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Found 496 results

  1. I have a CSL application, since Sep 2009, it has been under internal check, just wondering if someone went thru this, how long does it take.
  2. Guest

    457 health checks?

    we have had our 457 visa application lodged now for over 2 weeks and no one at anytime along the way has asked for health checks or police checks from us! Is this something else that will have to be done or is it just for certain jobs? My husband is an electrical engineer in his mid thirties. thanks
  3. emmaroo

    How long for Police Checks?

    Just waiting on police checks coming back and then we can submit spouse visa. Does anyone know what the current waiting time is for these? thanks Emma :hug:
  4. we've been asked by our case officer to get medicals and police checks done for a second time. we did the first set when we applied for our 886 visa two years ago, following the advice of someone on the DIAC phoneline. they expired whilst we were waiting to be processed. it was really exciting to get this phone call, as i had almost given up hope of them ever processing any of the 886 (onshore state sponsored) visas. but we are pretty pissed off to have to shell out another $500 (for a couple), through no fault of our own. can anyone suggest if there's any potential of complaining about this and who to complain to? i guess i should keep my mouth shut until if and when the residence appears!! but i imagine a lot of people are gonna be in this same position...
  5. hi there, im applying for a defacto visa with my partner and its going to be onshore. i know i have to get an australian police check done but i was wondering would i need a police check from england too? thanks alot
  6. Jaffy

    Police checks

    Hi Everyone I received an e mail this morning saying I have a case officer and the medicals and police checks have been requested. Does anybody know if I have to supply an Australian police check as well as a UK one. Me and my partner spent a year in Australia on a WHV about six years ago and it says you must suplly a check from each country you have lived in for a year or more. Thanks Sarah
  7. Hi, Can anyone help me with some idea about what routine checks on an application refers to? Coz, I got a reply from my CO that my application will be finalized within 4(anticipated) months after all other routine checks are completed! Does anyone have any idea? My meds are finalized, jobs are inquired ... don't know what's pending! Is it really gonna happen within 4 months? "Gill, your opinion is welcomed here"! Thanks, Rubab
  8. k9pjuice

    Police checks for Ireland

    Well we have got to the stage where we have a case officer who has asked for meds and police checks. The thing is we have been asked for police checks from ireland as we lived there in 2001 has anyone any idea how to get these from the UK? Thanks for any help:smile:
  9. Guest

    Police checks ? help please

    Hey i want to front load my spouse application, and im looking at doing my police checks but the link on the website doesnt work, any ideas how on earth i get my checks done ? any help would be fab
  10. Guest

    457 FBi Checks and other info

    Hi all, Perhaps some of you kind people who have been through this can help.We are going on a 457 visa and wish to apply for PR 2 years later. I understand that generally speaking you do not require FBI checks for a 457 visa but will for PR. We lived in US for 5 years and now live back in the UK. From reading on here it appears that FBI checks can take around 14 weeks to go through. My questions are: Is it worth getting the FBI checks done now. If we don’t visit US between now and 2 years time when we apply for PR will the FBI check be valid or will they need a more up to date check?? Any advice would be appreciated:wink:
  11. emmaroo

    Police Checks

    Just wondering how much Police Checks cost? Thanks Emma
  12. We've applied for a 175 visa (I am the main applicant) and all meds etc were finalised on 18/03/10. It seems to me our application has been fairly straightforward however we have come to a standstill. Our agent has chased it up twice but has told me that diac say they are completing 'routine checks' and it could be another 2 months. What are these routine checks and why does it take so long?? Are we being fobbed off?? I'm getting really frustrated. Diane
  13. :arghh:The cheque cleared a week ago and nothing :wideeyed: Rant over
  14. simon and deb

    Where to send Police Checks to, please?

