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Found 496 results

  1. Guest

    speeding on police checks

    Does anyone know if you are supposed to put speeind tickets on your police check form, where it asks if you have ever been dealt with by any reprimand? I don't mind putting the speeding fine down, I just wondered if you are supposed to. Thanks!
  2. Hi everyone - I just thought I would post my query as although I have an answer it might help other people. I just called the ACPO police check people to ask if you cuold send more than one police check request per envelope, and they said that is fine. You just write one cheque (or however you are paying) to cover teh whole lot, and then just write the individual amount per application on the form. It might have been really obvious, but I wasn't sure and I was going to ask people on here, but I managed to get through to ACPO after about 6 attempts. Good luck all xx
  3. Stumitch

    457 visa police checks......

    If i am being sponsored and my partner is defacto on the visa. He has a caution on his police check for possession from 5 years ago. Has anyone else been in this situation or know anyone that has that can give me more information about how the process works and possibly put my mind at rest? Thanks x
  4. Please help anyone who knows the answer. We have just completed the forms for the police checks (latest version dec 2010). The part which requires your photo to be endorsed states that the person endorsing the photo should sign and date the back of the photo. Okay fine with that, however .... at the bottom of the form it states that the person endorsing etc should state "this is a true likeness etc" So which is it do they a) just sign and date or b) sign, date and write the "true likeness" blah? Any advice most welcome please please with a cherry on top and fluffy pom poms. Sincere thanks in advance, Lorraine x :shocked:
  5. As I noticed, there are more 176 visas granted than 175 visas nowadays. I think there is a backlog for ASIO in security checks. Therefore, May ASIO process the cases regarding the priority category of the case? That may explain the reason of a few 175 grants.
  6. Guest

    Completeness Checks

    Hi All Does any body know what are completeness checks. I recently received a reply to my email in which my CO office said that we are doing completeness checks on my application. Does anybody have any idea how long these tests take. Any information will be highly appreciated. regards
  7. Guest

    Police checks

    Do you have to send them to Oz or do the police send them or can you email them Thanks in advance
  8. Hi PIO, I have a few questions regarding the required pcc's please. :biggrin: I believe the pcc's that need to be done, have to be for the past 10 years. Well, our situation is: My wife and I are both originally from South Africa. We moved to the UK in August 2001. Therefore, have been in the UK approx 9yrs 5 months. Our time line is that we lodged our visa (176) in Oct'09, had WA SS approved in May'10, currently Cat 2....awaiting a CO. I've seen that people who applied roughly the same time as us are starting to get a CO and having to submit medicals & pcc. I've also seen comments that some were given 28 days to submit all these docs, and others were given 70. Now: What I'm trying to find out, is if we are asked to submit all these docs in the next few months, we are still going to be a few months short of a full 10 years in the UK. Will DIAC accept pcc's that are for eg: 9yrs and 6months?? Or will we have to get checks done for our time in South Africa? Has anyone on PIO ever had to request pcc's from South Africa, and if yes - how did you go about that?? I'm sure we'll have to pay someone something to get it sorted, but I'm wondering if we should maybe get the ball rolling on this one, as it will most likely take weeks, if not months, to get anything from South Africa!! :wideeyed: Thanks for looking, and for any advice. Regards, J
  9. Please could someone just answer this simple question I hope, how long do the police checks take generally. Many thanks whoever are the lucky people to answer my question!!!:cool:
  10. Sorry if this has been answered in other threads. I am completing acpo forms to obtain police certificates. The form allows the certificate to be sent to an address that is not my own. It is advisable to send the document direct to DIAC or to my home adress? If I send it home, do I need to then send the original document in the post or obtain a certified copy and upload electronically?? Many thanks for your assistance.
  11. Hi all, I'm putting together my prospective marriage visa 300 at the moment and keep reading about "front loading" the medicals and police checks. I'm applying from Dublin through London, do they require a medical and police checks up front or will they request only if need. Thanks!
  12. Guest

    457 police checks

    hi all quick qestion on a 457 visa when it come to police checks do i have to only be checked as i'm the visa applicant or does my wife have to be checked as well. many thanks karl
  13. Guest

    Police Checks

    Hi all, I am currently awaiting a few interviews from companies before I get my 457 visa. I am a civil engineer. I need some advice on police checks. I used to have alcohol problems (been sober 9 years) and got into trouble with the police. I am going to be honest here and would welcome honest feed back. I was convicted in 2000 for drink driving and was banned for 18 months and fined £400. In 2002 I was convicted of firing a starting pistol at my brother (blank rounds) and was given 18 month probation and 300 hours community service. This is the only times I have ever been in trouble in my life. All alcohol related. I have to alcoholics anonymous and been sober for 9 years. My whole life has turned around and I know have 3 kids who have never seen their dad with a drink. Will the above prevent me getting my 457 visa? Would rather know now than have all our hopes dashed at the last minute. Look forward to the advice. Thanks and Kind Regards Carlinko and family
  14. Evening All Well, we have decided to go ahead & get Medicals & Police Checks done ahead of getting a CO ( we are Cat 2 SA, visa submitted 12.02.10) but I have a few questions:- When we get the police checks back, where do they get sent to & do we have to keep them sealed? getting medicals done t Maidenhead, do we ask them to send the results to the offices in Sydney? feels fantastic just getting this done! Lynda
  15. Guest

    Police Checks?????????????????

