveled on and off for about 120 days partly for business and holidays. Timeline : 10/01/2009 - Arrived in Oz on TR xx/11/2013 - ENS186 Approved xx/11/2014 - Complete 1 year on PR and 5 years residing in Oz Disclaimer : I understand rules are rules and I do not seek advice on how to "cheat" the system. I am merely inquiring as to the experience of PIO members who may have applied for Citizenship even though the had a cumulative travel of 90+ days in the immediate year.
  24. goldcoastwestie

    Yes we can apply for Citizenship.....but

    G'day all, I am new to this forum and drop by to introduce ourselves and to ask a, what is most probably stupid question! We got our PR State Sponsored VISA back in Nov 2008. We made a (3 Week) validation trip to QLD in Feb 2009. We finally left good old Blighty in August 2010, and have made the Gold Coast home. It is the best thing we ever did, and in hindsight wished we had done this many years ago. So we have been here just over 4 years and are excited that we can apply for Citizenship, but more forms have left me daunted! So the question I would like to ask is - Do we need to obtain Penal Clearances (again) from the UK? As on the immi website it states (as below): Do I need an overseas penal clearance certificate? Requirements for applications for Australian citizenship The following requirements apply to the period of time you have held a permanent Australian visa. You need penal clearance certificates from overseas countries if: you lived or travelled overseas since the age of 18 years or over, and the total time spent overseas added up to 12 months or more, and the time spent in any one country was more than 90 days, or you are requested to do so by the department. Provide a penal clearance certificate from every country that you spent more than 90 days in. Well as we had validated our visa in Feb 2009 and didn't come to live here in Aus until Aug 2010 that is a gap of 18mths, so I am none the wiser if I need to get police checks done again. Can anyone offer any friendly advise. Thanks
  25. Hi All, I know that this matter has been discussed several times in so many different threads, but I really need to get to the bottom of it as my situation is slightly different than others. Here is my story: I applied for my PR in August 2009 with WA state sponsorship. At the time I was a student and was really willing to move anywhere in Australia, that’s why I applied for WA Sponsorship. I'm saying this, because I don’t want you guys to start judging me and saying that you are a bad person cause you got the limited number of sponsorship and did not move there and you are violating your visa conditions etc.... As I stated above at the time I applied for state sponsorship, my situation was really different than what it is right now. After I lodged my application I started doing my masters and I finished it in December 2011. After that I started hunting for jobs and fortunately I got a really good job in the state I am in now (VIC) with a good salary. I was not really thinking about my PR application until I got CO in March 2012. Co started asking for different documents which I supplied and I did not hear from Him until last March (2013). Suddenly I got an email from him stating your Application has been approved. Happy days, I got my PR after more than 3.5 years. Now I need to move to WA. What should I do? I know that I will be eligible for citizenship in less than 6 months because I have been in Australia from 2007. I started looking for jobs in WA and even asked my employer to relocate me there. But the response was that they do not need my role in that office. I did not even get 1 email back from the 20 to 30 jobs that I applied for in WA. I really cannot just quit my job that I love and is paying my life expenses and go somewhere that I'm pretty sure I cannot find any job and will end up doing casual jobs. The reason I'm saying that is, even my occupation is not listed in WA SMP anymore. I contacted Citizenship department and they checked my visa entitlement and said that I will be eligible next year. No question asked about my 2 years commitment to WA. I even contacted WA migration and explained my situation, their response was basically a pre-made template outlining my commitment to WA government. Here is the question: What will really happen? Has anyone seen anything like my situation before? Do you know anyone that applied for citizenship without completing the 2 years commitment? Please share your opinions here and help me decide what the best course of action here is? Thanking you all in advance...