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Found 496 results

  1. Hi guys, we are already in oz, but daughter is helping boyfriend with his defacto appn, will be lodging in January 2010, when they have evidence of living together for 12 months, my question is what is frontloading the meds etc, can he get his medical and police checks done before the lodges the application to speed things up, and do they post it or take it all to the australia house in London, or do they make appointment, sorry for lots of questions chrissy,
  2. HI Does anybody know if i will have to retake medicals and police checks now i have applied for my spouse from my prospective marriage visa.. I took medicals beginning of 09 and also had police check done at same time for the prospective marriage visa.. I heard they have a 1 year expirey time but wondered if i have to retake them for this visa? thanks =]
  3. Guest

    175 medical and police checks

    Hi Guys Am about to apply online for 175 visa, understand some people have had medicals and police checks before being asked for them. Is this advisable to do this in advance of being asked? Em :confused:
  4. cartertucker

    Age for Police Checks?

    Hi, My agent didnt advise me to get police checks done on my 16 year old....But I am now reading that over 16's need them....:wideeyed: I have emailed my agent, but probably wont hear until Monday...So can anyone else shed some light....Please I would be really disapointed if he does, as we have already sent ours in to the department...This will really hold up our visa....:sad:
  5. Guest

    Police checks question

    ive been told that my two boys have to have police checks, can that be true as they are only 5 and 3, any advice on pc's would be great.
  6. Guest

    Police checks question

    ive been told that my two sons have to have pc's, can that be true as they are only 5 and 3 ? any advice on pc's would be great.:policeman:
  7. loubylou475

    Police Checks

    I posted a couple of replies to threads a few weeks ago re Drink-Driving convictions and declarations to DIAC etc. Yesterday we received confirmation of provisional State Sponsorship from SA and despite being pleased I have been worried sick we'll be refused Visas due to OH's drink-driving ban in 1996. Well, today we got his Police Certificate back - and it's CLEAR!! Just thought this might offer hope to others of you in the same situation. Loubylou
  8. Hi all we applied for a 175 in April. We did not do medicals or police checks due to the year expiry of them. Was wondering if it is now worth doing them as I see that march 09 applicants are getting cos and visas granted. Also if we do them will are visa be dated from time of medical or date of visa grant? thanks em
  9. Hi everyone, Could really do with some advice, both me and my partner recently left the army to emigrate to Oz. While in service we were both based to Germany for three years (living on a military base). Our case officer has now told us to do our police checks ( woohooo:jiggy:!!!!!) but has said we need one for Germany. Is this true??? We haven't lived there in over 4 years......... Any advice will be very helpful Thanks and good luck to all
  10. Just wondered what the general opinion was on bag checks in Aus shops? I ask this because of witnessing a woman earlier, foreign I think, not wanting to show inside her bag to a checkout girl, and the staff and those around looking very confused. For those of you in the UK, it seems to be normal practice for you to be requested to show inside your bag on the way out of a shop, to prove you haven't taken anything. I know this sometimes is done in the UK, but not as regularly. Now, I know that if you've nothing to hide, then there's no problem, but it got me thinking; surely the onus is on the store to catch shoplifters, not for me to prove I haven't taken anything? I've actually had to queue once, whilst our bags were checked leaving a store. I guess it's just something I'll have to get used to, but I feel a bit like a criminal sometimes. I don't really mind, and now offer it open as I'm leaving for inspection, but if someone was going to take something, I think they'd store it somewhere more inventive than their bag. Jo
  11. Not my day today, despite doing a search I couldn't find anything then as soon as I had posted my question what up came 4 similar question - all with answers.....dooh! 12 months.
  12. Guest

    Police Checks and Form 80

    Hi, Can anyone help please? We've had a request from our CO for police checks and medicals. Am I right in thinking we sort out the police checks through ASPO website? Association of Chief Police Officers Vacancies Do they then send it to us, we scan it in and upload it to the DIAC? We've also found Form 80, which I assume we fill out and then scan in and upload to DIAC too? This should be quite simple, but I can't find all the info in the same place! Thanks, Sam
  13. Guest

    Police Checks

    this may seem like a daft question but how do you go about getting your police checks done ? do you just contact your local police station and tell them that you need one for visa purposes ? I never really gave it any thought before thanks for any advice Dunc :cool:
  14. We are waiting for SS from QLD, and wondering when would be the best time to apply for Medical and Police checks. We have been advised by our agent to wait till we have the SS, and have a case officer. We have been told via email that our SS will be another 8 weeks yet (lodged for 13 weeks to date). Any advice? Thanks.
  15. Guest

    police checks??