    Hi Can anyone give me info on police checks, i.e where,what forms, documents etc. We are based in scotland.. Any help or addresses would be helpful.. Many Thanks
  16. kateNollie

    Medical and Police Checks

    I am an aussie citizen but my wife is not so we are applying for a spouse visa. Forms are ready to go. Just had a question about police and medical checks. Is it worth organising these before we send off the forms. And how do we go about doing these? Ive had a right mare with the forms so far and every time i think im finished something else crops up. Do I need medical and police checks. I am the sponsor of her visa. or is it just Kate?
  17. gaz n family

    Police Checks - Who needs them

    Am I right to assume only the family members over the age of 16 need to have a police check? There are 4 of us, me (41), wifey (not allowed to say but well over 16) son (15) and daughter (12) i have assumed only me and the wife need them. If it is 16, I have a son who is 15 but will turn 16 by the time we arrive down under (assuming we do get a visa) so will he still not need one? I am trying to preempt the email. Assuming the SSML we have all seen for South Australia is correct, and the dates of processing are ok, then I assume we will be getting the notification pretty soon for police checks and medicals.
  18. Just wondering if/how people who work with children applied for the working with childrens check in WA - did you do it before you left for oz or when you arrived? How long do they take to come back? I have looked on the website and it says on there that they have to be completed and then checked at a postal office (In WA) with documents - does anyone know which documents?? The reason for asking is so I know if I have to ask our case officer (When we get one) how i go about this or our agent?or do I wait til we get to oz?? as I would like to find work in WA when we arrive - if it takes weeks/months to get the working with childrens check back will that prevent me from seeking work?? cheers - Kath - Woj's better half ;-)
  19. Hiya I have read on the Acro website that it costrs £35 for standard and £70 for premium. Is it really worth twice the price for premium service? I'm sure ive read on here somewhere b4 that the premuim took just as long as the standard? What are u doing? Thankjs
  20. Guest

    De factor Visa Queries

    Hi all I am currently in Australia on a One Year Working Holiday Visa that expires mid January. I am in a relationsip with an Australian girl and have been since Feb 2008. I am looking to move to Australia on a de facto visa and have been living with her since I came in Jan 2010 and so will apply in Jan 2011 once I have completed the 12mth requirement. I have read a few things on this site which has contradicted what I understood to be the case so I have a few questions! I was told by immigration to apply for my De facto Visa on the very last day of my current visa and should I do so I will be given a bridging visa that will entitle me to remain in Australia and also work. Is that so? I have also been told that it will speed up my application if I get both my police and medical checks done beforehand, has that been the case with others? A friend who went through this process in WA told me I needed to get a federal police check and not a national one but I keep reading I need a national one, is she mistaken? With regards the evidence required do I need to include originals of bank statement, invitations, photographs etc or would certified copies suffice? I think that is all the questions I have for now! Many thanks in advance for any help you may provide especially since I really need to get on this now lol! Kas
  21. hellsbells712

    Police checks

    Just received Police checks back in the post. Just to let folk know it has taken exactly 3 weeks to receive them. 3 weeks including posting off, processing and receiving back in the post. This was standard service. We were not in a hurry so 3 weeks is ok, but if you need them urgently well then maybe worth spending the extra amount. PHEW !!!!:santatrumpet: No criminal record....LOL
  22. gaz n family

    Qs about Police Checks

    I am sure many will know but sadly,i dont. How do you go about obtaining these police checks? Who do i need to contact to request the required forms. If its a local one then do i need to ask all the local constabs where i lived since 16 (or earlier if needed)? Thanks in advance.
  23. Guest

    police checks and Medical

    Hi, after being bumped up to cat 2 last week, may09 WA SS not sure weather or not to go ahead and get medicals and police checks done or booked in, agent has advised me not to but then he would say that case i hold him liable if the rules changed again, just want to see what other cat 2 are doing? regards T.B
  24. Vanessa2163

    Question about police checks

    Hi there, We are currently in Oz on a 457 sponsor visa & are awaiting nomination approval on an 856 permanent. My question is, when we send in the main application will we need new police checks from the uk even though we havent been back there since we arrived in Oz nearly 4 years ago or will the police checks we sent with our 457 visa do? Cheers
  25. the coyne family

    Police Checks ?

    Hi i think i will go ahead and do our PC's and Meds for our 176. We will hopefully be in oz soon an a 457 and want to avoid having to do them from their. Can any one tell me if i need to download any forms for PC'S from DIAC, I cant seem to see one on the requirement check list, or is it just a case of applying to my local police station and getting them done. Thank's, Maria.