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Found 296 results

  1. Guest

    Citizenship test failures

    According to the breakfast program ("Today" ch 9) the poms are letting the side down when it comes to the citizenship test. :biglaugh: Indians, Filipinos and S. Africans are coming top of the class. Perhaps all you PB's should be sent back as unsuitable? :twitcy:
  2. Apparently, new figures show that there is a 93% pass rate (18% failed first time). Migrants from South Africa, India and the Philipines have a lower failure rate than people from New Zealand and Britain (must mean we're thick or don't do our homework) They are going to review the test in April, but it looks like it will probably stay. Ali
  3. Been here over two years now and thought it was about time we applied for citizenship... Now I knew we had to do the test, which should be fine so I thought I would phone up the number given to book us in to sit it. Anyway phone up the call centre, asked where I was, said I was in Perth and then he went onto say "ah we have a bit of a backlog in Perth at the moment". I though Ok - I don't mind waiting a few weeks to get the appointment so I said that will be Ok. As it happened the bloke said "well the next available appointment we can offer you is the 19th June!!!!'. I almost died.. I had great ideas that you sit the test in the next few weeks, pay the $250 and then in a few months later, have the ceremony and get accepted as good pommy Aussies.. None of this wait - six months for an available date malarky before even starting the whole process! Anyway I suppose it is WA (Wait A while), - winge over I will just have to wait the six months then! :wideeyed::sad::wacko::no:
  4. nick1972


    Hello, New member, first post...be gentle with me! My dad has just applied for Citizenship by decent (and has been told it's a formallity by a Citizenship advisor at Aussie House in London) As soon as he gets this he is also going to apply for an Australian passport. I ultimatley want to use this to my advantage when I start to fill the forms in for migration. I have a couple of questions:- (1) Does anyone know of any loopholes with regard to obtaining citizenship by decent for Grand children (me!!) (2) Are there any immigration policy ammendments scheduled that would get me citizenship? (3) If I cant obtain citizenship by decent, would having an Australian Citizen/passport holder as a father be of any benefit when I start down the usual route to migration? We currently live in the Thames Valley, and having just sold my business are looking to move to WA. My Grand-father was born in Melbourne, Victoria in 1903!!! Thanks in advance, Nick.
  5. ali

    Citizenship test

    Apparently, according to a report today the government are to probe the failure of the citizenship test and review it's operation. It seems that since October a fifth of people who have set the test have failed to achieve the 60% pass mark.. Out of the 10,636 people who took the test since its inroduction in October 2,311 have failed. It doesn't say how they're going to review it - lets hope they decided it's too time consuming and get rid of it! Ali
  6. Guest

    New Citizenship test!

    An Aussie friend sent me this.. very funny:jiggy: 2007 AUSTRALIAN CITIZENSHIP TEST 1. Do you understand the meaning, but are unable to explain the origin of, the term 'died in the arse'? 2. What is a "bloody little beauty"? 3. Are these terms related: chuck a sickie; chuck a spaz; chuck a U-ey? 4. Explain the following passage: 'In the arvo last Chrissy the relos rocked up for a barbie, some bevvies and a few snags. After a bit of a Bex and a lie down we opened the pressies, scoffed all the chockies, bickies and lollies. Then we drained a few tinnies and Mum did her block after Dad and Steve had a barney and a bit of biffo.' 5. Macca, Chook and Johnno are driving to Margarets in their Torana. If they are travelling at 100 km/h while listening to Barnsey, Farnsey and Acca Dacca, how many slabs will each person on average consume between flashing a brown eye and having a slash? 6. Complete the following sentences: a) 'If the van's rockin' don't bother .......? b) You're going home in the back of a .....? c) Fair crack of the ......? 7. I've had a gutful and I can't be fagged. Discuss 8. Have you ever been on the giving or receiving end of a wedgie? 9. Do you have a friend or relative who has a car in their front yard 'up on blocks'? Is his name Bruce and does he have a wife called Cheryl? 10. Does your family regularly eat a dish involving mincemeat, cabbage, curry powder and a packet of chicken noodle soup called either chow mein, chop suey or kai see ming? 11. What are the ingredients in a rissole? 12. Demonstrate the correct procedure for eating a Tim Tam. 13. Do you have an Aunty Irene who smokes 30 cigarettes a day and sounds like a bloke? 14. In any two-hour period have you ever eaten three-bean salad, a chop and two serves of pav washed down with someone else's beer that has been flogged from a bath full of ice? 15. When you go to a bring-your-own-meat barbie can you eat other people's meat or are you only allowed to eat your own? 16. What purple root vegetable beginning with the letter 'b' is required by law to be included in a hamburger with the lot? 17. Do you own or have you ever owned a lawn mower, a pair of thongs, an Esky or Ugg boots? 18. Is it possible to 'prang a car' while doing 'circle work'? 19. Who would you like to crack on to? 20. Who is the most Australian: Kevin 'Bloody' Wilson, John 'True Blue' Williamson, Kylie Minogue or Warnie? 21. Is there someone you are only mates with because they own a trailer or have a pool? 22. What does "sinkin piss at a mate's joint" and "getten para" mean?
  7. Guest

