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Found 496 results

  1. Guest

    curior of health checks to DIAC

    I have taken my health checks and the doctors want to know whom and on which adress do they send the medicals. Any help?
  2. Bpremji

    Police Checks from Kenya

    Hi all, I am in the process of applying for a 175 visa, early stages yet but was told that I would need to get Police Checks done further along the line for any country the Mrs and I have lived in the last 10 years. My wife is from Kenya but has been living here for 9 years, she now has a British passport. I read that you can get it from Kenya but you have to provide a copy of your Kenyan Passport (which she no longer has) and proof you have been living there . Has anyone had to get Police Checks done from Kenya before? If so, do they have any advice regarding how much it costs and time scales. Thanks in advance
  3. clanstewarts

    Police checks how long???????

    Hi Can anybody shed some light on roughly how long it takes for UK police checks to come back? Sent mine off 10 working days ago and still not heard anything yet. Ken
  4. Hi, I am new to this forum. can someone please sugegst... Are all spouse applications under subclass 309 subjected to ASIO secuity checks???? or thsi check is done randomly for applicants. My spouse case was was applied in Sept 2010 (New Delhi), time line for 5 months is gonna finish on 19th February. We have got to know from enquiries that our application has gone for ASIO check. We were told that this is a general standard and all applications seeking permanent entry to visa are subjected to ASIO checks. Is this the correct information. Please help.
  5. My cousin has been assigned a case officer and he has lodged all the necessary documents including form 80. He is an onshore applicant. The CO does not have to verify any employment related documents as he just graduated from an Australian university and he is exempt from work experience. So, basically, the CO has to verify the validity of his police checks, medicals and academic transcripts, and also check his identification documents.We were wondering how long it would take to get this done. Does it involve a very lengthy procedure whereby the CO has to contact the police departments in each of the countries he has resided in to verify the police certificates? We are just very curious as all the documents have been uploaded and it is up to the CO now to make a decision. I have seen some applicants in this forum getting visa grants in 2 days' of CO allocation while others take longer than 4 months. I mean, I can understand the delay if there are missing documents or if the applicant is slow to respond to requests by the CO to submit extra documents but if all the documents are complete, then is there a reason for lenghty delays?
  6. Sherbetdip23

    Documents for Police checks

    Hi Are photocopies of proof of address (bills) okay to send or do we need to send the originals? Thanks
  7. Hi, We got a Case Officer the other day for our 175 visa, and as we have lived in Australia for the last 4 years then we need to provide Australian Police Checks. In order to pay for the police checks it says we need to provide a cheque or money order, but this must be in Aussie Dollars. We are now living back in the UK and we do not have an Australian bank account anymore therefore i am not sure how you provide the fee in Aussie Dollars? Anyone had to do this and if so how did you obtain an Aussie Dollar cheque or money order? Thanks
  8. hi hope someone can help. We now have a case officer and are in the process of sorting the police checks. My fella is up at court next week for a speeding offense. Not sure if i should complete the paperwork now and just add a line at the end stating he is at court and for what. Or should i wait until hes been to court and got his punishment and then declare it. Is this type of thing classed as a criminal offence. Do i tick yes or no to this question on the form. Is he the subject of outstanding criminal proceedings. Yes or no. Am really panicking now that we have got to the co stage, that my fella is going to fail it. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks nicola
  9. Hi I have been working in Dubai for last 5 yrs on Pakistani passport. Recently, I got an offer from Adelaide as Engineer in a big company and my sponsor has lodged the application for 457 visa through a RMA in australia. Now I have been told to submit a form 1221 for internal checks; RMA has informed that there is no timeframe when the internal checks will complete, so that the further visa processing would start. Can somebody tell me how long it takes for the internal checks normally?
  10. dont know if anyone can help but i was wondering ,when you apply for any credit or mortgage in australia, do they check your history in uk, or do you start a fresh in oz. thanks any info on this would be appreciated
  11. am25

    external checks

    hi all.. i think it would be best if we share our times for internal+external check after submitting form 80. bcz i heard now a days they are taking much time for external checks of HIGH RISK countries especially Pakistan. so please ur time for checks and ur country.
  12. Rachael R

    Police Checks Help!

    Dont know if anyone can help but if you can then that would be great. Got our police checks back today and my other half did some things in his younger days that show up in his summary. Will this make getting the visa hard work? :mad: I really am hoping not as we are on the last bit now.
  13. ozgooner

    police checks uploading

    hi sorry for being dim, we have sent off for police checks do we get them back and upload them or do they go direct?:policeman:
  14. Guest

    medical checks track

    hi all how to track my medical checks ( paper-based application ) ?
  15. thebacons

    Police Checks Have Come Back Wrong

    Ive just got my APCO police certificate back and its wrong. It has me down as having a disaplinary within the Army in 1994 (of which it says there was no outcome) but i have no military disaplinary records. Also on my discharge certificate from the Army it has me down as having a good record. And to prove mistakes happen i do have a civilian conviction from a magistrates court for somthing quite silly that im not proud of from 1993 which i have always disclosed on my visa application and they have missed this on the ACPO certificate completely. Still shows up on my Mayflower CRB check that i have done every year for work though. AAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. Am thinking of now uploading both certificates as i have been honest and see what my case officer says.
  16. Guest

    Police checks

    Hi all Yet another question. I have been going through the list of documents that we need, and I have written that we each need a certificate from the Association of Chief Police Officers stating we don't have a criminal record. I have written next to it that we also need a certificate from the Australian Federal Police. Do we need both if we are emigrating from the UK? Thanks all. I am getting thoroughly confused!
  17. hevchick

    Police checks from New Zealand

    Hi Guys and Gals, Have any other globe trotting Brits had to get police checks from NZ? I spent exactly 12 months there so I've got to get my record checked there as well as the UK. I've seen the form I've got to fill in but I'd like to know how long it could possibly take to get it back, how much it might cost and how I can pay for it? I'd love to hear from anyone whose's experienced this. Thanks for your help hev x
  18. GaryandGillDublin

    Question about Police Checks

    Hey, We are meeting with the local police tomorrow to get police checks. Just not sure, are we to bring some sort of form or just ourselves and passports?? Cheers. x
  19. tara23

    Police checks??!!

    Iv just recieved an email from immigration asking me to get both UK and Australian police checks done, i am currently living in the Uk so getting this check done will be easy however the Australian one is very strict on payment and states that i must pay in australian dollers only and in the form of a check. How is it possible for me to do this or have i missed something? Would appreciate help. Tara
  20. Guest

    Police Checks

    Hi, For an online visa application can you upload scanned copies of your Police checks or do they have to be sent in? Cheers Lee
  21. Guest

    police checks?

    hello what are the police checks like because i had some minor trouble with police over 10 yrs ago.you know what its like young and stupid!any info appreciated cheers
  22. cjmre76

    UK Police Checks -- Confusion --

    I'm just getting the form filled in for my UK Police checks however upon reading form 47P it says i need a subject access report for each duristicton in which I have lived. That will cover 3 counties in my case and it says it could take up to 40 days each ?? Has everyone done this or is the ACRO police Certificate application form that costs £35 enough for them. Can anyone help me with this ?? :policeman:
  23. Or do they not come back to us and go directly to Oz? Thanks inadvance Nik
  24. Guest

    Police checks from what age

    Hi all we are taking Pcc is it just adults or does my 14 yr old son need one.or is it just over 16/18
  25. roflie

    Police checks

    Can i see a copy of this form online anywhere? following on from the police checks thread earlier i was wondering if people knew of anyone refused entry because of this (I'm meaning more for things that are deemed minor!!)..... I've got a fine on my record (which doesn't show up on my CRB check and was more me being silly than anything serious) and wondered if this would hamper me in anyway....? I'm presuming they are just checking your suitability to work with children and the like? Any advice would be appreciated thanks roflie