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Found 496 results

  1. Stevenson

    Police checks for Scotland

    Hi all just to see if the police checks that get done if you are in Scotland are carried out by Disclosure Scotland or do we still use ACPO. Thanks for any advice:wacko:
  2. Hi guys, I'm applying for a defacto visa. I've lived in Australia for the past 14 months, and was wondering about the aussie police checks. Do I need to do get a police check with fingerprints or without? Thanks in advance
  3. Hi Friends I am a csl NEC with co assigned in june 2009 Jan 2009 applicant and all the procedures have been completed by March 2010. but every time i ask my DIAC they reply that my application is going through external checks, i am fed up with this same reply please help me how to resolve this issue' your help will be much appreciated. thankx
  4. Hello, Our case (175 visa) have just been assigned a CO, who asked for health checks and police certificates. Of course we are over the moon and dreaming about Australia already but I got a couple questions... First, health checks. We've done ours and the doctor said will send them along with the X rays to Sydney (the office handling our application is Adelaide). Is this sorted then or do we need to do anything else? Second, this is a long shot but... I live in UK but as I haven't lived here for the last 10 years I need police checks from Brazil. Brazil is definitely a country of contrasts, and one good thing about it is that it is technologically very advanced in some areas. In the case of the police checks, I can obtain them instantly via the internet, no hassle or paper work! The way it works is, you enter all your personal details in the police website and it checks their records and generates a online report that includes a unique ID number. You can then print that report. If someone else needs to check if the report is authentic, they just enter the report ID in the same website, and the website displays the same report as long as it is a valid ID. This is really cool, but I was wondering if this would be acceptable by the immigration office? Or do I need to get old-fashioned, paper copies which will take forever to obtain? One last question; because the CO only asked for the health and police checks, can I assume that everything else is OK and nothing more will be needed? Or they ask for more documents as they need them? Thanks Luis
  5. Hiya all, I'm new here, but I'm in desperate need of some information. Being a Belgian, I have no idea how car legal stuff works in Australia. I hope someone can help me. Here's the story: my gf is in Australia at the moment, doing a 7 month trip. She's in Sydney, NSW, now and has just bought a 2nd hand car (a Ford) to make the trip. Cars come with necessary complications, like registration. She's got her Rego in NSW now; the Rego runs out December 30. She will, ofcourse, have to renew it for 6 months, but she won't be in NSW by then anymore as she'll be travelling. Question: How to handle this renewal? What are the necessary steps to take? I'm asking this because I've seen that between the states of Australia, there's quite some difficulty and differences in registrating and what's valid in 1 state, isn't necessary valid in another state. So, she'll have to buy a green slip, ofcourse, but does it have to be one issued from NSW or are there other ways to renew the Rego when in another state than the one your car is registered in? Also, if the vehicle requires a safety check, can it be done in any state or does it have to be one in NSW? What's the max amount of time permitted between safety checking and renewing the Rego? Also, how much of the procedure can be done online, and which steps require going to a specified place? (like a registration office) Any other info of necessary info I need to know about this? Many thanks in advance for any info or useful comments, Scaesar
  6. Guest

    AFP Checks

    G'day folks, My partner and I are putting in our defacto app at the end of the year and thought best to get as much done as possible before then so we sent off our AFP forms last week. We got them back this morning but I'm a bit confused! The certificate says it was a name only search and while nothing came up that it couldnt be taken as a full account as we didnt provide fingerprints- didnt say to on the form! Also it said it was valid as at 14/10/10- does this mean that we cant use it for an application at the end of december as technically we could commit a crime in the next couple of months and it not be registered on this report? (for clarity we arent planning on doing anything dodgy so this question isnt to clear any planned heist!). Basically can we use these afp reports or have we jumped the gun and will need to get new ones when our application goes in? Any thoughts well received!
  7. Guest

    Australian Police Checks!!!