    Query re citizenship

    I've got a 136 visa and have been here for 7 months or so now. Does anyone know if I decide to spend 6 months of the year in UK and 6 months in Oz if I will still be able to apply for citizenship once I have accumulated 720 days in Australia? Thanks
  8. Guest

    Citizenship Test

    Just got in with 70%.......see how you go.......... Sign In - Online practice questions for the British citizenship and settlement tests
  9. My eldest son would like some advice please with regards to gaining citizenship before July 2010. Our visas were granted in April this year and we all validated them in June, staying in Oz til July 9th so that we were 'in the country on July 1st' the commencement date of the new citizenship requirements. The four of us are now moving over to Sydney in January leaving the eldest here to finish A-Levels in June 08. Now we are aware that to gain citizenship within 2 yrs we all need to have lived in Oz for 2 yrs before July 2010. That should be ok for us 4. To get his 2 yrs in before July 2010 Josh obviously needs to be in Oz next June straight after he finishes his A-Levels. BUT he would like to stay here til sometime in July so he can attend his school prom. What he would like to know is, can the 3 weeks he spent in Oz this year and the 2 week holiday I have just booked for him next easter count towards the 2yrs in total or does it have to be 2 yrs without a break? If the do count towards the 2 yrs then he could stay here til end of July. He needs citizenship asap so he can get help with Uni fees, we are budgeting for the first 2 yrs of his course but as he wants to be a Vet he could be at Uni for 5/6 yrs. Sorry for such a long post but thought it best to give all the info I could. Thanks for reading. Sam xx
  10. The Minister for Immigration and Citizenship today announced more details on the draft Citizenship Test. More details: Ptlabs Consulting - Articles on Australian Immigration Cheers Peter
  11. Guest

    Citizenship by descent

    Hi, Bit of a newbie on here, but I am applying for citizenship by descent - my dad was an Australian, he is long since dead and I have no family in Oz that I know of, but think it is time to get out of England and return 'home'. Does anyone know how long it takes for the citizenship to be processed once you have sent everything off? Thanks, Tat.
  12. Guest


