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Found 73 results

  1. RAFChef

    Chef 457 Visa

    Hello This is my firs post so i hope i get it ok. Is there any UK Chefs/Cooks that have been granted a 457 visa and how was the proses as in medicals and do i need to get my NVQ2 AND 3 Skills assessed. Thank you any help would be great. :biggrin:
  2. Gemma Bradford

    Unsuccessful TRA Skills Test - Chef

    Hi guys, We have just had a letter from the TRA saying my fiances skills test was unsuccessful. The suggestion they have given us is - If considering a future application, it is recommended that you review sections 2.6.1, 2.6.3, 2.6.4 and 2.8.4 of the TRA migration skills assessment application guidelines in detail regarding the evidence needed to meet the qualifications & employment requirements. Section 2.8.4 of the TRA guidelines states what evidence is required for applicants who have been issued an Australian qualification via RPL. The comparable Australian qualification is the Cert IV in Hosp (Commercial Cookery). They also state that they cannot confirm that our claims of employment have met eligibilty requirements under section 2.8 We did not submit any qualification documents because my partner did not finish his NVQ's in the UK. We have tried to demonstrate that 15 years experience as head or sous chef, should be suffice. I wrote very detailed descriptions under part 8 for each job that he has done and also a general one describing his skills and responsibilities. I also include detailed refs from all his employers My question is, do we appeal? If so, how? What more could they want/need? OR do we start a fresh application? Any advice would be gratefully appreciated! Thanks PS - We are here on a 457 visa
  3. Job title: Chefs and Cooks Company: Hotel/ Restaurant Location: Queensland Australia Job type: Permanent- Full Time Number of vacancies: 30+ Salary: Competitive rates Job description: Our client seeks experienced chefs and cooks for job opportunities in Queensland Australia Thesuccessful applicants will possess the following: · Strong work ethic · A desire to work as part of a team · Good presentation · Ability to work in a fast paced environment Duties will include the following tasks: Creating a menu Choosing a restaurant theme Food preparation Managing employees Establishing and maintaining contacts with vendors Marketing If you meet the criteria and are seeking an attractive salary package please send CV's to:
  4. As a Head Chef you will be responsible for the smooth running of this Bistro /Gastro Pub nestled close to the coast just outside of Brisbane. Applicants must be qualified and have at least 3 to 5 years experience in the position of Head Chef. Please forward CV's for consideration to victoria@thamesmigration.com See our website at: www.thamesmigration.com
  5. QUEENSLAND Job title: Chefs and Cooks Company: Hotel/ Restaurant Location: Queensland Australia Job type: Permanent- Full Time Number of vacancies: 30+ Salary: Competitive rates Job description: Our clientseeks experienced chefs for job opportunities in Queensland Australia Thesuccessful applicant will possess the following: · Strong work ethic · A desire to work as part of a team · Good presentation · Ability to work in a fast paced environment Duties will include thefollowing tasks: Creating a menu Choosing a restaurant theme Food preparation Managing employees Establishing and maintaining contacts with vendors Marketing If you meet the criteria and are seeking an attractive salary please forward your CV to victoria@thamesmigration.com Please view the position and our website here: http://thamesmigration.com/liveandworkinaustraliaaustralianjobopportunities/
  6. WESTERN AUSTRALIA Position: Qualified chefs to work in remote postings in outback Western Australia. Description: The rotations of rosters would be commonly 2 weeks (14 days) on and 1 week (7 days) off. Applicants would be responsible for their accommodation on the rostered week off. During the rostered on period accommodation and meals are provided. The sites for the positions will be camps located in remote and isolated areas of Western Australia. Rostered days are 10 hours work per day. Conditions: will be very hot in summer and due to the isolated locations of camps there are no shops, restaurants or other major facilities close by. There would be a medical person located on the camp for medical attention. Salary:$75,000.00 to 80,000.00 AUD (which is taxable) plus 9% superannuation which will be paid into an Australian Superannuation fund which can be accessed upon return to the applicant’s home country. VISA: sponsored on 457 visas
  7. pinkpolkadot08

    VIP- very impatient person....

    Hi everyone! Just going out on a limb here, in the hope that someone was or is in the same situation and knows a bit more about it! My Husband left for Australia on a W-H Visa and he now has got an employer that is willing to sponsor him (he's a chef). My question is if he lodges the application to be sponsored can our daughter and I go over before he does on a Holiday visa and be 'on shore' when he applies or do we have to wait in Ireland until everything is sorted? We only got married in January so as you can imagine this isn't how we would like to be spending our first year as a married couple. Also as for the actual sponsorship , my Husband was charged for drinking and driving 4 years ago. He was 37mls , the legal limit in Ireland is 35 but has not re-offended and was honest with them from the start. That is his only charge on his police cert and I have a clean one . Will this matter to the Ozzie Immigration people? I would really appreciate ANY help with this. The little one really misses her daddy so we want to get over there as quick as possible. Thanks . Niamh
  8. Hi, I'm currently doing a TRA Migration Skills Assessment. I'm a chef. On the work in your own words, (part 8), it says to include duties or tasks undertaken. I could write a whole encyclopedia on this, so which shall I include. Shall I just use examples from across the board using varied cooking techniques? Is it just examples required?? Now I think I'm obsessing over this:arghh:. Thanks.
  9. Hi, can any one with give advice on who to get in contact with for chef jobs in the mine sites In Perth? Currently in England and will be permanently moving in the summer next year with family. I am currently head chef at the Turner contempory art gallery Margate and have worked at the Dorchester London. Any help would great:
  10. Hi all, I have a position going for a head chef in a busy restaurant in Dee Why, 200+ seater a la carte menu. Please contact me if you are interested and would like to apply/need more details. :biggrin:
  11. pob


    What are the chances of finding sponsorship as a chef from England? I have not worked as a chef for two years as I took some time off to care for a sick relative. My wife and I are looking to move to Australia for a better quality of life, we do not have dreams of swimming pools or houses by the beach. More just sunshine and the time that we have, being quality time together. I spent a year in Sydney in my twenties working as a chef and really enjoyed it. My wife has travelled there as well and loves the country. I cannot get a visa as my work experiance is not recent. I am 37 years of age and a very good chef. My wife works in IT and her job is not on the wanted skills list, but she would find a job really easy as we see lots advertised for her. So I am wondering if anyone on here is willing to sponsor a hard working chef? Maybe somebody owns a restaurant or a bar and is looking for somebody they can rely on to be in their kitchen? I'm not afraid of hard work and can supply you with my CV and references if you are interested. I have worked in all different kinds of places from pubs to three rosette restaurants and I am looking for a place where I can put in a hard days work with a good and honest employer.
  12. doing a geographical

    856 visa (chef) please help!

    Hey! The more I look at on the websites the more I'm confused. Does anyone know if they've changed the skills assesment for this. Last time I looked on the TRA website(about 5 weeks ago), I was looking at skill pathways etc. Have they done away with these? The main thing I want to ask is do need to use the application "TRA Migration Skills Assessment" for the 856 visa on the Employer Nomination Scheme? Surely its not the offshore skills assesment program, because I'm in Oz on a 457. Apologies if I've missed something obvious as you can see red tape isn't my forte. Thanks so much for any input!
  13. doing a geographical

    chef skill pathway for 856 2 questions

    Hi all, I'm on a 457 visa as a chef. Since I've been approved as a chef already, do I need to do the TRA skills test for the 856 PR application. If not, great. If so... I've been a chef for about 9 years but have no formal chef qualifications. I've got good experience tho and definately think i'm up to AFQ3. Problem I think is lack of evidence. I'm not sure which skill pathway I should go for on the TRA application (for 856 visa). I have an HND in International Hospitality Management (which included practical formal training, but not in an NVQ sense). But most of my experience is informal training. It says in the smallprint on the TRA website that I can do Statutory Declarations to document any experience that I cant prove. Will pages and pages of these with my HND do? I know its not an easy question, any help would really be greatly appreciated!! Thanks.
  14. doing a geographical

    Chef 457 - 856 PR

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for options for PR, currently on a 457 visa as chef. I think I might be able to apply for the 856 permanent visa. I have about 8 years exp, here and back in england. I know I need to do the skills test and everything else thats required for pr, but is it really this straightforward? I don't need to stay on the 457 for 2 years minimum? is that just a common misconception... Any help would be great! Thanks
  15. Hi Iron Chef, I purchased my car (a 2005 911) in late November 2010 in London and we are aiming to move to Sydney in or around November/December this year, although there is an outside chance that we may need to move back in late September. Assuming we have to move back just prior to the 12 month anniversary of the purchase, do you have any ideas on how I can apply for the import licence and still get the car into Oz? Also, do you know if the Australian government is looking to reduce the 12 month ownership condition? Thanks in advance for any advice you can provide. Cheers J
  16. http://www.london24.com/news/tv_chef_jamie_oliver_brings_jobs_boost_to_stratford_1_885239 Love this bloke from his brilliant campaign to get school meals from something that was a choice of just crap to something resembling a decent healthy meal. Oliver also created the Fifteen Foundation which every year takes fifteen young adults who have a disadvantaged background, criminal record or history of drug abuse, are trained in the restaurant business. A bloke who had nothing but has worked himself up through sheer hard work to become the man he is today.:notworthy:
  17. Guest

    Previous Visa... HELP please!!

