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Found 496 results

  1. Guest

    ASIO security checks

    My case stuck in security checks, guys any idea how long they take ?? Any idea of knowing wts going on??? Asked the CO but same reply i get that application under routine checks but no timeframe......???/ What can I do ???/:wacko:
  2. Hi, This is a bit long winded but I want to explain everything so nobody thinks I'm some pyscho vandal and hopefully I can get some clear advice! Just filling in our Police Check forms and I got to the question - Have you ever been arrested, dealt with by way of caution/warning/reprimand or been convicted of a criminal offence in England, Wales Northern Ireland or Scotland? My problem is this; in 2005 I was arrested for criminal damage to private property (scratching my ex-boyfriends parents car). I was asked to go down to the local police station, processed (finger prints, DNA and photo), interviewed and then bailed for 7 days pending further investigation. The outcome was that my ex-boyfriends father had actually got him to lie to the police, I had text messages and phonecalls on my mobile which showed that my ex was trying to get in touch with me whilst the police were actually taking his fathers statement and imediately after he had given his. Needless to say the officer that interviewed me was totally pieved off and despite telling my ex's father this he insisted on going ahead with charges. So it was sent to the CPS who in the words of the officer "wouldn't touch it with a barge pole" and actually my ex's father got a warning for wasting police time. Now I actually work with Severely Autistic and Disabled Children and over the last 11yrs have had multiple Enhanced CRB certificates. Never have I had to delcare this incident and its never come up on the search. I have noticed though on the actual forms you fill in it only asks if you have been convicted of a criminal offence or received a caution/warning/reprimand. It never actually asks have you been arrested. I rang our local police force but they said the Subject Access department are only open 9am-4pm Mon-Fri and I would need to speak to them and discuss it with them. I am now worried this is going to stop us as I know a friends brother once got a caution for cannibis whilst at school and they can't emmigrate to Canada as a result. So if anybosy has been in the same situation or knows about Police things I's really appreciate your help! Thanks for reading!!
  3. Hi I will be applying for my 801 spouse visa for permanent residency soon as the 2 year mark will be approaching. I know I have to do an Australian Police Check. Do I have to do a UK police check too? I visited the UK for a few weeks last Christmas. (I did Uk one a couple of years ago for the prospective marriage visa but is it only needed for that visa and not the 801?) Thanks Smiler:biggrin:
  4. Hello guys, I wanted to pick your brains again. We got the request from our CO for our meds, police checks and form 80 last month. We have 28 days to submit which brings us up to next Thursday. Do you know if its possible to delay our meds and police checks until the end of July? If we get the visa we didn't want to validate before the end of July and go over initially on a reccie. If we do this we will send confirmation of the meds and police checks to the CO. Is this sufficient do you think or will we be penalised? Thanks
  5. Mizzmp

    Police checks

    We need to send off our police check forms to ACPO. Do we have them returned to our address? We lodged our visa online and assumed we had them sent to our home address then uploaded them to our case officer? Many thanks guys xx
  6. pretty much as the title says really....
  7. Mizzmp

    Police checks - how do I?

    Not got our CO yet but looking at everyones timelines it wont be long. How do I go about sending our police checks and how much are they? Figure I could do those and then only the meds to go. Do you get a hardcopy letter for the police checks or is it an email sent straight to DIAC? What a learning curve! We will all be able to work for DIAC by the end lol x:biglaugh:
  8. jessm128

    American Police Checks

    Hi, I am currently in the process of applying for the defacto visa with my partner. I lived in america for 3 years and I need to obtain an american police check. Has anyone else has to do this, if so PLEASE help me! What exactly do i need to do? Do the Finger Prints need to be taken by my local police? And how long approx does this take to do? Any answers or help will be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!
  9. I've been fortunate enough to have lived in the USA, Australia and the UK. Unfortunately, that means I now have to apply for police checks with all three countries to support my 176 application! :wacko: I'm currently living in Scotland, so will be sending apps for the USA and Australia overseas. I would appreciate any general advice/experiences, but here are my specific questions: 1. USA - how do I go about getting my fingerprints taken? Can I drop into my local UK cop shop and get them to do it? 2. UK - The Character Guidance says to apply to the ACPO, but this only explicitly covers England, Wales and NI. Are they the correct authority for Scotland as well? 3. Australia - how do I pay? They don't have a credit card form, don't want cash and insist on payment in AUD (so no cheques)... Thanks!!
  10. Just going through the police checks and see that we can get a signatory who is a manager. Wondered what level manager this is and if anybody has any experience with this. Can get somebody at step down from director of a multinational company to sign for me, but want to check this is sufficient
  11. sunnysun

    police checks address

    Hi, can anyone help with where we apply to for the Police Checks to be done. Is it your local police authority? Many thanks.
  12. Arilla

