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Found 496 results

  1. swifty99

    rant about police checks

    well its been over 4 weeks since i sent off for my police checks and only last week did they call me about my out of date passport they told me then that it was being processed and sent out still didn't get it chased them up friday was told would receive it yesterday and still nothing, just feeling little annoyed and wanted to RANT!!!!!
  2. emmaroo

    Police Checks Help!

    Hi Can someone please tell me how you go about requesting police checks? Thanks Emma :notworthy:
  3. Guest

    Police Checks

    Hi! I'm just wondering if anyone has an answer to my question! I'm a teacher and have an advanced CRB check, done about 18 months ago. Is this enough? Ella
  4. Guest

    police checks

    Hi guys, i am currently on a 457 visa with my partner which we had granted last august, when i applied to be added to my oh 457 i had to get uk police checks done whih we sent off with the aplication. 457 Approved. now we are applying for pr and i know we will have to get aussie police checks done which we have sent off for.... how long do these take to come back to you? also will i need to get another police check from the uk done for my pr application? thanks
  5. Just wondering if it would make any difference if we were to get our medicals and police checks done before we have been requested to do so . Reading other threads I cant make sense of if this would assist matters haven't got a CO as yet ........:eek:
  6. swifty99

    Police checks advice needed

    Hey all, I sent off all my stuff for police checks 3/3 and have not had anything back yet i know the money has been taken as checked my account, is this a normal length of time i did the standard service and sent them first class post, how long should i leave it????? Thanks Laura :policeman:
  7. Guest

    176 pc checks??

    Hi, When i lodged my 175 i frontloaded my police clearance checks, That was back in june 2009, swapped to 176 dec 2009, Does anybody think i could get a CO this year? or are they just doing the ones who frontloaded medicals too, Maybe JUST wishful thinking?? Whats your views please? Thanks Carina.
  8. Preparing a 300 for my partner to come to Oz. He has two teenagers well established in another family unit, and they won't be migrating. In regards to the health requirements, the way it's worded, it seems like they are saying the children would need health checks EVEN if they are NOT migrating, which seems rather weird. Also, since government agencies aren't involved in his custody arrangements, would it be savvy to get a stat dec from his ex-wife stating the long-standing and successful agreement they have concerning the children? Thanks.
  9. Guest

    Police Checks

    I'm applying for my visa soon....I'm 31 but at the age of 19 was arrested (not charged) for doing something silly when drunk (young and foolish I was then)...will this make any difference to my visa? thanks....x
  10. Hi, I know this is going to sound like a stupied question. Once I've got my Police checks back from ACPO, what do I do with it. Do I need to send it to the DIAC with a different form, a covering note stating my TRN or what. I know it sounds like a daft question but I just want to understand the process, struggling to get a straigh answer out of my agent. Think they are bogged down with other work and becuase mine isn't being processed yet I being fobbed of a bit. Regards Lee
  11. Morning all After giving my c/o a kick up the arse asking whats happening with my visa ? He cam e back saying He doesn't have certified copy of my passport ( thats a lye more like ya lost it mate) my stat dec is worded wrong was never told / found what wording was needed on stat dec so if any one could advise the exact wording that would be cool . and I need to send in australian police checks, Why? I lived there in 04/05 back packing and the other year again for bout 9 months is this why ? and how do I obtain them from this side of the world. last rant is :mad: if I hadn't chased him up how long would it have been till he requested this :arghh: god they are wind up merchants I swear I look forward to your words of wisdom fellow sressed out applicants Regards
  12. Guest

    Police Checks - Foreign

    Hello All, Thought would be helpful to start a thread giving info on how and where to go to get the police checks done for non UK / non Oz partners who are migrating to Oz. So I am starting this off with the police check for Indian citizens/ anyone who's lived there for more than 12 months in last 5 years (or is it 10 years). First go to the High Commission of India's website and print off and fill out this form High Commission of India in London, Indian High Commission in United Kingdom, India in UK. Take this form along with copies of first and last pages of your passport + 15£ exact change (they dont give change) to the embassy Contact Us HCI London. Get there early (I got there for 7 am and was still about 50 people in front of me, this was a bit worrying as they said only 45 tokens would be issued for consular services). But at 8:30, the token counter opened, and I got a ticket for police certificate (misc consular services) (btw i was no. 13, so not bad, guess most people were there for passport renewal etc) Take this ticket, go into the embassy, and wait in the vicinity of counter no. 1 till your no is called. Rest is easy, the man takes your passport, money and the copy + application form. (I was informed, you had to lodge your passport in the morning and come back in the afternoon and pick it up), but man gave my passport back. Told me to come back in 45 working days in the morning go through token counter etc, same as before, get to this man, hand over passport. Come back in afternoon, and pick up PCC and passport which will have a stamp in it saying 'cleared to emigrate to Aus. I wish someone had told me about the 45 days! Would have done this long ago !! Now I have to wait till Apr 23rd! Hope it doesnt hold up my application! Good luck everyone ! Love, Som
  13. Guest

    Police checks for Uk and Oz

    Hi there, Does anyone have the links handy of how to get UK and Australian police checks and also how long they take? Can I just go into my local post office for the Oz one? thanks
  14. Guest

    External checks - Please advise

    Hi all Do you know that Immigration Deparment - case officers normally do external check before or after they contact us for documents? I'm Accountant (CSL), I got the Case Officer who contacted me as I need the revised ackonwledgement letter for my application. He's CO of my case as the title of the email is"Acknoeldgement letter - CO.....". I just wonder if he's CO, he normally contacts me soon as he's allocated from 1 Feb. Until now, I have not received any emails from him. Does he do the external check or what is the reasons I have to wait more then 3 weeks but no information from him. I'm from HR, Vietnam. Suggestions/Advices welcome. Thanks
  15. Guest

    police checks

    hi there as im not using an agent for our visa.Do i have to get an ozzie check or u.k one.I aint sure where to start.any info appreciated.cheers bazza
  16. Guest

    ACPO checks

    Hello Can somebody tell me how long in reality these ACPO checks take. It states 2 days express but can they really deliver this in time?
  17. Guest

    Police checks, minor offences.

    Hi All, I have received my police certificates back today, my other half has THREE pages of offences, all minor, but enough make me panic!!! Has anyone else has these problems? Will it affect my visa application, he is hopefully coming in on my visa as defacto? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks Lisa:chatterbox:
  18. Hi there I'm not sure if I am being overly cautious , but a friend of mine is due in court for an offence that he is pleeding guilty to and has asked me to provide a reference for him. It's something I'd like to do for him (it's not a major offence, but he is guilty), but I am wondering how this could affect me a my visa applications, if at all? Does anyone know anything about this? I myself don't have a criminal record or anything, but I'm not sure if my name being linked to someone who does will have be detrimental to me. I will be applying for either a work sponsored 457 or a skilled migrant visa. Any advice much appreciated! Thanks
  19. Hi I'm trying to sort out the cost of applying for a visa 175, was just wondering how much mine and my partners medical checks and criminal/police checks would be?? No issues on either. Thanksx
  20. Guest

    DIAC and TRA Background Checks

    hi all im starting to apply for my PR for Oz on my own, im wondering if anyone on this can tell me how in detail do DIAC and the TRA check your work references?, i have no problems with mine, but i would like to know if they contact them all?, also could anyone tell me can DIAC access your tax details from your country?, im a citizen of Ireland but now reside in England, and have been self employed in England for 2 years and all is clean, All is clean in Ireland too, but i was working for cash at one stage, and was not paying taxes for a while, My police cert would also be clean, it would be great to know, if they can probe into your tax records? Cheers
  21. Guest

    Medical checks

    Hi everyone, I am getting my application together for a de facto partner visa, hopefully to submit it at the end of this month. I have my medical booked for the 9th of Feb though - does it matter that this will be sent to the High Commission before I submit my application? I don't want to do my medical after I submit it, but should I delay my appointment? Thanks for your help... this is all quite overwhelming!! :eek:
  22. So sending off my police form but Ive come to page 6: http://www.acpo.police.uk/Certificates/Police%20Certificates%20App%20Form.doc where it says your photo has to be authorised by a person on the list. It also states: "this list is not exhaustive but you must ensure that the endorsing individual is a professional" My friends boyfriend who I have known for 3 years is a managing director at a broker company, would he be suitable? I don’t seem to know any teachers or solicitors, and as Ive moved around a fair bit a lot of people who might fit the bill havent known me for long enough! Help!
  23. Guest

    Meds and police checks

    Hello Could anyone help? How much do the Meds cost? Also, is there a charge for the police :policeman: checks and if so, how much are these? Our SS has been passed as successful and now our Migration Agent will be logging out 176 Visa. Fingers crossed that the CO wont take too long to be appointed! :eek: Regards, Claire
  24. Guest

    Internal Checks in Progress

    I am a Cat 5 applicant. My CO was assigned on 5 Aug, 2009 but unfortunately, I got stuck up with 23 Sep, 2009 changes. Now my CO has been reassigned in Dec, 2009. This thread is for those who have a CO reassigned (Cat 5) and INTERNAL CHECKS are awaited.
  25. Hey, Being a bit post happy today! Where do I get my police checks? Can I fill a form in online or do I need to go to my local police station? This will be done in the UK. Thanks J