    Hi guys, havent been on here for a while as nothing was happening with r 176 so kinda put it to the back of r minds but now we are in a major rush to get meds and police checks in order. ill start with the background............ applied for 175 changed to 176 april 09! went to oz 2st june 09 on working holiday visa (secretly hoping 176 would been done in that time but the econamy had to go an crash and mess things up for us haha) left oz on 30 may 2010! we then get a phone call on tuesday this wk from r, not so efficent since we paid r balance agent, asking why we havent submitted r meds and police checks???? find out we got a case officer the end of JULY 2010!!!!! this is the first we had heard and we now have 24days to have everything submitted or they DIAC will cancel r application!!!!:arghh: we have managed to have r meds done, not without drama i must say! the dr was unable to get us up on his e-medical form so he is having to post them to oz!! then we have been asked to get ozzy police checks for the 11months we where there. this is going to cut it VERY VERY close to the 28day deadline?! we have now been told by a friend who went through the visa process, and also spent just under 12months in oz, that these are only required if u spen OVER 12 MONTHS in oz? we dont know whats right an like metioned visa agent not to hot at the minute, i feel because he isnt getting anything out of helping us anymore?? if anyone could help or point us in the right direction we are in a massive rush to get this sorted and if needed ozzy police checks sent on monday? very stressed but happy we are at this stage after nearly 2yrs since first applying :biggrin:
  8. Guest

    police checks

    how long do these stay in date until you have to get more done and if you have already sent them to diac,does that count within the time frame,because its not everybodys fault things are taking so bloody long regards craig
  9. I am a newbie. I am British, my wife is Australian, we have been together for 8 years, married for 4 years and now have two children (both have Australian citizenship by descent and Australian passports). We live in the UK. We are emigrating to Oz next year (2011), assuming I get a spouse visa. I am currently researching the 47SP form and don't think I need an agent to assist as our situation is straight-forward. But I do have a few questions which I would appreciate some assistance with: Q9 on 47SP asks if I or any dependents (whether migrating with me or not) have previously visited Australia and if so to provide travel visa details. I can put in the details for myself, however, my children have visited Australia but because they have citizenship by descent and Oz passports they have not needed visas - do I need to declare these trips for my children, if so do I just leave the travel visa boxes blank? Q27 on 47SP asks for address for 2nd stage (permanent) visa process. What is best address to give? I could give my parents-in-law's address in Queensland and then change it once we have emigrated to Oz and have our own house. Would that make sense, or just leave it blank? Q38 on 47SP asks about my children. One of the points asks "[Are your children] migrating with you?" and then asks for their passport details if they are migrating. How do I answer this - yes or no? My children are emigrating with my wife and I but because they are already Australian citizens they do not need residents visas and hence do not need to be considered on my visa application form. Should I tick "yes" and supply passport details which will identify them as Australian passport holders? This is a tricky one. Finally - what UK police checks can I/should I request and how do I do that - do I just go into my local UK police station and ask? Also where on the 47SP do they request that police checks are carried out? Is this something that is requested once my application is received? Is this also the case for medical checks? I know there are a few questions here but any assistance & experience of the above would be really appreciated. regards, Tristan
  10. Guest

    poilce checks

    hi all if i have been in australia for 2 yeard on a whv and have secured a sponsor for work do i need to obtain a uk police certificate or an australian police certificate? any help would be awesome
  11. Guest

    Meds & Police checks

    Hi Guys, Just out of interest, once you get asked to provide meds and police checks, do they give you a time limit to get them done? The reason i ask is that my application has been lodged and awaiting CO, but my wife has recently fallen pregnant :cute:and will have x rays etc after the baby is born. The chances are we wont get CO and be requested for meds and police checks till next year, but if there is a time limit, can you ask for an extension of time? The way things are going at the moment with visa applications, this could be the most irrelevant question on this forum!:unsure: Thanks
  12. grahammanchester

    Police Checks - 856 ENS visa

    Hi I am in the process of applying for an 856 visa. I have been in Oz for nearly 3 years on a 457 visa. Do I need to get a fresh police check from the UK or will the one I submitted for the 457 be sufficient? Thanks Graham
  13. hey guys ... so first up just want to give a shout out to everyoone posting on thise site you have provided us with so much information that we are very thankfull for. just a few questions, firstly myself (australian) and my boyfriend (irish) are applying for a defacto visa in the next few weeks . we have been living together for just about 12months and dating for around 5 months before that . we have been collecting our doccuments needed and are just about done but are struggiling to find answers on the following: 1. must we get a health check before we submit the application. 2. do both of us need to get a health check or just my boyfriend (applicant) 3. how many photos can we submit and should the be oringals or printed etc etc? 4. when writing up our own stat dec/ letter of realationship is there any key points we should consider or any particular layout . (im worried i will just jumble useless info together and it wont look efficeint) 5. most of our recipts for little weekends away are in my name is this an issue (i would mormally for for accomidation and then my boyfriend pay for all activities we did- which we dont have recipts for) and finally any other usefull points anyone would like to add would be very helpfull.. thanks again guys and goodluck with all your applications
  14. Hi All Quick question? When you send UK Police Checks from Australia what can you send as "proof" of a 9 year olds address that will be accepted? Many thanks in advance!
  15. hi, we are currently in catagory 3. 175 visa applied august 2009. oh is a boilermaker, i spoke to a woman from diac last week who informed me that if i left our application alone, i.e. didnt apply for ss, we were looking at being granted our visa approx july 2011 or maybe sooner. She also informed me that currently feb 2008 applications were being dealt with. and for more of an update to call back in 8 weeks. now i have a dilemma, we want to have another baby, so are thinking of having medicals and police checks done fairly soon, i wondered how long they are valid for, and how much they are. thanks nicola
  16. julesbazz

    Aussie Police Checks/Clearance

    Right then... we are ready to go for ENS residency, already here on 457. I have searched on this website everywhere for info????? Can someone tell me if you have to have a Fingerpring Police application form or standard??? Also do we wait for the case officer to tell us to get the police checks done or can we do them ready for application? As I know you have to wait to be told you can go for meds. Thanks very much guys Jules x:nah:
  17. Hello Everyone, Am just completing our Visa Application for Australia, and on the application it has any criminal convictions: My question is what actually counts as a criminal conviction? Ive been disqualified from driving which was made up of speeding offences!!! Does this have to be declared on the visa application? I WOULD SAY AS A LAW ABIDING CITIZEN THERE ARE TO MANY SPEEDING CAMERSAS IN ENGLAND AND THE SPEED RESTRICTINS PUT ON CERTAIN MOTORWAYS ARE RIDICULOUS Is a caution a criminal record? I just want to be 100% so that everything is declared on the Visa Application as we are making an honest application. If we do need to declare all speeding offences then I will need to write off to obtain a full list of speeding convictions as I cant remember dates etc for any of them. Any help would be much appreciated
  18. OMG trying not to get ahead of myself or too excited but received an email this morning from jamies potential employer in WA and they have asked him to obtain a police clearance check ASAP!!!! surely this is a positive, i wish theyd just tell us if we have it or not!!!:arghh::wacko::jiggy: im am seriously excited but trying to hold it back just incase, cmon WA GOV give us the nod!!!!!
  19. Guest

    Routine Checks for Middle East

    Is there anybody who has waiting such a long time after allocation of Case Officer? I dont know why, it takes more than normal for middle east countries.
  20. hello, i'v got a small question if anyone can help??:confused: I need my police check certificats, i'v lived and worked in france for the last 15 years but it seems that i can't aply for a police check here in france because i was not born here and still hold an English passeport.!! and from what i'v found out ( on internet ) i need to live in England for aplying for police check there..!! so not sure how to go about it ??? am i wrong in thinking that i can't aply for one here in france?? or getting an english one ??:confused::confused: thank you..
  21. hi all, kindly tell me: 1-If employment verification is done as part of external checks and DIAC is unable to proceed until external checks are done,then what constitutes the "internal checks"??? 2-If an applicant is undergoing internal checks,that means external checks are done(in collaboration with local agencies),then we can`t say that DIAC is dependent on local agencies response time to proceed with further??? 3-lastly,what is order of these checks ?i.e which one is carried out 1st??? plz comment!!!
  22. Hi, New to the site so appolagies if this is not correct format. My step son is 17 and step daughter is 22. They are not coming to Oz with us but will they need health and police checks? Please can anyone advise what the age limit is. Thanks
  23. I'm really confused. Do we need police checks from our time in Oz to apply for citizenship? It says on the website that you need documentation showing you are of good character, then when you follow the links it refers to needing paperwork for Permanent residency. My daughter was 14 when we arrived, but is now over 18. Be grateful if somebody can enlighten me.... Thanks :policeman:
  24. Majestic

    Police checks

    Hi , The police form 47p has changed i am told? can someone please guide me to the correct form and maybe a little info on the procedure for a uk citizen to apply. Thanks
  25. kellyjamie

    criminal history checks

    Hi all, can anyone tell me how long criminal history checks take? we sent our ID to WA Gov via email on Friday so just wondering how long it will be before they get our checks back? many thanks Kelly