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Found 496 results


    Imigration checks

    Hi, What checks in all both UK and OZ do you have to have before visa is granted? Cheers
  2. Guest

    autralian police checks

    hi, Just a quick question for people living in oz ! how long does it take for australian police checks to come through? cheers jon emma anya neve summer:biggrin:
  3. Hi All, Im putting in my application for my defacto in London during March. Looking on here, it seems the best (and quickest) was to do this is to front load the application. My query is, if I am applying in March, when is best to get my police checks and go for my medical? Should I do this now, or wait until closer to when I apply? Thanks : ) Di x
  4. Hi All, I have had some really great, helpful advice from people on this site which im very thankful for, so im hoping someone can help me with another question i have... seems to be alot with this application!! :confused: Im starting to begin process for my meds and police check however when i have looked on the CRB site (criminal records bureau) to order a disclosure it states the following.... ''An individual cannot make an application for a Disclosure directly, and the Disclosure service does not apply to those people who are self-employed. This is because there needs to be an independent person who makes the decision to employ an individual having assessed that they pose no threat to either children or vulnerable adults in their care. If a person is self-employed there is no independent third party to make that decision.'' I was under the impression a CRB disclosure was what i needed should i be getting something else, or do i have to get some sort of reference when i submit my app?? sorry if this seems a silly question but im confused as to how i go about obtaining a police/criminal record check if i cant submit an app for it as an individual?? Any help would be welcome. Thank You
  5. mr luvpants

    Police checks

    Hi I am after a bit of help please? Is this the form that we need? http://www.immi.gov.au/allforms/character-requirements/character-penal.pdf How exactly do we need to get the police check done? JOHN
  6. touch107fm

    Police checks

    Hi all Just a quick question my girlfriend is applying for a 457 and I am the secondary applicant. We Just started the ball rolling 2 days we now have our TRN number for our e application. My girlfriend is adding documents. Do i need to wait until the case officer asks for my police check before I apply for mine. I just looked at the police check UK form and it asks for the case reference numbers.. Do I wait for CO or can I go ahead and get them now.
  7. Today received an answer for my PLE: 2 At the moment Mr McKlaut application is undergoing routine processing (character assessment checking procedures) and these were initiated when his application was assessed in late August 2009 and these have not yet been finalised. These procedures form part of the routine processing of visa applications generally. They are undertaken by external agencies and we are bound by their timeframes. We cannot advise how long these procedures will take to be finalised but they do usually take a number of months. These must be completed before processing can continue on Mr McKlaut's application. 3 Mr McKlaut application is not decision ready for the reason noted in (2) above. 4 As mentioned, it is not possible to provide a timeframe for completion of the routine processing procedures noted above. The Case Officer checks on the application at regular intervals and once they are finalised, if this application is able to proceed further, he will be in touch with you. I know many cases where such external checks mark is just an argument for not doing anything. Some time cases are being finalised externaly but CO doesn't pay attention to it etc. So, if someone have experience in investigating this situation, please share it with me. PS. I just wonder, what else should I come throug? I see 1,5 years is not enough to have all checks done. Interesting working standards: for someone it's done for 6 month and for others years are not enough. fed up
  8. Guest

    Police Checks - Help Please!

    Merry christmas everyone! Apologies in advance if the answers to these questions seem obvious. Firstly, We have just had a lovely christmas in the knowledge that my OH (Accountant applicant) has passed his IELTS and we are now CSL applicants. Also learnt that our WA state sponsorship came back approved so now we are priority processing category 2 :wub:. I suspect we may get a CO in the next few months so we were wondering how exactly do you go about getting police checks (both for the UK and Australia as we have spent 12 months there on a working holiday a few years ago)?:policeman: Would anyone recommend pre loading meds and police checks in our situation as I have read on other peoples threads that once you are allocated a CO, that you only have 28 days to upload meds and police checks. Thanks everyone, hopefully the new year will bring joy and visas for all!!
  9. frautfreida

    Police Checks and Medical.

    Advice please re My son is in the q for a 176 visa, and is on hold like everyone else. His police check ran out on Dec 8th and now his medical is about to expire. He got these before he was assigned a case officer.!!! His big mistake.!! Does anyone know what would happen if Diac assigned him a case officer, while he is away. In another country ? Does he have to get the med and police check redone here or could it be done elsewhere? would be grateful for any advice.
  10. Hi, Quick question, do I need to send in the originals of the police checks and not a certified copy? Cheers
  11. Even though DIAC website advises against it you can still submit Health check and character check right? OK, so seen Panel doc list no danger, but website seemed to suggest police checks were in Aus, that can't be right, I probably read it wrong, can anyone advise on police check process for a 175 application from UK eg what type of check, a website link, how long it takes etc?? Appreciate any help kind people!! Thanks TS
  12. Hi guys, Quick question: My partner had his 457 visa granted on 01.07.2009, this was done through his work so all we had to do was fill in a few forms. I believe that the agent at the time had the police and health checks done. We are applying in January for an 820, will James have to have the checks done again? Has anyone been through this process? Cheers, Kylz
  13. k8bug79

    Police checks

    Hi, I'll be putting an application in for a Spouses visa in the near futue. Obviusly I know I need to do a police check for the UK, thats no worries I am a good girl :biggrin: However I am puzzled whether I need to do one for the UAE. In 2002 I went to Dubai with my now ex, then fiance. We stayed with his Mum with the desire to live out there. We went on tourist visa which is basically a stamp at passport control. you are allowed to stay 3 months (or 2 months can't recall:eek:) then you need to fly in and out again on the same day to renew. I went in August and flew in and out to Quatar during october (literally went to Doha airport and back on the next flight) and then came back to the UK in Dec just before Christmas for a week or two, I then came home for good in January as I had no job out there and a job offer at home. So in all I was there from Aug 25th to Jan 25th (I think) As I never got a job or had any other visa than a holiday visa they will have absolutely no record of me, my passport that I travelled to Dubai on has expired so there is no record of the trip in my current passport, I was still getting post delievered to my flat in London, so do I need to get a police check for there or do you think I could get away with not having to. I just know the UAE governement aren't easy to deal with and I can see it being a pain in the bum when actually i can't see how Oz immigration are going to know I went???? I am not trying to dupe anyone just save some money if poss. Thanks
  14. Weasie

    Ozzie Police Checks

    Anyone had an Ozzie police check run recently? I have been waiting nearly 2 weeks - last piece of info needed for my application. I am pulling my hair out!!!! :arghh:
  15. Guest

    police checks from cyprus?

    Hi has anyone had to get a police check from Cyprus, how long did it take to come back and how much did it cost? Im pretty sure as I spent 2 years in cyprus when I was in the army that I will need to proivde a cyprus police check. thanks
  16. Guest

    Where to send police checks

    Hi i am looking for some advice on where to send the police checks to? Do i get the police check sent to my home address or do i request they are sent directly to Adelaide? Thanks Mrs SeanG
  17. Guest

    Police Checks

    I am in the UK - Can anyone point me in the right direction to get police checks done? My wife is Australian by decsent and never lived in OZ - will she need one? I also have a 13 year old daughter - does she require one too? Many thanks!
  18. Guest

    Police Checks

    Hi, I am a little confused regarding the police checks. I followed a link to the ACPO website that give out Police Certificates. However, they are costing £35 for a 10 working day turnaround (Issue Free) and £70 for a 2 Day turnaround (Again Issue free). They advise to allow up to 20 working days, which takes it beyond the 28 day turnaround expected if you go for the 10 day option. :policeman: I am sure I have read on here before that people only paid £10 for police checks and received them very quickly. Is it correct for me to spend out this money, given the current state of the Postal service, I would incline towards paying £70 to get them withing the expected timedframe. Could anyone shed any light on my confusion?
  19. Hi, I have submitted UK PC's (where I currently live) and I understand these will need re-doing in 12months time. But I have also submitted an overseas one from singapore, they are clearly dated with the period I lived there - will these expire too, even though I won't have lived there again so nothing will have changed? The singapore ones were very time consuming and possibly I'd have had my visa had it not been for the delay.....don't really want to go through that again in 12months.
  20. Hi, I have sent off my Police Checks and have allready submitted my Health Checks off to Sydney. I wanted to findout how long doesit take after both documents have been received and what are the next steps until visa being granted. Do i have to send the passports off to Adelaide and how long does it take before i getit back to me.
  21. Guest

