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Found 496 results

  1. Guest

    waiting for police checks

    hi everyone as anybody had to wait the full 40 days for police checks returnd as had meds nearly 4 weeks ago thanks tonyl
  2. Guest

    police checks

    Hi our police check has come back, my husband new he had some discrepencies from his youth but just wondered if any one could tell us if this will go against us. He has 4 offences on his record 2 drunk and disorderly, 1 for fighting and 1 for actual bodily harm. he attended court for all the offences and for 3 was just given a fine but the actual bodily harm one he did community service. All these offences took place 12 years ago when he was a teen/ early 20`s. Will they frown upon this and could it go against us in that they wont grant us a visa. thanks in advance for anyones help.
  3. Guest

    Police checks Help!!!!

    hi everyone, I am just doing some reading up on the Police records checks and i have come to the bit where it says - OVERSEAS APPLICANTS are to include an international postal reply coupon!! where do I get one of these from ?, how much do they cost ?, Is it done on weight? Anyone help....
  4. Hi all......... Can anyone out there put me out of my misery and give me a rough idea on the current time scale on decisions for those "golden visa's", once you have a case officer/file number and the medicals & police checks have been sent in?????? I Know there is more waiting in store (getting good at it now!!!) but how much longer........!!! :arghh:
  5. Guest

    Police Checks - Help

    Hi All Can someone please give any advice on the above, my OH has come home today and advised that he has received yet another three points for speeding (total 9) I know, I know, typical white van man, we hate them all, he has had a clean licence for what seems like forever, then since 2005 he has been clocking them up, can anyone advise if this will go against us for our application, I would be heartbroken if we have spent all this money and time etc to be turned away because of 10mph, what if he has blown the dream, as you can tell I am extreemley cross and frustrated, not only is the above a worry, but dos'nt he understand that three more and it's a instant ban, no job, no Oz, no money. Oh my god I've suddenly gone into a blind panic. HELP !!!!!!
  6. Guest

    Police checks - urgent!!!

    Just had my medicals and police checks requested and realised that I may need an australian police check as well. I didn't realise that the total length of time spent in any one country was cumulative and have entered this information incorrectly on my visa application. Thought I would get away without one as I spent just under a year there on a working holiday but then I also went over for a month last year to visit family taking me over the 12 month limit for a police check in any one country :roll: Should I come clean to my CO and bite the bullet of waiting for my aus checks to come through or just hold out and hope it doesn't get noticed? Really don't know what to do. My oz police check would be pretty useless anyway as apart from my visit for a month, for the rest of the time I don't know any of the addresses I stayed at as I was backpacking. Please help, I have got to get all this back to them by 5th March. Thanks for reading, stressed DM x
  7. Hi All Seeing as were on the subject of leaving debt, i was wondering if leaving a bad debt in the uk would affect your chances of getting credit in Australia ? For example if i applied for a mortgage in oz in 2 years time after leaving the uk with a few old credit card bills etc will the oz company do checks from the uk credit files ?? John
  8. Can anyone tell me where to get the money order from for the Police Checks. The Post Office don't do them anymore and we don't bank with the HSBC or Barclays who seem to do them. Also if you are applying for 2 can you combine the payment, i.e., 72 Aus Dollars. Thanks in advanvce for any help.
  9. Guest

    police checks and medicals

    Have just recieved acknowledgemnt that my 136 visa application has been recieved and my credit card has been debited. I have recieved my police checks and am thinking of booking in for our medicals in the next month or so. Is there any benefit in sending these before they have been requested? I have noticed on the ausi time line site that people are doing this. But on the acknowledgment letter it says not to send further documents unless instructed. :?: :?:
  10. Guest

    police checks

    Hi I am new to the site and in the middle of applying for my stni visa.My application has been acknowledeged but as of yet we have not been give a caseworker.I just wondered about the police checks...who and how do you do that is it via the UK police force??Also do the DIMA send a list of medical doctors for the medicals? Thanks
  11. Guest

    Police checks

    Hi I have just joined this site. but have been reading topics for the last month and found it very helpful. I have just recieved my police check back hope it is the right one, has two blue bands that says national identificatiion service, section 7 data protection act. Can anyone please confirm this is the right form i have applied for. With thanks
  12. Guest

    health/character checks.

    Hi, just a quick question. Does any one know how long you have to send in health and police checks after they are requested by your case officer? Thanks for all the help so far wih earlier questions. Oh just thought of some thing else! Does any one know how long Skills assessments are taking to the Australian Nursing council? Emma.
  13. Guest

    police checks

    Hi all, Just in the process of my Independent skills visa (136a). When I was 16 I was with some one who was caught shop lifting and I subsequently received a police caution. Do I need to declare this as it is not a conviction? I am so worried that I will lodge my application and then loose my money if I am refused. This was 12 years ago, there is no record of it on my CRB check which I have for my job as a nurse, though I realise that the police check is different for the visa application. Any advice on this would be great. emma.
  14. Hiya guys Glad the forum is still buzzing with info. We're in Oz but need to organise police checks as we've just submitted our PR application. Thing is, the form my agent downloaded from Sussex Police website states that you must provide original ID (passport/driving license) to prove your identity. I don't want to get this wrong as the police checks seem to be the one thing that can hold things up. Anyone got any ideas/suggestions? Thanks in advance Pj xx
  15. ali

    sending police checks

    Hi everyone Waiting for police checks to come back then can send them off with change of circumstance form (even though there aren't any we still have to send the form back). How have people sent them? Regular post or courier? If courier how much does that cost and does it get there the next day?? Ta Ali
  16. Guest

    Police checks

    Hi, I'm a 39 year old carpenter in the final stages of my visa application, unfortunately when i was 17 i got into trouble and got 4 months detention(what a plonker) but i turned my life around and have'nt been in trouble since. I hope to move to Brisbane with my wife and kids. Has anyone been in a similar posistion to me that could shed some light on the subject :?:
  17. calNgary

    police checks

    Hiya guys , i was wondering if anyone knew approximately how long the police checks are taking to come through at the moment.Our medicals should be in Oz now but we havn't had the police checks back yet, never mind sent them to the agent for her to forward to Oz.I knew it was a bad idea to wait until they were requested but the other half was adamant (i guess thats what you get for listening to men !! ).I dont think i'll be a very happy bunny if i have to sit here waiting for weeks on end,my sanity is leaving quickly along with most of my friends who are bored stiff listening to me.Does anyone know if you can contact the Police station and maybe 'trace' them ? Hope you all enjoyed the good weather because thats probably our summer over and done! and anyone with any doubts about moving to Oz should imagine waking up to even better than that,,, in winter !! Cal x
  18. Yesterday I arrived back from a trip to Sydney and was most upset not to have had any news yet on my visa - the application being lodged on the 16th Dec 05. I emailed and asked if I had missed their email. After reading this excellent site I was going to apply for my medicals and police checks today - ahead of their request. Hey presto - on arrival at work they had emailed me back and asked me to go and get my medical and police checks. The moral of the story - do not wait for them to contact you - email them about this and anything else as it appears that Adelaide need a small push!!
  19. Hi Folks, I checked out our Dr and Radiologist for medicals earlier and the whole thing for us as a family of five (three sprogs under 6) is going to cost us £409.66! I think I better get a job before we go, this whole thing is costing an arm and a leg! I can't find any info. on the police checks though. I had one done to help out in my daughters school last year. It took ages, from what I can remember. Does anyone know, is it the same check, so will they simply renew it? Where do you get the form from, the local Police Station? Beki
  20. Guest

    Aus Police Checks

    Hi Could someone tell me how long their Aus police checks took if sending for them from the UK please. Regards Tone
  21. Guest

    police checks!- please advise

    we have just sent our STNI visa application off,and i sent police certificates with it, but they are dated end of june 2005. can anyone please tell me do they have a "shelf life" or will we be asked for new ones.