    Hey lovely people. I need some help... :biggrin: I am in the early stages of sorting out a visa for me and my OH and helping my brother sort his. Mine and the OH is easy.. By brothers however is not. Stuart (my brother) is a chef and lived in Oz for a little while before. He moved out on a working holiday visa with my Mum and Step-dad (who gained PR) in Jan '09. He gained employment at the end of Feb '09 working for a restaurant. He got on really well there and looked at getting them to sponsor him. It all gets a bit hazy from here. My little sister who was 3 at the time suffered a terrible accident in the Nov and suffered brain injury as a result. We are having a hard time working out what actually happened with his visa (he is really bad at form filling etc and keeping on top of things) but the short version of the story end with him having to come home last May. He believes he had a bridging visa but I think he may have broken the terms of this and worked too many hours. He was told by his agent that DIAC were going to reject his application and that they would be best off withdrawing it and getting him to apply again offshore. How can we get a disclosure to find out exactly what happened? If there was a chance you would have a visa rejected so withdrew it would this stand against you in the future? Im sure you're thinking that the best thing to do would be to contact the agent doing all this for him in Oz but Stuart was pretty pi**ed (as he wasn't made fully aware of the rule etc surrounding the bridging visa) and didnt end things very well with him. I have emailed him today but i dont hold out much hope on information. Thank you soooo much if you can help. Its very messy. With everything that happened with our sister keeping an eye on the visa was the last thing on our mind. Stuart was working to help support my parents who had to stop work as Maddie was in hospital for over 4 months! x:spinny:
  18. Hello to every! I've so far done a few days research on immi.gov.au site about different visas options but have come up trumps. The site seems to contradict itself and is rather confusing! Maybe it’s just me... I know I can't apply for the 175 visa as my profession isn't on the SOL list so I took a detailed look into the 475 state visa (no relatives down under). Regional and state sponsorship might be the only way I can see for me to get into oz and work towards residency. A problem I did see was I took a skill assessment point test and passed the 475 & 176 visa. I received 80 point for both but then i look into the requirements for the 475 and it was I need 100.. I'll give a little info on myself as there might be someone who can point me to what I should be doing; 25 yrs - NVQ 3 kitchen and larder - NVQ 3 Customer service - 7+ years of experience - 2 years spent on a working holiday visa Thanks Jonny
  19. Guest

    chef needs help

    hi,everyone,wifes a vastly experienced chef 14 years,been head chef,chef de partie.pastry,sweets,pizza,did 16 months nvq level 3 but no cert,she has food and hygiene,and health and safety certs,loads good referances,also a good job waiting for her in oz,is this enough to get her assessment by tra.many thanks
  20. Guest

    chef needs help

    wifes a chef of 14 years vastly experienced,been a head chef, pastry ,chef de partie etc,16 months nvq training but no cert,has 2 cert food hygiene and health and safety,loads of good referances,is this enough for tra assessement.please help
  21. Guest

    Chef - Skills Assessment

    Does anyone know who I need to contact for a skills assessment for a Chef? On the Immi website it says contact the TRA but then what? Chef is not listed a Nominated Occupation so I don't know where to go from here and even whether to apply for Offshore Skills Assessment programme or the Skilled Worker Programme. Then the website mentions about TRA Approved Australian Registered training Organisations VETASSESS and Victoria University but the list of occupations under these two organisations again don't mention chef. Any ideas? I can't get through to the contact number either +61 1300 364 613, anyone know of the best time too call, or should I just give up? :arghh:
  22. Hi I am possibly looking at training to become a chef. I would really like to learn this trade in Oz and hopefully stay there afterwards as I understand you can stay on if you are qualified!!! Now the hard part, is there any places that offer "free" apprentciships or fairly cheaply preferably in WA. Your help would be much appreciated Wes
  23. doing a geographical

    Chef 457 employer change

    Hi all, I'm a chef in Brisbane on a 457 visa and looking to change employers. I just don't seem to be having much luck. My cv and cover letter are fine, and I'm upfront about my visa situation. Does anyone know any hospitality/contract catering companies who may be willing to sponsor? Would I need to go in at a management level? Also does anyone have any experince on whats the best way to approach the companies, should I be going for the "hidden job market"? Any help would be very gratefully recieved! Hope to hear from you soon.
  24. Hi there i have recently arrived in australia again back with my partner who i had to leave due to a family grievence. I am now back you have probably already seen my post regarding looking for lawyers I am also looking for volutary work ideally in the sports field or in a kitchen i have uk police checks I pressume i will need to arrange one for australia , I have 10 years previous experience with voluntary work along with various affiliated uk charitys that i have helped raie money for , references can be supplied but really keen to get the ball moving in australia again any advice would be great Thanks
  25. I am english I have an australain girlfriend I am currently living with I am seeking some advice on how to get a working visa or a way to work ,I am currently 32 years old and my brother is also an austrlian resident he has been here 15 years I have an recognised company who want to sponser me what is the quickest and most legal route to take anyone who can reccomend some profesional advice the info would be greatly appreciated Thank you