    Loooooooong ROutine Checks

    Hi all Like others, I am also v frustrated and really wana :cry: as can't see any way out. I have applied last year aug (CSL-HR) and my CO was assigned in April 2009. I am under routine checks since then. its now 6 months(for routine checks) and my status is still the same (all met since April). I saw a lot of people getting visas who applied this year, not jealous of them at all, but want some decision on my case also. I have an agent but he also has the same answer that they don't know how long these routine checks will take. At least they should give us some time frame (esp for ppl in final stage) so that we can plan things out according to that. Many things are pending on the decision..............
  22. Guest

    Police Checks (ACPO)

    Hi, I am filling in the Police Check application form from the ACPO and it asks for proof of current address. 1. Do you just photocopy the proof of current address or do you scan it in and print it off on a colour printer (since they do not want originals)? 2. Do you scan in your passport photo page and print it off on a colour printer as they ask for a copy of the passport photo page? Thanks
  23. Guest

    Police Checks

    Hi, My wife and I have been asked by our case officer for our Police checks and i I have a queries relating to the Police Checks. My wife and I have been in the United Kingdom for 9 1/2 years having both previously lived in South Africa. Do we need to have PCC for both UK and South Africa? Is this a question i should put to the case officer? Thanks for any assistance. Regards Garth and Jen
  24. Aloha Group.. I've been looking through this site tonight and can't find an answer to this... I managed to get NSW sponsorship and have applied online last night for a 176 visa. I uploaded all of my supporting documents.. The question I have is based on the medical reports and police checks. Do you get these items now, or do you wait for someone to write to you and tell you to get them? On the status page it doesn't even mention having to have a police check. It does mention the medical reports.. So just curious.. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.. Thanks and aloha Gary
  25. Hi All im in the process of getting my defacto spouse visa, the application was submitted last week and the case officer has come back requesting an Australian police check for my partner (the sponsor) for his time in Australia which was 6 days to activate the visa. I receieved the following which is being asked of all sponsors for 309 visa X The Australian Government considers the safety of children is paramount and is strengthening the policies around the sponsorship of minors for visas. In particular it wishes to ensure that children migrating to Australia are protected from high risk situations, such as when the sponsor has convictions or outstanding charges for offences of a sexual or violent nature and it is likely the child will be residing with that sponsor. Consequently the Australian Government has introduced a requirement that when an applicant under the age of 18 is included in an application for a Child or Partner category visa, the sponsor is to provide an Australian National Police Check (NPC). The information contained in the NPC will assist the Department to determine whether there is any compelling reason to believe that the grant of the visa would not be in the best interests of the visa applicant. As you are the sponsor of [insert name of child applicant/s] for a [insert visa name], I request that you forward to me an NPC. An NPC may be obtained from the Australian Federal Police (AFP). Information on obtaining the check is available from the AFP website at http://www.afp.gov.au/business/national_police_checks or by telephoning the AFP on (02) 6202 3333. When completing the NPC application form please use Code 33 at Question 1 on the form and include details of any, and all, names you have been known by. If an AFP certificate is provided based on incorrect information, the department may request another certificate. Please note fingerprints are not required for the NPC. This came in the day my application was lodged.. typical!! We booked our flights for the 1st of Jan as our agent thought we had ample time to get visa and had been preparing the visa for last few months and had everything needed, I have read on this forum that Australian police checks were taking 2 - 3 months to get back to Ireland but those threads were dated 2007 and just wondered if anyone has applied and recieved theres recently and how long this took? We have emailed our friends in Brisbane the application form and they are posting it with the australian cheque asap for us as we have been given a 28 day time frame but the afp website mentions 15 days processing time before even sending back to the UK so this is very tight already even if they can process it that quickly.. let me know how long your Australian Police Check took to process and arrive in the UK LJJ