    LRR & Medicals/Police Checks

    Hi All My first posting but have been following for a few months and its a great forum with lots of useful information. I applied for my LLR visa last year from offshore and have queue date which would put me in the 1.5 to 2.5 years bracket (based on the table http://www.immi.gov.au/migrants/family/other-family-visa-queue.htm ). Not great but better than the 6 years that it looked like it could be. However I have already done the medicals and the police check (at the request of the CO) before it all went pear shaped around July. So my question is what do you think the likelyhood is of having to do them again - not bothered redoing but at a few houndred quid a time it's not a cheap process. I have asked if there would be a refund but the responce was (understandably) guarded as it said '...as appropriate...'. Also does anyone know if there will be a queue like the parent visa that tells you how many people are ahead of you? And if I can stretch to one more - when will the immi site be updated to reflect 2011-2012 figures and priorities. Thanks in advance for any replies Arilla
  13. Does anyone know if you can get Australian National Police Checks priority processed? My boyfriend and I have nearly had our visa granted but just found out he needs australian police clearance now. We want to go to Australia at the end of the month as I start work next month.. is there any way of getting it processed as quickly as possible? Also, how do you pay for it if you are overseas?
  14. Hi there We will be starting our 176 visa app tomorrow. Can anyne help wtha couple of questions please? When it comes to medicals and police checks how do we organise these? Are you given info on this once you have submitted the form? Does the one year to validate start from when the visa has been granted or from the date when you have your medical? Or the date the medicals are approved? (if this happens?). many thanks!
  15. User Name

    Security Checks after July '11

    According to a news article I subscribed, there are changes to the way security checks will be conducted by ASIO. My guess is that instead of automatically sending everyone from Iran, Pakistan, Bangladesh and few others for these checks, they will handpick the unlucky ones for checks. However does it mean that security checks will be quicker for those whose applications have already been sent for these checks after this new system for ASIO kicks in? Hope any agents can shed some light on this. SOURCE: http://www.acacia-au.com/immigration_portfolio_budget_2011-12.php http://www.theage.com.au/business/federal-budget/immigration-department-faces-staff-program-cuts-20110510-1ehh6.html
  16. Guest

    police checks

    Hi can anyone please tell me where i get the character references done and are they same thing as a police check lol Im not really stupid honestly lol :biglaugh:
  17. Proview220

    Police checks

    Can I scan the certificate in colour and send to the CO or do they want the original one ?
  18. Guest

    Police Checks - process?

    Hi all, Could someone very kind walk me through the process for getting police certificates please? I only need from the UK. Am I right thinking only my wife and I need a cert? Not my 3 year old son? I've found this website: http://www.acpo.police.uk/NationalPolicing/ACROCriminalRecordsOffice/PoliceCertificates.aspx Is this the correct one? Do I get the certificates sent to me, or do I need to have them sent to Oz? Is one copy enough? I assume I can scan it in? Proof of address could be a bit tricky, as I don't have much sent to my current address - most goes to my old address and I have a redirection service send them on to me. Any ideas? Timelines - is it true to standard service is only 10 working days? Seems quick enough that I don't need to pay extra for the express service. Anything else I need to know? Thanks :-)
  19. Hi - New to this website and thinking (like so many others!) about moving to Australia. My question is regarding my partner who 14 years ago was in court for ABH, but never charged over the offence... the case was heard by a judge but charges were dropped and he walked free so no actual charge for ABH shows on his record. Basically he would't have a criminal record. But he would have to give details of this on the police check and I'm very worried that this would be grounds for refusal in a visa application? Just to let you know, he was up for ABH for beating up the man who beat his mother up for 10 years.... He has never been arrested for any reason after this offence 14 years ago! I hope someone can shed some light on this please.
  20. ghost

    Police Checks

    Hi there Just wondering , do all the family need police checks or just those over 16 or is it 18? Regards
  21. Hi All, I live in the USA and recently I've been asked for PCC from my case officer. I need to submit PCC from Australian federal police. AFP accepts either Australian bank checks or money orders. Can someone please tell me how I can get a money order in Australian dollars in USA? Thanks GS
  22. debbie13

    police checks

    May seem like a daft question but do i need to send off a police check wth my visa application or do I have to wait until I am asked to get one done??:eek:
  23. jimithechew

    German Police checks, 'Hilfe bitte'!!!

    Lived in germany for 2 years, British Army, good times!!!:wink: However do I need police checks from there to go with my application or not? if so how do I go about getting them done??? Please help. :notworthy:
  24. Guest

    Police Checks for Visa

    does anyone know if you have to delcare points on your driving licence on the Police Check application form? Ross was charged with undue care and attention (driving) (he skid on black ice and was charged) but we have been informed before that this is not a criminal conviction that it is a road traffic offence, can anyone advise if this should be included? Spoke to my uncle hes a police officer, he states points etc come under as a traffic offence, but the form for the police checks as for criminal offence, which this isnt, can anyone advise? Thanks Claire & Ross
  25. Well have to say im bleepin fumin! Everything has been finalised except STILL waiting on the police sending our PCCs back. So we phoned them to begin with to ask if there was any delay and we were told no its all fine they will be done in the standard 10 working days, so we sent them on 21st March, would have received them 22nd, we phoned today to ask where they were as surely they should be here by now? No apparently not, it would seem they decided to keep them in their office for 8 days and not even look at them until 29th march!!!!! So now we have to wait until next wednesday before they are done and sent out as that will be ten working days, she couldnt explain why they sat for 8 days without being processed!!!!!!!!!!!!:arghh: i know to some this may be trivial and your prob thinkin well their being sent out next week anyhow but its the whole point of the situ we paid good money for a service that they have not supplied and cant even explain why not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:hug: woooosa woooosa ok im calming now K x