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Found 347 results

  1. Hi everyone, I uploaded all info onto application last night for our 175 visa (CSL) - I am just wondering do we need to get our Medicals and polce checks done now or do we wait until we are told? I am not sure of the procedure. Also does anyone know roughly how long you could be waiting for a CO. Thanks for any inof you might have Martina
  2. Guest

    Canada police check question

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone has ordered a Canadian police check recently? On their website it says you need to pay by international money order or cheque in US or Canadian dollars. Where can I get this from? I asked at the post office and they said they don't do international money orders anymore. Can I get a foreign currency cheque from a bank in Melbourne? I don't know if they accept bank drafts or only cheques. It's for our spouse visa application. Thanks
  3. Hi there Could anybody advise me if I am required to obtain a police check for the 175 visa if I am actually in Australia on the working holiday, even though my application is still considered offshore? I need to have everything together for 20th June so I really hope I don't need this immediately as still waiting on IELTS & skills assessment. Many thanks Catherine
  4. Hi, I lodged my 886 visa application on 24/04 without a receipt and AFP check; however, at the time of the lodgement, i received suitable skill assessment in Aerospace engineering. Would my application still be valid? I applied my AFP check today, does anyone know how long it would normally take? I'm a bit worried cuz all other documents have been prepared and uploaded except for the AFP check. I've been give a 28 day time frame to upload all additional documents, or otherwise......if anyone know, please advise Will If I lodged my visa application for 886 visa, which SOL will my application be assessed against?
  5. Hi guys, Just a quick line to say my OH applied for his UK police check last week and received an email today from the ACPO saying they are only accepting applications completed on version 11 of the form (he had completed his on version 10) :wacko: So anyone about to send off for their checks please make sure you have the right version of the form. Tracey
  6. Guest

    police check scotland

    Hi, i am writing on behalf of a friend here in Australia. He needas to gain his police check from scotland and I cant remember how to do this even though I done my own a year ago. can anyone assist ! He is in melbourne at the moment . Thanks
  7. Hi all, Just printed my vetassess application form off and reading the document checklist, there appears to be a few things i might not have. it says work experience - original or certified copies of evidence of work experience? what is this? trade evidence form for my nominated occupation? what is this? Any help would be really appreciated. :huh: Cheers Wez
  8. Guest

    ENS 121 - Sanity Check!!

    Hello, A bit about our situation: Vetassess passed Jan 09 Applied 175 FEB 09 on OH Skill Bricklayer when skill on CSL Medicals & PC F/L MARCH 09 Really wanted to go to QLD (regional) so applied SS, eventually granted AUG 09 for 475 Visa Applied 475 1st SEPT 09 At the same time we are in Australia, my OH on WHV, me on a tourist visa. Luckily, we have had the funds to keep us from house sale in UK. My OH is working for a builder & doing well but as far as sponsoring for ENS 121, he said he would look at it but....! I have approached an employer who would be very happy to employ me under ENS 121 - Horse Trainer. I just would like to check I have got my head around things correctly! They are currently filling in their nomination. I still have to have my skills assessed by TRA. Hope to have in this week. Once nomination approved & I have passed TRA I can submit application OFFSHORE? Any information would be greatly appreciated, it has been very expensive for us so far (as for a lot of us!) & just want to get in right this time! Thank you.
  9. Hi guys, has anybody applied for an aussie police check whilst in Australia, if so how long did it take from when they recieved it until you recieved it? I applied for myn a week ago and i am hopingto recieve it soon!!!!!! :cute:
  10. Hi all:biggrin: Im after i bit of advice, because im starting to worry there is something wrong with our application. We applied online for our 176 ss csl visa 29.12.09 ( i am a nurse). Had a case officer allocated 12.1.10. ( great i thought).They asked for info on work experience on that date. I uploaded it all within 1 week. It was officially noted as 'recieved' on our visa document checklist 28.1.10. Since then there has been nothing............ no enquiry or further info. They havent contacted me, employers, or recent empolyers as i have checked with them all. I am beginning to panick that they are looking for a reason to refuse us.......you know how paranoia sets in!!! Hubby reckons a need a chill pill or more wine! We have since sent police checks- which has also been aknowleged on checklist and changed to 'met'. Eveything is 'met' except work experience which says 'recieved' 28.1.10 ( and medicals which havent been requested yet). Does it normally take them this long to look at the work experince?? I thought mine was quite straight forward. I see others on here have applied after us as nurses and been granted by now. Yet we're still waiting...........and waiting..........and checkin emails and web sites.........continually...........like an obsessed neurotic!! It is team 3 that s processing our visa. I am worrying unnecessarily? or just being impatient??:arghh: Thank Donna
  11. Hi all Wonder if someone can help... we have applied for a 176 permanent visa but are also going over to Oz next month on a 1 yr working holiday visa. As we're not going to be in the UK - I am thinking of getting the UK police check done now before we go - do you think it will still be valid by the time they process the visa? Not sure how long the police check is valid for. Many thanks Good luck everyone!
  12. u wrote ( 2. The new Skilled Occupation List - the commitment is that it will be announced by 30 April, so not long now, and although the implementation date is not set, it cannot be earlier than 18 June due to DIAC operational constraints - their computers can't cope with anything earlier apparently, but I don't see any cause for complaining about that. ) it means new sol wont be effective till 18th june and im cookery student ... this means alot to me george because i have 7 in each and i have assessed my TRA in july 2009 it means no job ready for me . and i will get my diploma certificate on june 14th . it means i still have 4 dayz to apply... am i write or wrong .. george can u plz plz clear me this point
  13. Hi to anyone who can help. I now have another problem. My partner is on a 457 visa and we have applied for our de facto visa onshore (see my other post). However he has two drink driving charges in his police checks, one in Australia and one in the UK. He's not sure if he disclosed this to the migration lawyer when he applied for the 457 and he's pretty sure he didn't disclose it on the arrival card when he came to Australia each time. He didn't disclose it because he was under the impression that a drink driving charge is not a criminal conviction. When my partner applied for the 457 visa, the migration lawyer didn't ask him to sign any forms or to do police checks and I understand that police checks are not compulsory for the 457 visa. So I have a few questions; Is a drink driving charge considered a 'criminal conviction' or a conviction at all? I'm still not clear about this even after speaking to my case officer. Is it possible for my partner's original migration lawyer not to have disclosed the drink driving charges in the 457 visa application or would they have had to arrange for police checks? Should his original migration lawyer given him copies of his application for the 457 so that he knew what was disclosed? Does anyone know how this will affect our application? Would it be a wise move to get my partner to write a stat dec explaining why he didn't disclose the drink driving charges and put that with character references and send it to my case officer in advance of her asking for it? My case officer seemed positive when I spoke to her briefly and said she should be able to ask 'her manager to waive the police records'. However I've been given advice that these sorts of issues can really slow the process down and that my partner may be considered of 'bad character' if he did not disclose the charges on his arrival card and 457 visa application. I would be grateful for any help you can provide... I'm getting very nervous about doing the right thing in this situation. Mayday.
  14. Guest

    Uploading medical check

    There are people in the forum saying that they have done the medical check before they are allocated with a CO. How could they do that? I thought the medical report has to be sent by the penal doctor directly. If I don't know who my CO is and the only reference number of my application is the TRN, can the medical check be done ahead of time? I am planning to frontload some of the police certificates except one country which only issue one when they have instruction/notification letter from the CO. I hope that by doing this will shorten the processing time. Just out of curiosity, I have been checking on a few forums about timelines, for people who are in the same category but of different work experience, it seems that some have their application process faster than others. E.g. All are applying for Visa 175, in CSL, but those work in IT seem on a faster quene than others who are also Visa 175, in CSL, like accountants, nurses. Are there different quenes in the same category? Do people who score higher points get processed earlier than those who score lower if all are equal or over 120?
  15. Guest

    AFP National Police Check

    Hi guys, Could you please let me know beside "National Police Check form (downloaded from AFP website), $43 money order, certified photocopy of my passport", what other documents I should send to AFP to their Canberra office, as I am intended to apply for 886 visa. Please help me. I am planning to send all documents tomorrow. Thanks in advance
  16. Que Sera Sera

    Police Check Question please???

    My friends agent has told her that Police Checks only last 6 months I thought it was a year am I wrong???:huh:
  17. mrsb

    Australian police check

    Has anyone applying for a spouse visa in the UK had to provide an aussie police check too? I do and just wondered how long it might take as I have to send to form back to Australia. TIA
  18. mrfordy

    Bank customer ID check

    Hi folks, what documentation/ proof will i need for a bank ID check? Thanks :yellow_guy_smiling_
  19. My application is SOOOOOOO close. My meds and new passport request from my CO were processed last Friday and have been changed to "met". The funny thing is that the Overseas Penal Clearance still says "Requested" even though I uploaded it way back on December 23rd. This is the last unmet requirement on the list. I did email my CO to make sure she had everything but he has been unresponsive. Does anyone know if he is actually the one that clears that document or is there another body that verifies them? As you can tell I am getting very anxious
  20. Guest

    POlice check

    Hi De Facto visa - Uk submisson My boyfriend is an Aussie and we moved back here 6 months ago we have now changed our minds and want to live in Oz So does anyone know if just the applicant or both of us that need to get our police clearences. thx:wacko:
  21. Hi, Just a quick one! and probably a silly question, but is it only the person who is being 'sponsored' who would need to have a Police Check and Medical, or would I 'the Australian Sponsor' need to also have a police check and / or medical? I understand that a police check would need to be done for any country lived in for more than a 12 mth period, but not certain whether we would both need to do this. Thanks in advance! Kate.
  22. Guest

    Check list!

