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Found 366 results

  1. Hi, I have been wanting to put up this query since last week when we decided to apply child visa for our girls. Can we apply the Child visa application w/o PCC & Medical ?.What I mean is, later when the CO asks for the PCC & Medicals then submit it? it this possible has abyone done it?:wubclub: Cheers
  2. Guest

    Child problems

    Just about to give the go ahead to migration agent fot them to the process rolling. Moving myself, wife and our 2 children and my eldest daughter to vic au. Big problem i now face is my eldest daughter (7years) lives with her mum. We have shared custody which means we get to see plenty of her. Been dropping hints for a while and she started off quite excited but now all of a sudden shes gone off the idea. The other problem is telling her mum i want her to come with us. If anyone has faced this dilema with a sucsessful outcome any advice would be greatly apprciated.
  3. rainyc

    Proving child is dependent

    hi guys, I know this has been discussed before but here is our situation and am wondering if anyone has been in a similar one. Case officer has asked for form 47a, and financial and residential proof for our 19 year old. She is at college studying a full time course, since sept 10 but when we originally lodged the visa in Sept 09 she was at college but actually only did the course for a month or two and dropped out, she then just carried on with her part time job until she could enrol again for this new one. What Im concerned about is will the case officer see it as a problem that she was not in full time education for most of 2010, even though she is at college now and has been since September ?? We have residential proof as she is on our tenancy so thats ok and with regards to the financial proof we only have a direct debit as proof that we pay her car insurance, nothing else officially on paper. My husband has wrote that he pays for her food, roof over her head etc but she does work part time and earns approx £120 pw. Does anyone know if we will be ok, as she is at college but its the big gap in 2010 that she wasnt at college that worries me. Any advise would be really appreciated before we submit everything. Thank you to anyone who can help
  4. Salma

    Visa Status of Child

    Hi All, Just have a question re the citizenship of children born to an Australian and british citizen. I am currently expecting my first child and my spouse visa has been approved, my husband holds both Aus n British citizenship now the question is will our child be able to get an aus passport via my husband or would the child need to go over a dependent visa. We are moving in Nov that once my visa extention expires and my MIL is worried that the baby will not be able to get an aussie passport. Any information will be great. Thanks
  5. Hi All, yet another question... Recently front loaded meds for the whole family. Wondering if CO will also ask for the medical of my illegitimate child, non-migrating, whom i declared in my visa application? I don't want to send PLE as this might trigger the request for the said medical. Anyone pls? tnx again.
  6. We are flying to Brisbane in July 2011 from heathrow with my son (aged 9yrs) who has severe allergies to egg, milk and nuts and carries an epi-pen. It is such a long flight and although Emirates has special meals none appear suitable for him due to their being multiple allergies. However they have offered to warm a meal up for him. My problem is carrying the food with airport security being how it is fluid restrictions etc what can you carry through apart from sandwiches/fruit/crisps and without an ice pack of some kind how will they last for the duration of the flight? I did think of taking pasta in a food flask but if they confiscate it we are stuck:unsure:. It is really difficult to travel with his allergies at the best of times and we almost always refuse the flight meal ourselves as he doesn't have an option, however 24 hrs may be too long to go without. Just wondered if anyone has any experience in this area or taking own food for other reasons....any info would be great. Thanks Lisa.x
  7. Hi, I am currently filling in my new Daughters child visa application form & already am stuck on a few questions! :confused: If anyone has filled one in, would they mind helping me please :notworthy:
  8. Hi, I recently posted on another thread about this topic saying that we have had our first hearing with regards to taking my OH's daughter to Oz. We have just received our second date along with orders by the court. It says...... ' The applicant shall file and serve statements of evidence relied upon in respect of the application to remove the child permanently from the jurisdiction by............' Could anyone please tell me what this means in plain English ? I do know of others experience on PIO were they have had to provide a fact finding report on schooling, job prospects, finances etc..... does it mean this ????? Thanks in advance Gary
  9. Hi, Happy New Year to all! We are currently considering a move to Perth, I travelled and worked around Oz a couple of years ago stopping off in Perth. As much as there is a great deal to consider for our move, our main and very big issue is that of my partner's daughter who is currently 7. Myself and my partner are not married but she has a daughter from a previous marriage. Her ex husband does see his daughter twice a week but these have to be supervised visits and he pays no maintenance. Does anyone know and can give advice please on whether we would be able to legally move her to another country without the father's permission and if we needed his permission but he refused to give it, whether we could do anything to legally to change this etc. My partner's daughter has stated that she is more than happy and actually quite excited about the prospect of moving to Oz, does this have any bearing on the matter. Furthermore, due to the cost of living here we have not resided together and therefore have no joint bills etc to prove our relationship. Would this matter? We would appreciate any advice that anyone can offer. Thank you very much :0)
  10. Guest

    Child with diabetes advice

    hi we are hopefully moving to Perth as soon as our house in the uk sells!!! i would like advice from anyone who has moved to WA with a diabetic child as to how the child coped with the move. did it effect their normal blood control with the temperature changes? also were they able to sign up to medicare straight away? my son uses an animas pump would i still be able to get supplies in australia as easy as i can in the uk? any advice at all related to type 1 diabetes would be very much appreciated thanks
  11. Guest

    47sp visa question about child

    We are in the process of applying for a spouse/partner visa. I am an Aussie living in the Uk and my wife is British. On the form we need to add our 2yr old to the visa. If i was to apply for her to become an Australian Citizen would i still need to add her to visa or would she be able to enter as an Aussie citizen?
  12. Hi all, I am in a bit of a situation and i'm looking for advise, experience and new friendships too I live in Manchester UK, i've been to Australia 3 times, 2 was holidays and one was working. I have a 5 year old daughter to a previous relationship and know I have to go to court in order to stand a chance of living in Australia. First payment will be made this month, no mediation required as he's not going to change his mind. What am I to expect? I know everything I need to do i'e school, work, housing situations etc I'd just like some advise and experience from people in similar situation/s. My husband is Australian ( I didnt meet him on my travel's - he was my reason for travel as we met on facebook lol ) we have a child together been married 2 years - together for almost 3. Answered questions like how long to expect it to take, the cost, emotional side of it i.e does it get messy etc would all be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much in advance. Sam
  13. Hi All...:wubclub: We were granted our visas back in March & have to validate/enter by this March! We have just (3 wks ago) had a new baby & now I have to urgently get her a visa...Has anyone had any experience of this situation? I thought I could just 'add her to our visa'....But have since found out I cant! :eek: I have been running another thread similair to this ~ but am trying to catch some 'fresh eyes & comments' :wink:
  14. Guest

    Child visa query

    Hiya, It's been long time that I put up a query here. Me and my hubby both have oz PR . Now in sept(after validating the PR) we are blessed with a baby girl , she is indeed gorgeous.:jiggy: Also, we are waiting for court orders( to receive it in feb 2011) for my other daughter(13 yrs old).:yes: Now the question is can I apply for child visa for both my daughters in a single application or shud I make 2 separate applications?. And, is it mandatory to get AFP ?( we have just validated the PR, still living in the UK).
  15. Guest

    Child visa query

    Hiya.. Merry Xmas and a very happy new year to all!! :biggrin: I have a query and I hope to get it sorted. Just a brief background.Me n hubby both have Aussie PR and validated aswell :jiggy:. We now have a 3 mnths old daughter and another daugther who is 13 yrs( we just got her court order, thats a very good news indeed :jiggy:). when we applied for PR in 2008,it was me who was the primary application as my skills were fetching 60 pts and was on MODL too.Presently, I am on maternity leave and dont indend to work for another 4 mnths & we want to apply for both girls. Here goes mah queries !! 1. Can my OH be sponsoring the kids, doest it effect the case that me being primary applicant and oh was not?:huh: 2. Is AFP required for Child visa( we have not lived in OZ for more than 12 months, we have just validated our PR).:unsure: 3.I hope both gals can be included in one application with one fee( may be 2 different forms). is my understanding correct?:wideeyed: Hope to get replies soon. Cheers D
  16. _shel

    Child Visas

    I'm confused about child visas after a phone call from Australia House. I emailed them via their web site asking about medicals & processing times. Well they phoned me, which I was suprised at. I was told I was applying for the wrong visa! As I have a 309 temp spouse visa we were going to apply for the dependent child 445. Cheaper and then we get PR at the same time when I get the 100 visa in 2012. So she says he needs the 101 visa with hubby sponsering him and the 445 is the wrong visa for our son!!!! Confused now can anyone tell me if thats the right advice? As I read their info he can apply for the 445 family/child-outside.htm
  17. Hi, Not sure of all the details just yet, but are there any Child Care Centre Managers looking for fulltime work near the city? Please PM if interested. Tracey
  18. Hello Everyone, My son lives in the UK. We live in Australia and are Permanent Residents. My question is: Is it possible for my son to come over on a tourist visa and then apply for an Onshore Child Visa (802)? My son is desperate to get over as soon as possible and we were wondering whether this was an option. Is it allowed? Any assistance would be gratefully received. Thank you Kent
  19. Kent

    Child visa

    Hi We would be grateful if anyone could help us out. We would like to know which Visa to apply for to bring my 17 year old son over to live permanently with us. We (me, husband, then 14 yr son and 2 yr daughter) moved out from UK to Melbourne in November 2007 on a temp visa sponsored by Toyota my husband's then employer. After only 3 months my 14 yr old son moved home (long story!). We all, including my son, had meds done for the PR visa in October 2009. My son was not included on the PR Visa application as he didn't think he wanted to live here then! Our PR was granted in May of this year. My 17 year now wants to come and live permanently with us. I called the Immigration Helpline, but got nowhere unfortunately! Can anyone help us - point us in the right direction as to what Visa to apply for. We'd like to get him over soon so that he can do Year 12 over here and maybe apply for the PR Visa from Australia once he is here. Hoping someone can help. Thanks Julia
  20. Hi! folks, Sorry I'm new to all this forum stuff so bare with me should I go off on one. Originally from Northern Ireland,and now living down south (ROI)having moved here from London in 1998.I'm currently married/separated from my wife who's Australian and who intends moving home to Perth in the spring 2011.taking our 9yr. old daughter.not wanting to sponsor me yet wanting me to remain in my daughters life I'm being forced to go down the skilled visa route which is so confusing I'm now 41yrs. old have 16 yrs.exp. as a chef 1985-2001 (qualified). 2001-2008 7 yrs. exp. as a plasterer (unqualified) but could hold my own on any site. 2008- present I currently work as a qualified and licenced private retail security officer.sadly the latter not being on Australia's SOL I've dredged the Internets various help sites which only lead to more confusion.and on the rare occasion I was contacted by an agency rep they all said to seek sponsorship as a plasterer as I wouldn't need to have 12 months current exp to be sponcered and I could go now??? or sooner also that way the Ozzy sponsor would have to help settle me in etc.? is it possible to be sponsored with 7 yrs. on site exp.but no qualifications as a plasterer? I'd be looking to go to a regional area as I'd have more chance of being granted a work visa preferably in western Australia to be near my daughter as I'm desperate not to be separated from her and her from me. the saying goodbye at the airport scene is to hard to even imagine. I'll jump through as many hoops as is needed but need some hard advice.that said nobody is going anywhere until the house is either sold or rented off to the local council.I was stupidly duped into signing release papers allowing my wife to take my child to oz but don't really want to go down the legal route of stopping her as none of this is in my daughters best interests who of course can't wait to go to oz to get a new dog and a swimming pool. could anyone help me out with some advice or contacts any help would be greatly appreciated.
  21. Hi All, Is including a Spouse / Dependant Child on a PR Visa Application discretionary or MANDATORY. Please advise as I am all set to lodge under priority2 and I would like to avoid the delay of doing wife's Xray. We are expecting a baby and she can't do X-ray for quite some time. Thanks AlAmeen
  22. We are considering moving to Australia (end of 2010 beginning of 2011). It looks as though dh's job will take us to Brisbane-very happy just waiting to find out where!! Anyway, my eldest (8yrs) suffers from severe food allergies, asthma and hayfever and was wondering if anyone has any info about living with similar conditions in Australia. My main concern is the food available there as he cannot eat any egg, milk or nut food items. In the UK the scope for good quality dairy, egg and nut free (marg)spread, chocolates, ice cream cakes and biscuits have increased so much over the last 3 yrs and are lots are available in local supermarket Sainsburys /Tesco/Waitrose. Are allergy friendly foods readily available at local supermarkets and is the range good? Our main concern is that he may be reduced to a very restricted diet again. Also how are the schools with allergies and epi-pen meds and what happens re: lunches. Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance. Lisa.
  23. Guest

    What about Child Care Cook?

    Hi, I have been working as a center cook (Award rate: L3.3) in a child care center with a strength of 120 children, located in a Melbourne metro area. I have been working 6.5 hours daily (Monday - Friday) for an year, which includes duties such as: 1.Preparing morning tea, hot lunch & desserts along with afternoon snacks. 2.Using safe hygeine practice and understanding safe food handling procedures. 3.Ensuring age appropriate meals and childrens dietry requirements are met. 4.Ordering and maintain stock. 5.Plan & evaluate the menu on a regular basis. 6.Maintain a hygienic kitchen / equipment in accordance with health & council regulations. 7. Maintaining temperature, equipment cleaning, ordering & stock intake, records on everyday basis. Duties also include, preparation for Christmas parties, mother and father day evening parties, and preparing the kitchen for council audits. My question arise whether my experiences would be accounted as commercial kitchen exigence towards GSM (subclass 885, 886 or any other eligible onshore class) visa application? pleaseeeeee help me......
  24. I am unsure if it's wise to declare my illegitimate child (non-migrating)as a dependent if my child is living w/ her mother, though I provide regular support . As per DIAC ealth form 1071i - all dependents wether migrating or not are required to have health examination. I am having a hard time communicating w/ her mother and I don't want to have a problem w/ my visa application. What would be the best thing to do? Experts pls I need your advice. Thanks in advance. other facts: I am now married w/ my own family. I intend to bring my illegitimate child to OZ in the future. My Illegitimate child is w/ her mother abroad.
  25. hi,my partner is studying her batchelors degree to get her early years managment qualification,which works out to be a child care co-ordinator,she already has a level 3 diploma in early years child care and education. what i dont know is,is this enough to get to australia (adelaide in particular,as my parents and brothers and sisters live there as citizens) because as a normal teacher,although they say ba degree is enough when you apply,you would need to study for another 2-3 years for qts and pgce and a year in the job before they'd consider you. what im hoping is that the ba degree is enough. she has worked in the environment as she's studied,shadowing a manager so has 3 years experience in the role (they want a year in the job before applying) and 4 and a half years as a private nanny plus 18 months as a student in a nursery.she's 28 and im 31 and we've got 4 kids and we're not getting any younger and neither are my parents. i dont want to waste any time,so if anyone can help,please do!!