    hi all i am trying to find an adress to send our police checks to can anyone help?
  15. Hi its been a while since iv been on here, as we had decided we were not going to go with the credit crunch and had been told it could be 2012 before we could get the visa and we are getting older ha ha . We have been asked by our ajents for our medicals and police checks , very worried not sure what to do as they say Australia goverment has asked for them .Worried how long medicals and police checks lasts for .:policeman::policeman:
  16. Guest

    police checks

    hi all, have been asked to do police checks again, so can anyone tell us whats on the new £35.00 ones to whats on the old ones seems a big jump in cost and what depth they go into as it only asks for the last 5 years address, yet as far as i can remember the £10.00 ones ask for 10 years... thanks Andy
  17. I was granted permanent residence visa and I need to make an initial entry to Australia by before July 2010. Inorder to fulfill the initial entry date requirement, I would be traveling to Australia for a very short period (2 to 3 days) in mid of May 2010 and will return back to India. My question is, do I need to take the medical tests during my first visit (2 to 3 days) to OZ as I have signed 815 form or can I take the medical tests after moving permanently to OZ in Nov'2010.
  18. Guest

    Police Checks Question

    Just wondering - how do DIAC ask for police checks? Do you they say please provide for such a such a country and then list them or just assume you are going to be honest and provide for all the countries? not that I was planning on being dishonest but hoping that they wouldn't ask us for the year we were in South Africa, we lived there a year but our address dates show just shy of a year as we were on holiday at the end of the stay... Thanks
  19. Guest

    Australian Police Checks

    I'm in the UK awaiting my Australian police checks, from when I lived there for 4 years. Does anyone know how long these usually take?:policeman:
  20. gaz n family

    Police Checks - Are they ever wrong?

    Whilst driving yesterday the Chat on Radio 2 was about people under going checks to work around kids or various employment police checks. There was some very worrying stories (of which i can neither confirm or debunk) Now as many of us will or have under gone police chesks to emigrate has anyone ever experienced this? If so how did you get it corrected? Now being boring and a good boy (and girl) i do expect ours to come back clean, but this story did worry me stilghtly. Next part, did you apply and have the results sent to you directly for you to forward on, or was the results sent directly to the Oz authorities??
  21. Wayney

    Police Checks?

    Hi does anyone have the link for where I can find an application to have my police checks done in the UK? Ta Wayney :tongue:
  22. Hi there I am trying to submit a 175 application before 30/06/10. I handed in my skills assessment this week so next step is to complete the IELTS asap. I am in Melbourne on a working holiday visa so looking to book soon. I have heard many stories of people failing the writing test & wondered if it is possible to re-take just this section rather than go through the entire test again, I need 25 points for my application. Last question, do I need to undertake my police checks before I submit my 175 application? Am I missing out any obvious issues that need consideration given the urgency of my application? Many many thanks Catherine
  23. shazney64

    police checks

    Just a quick question if i may? Completed police checks about two weeks ago. not heard from them. They do come returned to home address? What is the average time for completion? Many thanks sharon xx
  24. Good Evening/Morning. I've been a reader of Poms in oz for sometime and must say it's a very valuable source of opinions. Keep up the good work people. I've got a really quick question, and i don't expect their to be a black and white answers but any opinions are appreciated. I've been on a 457 visa in Oz 21 months and can apply for PR after i've been here for 2 years, so only 3 months to go. I've never been in trouble with the law and had a clean record my whole life until yesterday. I got in a scuffle (after to much drink which is totally out of character for me) and was charged with being Drunk or Disordely.:chatterbox: I was told at the police station:policeman: that it's a minor offence and won't affect my PR application, but after reading a few posts i've got a little nervous. My understanding is that i need to pass the character test which covers this, this will show up the D&D on the police record. A person will fail the character test where: they have a substantial criminal record they have, or have had, an association with an individual, group or organisation suspected of having been, or being, involved in criminal conduct having regard to the person's past and present criminal conduct, the person is found not to be of good character having regard to the person's past and present general conduct, the person is found to be not of good character there is a significant risk that the person will engage in criminal conduct in Australia, harass, molest, intimidate or stalk another person in Australia, vilify a segment of the Australian community, or incite discord in the Australian community or in a segment of that community, or represent a danger to the Australian community or a segment of that community. See: Fact Sheet 78 - Controversial Visa Applicants I'm hoping with only a minor charge and normally of good character (hopefully supported by recently joining the SES and being a volunteer feeding the homeless) i'm hoping i shouldn't have any serious problems (i guess it's down to the case handler) has anyone experienced anything similiar or know anything else regarding this? thanks for your time in advance.:confused: