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Found 496 results

  1. :arghh:I am trying to find out how to go about getting a UK police check while I am in Australia........the internet is driving me crazy so called the CRB in uk, who told me I cant get a CRB anymore and sent me to a website that had nothing on it at all useful, cost me $10 on fonecard for nothing!! I am trying to get all my doc's frontloaded and and getting stressed already!! Anyone got one from Uk recently.............apparently need one from Wales! Please Help!
  2. Guest

    Various Froms and checks

    Hi All My daughet has just started the process for immigartion. On various posts I see info about police checks, medicals etc. She has just contacted an agent in oz via gomatilda. My question is does it help to speed up the process if she get all of the checks and docs completed as quickly as she can? Also will agent supply forms or does she download them from somewhere? Regards John
  3. Medicals completed and received by DIAC and now we have the police checks - received this morning, scanned and uploaded...... House went on the market last week and we have our first viewing this evening - manic preparation going on! How long do you think we have to wait before hearing any news on whether we have been successful with visa or not? Paul (39), Cheryl (35), James (18) & Francis (13) Submitted to AIM by post - 19 Dec 08 AIM acknowledged receipt by email - 5 Jan 09 Further info requested by email - 21 Jan 09 Submitted further information via email - 23 Jan 09 AIM acknowledged receipt - 27 Jan 09 Positive skills assessment result emailed from AIM – 9 Feb 09 (letter dated 4th) State regional sponsorship form posted to Queensland Government – 9 Feb 09 Email from QG confirming receipt and aim to give result in 3 weeks – 18 Feb 09 (agents advise 6 week – 23 March) Email from QG requesting research of our chosen area, accommodation, school, transport etc – 17 March 09 Submitted research document – 17 March 09 Letter from QG confirming state regional sponsorship - 28 March 09 E-application submitted to DIAC – 29 March 09 (over three days uploading evidence/documents) Application showing as ‘commenced’ – 1 April 09 Medicals booked for 29 May 09 Letter received confirming outstanding documents required – 22 April (status changed to application being process further) Email letter from DIAC requesting further information incl. confirmation when medicals are – 22 April 09 Uploaded all information – 11 May 09 Email received asking for status on police checks – 12 May 09 Sent off police checks – 22 May 09 Completed medicals – 29 May 09 Medicals posted – 8 June 09 House on the market – 11 June 09 Police certificates arrived, scanned and uploaded – 17 June 09
  4. briggs

    police checks

    Hi, i just wanted to know, does the immigration office also look for any credit card debts? Or is it just the criminal check? Also, how long does it take to get the visa, after the medicals are done? I am going to for medicals this friday 12th june. Thank you
  5. Hi, I checked my online statuts yesterday, and everything has changed to met apart from medicals and police checks. I sent to police checks off last week, and i have booked medicals for the 12th june. I did not receive an email from the CO requesting these, but it showed requested on my status page. Can somebody please tell me what i have to do once i get my police certificate and medicals back please? oh, i cant attach anymore documents, as i have reached my limit. Thank you
  6. Guest

    Police Checks

    I have an enhanced check which was done in November last year for my job. Does anyone know if I will be able to use this for the visa application to save getting another 1 done? Thanks for any advice. :smile:
  7. Guest

    health checks finalised

    hi folks just checked my online application with diac and it says health checks finalised , does this mean they are ok or that they have just received them would appreciate any help best regards jim:huh::huh:
  8. Guest

    police checks and convictions

    Hi everyone, Can anyone tell me if my hubby's police check will be ok......he has 3 convictions - 1 for affray in 92 , 1 for criminal damage in 1980 and 1 for criminal damage in 1988 as you can see this was many years ago when he was a silly young man. I have been told it will be ok as it was so long ago and has been a good boy since ! lol could do with some advice as i would hate to go through all the visa process and be refused at last hurdle. Any info would be gratefully accepted thanks leighanna:embarrassed:
  9. Guest

    Police checks online????

    Hi. Does anyone know if you can now do your police checks online or do you need to go into the police station to request them. I'm currently working abroad and now have a CO, (I think) and want to get them out of the way as I'm not gonna be home for another 3 weeks. Cheers Chidge
  10. Please can someone tell me where we post the pc checks to, (as not received the required email from our agent as she hasn't requested them yet) when we receive them back, many thanks x
  11. Hi all, I am in the process of preparing evidence for my defacto visa which I intend to apply for onshore. I wondered what the requirements for police checks are and how to go about obtaining one before I leave the UK on 26th July :jiggy: I already have an enhanced CRB check dated sept/oct 2008 - will this suffice of will it be seen to be out-of-date? Would be a shame to have to complete another as they are £52(!) and current one was free (I'm a teacher). Appreciate any pearls of wisdom!
  12. Hi all I hope someone can help. We've submitted our visa online and I printed health check and xray forms but didn't get chance to print police check forms before DIAC's website closed down for maintenance. But now the police check forms are not on our document checklist. As anybody else had this problem and if so where can I go to print further forms? Thank you, Heather
  13. wanda&wayne

    Police Checks

    Hi, can anyone tell me what age limit it is for children to have the police checks done, and how long are they valid for. WA State approved 13/2/09 still waiting for CO. By the way does anyone know how long it will be for a CO ? Thinking to maybe have our checks and Meds done know, any advise ? Thanks
  14. I have just been requested from my Case Officer to provide evidence that our medicals have been sent away to LCU Sydney. I spoke to the Doctor and he stated that these have been sent. Nevertheless this is not providing me with the necessary evidence. So how would I go about this matter. Is there a e-mail address or a web-link I can use to find out if the LCU in Sydney have received our medicals and to chase them up, etc. This officer is also requesting evidence that our police checks have been sent as well, once again I have no evidence to prove this as these was just posted on the Sunday 10th May.
  15. 24/4/09 - application being processed further 5/5/09 - Application finalised ( all persons) I have received no email or letter and I still haven't done my police checks or meds. This is very strange and it worries me that there is something wrong-could it have been rejected? Has anyone experienced this? What should I do, ring or wait? :arghh: 175 (non MODL/CSL) lodged 17/10/08
  16. Sanders

    help police checks!!!!!

    hi guys this might sound silly but were do u go to get your police checks done for your visa. many thnks for your help
  17. Guest

    Police Checks - Quick Question

    Hi Folks, Just a quick question regarding Police Checks, when you send off your application, do they then send you a receipt to say they have got it. We need to provide proof to the DIAC by 20th May that we have applied for our Police Checks but not sure what proof I will have to give them??? Can anyone tell me??? Thanks Mandisfam :wubclub:
  18. Guest

    police checks?

    hi all, got my police checks back on saturday. what do i do with them now??:unsure: i"m sure i must just scan them (got a colour scanner) and send them to my case officer. or do i need to post them somewhere? can"t seem to find any info anywhere. i"m sooooo close now don"t want to get anything wrong!!!! help tracey
  19. joescan

    Police Checks

    Hi Does anyone have any information about front loading police checks, and what I need to do. I've booked my medicals for 20th May and I think I should have a case officer anytime now, but just think I may as well get these done while I'm waiting. Thanks Rebecca
  20. Guest

    Question on Police Checks

    Hi, I have a quick question on Police checks!? My partner has to apply for a police check in OZ for living there for 12 months. He needs to get one from the UK (Police Certification Application - £35.00 by the ACPO), and then he has to get another from OZ, but this is where i get confused :confused: There are two forms - 1. The Australian Government Character Requirements Penal Clearance Certificate application (an official form from the immi.gov.au/allforms site - required to be sent to Australian Federal Police at $43.00) 2. The Australian Federal Police National Police Check (NPC) application form (derived from the AFP site and required to be sent to the AFP at the same address and at the same cost of $43.00). Both of these forms are different in appearance... Are both of these forms for the same thing? or do i need both of them??? Thanks for any help! :twitcy:
  21. We are due to get our UK ACPO police certificates back, and I assume we just scan them and send to the DIAC via our apllication page, as with all our other documents? Is that correct?
  22. briggs

    Medical and Police checks?

    Hi, How much and how long do Medical and Polica checks take to do? Do you think i should do these checks now before the CO asks for them? Thank you.
  23. briggs

    Medical and Police checks?

    Hi, A dumb question. Can somebody please tell me how to go about getting a medical check? Do i just contact my GP? Also, how do i go about getting a police check done? Who do i need to contact? Thank you
  24. Can someone explain what this means please? How long do they take to get done if you don't front load them and how far in advance can you send them?
  25. el capitan

    medicals and police checks

    hi all have finally lodged e visa and am gonna get medicals and police checks in a few months, after paying a fair bit of moolaah to get this far i begrudge having to pay nearly 300 more of these english pounds for a medical and x ray!! is this the going price to be told im healthy or does anyone kno how to do it cheaper in the south of england????????? chris