    Right, so heres what Ive got down on the to do list before we put in our application which will be processed in London, anything you think Im missing or Im doing wrong? As always I appreciate any feedback. - Send off application for police checks – will do this tomorrow, takes about 2 weeks to come through. - Book in medical (im getting this booked in today for end of Feb / beginning of March as am going to frontload my application) - Compile 12 months of phone bills and highlight texts / phone calls to my partner. - Compile 12 months of statements to show proof of address and highlight transactions. - Compile example of shared account (think there will be about 5 months worth) - My partner will get HSBC to print off at least a years worth of bills for proof of address. - We both need to write a statement confirming we are in a relationship and covering how we got together, the last 12 months etc. - Print off at least 25 photos of us, linking them into various comments in the statement (ie. Refer to photo 21 etc). - Waiting on a further 3 stat decs – one from Oz (I have 2 from Oz already), and 2 from UK. - Get tenancy proof from landlord. - Get passport photos taken. - Visit solicitor to get friends stat dec authorised, our stat decs need to be witnessed and authorised, passport photocopies need to be authorised. - Fill out application forms – 1 form to fill in each, and form confirming where we will be living. - Print off screen print proof of Skype conversations when my partner was in Melbourne for a month. Im also going to photocopy a postcard and letter her sent to me. - Photocopy or provide originals of any Christmas cards etc from friends to the both of us. Also any gig tickets etc – we’ve got a few of those saved. - Print off any flight info for joint flights – im printing off Ireland, France and Berlin. Can anyone think of anything else, does this look okay? Going to get on this all this wknd J
  23. OK, an argumentative thread title for which I apologise. The glamification of oz on programs like WDU and PDU create a world in peoples heads which simply doesnt exist. I have been on the other side watching these programs and notthing can prepare you for the actuality of arriving here and having to survive in a foreign country. All people see is the sun, the big house, the nice weather and forget about the reality of living, surviving, working, missing family, etc. This is supposed to be informative as I am mega happy here but the amount of people who come over with little investigation and leave with a Going Back to the UK register post is becoming more apparent. If you have an average life in the UK theres a good chance it will be worse in Australia (unless you are retired with a shed load of money) There is only one thing cheaper in Oz than it is in the UK and thats petrol although I can see partiy coming soon. Dont compare dollars back to pounds when you get here, you are not earning pounds any more. Renting is expensive although a majority of Aussies do it because house prices are so high. I can even see parity in rentals and mortgages soon - 1000 difference currently between our rent and our new mortgage on a 700k property. Exchange rate - enuff said, we managed to exchange at 2.12, my mate at 2.60. Dreams - It has turned out to be a dream move for us but we researched so much before we came we knew what to expect. Many people dont bother looking before they arrive and find thy dont like it and have to go back (so far two friends who managed 6 weeks here between them) Money cant buy you love but you need it to survive...if you are close to the bone finance wise in the UK, dont bother, there is no pot of gold (unless you drink them) and unlike England, Australia pay well for the skills they need, the average aussie wage is no more in comparison to the average english wage. Just be careful when you plan, rose tinted glasses do mist up that decision. Sean
  24. kernow43

    Check out Aussie schools

    A new website started today, whereby you can check out any school in any area you are moving to. http://www.myschool.edu.au/ It gives public and private schools, and gives all info like size of school, number of teachers, and the schools performance. I think you may find this an invaluable tool when deciding where to send your child There may be a technical problem with the site, if so try later. Most users have been unable to get past the My School, site's first search page since 5am. A spokeswoman for Federal Education Minister Julia Gillard said they had estimated 1,000,000 visitors per day and had increased their capacity to handle 1,750,000 visits. ``That is 2350 hits per second,'' she said. ``There are nine servers and three database hosts machines managing the job for the first month. ``This means, it's likley that more than 2350 people are trying to log on each second at the moment.''
  25. Hi everyone, We are planning to send mum for her meds before we are allocated a CO for her PCV (lodged Feb09). The main reason is we’re planning her clean bill of health would provide a greater chance for the High Comm in Singapore to grant her a 12 month visitors’ visa before the grant of PCV. - Do we need to have a CO to provide a letter before we can go to a panel doctor to get the meds done? - Can I confirm the forms to use are: Form 26 (medical examination) and Form 160 (x-ray)? - The results are generally sent directly to DIAC. Should we quote the PCV reference and have the panel doctor send it to them although we have no CO? - Are we able to obtain a copy of the results/ reports for our own records? - Will POPC provide a written confirmation to us that meds are ok? If not, do we refer High Comm to POPC for cleared meds? My mum is planning to have a knee replacement surgery done on her left knee (she had her right knee operated a few years ago). Will this any have impact on the medical review by the panel doctor? I remember there is a section on mobility for her health check done recently by HSA Sydney (for visitors’ visa extension), the doctor had requested her to stand on one leg & lift the other leg. She will definitely not be able to do that after the surgery. Should she delay the surgery? Thanks for your help! :cute: