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Found 368 results

  1. Guest

    Child benifit in Oz

    Hello, Can anybody please tell me what child benefits (if any) your entitled to in Australia, we currently have one child (7 months old) and will be moving to Australia in April 2012 on a state sponsorship visa to Victoria (176 visa). Thanks very much, James
  2. The Pom Queen

    Grandfather on child abuse charges

    Not sure if anyone has heard this story, I heard a snippet on the radio today that a grandfather has been charged with abuse for making his overweight grandchildren walk 30km with no food or water. Just wondered if anyone heard what happened.
  3. The Pom Queen

    Child Labour

    Just wondered what, if any, chores your kids do to help. My eldest is a god send but the others are soooo lazy. In Germany this week an 11 year old boy called the police on his mother because she made him do jobs over the holidays, he said it was forced labour lol x http://www.smh.com.au/world/strangebuttrue/boy-calls-police-to-complain-about-chores-20110816-1ivbf.html
  4. we are in the middle of filling in our online application to emigrate my ex is happy for us to take our 15 year old what do we need to get from him to say he gives his permission and will this take long as we need to send of our application asap any advice would be really helpful thanks
  5. This really got me thinking last week. In our local paper a convicted child molester was released only to rape a 10 year old girl 6 months after being released. Can these people ever be released back into society after being convicted. Is it just to much of a risk that they just might rape or even murder another child weeks, month, years after being released, can we honestly take the risk they will not re offend. I honestly think a child sex offender must be locked up till he dies, we cannot take a chance with an innocent child's life. Do you agree or disagree.
  6. For those of you who have migrated with kids, when did you notify the tax credit office and child benefit. Was there any issues with regards to finalizing tax credits before year end? Any advice appreciated :chatterbox:
  7. cazzydee

    Child visa sub class 101

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone can help with my question about how long it takes to approve a child visa 101. Child no.3 was born after the rest of us received our visas for permanent residency. We've done our police checks and child's medical was done a week ago so we've fulfilled everything that's been asked of us. Has anyone been through a similar situation and if so, how long did it take to receive the child's visa? We've asked our case officer in London who has just quoted the 6-8 months maximum timeframe but hearsay tells us it could be less, we just haven't heard from anyone who's actually done it. Thanks, Caroline
  8. my daughter aged 8 is moving to oz with her mum without me, i wouuld like some advice from others on coping and dealing with this situation. is there any other parents been through somthing similar?
  9. _shel

    Last minute child visa grant

    We have shippers coming today, we fly Tuesday! Emailed our CO yesterday to let them know we were taking the baby to Australia on an evisitor. In reply we got our grant yippeee at last. One weight off my shoulders at least.
  10. Guest

    Child Care Rebates on a 176

    Hi all, Now I've seen mentioned before that although you can't get LAFHA on a 176, there are other tax breaks you can get, and rebates for child care. Can anyone explain more - I have a tax calculator, but that doesn't include childcare obviously.
  11. Hi all, glad I found this forum otherwise I really don't know what to do and who to tell. I am now in a serious depress mode because I seriously don't know what to do, here's my situation: I have a defacto partner and we have a 15-months-old daughter. I am a PR and I've applied for her and our daughter to come over to Australia, so now both of them are holding a 457 visa. She's from China and so was our daughter born over there. So now she's been here since May 2011 and she wants to split with me. She requested the following: 1) She wants to bring our daughter back to China. 2) She wants child support from me. 3) She wants me to agree to changing our daughter's last name to hers. I think these requests are unacceptable so I would like to propose to her that she moves out from my apartment but not leaving Australia, we share custody of our girl and I pay child support. I wonder if I am fair to do so? I realize that she does not speak much English and she's a stay-at-home mum so I don't know if she will have difficulties finding a job here. I realize a lot of example in this forum here are UK-AUS matters so English is not a problem. She has some savings though. Also, since she is on a temporary visa I don't know if I should let immigration know. The last thing I want is the immigration to cancel both of their visa and they have to leave the country. What should I do?? Also, what if I could not agree to her requests and she could not agree to mine? How should we proceed? I am so lost now and really need help~~~
  12. Danandclaire

    Medical for non migrating child

    We are migrating in January - my OH on a partner visa as I am a Aus citizen. He has a son by a previous relationship awho is not coming with us. His son lives with his mother who takes all financial responsibilty for him. Because of this we think he won't be considered a dependent and therefore won't need a medical. Has anyone got any idea? We have the opportunity to get him a medical and are wondering if we should just do it anyway if we may be asked by our CO???!!?!?
  13. Hi am new to this site! I am aware that if you are a permanent resident you have to wait 2 years to claim benefits. Does anyone know if this includes Tax credits and child benefit (does Oz even have this?!). Thanks!
  14. Anyone have any experience of this? It's a 50cc off-road quad.... ??? Shipping companies don't seem to have a clue! Thanks
  15. Dear all, I have been recently offered a job in Australia and we are thinking of moving down under. My wife is expecting so she will not travel with me immediately. Now as per 457 visa requirements, I need to have private health insurance cover. When I was researching for insurance companies, I found that almost none of the policies mentioned about baby care and costs involved in vaccinations , routine check ups for baby etc. I do not know whether any of the policies would cover that. As of now, I will be moving alone and my wife will join me later. But I would like to go for health fund that can easily add dependants when my wife and baby arrives. It would be a great help if I get some info about policies suited for child care. Regards, SumVar
  16. Guest

    Child Visa- HELP!

    Hi folks, not sure if I have posted in the correct forum or not. Me and my husband obtained our residency visa's last year, when I was 8 weeks pregnant. Now we're making the move down under I need to obtain a child visa. Its says on the visa application that we need to get a Court order or a similar legal document stating that our son can legally move with us. Has anyone had to do this? If so any advice would be great. Normally we would do the paper work through an agent but they want nearly £1000 for it! :err: Thanks in advance Hazel Mac x
  17. Hi folks, really hope that someone on here can give me their advice/suggestions/experiences on this one. Myself, husband and daughter all have 175 visas, already activated. Baby( 7 months) was born in UK. Hubbie already started new job in Oz last week, we are still here to tie up the loose ends and give him time to get a house sorted out there. My preference would be to take baby into Oz on an ETA and a one way ticket and then apply for Onshore Child Migration, been told processing is 6-9 months. Has anyone done this recently? If so did you experience any probs at immigration? Would anyone just suggest that I apply Offshore and then take him out of the country when the visa is due to be granted? I am really in a bit of a tizz as to what to do:confused:!! have been told the Offshore processing time is 7-8 months. Many thanks in advance, any responses appreciated! Lx
  18. Philln01

    Child Visa 802 (onshore)

    Hi folks, looking for info or advice My son who is now 16yrs 6 months has told me he wants to come to Australia, possibly to live permanently due to the UK being the UK (Utterly Krap) no work ETC. I want to get him here via the child visa and im looking at the onshore visa as i can control the Financial side of it, i.e i dont trust his mother with my cash, or a 16 yr old either. Are there any down sides to him entering on the Holiday Visa and the applying for the 802 onshore visa once here. When we left his mother would not allow him to come so was never put on our Visa. Does anyone know how the bridging visa works, would he be able to work or go to Tafe / College. We are now Citizens so there are no issue there and ill sponsor him. All help and Advice is warmly recieved.
  19. Hi everyone, well i discovered this website yesterday afternoon and subsequently spent 7 hours straight reading posts in these forums about people in a similar situation and i am still unsure of what to do so i thought i'd tell you my story and hope and pray that i receive some advice:) here goes... 5 years ago i was backpacking round aus with some friends and met my now husband who is australian born and bred! I moved back here on my own to be with him despite having a close knit family at home and we have had an absolute ball however last year we had our first child and i am now pregnant with our second so the dilemmas and arguing in my head began.. I;ve had the odd spelt of homesickness since having our daughter, normally at its worst when ive had to say goodbye to my family however she is now 15 months and ive just found out im pregnant with my second and im really starting considering our future here in australia! Bringing up our daughter has been difficult with no family support as my other half isnt close to his family but it hasnt been bad and you just make it work...i know with a second little one it will be a bit more difficult but people manage and i know i would as id have to! the thing is i just keep getting overwhelming feelings that i am making the wrong decsion in being here that my kids would have a better life in the UK being around close family and friends. I feel so so guilty about denying both my kids and parents the relationship that they deserve and which i loved as a kid! I have such happy memories of my grandparents and i feel awful that my kids arent going to get that! Another thing that i hope doesnt sound too selfish is that it would be so so nice to have the opportunity to spend some time with husband kid free...of course i dont resent our daughter for not having that opportunity now as we chose to have kids and wouldnt change that for the world but it would be great to be able to have grandma and grandad babysit and mummy nad daddy can get the romance back, :wink:! a huge huge worry is job opportunities in england, my husband is a concreter/steel fixer and work over here is pretty well paid and regular, he's a hard worker and will go looking for work but im just worried that it wont be there in england as building just isnt as huge as it is here! does anyone have any advice in that regard?? We will be moving initially back to Blackpool as thats where my family are anywhere in that area is doeable, manchester/preston/blackburn etc some advice on would be much appreciated...is england really that bad, now ive not lived there i can see that it really wasnt a bad place to grow up, i had an amazing childhood and was outdoors all the time! With europe on our doorstep im sure hubby could get some surfs in every now and then:) thanks everyone for the advice, the decision is starting to get ontop of me and struggling with what to do x
  20. Hi there, I am posting as i need further advice about my Child visa 101 (offshore) application, that is about to be lodged by my migration agent.... I am aged 23 years old, female, a British citizen, and currently a student (but about to graduate in 3 weeks with a First Class Honours Degree). Last year i appointed a registered migration agent to help lodge my application, my parents used them about 4 years ago when they emigrated to Australia permanently, and to date they have been helpful to me.......However, i have found something out, very recently, that could affacted my eligibility for the visa, of which the migration agent has not made me aware of (which is strange!). Basically i have been advised that i might have to remain a student until the visa is granted, rather than at the time of being lodged... I wanted to know if this is the case and if anyone has experienced problems with this? I have been exploring my options if this is the case, and the main option would be to undertake a Postgraduate course, full-time, which is for 1 year (of which will cost me alot of money!!!), but this would give me an extra year for the visa to go through (hopefully). Alternatively, if i graduated and then remained working part time in my job, whilst still receiving money from my parents, would i still be classed as dependent on my parents, even though i wouldn't have my student status? I will be speaking to my migration agent about this also, but just wanted some advice from others who may have experienced anything like this, or know about it. Thanks Jennifer
  21. It is not clear to me as to whether the sponsor and the child of the parent need to "settled". For example, the child is a Permanent resident who has lived in Australia for 3 or 6 months while the sponsor of her parents, namely the spouse who is a citizen for (say) more than 10 years. Any ideas what is the guideline in this case? Cheers..
  22. Hello all, We need to get our 6 month old daughter a Subclass 101 Visa by completing a 40CH and 47CH along with a fat cheque! (We have our 175 Visa - just need one for our Daughter who was born after we validated our Visa) My question is... "I thought she had to have a medical but I can't see anywhere that required this?". The only reference is asking us to provide 4 Passport Photos if Health Exams haven't been completed? Our application is all ready to go and I don't wanna skip up at the alst hurdle! Advice appreciated. Cheers guys, Steve.
  23. Hi Everyone, We've got our 17 visa and validated them. I'm applying for my 7 month old daughters visa shortly so we can all go together. On the 101 checklist it states that I need to provide pay slips from a current employer or books signed off by an accountant. Trouble is I have been unemployed for 6 months due to redundancy(well, self employed to pay the bills and avoid claiming off the state) but I don't yet have an accountant and couldn't supply employers pay slips. What should I do? Cheers, Steve.
  24. Hello all, Would appreciate any advice regarding our obligations with regard to our visa application and the fact that my husband has 2 children from a previous marriage. If we're fortunate enough to get a visa it'll be just me, OH and our daughter making the move, his other 2 children will be remaining in the uk with their mum (we're assuming they would not want to come with us at this moment in time). What are our obligations regarding visa application, medicals etc? Any advice greatly appreciated, we're up against it trying to get everything we need submitted before the July criteria changes take place. Thanks in advance :smile:
  25. nic0218

    Child Trust Fund ?

    Apologies to all PIO's if this has been mentioned in a previous thread! Could anyone tell me what happens to my daughter's Child trust fund, when we leave? Would she be able to access it when she's 18 from Oz, or does the government scrap the account? My husband is currently topping it up with a direct debit, so I'd like to stop it if the answer is the latter! Many thanks in advance, for any replies, Nic