    I have got a bit confused here between PR and Citizenship My understanding is that you need PR before you can get citizenship and that a PR visa could be cancelled at any time if you were up to no good. But if we go on my husbands PR visa and he applies for citizenship does that automatically mean it is confered to us or does the whole family have to apply and does this mean we are then dual nationality?? Thanks guys cos I am really confused!!:arghh:
  13. All, It has now been announced that the new Citizenship Act will commence on 1 July 2007. Slightly more details here: http://www.ptlabs.com.au/articles/?id=6 Peter
  14. Hi there! I've started this new thread cos of all the confusion my other thread started. The rules for aquiring citenzenship are supposed to be changing on 1st July. At the moment you only need to have been a perm resident for two years before you can apply. After july 1st that is changing to four years, plus a test. This won't mean a lot to some but as my OH works in defence and needs citizenship to apply for security clearance, the sooner he can get this the better. Hence the need to travel out. I have been told that, Only Andy needs to go out to get his visa validated and then HIS citizenship criteria will remain two years. I was told that we do not need to go out as a family. The principle visa holder is the only one who has to go first. We have by the way be granted a Visa BN Subclass 137 - Skilled- State/Territory-Independent which is a perm residency visa. If any one out there knows that we all have to go out please shout because that's not what we were told by the Australian High comission!!!!!:unsure: Thanks VoD
  15. The Citizenship Test bill is now before the federal Parliament. See news article: http://www.abc.net.au/news/newsitems/200705/s1937460.htm The Bill is available here: http://parlinfoweb.aph.gov.au/piweb/view_document.aspx?ID=2563&TABLE=BILLS Peter
  16. $123.6 million for Australia’s New Citizenship Test Budget Media Release Tuesday, 8 May 2007 The Australian Government’s new citizenship test will play a key part in maintaining our national identity. The citizenship test will require applicants for citizenship to have an understanding of the values, traditions, institutions and history of our great nation and will assist people wishing to become Australian citizens to maximise the opportunities available to them and contribute to Australia’s future success as a nation. The 2007-08 Budget provides funding of $123.6 million over five years to deliver the Australian Government’s new citizenship test, to be introduced in 2007. The citizenship test resource booklet and audio-visual materials will assist prospective citizens to prepare for the test. Test centre sites will be established across Australia. Many Australians would agree that citizenship is a privilege not a right. A new booklet providing information about Australia and our way of life will be distributed to permanent visa applicants and made available to temporary visa applicants. Permanent and long-term temporary visa applicants will be required to sign a statement that acknowledges they will respect the Australian way of life and abide by Australian laws before a visa will be granted. People who come to Australia do so because they see this as a land of great opportunity, with many social and economic benefits. As Australians, we have not only an opportunity, but also a responsibility, to help new arrivals make the most of the opportunities life in Australia has to offer. Media enquiries: Kate Walshe 0421 588 794 http://www.minister.immi.gov.au/media/media-releases/2007/index.htm#may seems maybe australia are doing some good with there budget hubby & i are also gonna be $40 a week better off in our wage packets too (would of been taken away from us back home!!!)
  17. samozsoon

    Citizenship Rules

    Hi Does anyone have anymore news on the changes in the citizenship rules? Are they definately changing on July 1st ? Has there been anymore info from the Oz Gov on what they class as a Permenant Resident ? ie; Granted PR visa/validated PR visa/actually resident in Oz ?? Have just found out that Uni students cant get help with fees (hecs/student loans) until they become citizens. My eldest want to study Vetenary Science and it is a 5 yr course so paying all his fees every year is going to be a big strain on our budget. If we/he can get citizenship after 2 yrs this will help enormously, and he can pay the last 3 yrs himself when he's earning !!:laugh: Thanks Sam x
  18. parsonsbigfamilyadventure

    Australian citizenship

    Can anybody tell me once you have been in Oz long enough and you want to apply for Austalian citizenship, do you have to give up you uk passport or do you become both Austalain and British Johanne
  19. ali


    A post on another site says that on March 1st the Australian Citizenship bill was passed and should come into effect on July 1st. Applicants for citizenship will have to have lived 4 lawful years in Aus prior to the application and at least one of those years as a permanent resident. This only with regard to people who become permanent residents on or after the commencement of the legislation Ali
  20. Hi all People who are permanent residents before the commencement of the new legislation will only need to meet the current residence requirements (presence in Australia as a permanent resident for periods amounting to two years in the last five years including one year in the last two immediately prior to making the application) provided that they apply within three years from the day the legislation commences. The para above is copied from the Citizenship website. The words in Bold are bothering me. Does this mean one year under virtual immigration detention in Oz or does it mean one year as someone who is "usually resident" in Oz, please? In other words, would my Mum have to stay on Australian soil for 365 days without the option of a fortnight's holiday in Thailand, even? Thanks to anyone who can help me with this. Gill
  21. Guest

    Citizenship Question

    I'm being a wet drip but I'm confused. Brain-bashing might fix this but there might be an easier way...... My Mum now has her Contributory Parent 143 visa, granted on 15 September 2006. The visa-label is now in her passport. She will leave the UK on Saturday Oct 7 2006, arriving in Perth the next day. Presumably she will officially become a Permanent Resident of Oz on 8th October 2006? If so, will she be affected by the new Citizenship rules, or will she come under the current rules still? I'd be very grateful to anyone who might be able to help with this, because although there are loads of threads on the point, nobody else seems to have asked about people who are on this sort of possible "cusp." Many thanks Gill