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Found 347 results

  1. Hi there, sorting out my 457 visa just now .... coming from scotland where do i get the correct police background check from as the acpo wesite only seems to cover emgland, wales and northern ireland !!
  2. Hello All, If anyone has had the same experience please advise: When I lodged the application for 885 (onshore PR), I was supposed to have applied for the AFP from Canberra but instead I got a 'national police check' from South Australia. I heard from someone about the 'Schedule 1' documents which must be lodged by the time of the PR application. I wonder if using a 'national police certificate' issued by South Australian police will invalidate the whole PR application? Thank you, Charlee:shocked:
  3. Guest

    New ACS status check link

    Hi, Most of my mates are founding difficulty in checking their ACS online application status from the link given by ACS in confirmation mail FYI , they have changed the link, you can check your status at Application Status Cheers
  4. Dear all, I apply for PR 176 (family sponsor) on 1-2010 the status of medical check and pcc of mine (main applicant) on evisa is : "requested" But the status of medical check and pcc of other member in my family is: "required" Do I need to take medical check and pcc now? Do other member in my family need to take medical check and pcc now? p/s: i do not recieve any email from my CO about medical and pcc yet. thanks
  5. Guest

    Police check Europe

    Does anybody know how i go about getting a police check done for Spain and Andorra ? I worked summer seasons in Ibiza and winter seasons in Andorra from 2000 until 2004 so have acumulated more than 12 months in each place and DIAC ask for police checks for countries youve spent 12 months or more in. Any help please ? Thanks Ed
  6. If i want to transfer from 457 visa to permenant visa once in australia will i need a police check once there or will the subject access form I used for the 457 visa be enough? Michael
  7. Hi everyone, First post on the NSW bit of PIO although I've been reading them for ages. Will try to make a bit more of an effort on this section but realise it's a gentler pace than the main pages. Anyway, if anyone is interested there is a 'Mens Health' clinic on tomorrow (friday 20th) at WIN stadium. I'm going. I shall be asking a few questions about my body now that I am at the stage in life where the body is starting to wear out! Event Details - WIN Sports & Entertainment Centres, WIN Stadium, concerts, conventions, seminars, galas, sporting events
  8. stevie ellis

    price check?

    Just wondering what the offer on beer is just now in Perth ? cheapest and best just curious:jiggy:
  9. Guest

    Police Check

    Hi there. My husband sent his spouse visa away last Wednesday with all the necessary documents. Today he received a letter asking for the following:- Persons who require a UK police clearance should apply for a "Police Certificate" issued by ACPO (The Association of Chief Police Officers). The letter he received after paying his £10 for the police check was titled "REQUEST FOR INFORMATION - DATA PROTECTION ACT 1998" This is all he received so this is what he included in his application. Can anyone shed any light on what he should have sent instead? Thanks Kendal
  10. tracy123

    Price check (petrol)

    Just wondering around the UK what price petrol is in your area In Blackburn it's £1.10 per litre ASDA seem to play huge part in the prices as the others seem to price match
  11. Hi folks, Please can someone tell me where to check if you have a Case Officer? I'm 99% sure we won't have been allocated one as yet, but is it on the DIAC website? Enter TRN reference/passport number etc...... then? Almost everything on our details is blank? Only got lodgement date and a couple other bits. Thanks! From Catherine :smile:
  12. Hi all, its Tracy here - highjacking Geoffs profile (or is it Geoff that has highjacked mine???!!!) as you know we are going throught the first stages of our long awaited application for me and the kids to move over to Oz and are at the stage of going through court to take my eldest son with us. The judge has ordered an Oz police check for Geoff which apparently has been done (although its seems to be taking ages, our solicitor did it but it seems that it may not have been done right???!!) We are doing some chasing our end and I am getting the feeling that we might need to put in the application again - although we have a very helpful guy from Aus Federal Police trying to get us some information on exactly what is happening with it. My query is how on earth do you pay the fee if it has to be made by Australian personal cheque or Aus money order from the UK? I am sure I could probably have found the info on another post but to be honest I am in a bit of a flap about it all as we need to get some sort of answer as we are back in court on the 14th July and I would hate for this to prevent us from getting a final decision. :eek: Thanks in advance Tracy :spinny:
  13. Guest

    Question regarding police check

    The following is stated regarding police checks: For the Australian Government to determine whether you are of good character, you may be asked to provide police certificates for each country you have lived in for 12 months or more over the last ten (10) years since turning 16. Does this mean that you have to provide police checks for everywhere you have lived, over a 12 month period, since the age of 16 or just for the last ten years? Any insight would be appreciated.
  14. Guest

    Spanish Police Check / Form 80

    Right Guys, All my documentation and health requirements have been met in my application for a State Sponsored 176 visa. However, my partner requires a Spanish police check and this is currently being undertaken by DIAC and she had to fill in a form 80 with the relevant details. Has anybody ever had a Spanish police check undertaken by DIAC? If so, how long did it take to be completed. Thanks in advance
  15. Guest

    Final Triple check

    Hi all, I am a qualified accountant from the UK; I have my IELTS result of 8.5 and a satisfactory skills assessment from the CAA. (Married with one daughter and another child upon us very shortly) Now that online applications are reopened (though not WA yet) I just wanted to double/triple check that my understanding was correct. I read that skilled independents are fairly low down the priority list behind sponsored applicants (though I can't find the article now), and could be waiting around 3 years. Therefore It would be much quicker to apply for state sponsorship (WA being my preferred choice), and that the visa process via state sponsorship could be completed within 12 months or so. Is my understanding correct? Or has it all changed with new rules? Thanks in advance Andy
  16. sleepywombat

    Irish police check

    I just recieved my Garda certificate from Ireland in super-quick time... 9 June - Posted from Australia 16 June - Stamped in Mallow 22 June - Recieved in Australia :notworthy: Wow!!! AND - they didn't charge me a cent (unlike the money grabbing UK police who haven't sent theirs back yet!!!!) Cx
  17. Guest

    Typing Speed & Spell Check

    This could only be me, BUT. Have you since becoming a member of PIO found your typing speed getting quicker? I used to be about 40/50 words a minute, now since a member of PIO I am up to about 60 on an average. Only problem is this. My speed has only gone up to this count when I read a post that really gets on my goat and feel the need to reply quickly. You know, the old red mist comes down, veins sticking out from your neck, snapping and bitching at anyone in the house that dares to interrupt you, beads of sweat oozing from every pore on your body, a migraine coming on, and for all intents and purposes you become a humbug to all those around you.:biglaugh: My kids often say to their mum,' Is dad posting again, and if so is he annoyed'. They can normally tell if I am getting wound up as I snarl and bark, 'I'm just replying to a post, lleeeeaaaavvvvveeeeeeee it' (In a typical Ray Winstone kinda way).:embarrassed: Only problem is this. After you have finished and read the post back that you realise because of your temper and eagerness to get the post written it then takes spell check a further fifteen minutes to check your post and correct it because it looks like ancient arabic.:jiggy: And then because spell check has taken so long you find the post you wanted to reply to has been deleted or you read it completely wrong in the first place. A couple of aspirin later and several drinks normally calm me down though. My mrs (God bless her) wipes away the sweat from my brow, and her own indomitable way says: 'GET A LIFE YOU T..T'.:biglaugh: This is tongue in cheek by the way, well nearly.:cool: Cheers Tony
  18. stubear7

    criminal records check

    so im about to apply for my 1 years working holiday visa, does anyone have any idea how far the crb check goes. im a little concerned as i have a caution for a possesion of a class a drug about 6 and a half years ago. ive already passed a crb chek with the sia to become a doorman but their crb check only goes back 5 years, could anyone enlighten me on the australian goverments policys on crb checks. thanks in advance
  19. Guest

    Dubai Police Check.... anyone?

    Just been allocated case officer and they have requested police checks for both UK and Dubai (as both husband and I lived there for several years), just wondering if anyone has had to do 'Good Conduct Certificate' for Dubai? as looking at UAE embassy London website and Dubai Police website the info is slightly different and want to make sure we get absolutely spot on due to the time involved in obtaining one. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  20. I'm getting really impatient now :arghh: I've been waiting 6 weeks for my enhanced one to come back!!! On their website it says it aims to get 90% of them back within 4 weeks, oh lucky me I'm in the 10%, and I've never been in trouble with the police!!! GRR. I'm just having a little rant because although it's nothing to do with visa's I want to start this new job! How long did it take for yours to come back?? And was it a normal or enhanced check?? I want some reassurance :twitcy:
  21. Guest

    UK Police Check

    Hi Guys, Can anyone point me in the right direction as to where I can obtain a police check from the UK. Thanks in advance Cheers The geordie
  22. I do mine atleast twice a day even at weekends:embarrassed: I think im going insane:wacko:
  23. Salma

    Police Check

    Hi All, Sent my police check on the 4th May and still have not got the check, I was aiming hand that along with the rest of documents this week and that is looking unlikely now! Anyone know how long the 10 working day check is currently taking?
  24. Guest

    Spain Police Check

    Hi All, Am I correct in thinking that to obtain police clearance from Spian all that non-residents (of Spain) need to do is complete form 80 and send this to DIAC and they will do the rest?
  25. Briggy

    Check this out:D

    http://www.funstatues.com.au/category_s/2.htm?searching=Y&sort=7&cat=2&show=9&page=7 they have some amazing stuff on here. Full life size dino's and crocks plus others. Is cool. :jiggy:x