    I wonder if any can help me? After looking at various threads on here, and also calling acpo earlier today, I am left alittle confused at what to put on my OH 1276 form under convictions. My OH has some minor offences dating back to 1993, last one was 2003. However, I was told by acpo that some of these, if not all may not be relevant anymore and be classed as spent, and no longer on his record? They said that the search may come back as live trace, but not actually show anything?? Whereas mine would show 'no trace'. I am not hiding anything, and totally agree to give the DIAC the truth from the offset, but I am unsure of what is actually on his record due to this being many years ago. Dates etc.... I don't want to leave the 1276 qu blank, and then they get the clearance cert and something shows, as it may look like I have been lying. Be straight from the offset I believe. I have been to the local police station today, and they said even if my OH went in they cannot help or advice due to Data protection. They cannot give you info on yourself!! MAD really!!! (unless you pay them money!!!). I have come to the conclusion that the best thing is to apply for the police check now, and see what is on there, and if it has the dates etc. Then write what comes up and all the info on the form. The down side being that I will prob have to apply for it again when the DIAC want it, as it may be serveral months old. Would they accept it or not? Does the date of your police clearence affect the time to validate your visa? When I last applied for a police check some 23 months ago, it was different, and has changed since. It was £10 and a 'subject access' form came through the post detailing things. Is this new system through ACPO the same. Will it give me the info I need to declare in the visa app? Thanks Rach.:notworthy:
  16. Guest

    Police checks. ARGH

    So, trying to be a clever sod, I front loaded as much of my application as I could. Helps that I've been through the 457 process a number of times, so had most of the information already available. Once my SS was sorted, the only things remaining to lodge were police checks, which we had fortunately collected prior to leaving the UK. WORD OF WARNING - UK PC's are only valid for 3 years. Won't affect most people, but it nearly bit us as the 3 years is up next month :jiggy: That being ok, my wife and I arranged for STATE police checks here in WA. And our survey said.... UGH ERRR. Despite the fact that the state police checks clearly state that we have no records in Australia, this is not sufficient for DIAC. You HAVE to get the Australian Federal Police checks done. This isn't so bad as they are actually cheaper than the state ones :shocked:, but annoyed the hell out of me of course. Wanted to point this out so that nobody else gets caught out
  17. Hi Everyone. my partner and i are applying for the de-facto visa, but hoped someone out there could help. Do i need to get police checks ?? someone mentioned it over the weekend and now i'm confused. Thanks :err:
  18. Guest

    MOTs/safety checks

    Hi all, In the UK i had a MOT station and it was always busy. The reason was because it only did MOTs. People believed they were getting an unbiased test, as many test stations were attatched to a workshop, hence failing a car for the repair work. Can anyone answer these questions....... Are there any safety check stations in Qld that just do safety checks? If so are they busy? Are any stations busy ie 2 or 3 days to get an appointment? Whats the average charge or are they all the same? Do many have mobile guys attatched to them? Thanks Colin
  19. Dear All, I have a class B conviction for theft which resulted in a 3 month custodial sentence which was suspended for 2 years, from 23 years ago and it is about to be stepped down on the police national computer so it will not appear on standard CRB checks that potential employers request. However it may appear on an enhanced CRB check. I wanted to apply for a temporary working visa for myself and my young family and may be able to get sponsorship and a job offer from a relative in Australia, but this conviction makes me think I might be wasting my time. What police check do the immigration authorities carry out? Should I declare this conviction under the circumstances or will it be invisible anyway? Anyone's help or similar experience would be much appreciated. Thank you
  20. Hi, we have submitted our 176 visa but currently police checks are not listed on our doc checklist - does this mean they're not required or just not yet? Also will we need them for every country we've resided in? We lived in singapore and according to their police webby they need a letter from immigration saying we need the certficate, our fingerprints done at the police station and other bits - all via the snail mail post. it's going to take ages, especially when we have to explain the passport they need (from when we lived there) is lost so OH can't prove our residency dates:arghh:
  21. Hi All Can anyone clarify this for me - are police checks returned to me once checked, then I have to send them off to Diac...or do they get sent straight to Diac?? Sent mine off over 2 weeks ago and not received anything yet. OH is convinced they come back to us, but I didnt read the info, so dont know. Have been waiting by the post box for the last couple of days and need to get a life! Thanks Kirsti
  22. Hi all fellow POMsInOz'ers !!!!:spinny: We're just about to book up our medicals and send off for police checks :policeman:- then I realised we don't know where you send off for them and what you ask for?!! Please could anyone tell us the best way to do the police checks and how much they cost? Thjanks in advance, Kirsty and family xx
  23. :policeman:I am sure it was a month ago I sent our police check forms to uk and here.......was told 10 working days from uk, 15 from here.......no sign and lodging in 2 weeks!! Do they really get done in these time frames or am I just being too hopeful?
  24. Guest

    police checks!!!

    It might sound stupid but can someone tell me if my kids need to have a police check as well as me and the wife, and also if they do will they be £35 like ours, my daughter is 14 and son 7
  25. Hi can anyone help me. I lodged our 175 online visa in May 2009 and further documents were requested a couple of weeks later for De Facto relationship which i sent. Does this mean I have a CO?. When i check my status on the DIAC website, Health requirements state 'outstanding' and medical examination and x-ray state 'required'. I am aware that the health and police checks are only valid 1 year so obviously i dont want to be too keen. I am a nurse and from looking at previous timelimes, visas seem to vary from 7-10 months so frontloading at the minute may be risky unless a CO has been allocated..How do you know when you have a CO? and do I need to send them yet?? please help. Thanks in advance. Lou